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Full text of "Proceedings of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada at the annual convocation, 1960"

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APRIL 12 & 13, 1960 




From the 
Masonic Library 

Lawrence Runnalls 
St. Catharines 

August 1988 


Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario 








a ' d - sBjAipyH Ainv 

1960 Ha^BBW^g^ HFTplir" WM\ 2490 

Held in the Royal York Hotel, Front St. West 



A.D. I960, Ainv. 2490 

Ordered to be read in all Chapters and preserved 

169 Dufein Ave. Grand Scribe E ' 




Most Excellent Grand First Princpal 

Horn — 

Millbridge, Ontario, 8th May, 1904. 

Parents — 

Frederick and Elizabeth. 


September 6, 1936. 

Wife's name: Helen Neta. One son, Frederick, a student at 

Albert College, Belleville, Ontario. 

Religion — 


Business — 

For the past twenty years he has owned and operated his 
own business in Belleville, the Uptown Tire & Battery 
Company. A few years ago he opened a branch store at 
Marmora, Ontario. 

Civic Activities — 

Alderman for the City of Belleville for the years 1952-3-4-5; 
became a member of the Moira River Conservation Au- 
thority in 1953 and later chairman from 1955 to 1959. 
For many years he took a very active interests in sports — 
baseball, hockey, Past President of the Fish and Game 
Association of Belleville and District. 

Masonic Record 

Initiated, Pas?ed and Raised in Eureka Lodge, No. 283, A.F. & A.M., 
September 13, 1933, Belleville. Charter Member of Temple Lodge, No. 666, 
Belleville. Exalted in Quinte Friendship Chapter, No. 227, G.R.C., April 
23, 1935, Belleville. Became First Principal 1946; elected Grand Scribe N. 
1947; elected to the Grand Executive Committee 1949 to 1956, elected 
Grand H. 1957-58, and Grand First Principal Z. April 29, 1959. His has 
been a very active life in Royal Arch Masonry. He is the Grand Chapter 
Representative for the District of Columbia; also a Life Member of St. 
George's Chapter, No. 5, London, Ontario, and a Charter Member of 
Centennial Chapter, No. 260, Streetsville, Ontario; also a Member of the 
Order of High Priesthood of Ontario, Member of King Baldwin Preceptory, 
No. 6, Belleville, Member of Rameses Temple, A.A.O.N.M.S., Member of 
Royal and Select Masters of Ontario, Zabud Council, No. 15, Belleville. 

In addition to our Grand Z.'s Masonic activities stated above, he is 
the Secretary-Treasurer of the Masonic Temple Corporation of Belleville, 
and took a large part in the construction of this splendid building. 


M. Ex. Comp. Eugene P. Carver Jr., Grand High Priest. 

M. Ex. Comp. William A. Hudson, M.D., Grand High Priest. 


Rt. Ex. Comp. Robert M. Diebold, Grand King, representing M. E. 
Comp. Mark C. Morgan, G.H.P. 


M. Ex. Comp. Clarence F. Grabb, Grand High Priest. 
M. Ex. Comp. Wright J. Burley, P.G.H.P. 

R. Ex. Comp. Clifford A. McDonald, our Grand Representative. 
R. Ex. Comp. Charles Wilson. 


M. Ex. Comp. James A. Gorham, P.G.H.P. and our Grand Representa- 

Comp. John R. Asher, M. Ex. Grand High Priest. 

M. Ex. Comp. John C. Parker, Grand High Priest. 

M. Ex. Comp. H. Wall Clarke, Grand First Principal. 
M. Ex. Comp. Arthur Osgood, Past Grand First Principal. 
Most Ex. Comp. J. H. A. Morecraft, Past Grand First Principal. 

R. Ex. Comp. Charles Fotheringham, M. Ex. Grand President. 

R. Ex. Comp. P. S. Jannison, M. 111. Grand Master. 

R. Ex. Comp. Joseph W. Carson, Grand Master. 


Rt. Ex. Comp. Andrew F. Tannahill, representing M. 111. Grand 
Sovereign William G. Scott. 

M. Ex. Comp. C. M. Pitts, Past Sovereign Grand Commander. 



M. Wor. Bro. and M. Ex. Comp. Clarence MacLeod Pitts, Grand 

R. Wor. Bro. and Comp. Ewart G. Dixon, Grand Secretary 

Most Ex. Comp. Bruce H. Smith, Grand Z., extended a warm, 
friendly, and cordial welcome to all of his guests. He also announced to 
all Royal Arch Masons, in good standing, and properly vouched for, a 
warm welcome during the Convocation. 


By the Grand Chaplain, R. Ex. Comp. Rev. Alexander K. Campbell. 

Soloist, Comp. Val Taylor; Organist, Comp. R. Pannebacker. 

The delegates joined in singing "God Save the Queen," "My Country 
'Tis of Thee." 



Eternal God, Giver of all grace, from whom every good prayer 
cometh, and who pourest out upon all who seek Thee the spirit of grace 
and supplication, grant unto this convocation Thy blessing and Thy 
guidance in all our deliberations. May all works begun, continued and 
ended in Thee, be in accordance with Thy Divine will and worthily mag- 
nify Thy Holy Name. Amen. 


"You are come into the city of the living God, and to an innumerable 
company, and to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made 
perfect." Heb. 12: 22-23. 

Is it not a wonderful thing to belong to such a Royal Craft as ours ? 
To know that each one of us is not a solitary soul out on a lonesome ad- 
venture, but that we are one huge company of Companions! Surely the 
feeling of other shoulders touching ours, as they make their way to the 
same far-off goal and glorious ideals, heartens us. 

Indeed, these frail, blundering souls of ours are helped upon their 
way immeasurably by those who have gone before us. We do not have to 
cut a slow path through virgin country, but can advance quickly today 
with ease, because other Companions with painful toil have worn a clear 
highway for us. We do not have to start at the beginning of things or 
near it, because others have made discoveries which have been handed 
down to us and seem commonplace. We do not have to find big things for 
ourselves; just open our eyes and they are there, left us as an inheritance, 

How can we thank the Companions of former years who daringly 
took the tremendous promises of faith into their hands, and had the 
audacity to risk their whole future and reputation upon the establishment 
and maintenance of this Genteel Craft, to hand on to us the glorious 
traditions we now enjoy? What do we not owe to them? 

Has the loss of them been a loss indeed? Have we learned nothing 
from their having lived and died ? Has the corn of wheat, fallen into the 
earth, although it died, remained alone and brought forth no harvest in 
our lives ? Unless this is an inspiration, a compulsion to us to put the 
same unselfishness in the living of our lives, the facing of our problems 
and thinking out the difficulties of our times, has it not largely failed? 
The one effective remembrance of them is to catch their spirit in our 
thoughts, our homes, our business, our treatment of the Companions in 
our Chapters, to hand on the same kind of zeal they had in building 
holiness to the Lord in active faith! 

What is the passing of a gush of feeling, and some cheap emotion? 
If we would remember them, then let us catch their love of Masonry and 
live our lives in their same generous manner, proving that it has made a 
difference, and that because they died loving the Craft and us, we are 
nobler, with better understanding how life should be lived and spent. 

We who are living, and members of this Grand Chapter, are merely 
the rear ranks of a vast procession of Companions, winding its way to- 
ward the Eternal City, whose builder and founder is God. And if we are 
yet, still in the shadow, LOOK YONDER, how they pass into the glory 
of the Light of Home! They have attained; their hands are on the goal; 
for them the promises, even the best of them, have come true. 

Until some great loss comes to us we do not think much about the 
dead. We are far too busy with this fascinating world. Their day is over; 
ours is still here. But the Heavenly Grand First Principal of us all is too 
wise to let them slip from our minds, for when Death speaks, there is an 
instant hush in our hearts; everything else is stilled that we may listen, 
teaching that which we do not wholly forget — some discipline of spirit, 
learning obedience from the things we have suffered, some bewildered 
understanding of the unutterable tenderness and mercy of God. And 
breaking into our mortal minds comes the whisper of the voice of Faith — 


There are no dead. Thus we believe. Thus we affirm. And thus we are 
certain that we too are slowly but surely drawing near the City of God, 
and to the spirits of just men made perfect. In this hope we bury our 
dead, sure of the inextinguishable hope of man. So mote it be, Lord, so 
mote it be! 

Lighting of a single candle in a silver candlestick on the pedestal. 


Eternal God, Supreme Commander of us all, to Whom the ranks of 
life report, we bow before Thee with reverent hearts and in sublime faith 
knowing Thou dost ever lead us. Since our last convocation Thou hast 
called many Companions beyond the twilight and evening star, where 
beauty and valour and goodness dwell forever. Mindful of Service nobly 
done, Thou hast called them to everlasting rest. Thou hast sealed their 
lips. With the faded blossoms of springtime and withered leaves of 
autumn Thou hast called them to Eternal Peace, to the land of Thy 
silent mystery. 

Thou art Life and Light and Love. From the beginning Thou dost 
summon life and, after its eclipse, Thou dost light the darkness with the 
stars. So much dost Thou love us that Thou hast lent us to the earth for a 
season. Remember those from whose path in life flowers have faded and 
song has ceased and to whom life seems but a weary, joyless road. Touch 
their tired hearts with healing. Out of their darkness and gloom lead 
them into light and hope and joy. Protect them with Thy holy care. Keep 
clear and bright in our memory the splendid flames that have flickered 
out and shelter us with Thy compassion. 

Accept the pledge of our hearts and increase the purpose of our 
souls. Draw for us from the departed increased devotion to the best and 
noblest things in life. May we, who cannot see Thee with the eye of flesh, 
behold Thee steadfastly with the eye of faith that we may not faint under 
the manifold trials and temptations of this moral life but endure, as 
seeing Thee who art invisible and grant that having fulfilled Thy will 
upon earth we may behold Thy face in heaven and be made partakers of 
those things Thou hast promised. Hear us, God, Thou King Eternal, 
immortal and invisible, the blessed and only Potentate, to whom we 
ascribe all gory and praise forever and ever. Amen. 

Hymn— "Nearer My God to Thee." 


"We extinguish the light to symbolize the passing of our Com- 

A period of silence. 

Grand First Principal — So mote it be. 


The Grand Z., Most Ex. Comp. Bruce H. Smith, requested the 
Grand Director of Ceremonies, V. Ex. Comp. M. S. Clarke, to present the 
living Past Grand Z's. The following were present: 

M. Ex. Comp. John M. Burden, Q.C., Grand Z., 1943-1944. 

M. Ex. Comp. Frederick W. Dean, Grand Z., 1947-1948. 

M. Ex. Comp. Clarence McL. Pitts, Grand Z., 1949-1950. 

M. Ex. Comp. Alexander G. N. Bradshaw, Grand Z., 1951-1952. 

M. Ex. Comp. John L. House, Grand Z., 1955-1956. 

M. Ex. Comp. Melville S. Gooderham, Hon. Grand Z., 1957. 

M. Ex. Comp. Maurice A. Searle, Grand Z., 1957-59. 

M. Ex. Comp. Bruce H. Smith Smith extended a very sincere and 
cordial welcome to the Past Grand Z's and Grand Honours were accorded. 

M. Ex. Comp. F. W. Dean spoke on behalf of the Grand Z's. 





To the Most Excellent, the Grand First Principal, Bruce Harrison 
Smith, Officers and Members of the Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons 
of Canada in the Province of Ontario, Most Worshipful, the Grand Mas- 
ter, Clarence McLeod Pitts, of the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and 
Accepted Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario, distinguished 
guests from Sister Grand Jurisdictions in Canada and the United States 
of America and representatives from other Masonic Orders, we the Com- 
panions of Toronto District No. 8 and No. 8A extend to you a sincere 
welcome and fraternal greeting on the occasion of this One Hundred and 
Second Annual Convocation of the Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of 
Canada in the Province of Ontario. 

It is indeed an honour to have the privilege of welcoming our Grand 
Chapter on its Annual Convocation to the City of Toronto. We pray that 
the Great Jehovah will guide and direct you in your deliberations, that 
these deliberations will prove fruitful and beneficial to our Order and 
that the spirit of harmony and unanimity will prevail. 

To you, Most Excellent Sir, we would express our appreciation for 
the magnificent contribution that you have made to Royal Arch Masonry. 
You have given freely of your time and talents to further the cause of 
Capitular Masonry and in so doing have earned for yourself the respect 
and admiration of your Companions throughout this jurisdiction. You 
have been ever mindful of the responsibilities of your high and important 
office and have thereby merited the confidence reposed in you. The man- 
ner in which you have fulfilled your obligations have enhanced the reputa- 
tion of this Grand Jurisdiction and have set an example for others to 

It has been therefore a privilege, of which we are humbly grateful, 
to have had the honour of serving under your leadership. It is our sincere 
wish that the second year of your term of office will be one of continued 
success and that the Most High will bless you with many years in which 
to continue to serve the Royal Craft. 

As a tangible expression of our affection, Most Excellent Sir, the 
First Principals of Toronto Districts No. 8 and 8A for the years 1959 and 
1960 ask you to accept this token of our appreciation and deepest grati- 

Presented on behalf of the Royal Arch Chapters of Toronto Districts 
No. 8 and 8A this 12th day of April, Anno Inventionis 2490, Anno Domini 


1959 1960 

St. Andrew and St. John, No. 4 
H. A. Sayers G. A. Rider 

King Solomon's, No. 8 
J. Keillor R. Willmot 

York, No. 62 

A. H. Gray H. J. C. Sinclair 

St. Paul's, No. 65 
W. Yarmey W. P. Gruer 

Orient, No. 79 
H. F. Myers 
Succoth, No. 135 
C. G. Armstrong 

L. Hyatt 

E. C. Croxall 
The St. Patrick, No. 145 

B. F. Forward I. C. Skudder 
The Beaches, No. 163 

W. E. Bath D. C. Armstrong 

Victoria, No. 205 

D. E. Allen H. Hinchley 

St. Alban's, No. 217 

A. 0. Murray W. J. M. Lloyd 

Beaver, No. 225 

F. C. Alley J. T. Wallace 
Aurora, No. 235 

G. H. Bunt C. Allan 
University, No. 241 

0. R. Roberts J. E. Young 

Tyrian, No. 258 

C. A. Vanzant J. J. Mehaffey 

F. W. D. Welham, 

Grand Superintendent, 

Toronto East District, No. 8 

J. Broadfoot, 


1959 1960 

Occident, No. 77 

M. Holditch P. Helm 

Toronto-Antiquity, No. 91 
H. Plunkett G. Wood 

Shekinah, No. 138 

B. W. Spencer 
Peel, No. 195 
J. McFarlane 
Mount Sinai, No. 212 
S. S. Bederman 
Mimico, No. 215 
W. B. Angst 
Ulster, No. 219 

C. B. Ibbotson 
Lebanon, No. 220 
A. R. McDougall 
Port Credit, No. 230 

K. Denison J. I. Parke 

The St. Clair, No. 231 
A. W. Johnson J. M. Yates 

King Cyrus, No. 232 

A. G. Sullivan J. S. Cobb 
Oakwood, No. 233 

B. Alford B. Taylor 
Humber, No. 246 

D. Bremner H. Banks 
Centennial, No. 260 

J. H. McClure A. R. McDougall 

A. F. Nisbet, 

Grand Superintendent, 

Toronto West District, No. 8A 

R. Cruise, 


P. James 

J. Lamb 

L. Ritter 

S. Kennedy 

A. H. S. Adams 
S. J. Smith 


The Grand Scribe E. commenced reading the minutes of the Pro- 
ceedings of the One Hundredth and First Annual Convacation, held in 
the city of Toronto, when it was moved by R. Ex. Comp. C. W. Emmett, 
seconded by R. Ex. Comp. Fraser Hay. 

Resolved — "That as the Proceedings of the last Annual Convocation, 
held Tuesday and Wednesday, April 28 and 29, 1959, have been printed 
and copies thereof sent to all the Chapters in this Jurisdiction, the 
recorded Minutes be considered as read, and the same is now confirmed." 


It was moved by R. Ex. Comp. C. W. Emmett, and seconded by R. 
Ex. Comp. Fraser Hay, and — 

Resolved — "That the Order of Business of this Grand Convocation 
be changed at the discretion of the Grand Z." 


R. Ex. Comp. James W. Woodland, Chairman of the Credentials 
Committee reported that there are 157 Warranted Chapters on the Rolls 
of Grand Chapter of which Chapters were represented by the following: 

No. 1— W. A. Sutherland, Z.; H. J. Milner, T. N. Clarke, L. N. Arm- 
strong, T. H. L. Payne, P.Z.'s. 


No. 2— A. Fuller, Z.; H. C. H. Rose, H.; E. M. Marshall, D. Home, R. 

J. Cocks, P.Z.'s. 
No. 3— W. H. Parker, Proxy; R. W. Coon, H. T. Down, P.Z.'s. 
No. 4— G. A. Rider, Z.; O. B. Dickinson, H.; C. J. Shibley, J.; H. A. 

Sayers, R. N. McElhinney, V. L. Mutton, C. F. Tye, P.Z.'s. 
No. 5— S. Pedersen, Z.; J. A. Kennedy, L. N. Allen, A. W. Ayre, P.Z.'s. 
No. 6 — F. Scott, Proxy, P.Z. 
No. 7— E. Grey, Z.; E. C. Wood, H. E. Payne, A. W. Haggar, F. W. 

Hodgen, H. T. Adams, J. L. Diamond, P.Z's. 
No. 8— R. Willmot, Z.; W. Dobinson, H.; S. Burscough, J.; A. L. 

Tinker, D. Reid, G. McConnell, S. Sleeman, H. Carr, W. Holy- 
well, A. Otis, E. M. Woolcock, F. J. Johnson, A. Lewis, S. F. 

Hutchinson, J. Keillor, P.Z's. 
No. 15 — J. Morrison, Z.; L. C. Ewener, A. W. Jordon, R. A. Hamilton, 

H. R. Marriott, W. S. Squire, P.Z's. 
No. 16— C. Vickers, Z.; N. Bright, L. Gillespie, F. G. Smith, P.Z's. 
No. 18— R. J. Lawrence, Z.; R. B. Town, H.; R. E. Thurlow, A. Wis- 

hart, G. L. Nutt, J. Hibner, P.Z's. 
No. 19— C. M. Porter, P.Z. 
No. 20— C. R. Simpson, Z.; A. W. Cox, J.; R. W. McFadden, A. Mac- 

Gregor, E. L. Townson, A. T. Baker, P.Z's. 
No. 22— W. H. Whitney, Z.; J. C. Sim, P.Z. 
No. 23— K. C. Bannister, Z. 
No. 24 — E. Huggins, Z.; R. H. Davis, C. S. Atkins, J. A. Swatridge, 

No. 26— N. M. Sprague, C. H. Kinnear, P.Z's. 
No. 27— L. A. Browning, Z.; R. A. Barker, F. C. Melton, B. M. Conron, 

No. 28— G. H. Taylor, Z.; W. F. Boorman, H.; F. L. Smale, J.; W. E. Mc- 

Kinstry, W. L. Houston, N. W. Purdy, P.Z's. 
No. 29—0. M. Krick, Proxy; F. R. Martin, R. S. Ash, E. C. McCullagh, 

P Z's 
No. 30— C. F Laithwaite, Proxy; H. Hill, W. H. Roope, W. Ross, R. 

Bradford, R. Bisset, P.Z's. 
No. 31— B. Wager, Z.; L Hagerman, H.,; E. R. Hodgson, F. R. Great- 
rex, H. Alder, E. Huff, P.Z's. 
No. 32— F. C. Ackert, T. Forrester, D. J. Marriott, P.Z's. 
No. 34— G. A. R. Cowan, Z.; R. A. Stewart, H. E. McCullough, H. J. 

Lougheed, P.Z's. 
No. 35— J. E. Sanderson, Z.; S. G. Smith, H.; W. P. Price, J.; R. Mc- 

Nee, P.Z. 
No. 36— R. Mathews, Z.; J. W. Morrison, H.; R. K. Burns, J.; J. E. Gir- 

ven, W. E. Bannon, B. H. Pammett, A. W. Watkins, P.Z's. 
No. 37— W. J. B. Jarvis, Z.; K. Stevenson, H.; W. H. Meldrum, C. P. 

McElroy, E. J. Barrowclough, H. Inch, E. J. McKeever, P.Z's. 
No. 40— M. H. Bauer, Z.; C. E. Morgan, J. W. Frey, J. A. Robertson, W. 

J. Van Norman, P.Z's. 
No. 41— G. Wright, Z.; I. D. Baskitt, H.; J. Edgill, J.; E. A. Webber, 

L. L. Mansfield, P. V. L. Pidolin, H. Nagle, P.Z's. 
No. 44— A. V. Roy, D. R. Sharp, P.Z's. 
No. 45— A. Wolf rain, Proxy; J. A. Page, P.Z's. 
No. 46— H. Sparling, J.; A. K. Campbell, D. C. White, P.Z's. 
No. 47— R. Ford, Z.; L. H. Veale, G. Ford, P.Z's. 
No. 48— H. Rawcliffe, Z.; A. W. Robertson, H.; E. J. Wood, J.; F. L. 

Searancke, W. Baker, J. A. Kernaghan, P.Z's. 
No. 54— W. Cowie, Proxy, P.Z. 

No. 55 — J. Gordon, Z.; J. Hutchinson, H.; C. A. Larson, P.Z. 
No. 56— J. R. Garen, Z.; G. S. Matthias, H.; J. G. Cruickshank, J. E. 

Taylor, P.Z's. 


No. 57— L. D. Winn, Proxy P.Z. 

No. 59— G. R. Sawyer, Z.; J. A. Greer, P.Z. 

No. 62— H. J. C. Sinclair, Z.; J. Hood, J.; C. M. Platten, A. H. Gray, G. 

A. Cooper, W. J. Grierson, D. Young, J. Shield, P.Z's. 

No. 63— G. S. Emerson, Z.; H. J. Norman, M. W. McGaw, C. O. Bridge, 

No. 64— R. H. Dillmarter, Z.; J. C. McKeand, H.; C. E. Griffin, E. C. 

Hudon, J. E. Nelson, E. A. Lee, P.Z's. 
No. 65— W. P. Gruer, Z.; J. Boehm, H.; M. S. Gooderham, H. G. Robb, 

C. C. Wilmer, C. B. Parker, P.Z's. 
No. 66—0. G. Oke, J.; M. Clarke, A. Corby, J. B. Higgins, J. W. Crick, 

J. Back, P.Z's. 
No. 67— L. E. Morphy, Proxy; J. F. Edwards, D. A. Cox, H. F. Wis- 

mer, A. Schneider, F. B. Johnson, P.Z's. 
No. 68— F. Mohr, Z.; G. J. Purcell, P.Z. 
No. 69— G. B. Lypsitt, Proxy; R. Cloughley, P.Z.'s. 
No. 71— J. Muxworthy, Z.; E. Watt, H.; R. McCagherty, J.; T. Weaver, 

B. Smith, R. C. Brushett, P.Z's. 

No. 72—1. Caldwell, W. Warren, B. Woodbeck, P.Z's. 

No. 73— F. Yardley, H.; P. L. Lalonde, A. W. Overfield, P.Z's. 

No. 74— A. W. Holt, Proxy, P.Z. 

No. 75 — C. G. Lewington, Z.; J. C. Cunningham, E. Harrop, P.Z's. 

No. 76— C. H. Sheppard, Proxy; J. H. Hughes, G. E. French, C. L. Dill, 

No. 77— P. Helm, Z,; C. Aikins, H.; J. Dobson, J.; H. B. Hopkinson, M. 

S. Clark, F. Wratten, A. Green, J. M. Burden, C. W. Emmett, 

W. Shearer, A. R. Cripps, J. A. Prince, E. K. Hogaboom, S. E. 

Solley, S. Bustard, H. Smith, P.Z's. 
No. 78— W. Wein, Z.; C. A. McGregor, R. Ratz, P.Z's. 
No. 79— W. L. Hyatt, Z.; A. E. O'Halloran, H.; G. Jones, L. L. Querie, 

L. Bramwell, J. A. Hearn, A. 0. Cook, A. J. R. Noxon, H. F. 

Myers, P.Z's. 
No. 80— A. D. Bates, Proxy; W. E. Treganza, C. S. King, P.Z's. 
No. 81— H. P. Grant, Proxy, P.Z. 
No. 82— W. H. Cheetham, Z. 

No. 83— W. Gillespie, Z.; W. E. Watson, J.; A. Gillespie, D. Van Nor- 
man, P.Z's. 
No. 84— A. Corrigan, Z.; E. S. Gauley, P.Z. 
No. 88— E. H. Logan, Proxy; H. M. Dunlop, P.Z's. 
No. 90— A. Barclay, Proxy, P.Z. 
No. 91— G. G. Wood, Z.; L. W. L. Dixon, H.; W. Hillis, J.; J. Bailey, A. 

Geary, J. C. D. Short, C. Howes, A. F. Tannahill, W. J. Stewart, 

A. A. Kitchen, P.Z's. 
No. 94— J. F. Mclsaac, Z.; G. McCombe, L. A. Gilkinson, P.Z's. 
No. 95— E. Smith, Z.; G. Shute, W. McKee, P.Z's. 
No. 102— H. W. Brumby, Z.; W. E. Davey, P. S. Jannison, W. J. Hazle- 

wood, P.Z's. 
No. 103— A. S. Haley, Proxy; H. E. Ward, P.Z's. 
No. 104— W. S. Thomson, Z.; E. J. Flippance, H.; S. Porch, J. A. R. Shaw, 

C. T. Sherry, G. K. Brown, B. H. Barrett, W. G. Russell, P.Z's. 
No. 110— H. S. Ewing, Proxy; W. J. Newman, P.Z's. 

No. 112— G. W. Gorrell, Z. 

No. 113— G. E. McCutcheon, Proxy, P.Z. 

No. 114— H. W. Mayhew, R. F. Fraser, P.Z's. 

No. 115— R. W. McKenzie, Z.; O. Fleming, J.; C. R. Burton, W. W. 

Tough, R. C. Walker, C. W. Spicer, P.Z's. 
No. 116— J. C. Saunders, J.; W. H. Edwards, P.Z. 


No. 117— T. R. Williams, Z.; G. Braley, J.; G. H. Shannon, A. Mason, A. 

Shoemaker, W. N. Hemphill, F. Hoodless, W. R. Cooper, W. E. 

James, W. J. Leach, P.Z's. 
No. 119— D. A. Robinson, Z.; F. Hilton, H.; A. S. Cree, J. A. Mclntyre, 

E. H. Brennan, A. Cresswell, G. Bloomfield, B. M. White, R. C. 

Overholt, R. A. Willett, P.Z's. 
No. 130— F. Wrightson, Proxy, P.Z. 
No. 131— P. Spears, Z.; R. Keene, H.; K. Hopkinson, J. 
No. 132— W. A. Trickey, Z.; L. W. Moxley, J. 
No. 133-^T. J. Carpenter, Proxy; G. A. Phillips, P.Z's. 
No. 134 — E. L. Jackson, Proxy; L. G. Parliament, P.Z's. 
No. 135— T. C. Croxall, Z.; H. B. Watson, P.Z. 
No. 138— P. James, Z.; H. W. Clark, H.; R. Pannabecker, J.; B. W. 

Spencer, C. V. Elliott, H. 0. Hughes, E. H. Hughes, J. R. Todd, 

R. R. Parsons, H. J. Huggins, J. Benson, R. Ackerman, C. E. 

Rich, C. E. Wells, P.Z's. 
No. 140^J. E. Forester, P.Z. 
No. 144— K. A. McQuoid, P.Z. 
No. 145—1. G. Skudder, Z.; J. Woodward, J,; J. R. Tompkins, W. C. 

Johnston, J. R. Legecy, L. B. Morrison, W. A. Pomeroy, J. A. 

Martin, R. J. Lewis, M. A. Searle, P. W. Rogers, D. P. Collins, 

E. E. Reid, P.Z's. 
No. 146— W. H. Sargent, Proxy; F. Hay, S. L. Bartja, P.Z.'s. 
No. 147— R. Simpson, Z.; J. Boyle, K. Cameron, P.Z's. 
No. 149— R. S. L. Newman, Proxy, P.Z. 
No. 150-^J. E. Worrall, Z.; W. E. Boyle, H.; A. W. Burgess, J.; D. A. 

McDonald, A. G. N. Bradshaw, J. W. Carson, J. B. Carson, J. 

Bell, M. A. Doupe, J. N. Duffy. 
No. 151— H. T. Hale, Z.; J. E. Brown, H. 
No. 152—1. W. Smith, Proxy; S. R. L. Newman, P.Z's. 
No. 153— G. A. Lauzon, Z.; W. H. Colwell, E. K. Rupert, J. Burnett, T. L. 

MacNally, P.Z's. 
No. 155— A. S. Martin, Proxy, P.Z. 

No. 161— R. Frost, Z.; T. Lloyd, E. T. Naylor, D. L. Armstrong, P.Z's. 
No. 163— B. C. Armstrong, Z.; E. R. Ansell, H.; A. J. Stringer, T. J. 

Middleton, E. W. Bath, W. E. Bath, F. F. Mills, P.Z.'s. 
No. 164— A. Weeks, Z.; L. Butler, P.Z. 
No. 167— C. P. Eagles, Proxy; J. J. Robins, J. R. Parrott, L. W. Watson, 

P Z's 
No. 168— G. A. McConnell, Z.; T. H. Burgis, J. Poulton, W. H. Brady, 

P Z's 
No. 169— H." C.'Coull, Proxy, P.Z. 
No. 175— W. H. Holcombe, Z.; S. Stephens, F. W. Dean, J. R. Dunbar, 

W. P. Mitchell, E. Hudson, P.Z's. 
No. 184— G. E. Ogilvie, Z.; D. G. Wetherelt, J. A. Bell, W. Rostron, P.Z.'s. 
No. 195— J. Archdekin, Z.; H. Spratt, E. A. Hay, H. McClure, P.Z's. 
No. 198— J. W. Davies, Proxy; B. C. Lamble, P.Z.'s. 

No. 210— C. P. Laushways, Z.; D. C. Casselman, H.; W. M. Stanley, P.Z. 
No. 212— L. Ritter, Z.; A. Fox, Proxy; S. S. Bederman, P.Z's. 
No. 213— W. E. Anderson, Z.; J. Ralph, P.Z. 
Mo. 214— J. C. Smith, Proxy; A. A. Campbell, B. Johnson, P.Z's. 
No. 215— S. Kennedy, Z.; W. B. Angst, Proxy; G. W. Ostrander, P.Z's. 
No. 217— W. J. M. Lloyd, Z.; J. W. Chatel, J.; W. J. Webber, W. Wyllie, 

H. E. Walker, A. N. Baldwin, C. R. Kincade, S. Turnbull, J. L. 

House, H. A. F. Schytte, J. A. Burton, P.Z's. 
No. 219— P. K. Taylor, H.; A. D. Napier, L. C. Pilson, T. H. Barker, J. L. 

Hewson, G. R. Sheard, L. J. Colling, D. S. MacLachlan, H. L. 

Kesteven, R. P. Boddy, J. S. Bremmer, P.Z's. 


No. 220— S. J. Smith, Z.; H. A. Harris, H.; G. H. Rothwell, J.; J. A. 

Evans, R. N. Carr, J. H. Dicken, W. A. McKague, A. E. Sharpe, 

G. H. Horner, A. R. Jefferson, A. R. McDougall, W. M. Creech, 

W. F. Leuty, W. H. Carr, P.Z's. 
No. 221 — J. Edwards, Z.; W. C. Hutchinson, H.; J. Armstrong, J.; L. 

Armstrong, P.Z. 
No. 222— J. G. Ferguson, Z.; J. R. Howie, J. R. Meldrum, C. M. Pitts, J. 

Sinclair, P.Z's. 
No. 223— F. A. Righton, Proxy; G. L. Cameron, P.Z's. 
No. 224— J. A. Atkinson, Proxy; W. Miller, J. S. Drysdale, H. D. 

Falkiner, P.Z's. 
No. 225— J. E. McFadden, H.; A. Spalding, C. E. Woodstock, W. Pendle- 
ton, J. C. Day, R. Wilson, J. F. Winton, J. Broadfoot, F. W. D. 

Welham, P.Z's. 
No. 226— L. V. Wood, Proxy, P.Z. 
No. 227 — R. Godden, Z.; A. Pierson, H.; L. A. Courtemanche, J.; R. M. 

Anderson, R. D. Adams, B. H. Smith, J. Williams, L. F. Walker, 

No. 230— J. I. Parke, Z.; J. Wilton, H.; W. F. Patterson, J.; C. M. 

Lobban, R. Young, P.Z's. 
No. 231— J. M. Yates, Z.; A. Settle, H.; W. J. Bain, J.; J. W. Woodland, 

A. E. Johnson, W. K. Herd, L. A. Stiver, D. M. Kerr, H. 

Edmondson, A. W. Johnson, D. Calder, P.Z's. 
No. 232— W. H. Anderson, J.; R. Fick, W. F. Roberts, T. H. Williamson, 

No. 233— A. E. Taylor, Z.; E. C. Burnell, H.; D. Wilson, J.; W. E. Burton, 

A. Hannah, J. Burns, W. E. Gardner, P.Z's. 
No. 234— J. T. Armstrong, Z.; S. Penrice, H.; B. Meody, J.; J. Addy, F. 

Wilson, L. Tracey, P.Z's. 
No. 235— C. Allan, Z.; F. G. Hare, H.; W. Jennings, J.; F. D. Lacey, P.Z. 
No. 236— K. Lang, Z.; L. Speller, H.; J. Lang, J.; J. Aldridge, F. Brown, 

No. 238— W. A. Thomson, Z.; F. S. Archibald, H.; H. C. Fleming, B. S. 

Scott, W. G. Chapman, E. W. Mitchell, C. Hanna, L. E. Fortner, 

W. L. Davies, A. G. N. Bradshaw, P.Z's. 
No. 239— D. Payne, Z.; L. Fisher, H.; R. Nudds, L. Guyett, P.Z's. 
No. 241— J. E. Young, Z.; A. W. Fox, H.; 0. R. Roberts, H. S. Biggs, 

No. 242—1. Pack, Z.; D. W. MacArthur, J.; D. B. Allen, P.Z. 
No. 245— W. Corry, Proxy; C. Schneidendorf, P.Z's. 
No. 246— H. Banks, Z.; L. Harron, H.; R. Cruise, A. Nisbet Sr., A. Nisbet 

Jr., F. S. Fordham, H. J. Rees, J. Bremner, P.Z's. 
No. 247— J. H. Beattie, Z.; H. Shrich, H.; R. Sutherland, J.; G. S. Sleight- 
holm, M. Lansdale, S. Whitehall, A. E. Snelgrove, G. Tucker, 

L. Gent, I. Parkinson, T. E. Porter, P.Z's. 
No. 249— H. B. Tink, Z.; A. L. Blanchard, P.Z. 
No. 250— J. R. Brown, Z.; W. Hockney, P.Z. 
No. 251-^T. Blackburn, Z.; H. S. Rudd, R. Pineger, P.Z's. 
No. 252-^J. Facer, H. 
No. 253— A. D. Simpson, Z.; B. Reid, J.; W. C. Long, F. M. Given, R. 

Hazen, P.Z's. 
No. 254— J. A. Cox, Proxw P.Z. 

No. 255— W. T. Jeffery, Z.; M. Hicks, H.; C. Fotheringham, C. H. Swat- 
ridge, P.Z's. 
No. 257— A. Higgins, Proxy, P.Z. 
No. 258— J. J. Mehaffey, Z.; R. Manewell, P.Z. 


No. 260— A. R. McDougall, Z.: H. B. Banks, H.; W. A. Hamilton, J.; 
W. H. Carr, W. A. McKague, W. F. Leuty, J. L. Hewson, P.Z's. 
The following thirteen Chapters were not represented: Bruce, No. 
53; Pembroke, No. 58; Granite, No. 61; Elliot, No. 129; Glengarry, No. 
143; St. John's, No. 148; Cobalt, No. 203; Victoria, No. 205; Prince Ed- 
ward, No. 218; Smithville, No. 240; McKay, No. 243; Dochert, No. 248; 
Quetico, No. 259. 

144 Chapters represented. 
13 Chapters not represented. 


There were 622 Registered Delegates having a total vote of 827. 
All of which is fraternally submitted. 

JOSEPH BENSON, Vice-Chairman. 

It was moved by R. Ex. Comp. C. W. Emmett, seconded by R. Ex. 
Comp. J. W. Woodland, and — 

Resolved — That the report of the Committee on Credentials be re- 
ceived and adopted. 


The Most Excellent, the Grand Z. directed the Grand Scribe E. to call 
the roll of Representatives of Sister Grand Jurisdictions, when they 
assembled before the Altar. The following Grand Representatives 
answered their names: 

Alabama — Robert N. McElhinney, 69 Fuller Ave., Toronto 3. 
Arizona — Percy W. Rogers, 144 Geoffrey St., Toronto 3. 
British Columbia — John A. Mackie, 10 Reigate Rd., Toronto 18. 
California— Don Calder, R.R. 1, Brooklin, Ont. 
Colorado— Dr. Chas B. Parker, 149 South Dr., Toronto 5. 
Connecticut — Harvey J. Milne, Kingston, Ont. 
Delaware — Wm. J. Grierson, 161 Eglinton Ave. E., Toronto 12. 
District of Columbia— B. H. Smith, 169 Dufferin Ave., Belleville. 
Florida — M. S. Gooderham, 244 Inglewood Dr., Toronto. 
Illinois— J. W. Woodland, 595 St. Clair Ave. W., Toronto 10. 
Indiana — A. L. Tinker, 28 Anderson St., Toronto 7. 
Iowa— Carroll E. Griffin, 358 Thorold Rd. W., Welland. 
Ireland— R. W. E. McFadden, 4 Hart St., Brantford. 
Kentucky — Rev. A. S. H. Cree, Leamington, Ont. 
Louisiana — Jos. Carson, 689 Colborne St., London. 
Maine — M. Roy Anderson, 333 Bleeker St., Belleville. 
Manitoba — Percival S. Jannison, 633 Albert St. E., Sault Ste. Marie. 
Massachusettes — A. J. Stringer, 101 MacLean Ave., Toronto 8. 
Michigan — Fred W. Dean, 244 Holton Ave. S., Hamilton 
Minnesota — F. Carl Ackert, 1 Lincoln Ave., Gait. 
Missouri — C. Percy Eagles, 46 Quebec St., Midland. 
New Brunswick — A. Cavanagh, 585 St. James St., London. 
New Hampshire — N. M. Sprague, Trenton, Ont. 
New Jersey — G. H. Shannon, 30 Spetz St., Kitchener. 
New South Wales — Fred J. Johnson, 400 Lake Promenade, Long Branch. 
New York— John M. Burden, 126 Old Orchard Grove, Toronto 12. 
New Zealand — Dr. J. Austin Evans, 309 Avenue Rd., Toronto 7. 
North Carolina — Benjamin S. Scott, 9 Prospect Ave., London. 
North Dakota — J. L. Hewson, 113 Gorevale Ave., Toronto 3. 
Nova Scotia— C. M. Pitts, P.O. Box 374, Ottawa. 
Ohio — A. G. N. Bradshaw, 655 Waterloo St., London. 


Oklahoma— Andrew F. Tannahill, Apt. 104, 780 Eglinton Ave. W. Toronto. 

Oregon — Wm. E. Treganza, 920 Mercer Ave., Windsor. 

Pennsylvania — John L. House, 14 Pearson Ave., Toronto 3. 

Philippines— Chas. W. Emmett, 1310 Tecumseh Park Dr., Port Credit 

Quebec — Maurice A. Searle, Apt. 206, 111 Oriole Parkway, Toronto 7. 

Rhode Island — E. H. Brennan, Leamington. 

Saskatchewan — J. E. Girven, 581 Weller St., Peterborough. 

Scotland— Alex M. Hannah, 167 Albertus St., Toronto 12. 

Tennessee — Chas. Fotheringham, 70 Brock St. E., Tillsonburg. 

Texas — Allan C. Mason, 65 Hohner Ave., Kitchener. 

Utah— Lloyd B. Gillespie, 410 Eden Ave., Ottawa. 

Vermont — Chas. H. Sheppard, 1896 Delaware St., Niagara Falls. 

Victoria — Alex Wishart, 45 Wellington St., Woodstock. 

Virginia — Fred G. Smith, 146 Broadway Ave., Ottawa. 

Washington — Reginald J. Lewis, 421 St. Clarens Ave., Toronto. 

Western Australia — C. Everett Wood, 115 Catherine St., Belleville. 

West Virginia— H. A. Fred Schytte, 109 Yonge Blvd., Toronto 12. 

Wyoming — George Shute, 426 Cartier Ave., Sudbury. 

M. Ex. Comp. Bruce M. Smith extended a warm welcome to the 
Representatives and asked them to keep in contact with their respective 
Grand Chapters and strengthen the fraternal bonds of union with our 
Sister Jurisdictions. Grand Honours were given and R. Ex. Comp. Lloyd 
B. Gillespie spoke on behalf of the Representatives. 



To the Officers and Companions of the Most Excellent, The 
Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province 

of Ontario 

My Companions: 

I deem it an honour and a privilege to extend to you Fraternal 
Greetings, on the One Hundred and Second Annual Convocation 
of this Grand Chapter. 

At this time I extend to the Companions of this great City 
of Toronto, also The Principals' Association of the two Toronto 
Districts, our heartfelt thanks for their most gracious invitation to 
hold our deliberations in their City. Much time and labour has 
been spent in preparations to ensure its success. 

It gives me great pleasure to welcome to this Grand Chapter, 
Most Worshipful Brother and Most Excellent Companion 
Clarence M. Pitts, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Canada 
in the Province of Ontario. On behalf of all Companions I 
extend to him our most hearty congratulations on attaining his 
high and important office and assure him of this Grand Chapter's 
continued allegiance and loyalty to him and Grand Lodge. We 
well remember the contribution he made to Capitular Masonry 
during his term as our Grand First Principal. Knowing his zeal 
and fidelity for the Craft, I feel sure that Free Masonry as a 
whole in this jurisdiction will be greatly blessed during his term 
of office. May the Great Jehovah give him support, health and 
strength to carry on his mission in Masonry. We are also greatly 
pleased that he is accompanied by the Grand Secretary, Rt. Wor. 
Bro. and Comp. Ewart G. Dixon, M.C., Q.C., who is ever ready 
to extend advice and guidance. To him we convey the same warm 

To other Masonic Bodies, i.e. The Ancient and Accepted 
Scottish Rite, for the Dominion of Canada, The Sovereign Great 
Priory of Canada, The Grand Council Royal and Select Masters 
of Cryptic Rite, The Order of High Priesthood, and The Masonic 
and Military Order of the Knights of the Red Cross of Constantine 
and Appendant Orders, we also extend warm and fraternal wel- 

Each year our Grand Chapter Convocations have been hon- 
oured by the presence of Grand First Principals or their representa- 
tives of our sister jurisdictions in Canada, also Grand High Priests 
or their representatives and others from various Grand jurisdic- 
tions of the United States. We have fond memories of the happy 
occasions, generous hospitality and fraternal welcome extended to 
myself and others of our Grand Chapter on visits to their juris- 
diction. We extend the same heartfelt welcome to them. 


We are gathered together from all parts of our Grand Juris- 
diction with, I trust, but one object, namely, The Advancement 
of the best interests of the Royal Craft. 

It will be the duty of this Grand Chapter to discuss and legis- 
late upon such questions as may be brought before it and I have 
no doubt such matters as may engage your attention will be dealt 
with in that judicial fairness which has always marked our Annual 

I will as briefly as possible report to you my activities as your 
Grand Z during this, my first year in office. Before doing so, 
I deem it only proper that I should express to you my deepest 
appreciation for the great honour conferred on me in electing me 
The Grand First Principal of The Grand Chapter of Royal Arch 
Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario. I am fully aware 
that the honours which go with this high office are attended with 
great responsibilities. These I have endeavoured to discharge in 
the hope that I have come within reasonable reach of the high 
standards set by the long line of distinguished Masons who have 
preceded me in office. 


During the past year we have suffered the loss of a great 
number of our Companions by the hand of the 'Grim Reaper'. 
Some 495 Companions have laid down their implements of 
labour. Many of these Companions have been very active and 
contributed much to Royal Arch Masonry, and to the promotion 
of the Brotherhood of Man. 

On June 10, 1959, shortly after our Annual Convocation, 
R. Ex. Comp. Leonard Dowdell of Thomas Peters Chapter No. 
250, who had been elected Grand Scribe N., passed away. 

Also on August 16, 1959, we were informed of the passing 
of R. Ex. Comp. J. Edwin Evans, Grand Registrar, Durham 
Chapter No. 221. 

Then again on December 6, 1959, we were saddened by the 
passing to the Grand Chapter above, of one of the stalwarts of 
Capitular Masonry in the person of R. Ex. Comp. Fergus A. Mc- 
Diarmid, Carleton Chapter No. 16, Ottawa. Companion Mc- 
Diarmid had contributed much to Capitular Masonry in Carleton 
Chapter and Ottawa District, and for his zeal and enthusiasm, 
this Grand Chapter at our last Annual Convocation paid him 
tribute by conferring Honourary Membership to the Grand Exe- 

On February 25th, we learned of the passing of another 
Honourary Member of our Grand Executive, R. Ex. Comp. 
William S. W. Enouy, University Chapter No. 241. Companion 
Enouy was well known throughout this Grand Jurisdiction, 
and particularly in the Toronto District for his untiring and un- 


selfish efforts on behalf of the Craft having served many years 
as the Grand Lecturer. 

To the immediate families of these and other Companions 
who have passed to their great reward since last we met, we tender 
our deepest sympathy. 

We have many reports from sister jurisdictions recording the 
passing of many of their Companions. To them we offer our 
sincere condolences in the loss of these distinguished Companions. 

Later in this Convocation we will receive the report of the 
Committee on Fraternal Dead, under the Chairmanship of R. Ex. 
Comp. George Phillips. 

"Day by day, the number lessens, 
Year by year they slip away 
To the Unknown Land — far distant 
In the realms of endless day. 

But we hold them in sweet memory, 
And we know they are not dead. 
To the Heavenly Land Eternal 
They've just slipt away ahead." 


Realizing the great responsibility placed upon me I have en- 
deavoured to devote as much time as possible, that energy and 
health would permit by visitations throughout this Grand Juris- 
diction. It has been a most stimulating and enriching experience — 
the greatest being the Fraternal Fellowship and Hospitality accord- 
ed me on these occasions for which I offer my sincere thanks. 

I also received many invitations from sister jurisdictions in 
Canada and the United States. Unfortunately, I was not able to 
accept all; however, those that I did attend I received the most 
cordial hospitality and friendship. It gave me great pride and 
satisfaction to realise the high esteem with which this Grand 
Chapter is held elsewhere. 

The following is a list of my visitations: 

Chapter, Lodge 
or Event 


1 — Grand Council 

Royal and Select 

29 — Quinte Friendship 

Chapter No. 227 

13 — St. George's 

Chapter No. 5 
16 — Prequ'ile Chapter 

No. 144 
20 — Victoria Chapter 

No. 37 
22 — Centennial Chapter 

No. 260 
26 — Corinthian Chapter 

No. 36 




Official Guest 




Annual Visitation Quinte 
Friendship Chapter 


Presentation 25-Year Jewel 

Port Hope 

Chapter of Instruction 


Guest Speaker 


Annual Picnic 




14-15-16 — Grand Lodge of 



-Sovereign Great 

26 — Covenant Chapter 

No. 113 
30 — Dalhousie Lodge 


6-7-8— Grand Chapter of 

13 — Grand Chapter 
15-16-17— Grand Chapter of 

23 — Corinthian Chapter 
No. 36 

24 — Wawanosh Chapter 
No. 15 

30 — Principals' Associa- 
tion Prince Edward 
District No. 11 


13 — Grand Chapter 

18 — Bernard Chapter 

No. 146 
20— The St. Patrick 

Chapter No 145 


3 — Quinte Friendship 

Chapter No. 227 
28 — The Belleville 

29 — Dinner 













Official Guest 

Official Guest 

International Night 
Reception to M. Wor. Bro. 
C. M. Pitts 

Official Guest 

Meeting Advisory Committee 

and Council 

Official Guest Ace. by G.S.E., 

and M. Ex. Comp. F. Dean 

90th Anniversary 

100th Anniversary 


Meeting Advisory Committee 
and Council 

Reception Grand J 

Grand Chapter Night 

Joint Installation, Quinte 
Friendship and Moira Chap. 
100th Anniversary & Ladies' 
Night - Official Guest 
Principals' Association, To- 
ronto Districts No. 8-8a 


2-5— Grand Chapter N.Y. Albany 
16— Hamilton Chapter Hamilton 
No. 175 

Official Guest 
50th Anniversary 



7 — Dochert Chapter 

No. 248 
11— Occident Chapter 

No. 77 
12— Hiawatha and Port 

Huron Chapters 
15— Grand Chapter 

16 — Grand Chapter 

21 — Ionic Chapter 

No. 168 
23 — Grand Chapter 

of Quebec 

Official Guest 

Grand Chapter Night 

International Day 

Meeting Nomination Comm. 

Advisory and Finance Comm. 

51st Anniversary 

Official Guest 



Port Huron, Mich 






I am most grateful and express my sincere thanks and appre- 
ciation to those Constituent Chapters who have conferred on me 
Honourary Membership. While many may consider this was a 
demonstration of loyalty to the head of Grand Chapter, I hope it 
will not be considered vanity on my part if I believe they were 
given for a more personal reason. The Chapters having so hon- 
oured me are: 

Corinthian Chapter No. 36, Peterborough. 
Wawanosh Chapter No. 15, Sarnia. 
Presqu'ile Chapter No. 144, Brighton. 
Moira Chapter No. 7, Belleville. 
Occident Chapter No. 77, Toronto. 



There was just one occasion this year where it was my 
pleasure to recommend the following Grand Representative near 
our Grand Chapter also to report that this was confirmed by the 
respective Grand Chapter. 

Iowa— R. Ex. Comp. Carroll E. Griffin, Welland, Ontario. 

Also the following distinguished Companion was nominated 
and approved as our Grand Representative near his Grand Chapter: 

Iowa — Comp. L. Paul Morris. 


During the year I received invitations and attended where 
Chapters were celebrating Anniversaries. 

On October 23rd, I attended Corinthian Chapter No. 36, 
Peterborough, accompanied by M. Ex. Comp. Maurice A. Searle, 
Past Grand Z., R. Ex. Comp. C. W. Emmett, Grand H. and 
other Grand Chapter officers. 

On this occasion Corinthian Chapter celebrated Ninety years 
of Service, Zeal and Fidelity to Grand Chapter. 

On October 24th I journeyed to Sarnia, where, accompanied 
by M. Ex. Comp. A. G. N. Bradshaw and other Grand Chapter 
officers, we attended Wawanosh Chapter No. 15, when it 
celebrated that historic milestone of its Centennial. I feel sure 
everyone will join with me to congratulate the Companions of 
Wawanosh Chapter and wish for them every success as they start 
their second Century. 

I also had the honour on January 1 6th of attending Hamilton 
Chapter No. 175, Hamilton, where, accompanied by many past 
and present Grand Chapter officers, we had the pleasure of being 
guests on the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary. M. Ex. 
Comp. Fred W. Dean was toastmaster, and again we extend our 
hearty congratulations. 

On these occasions, one is greatly inspired and encouraged 
to listen and read their histories of struggles, of successes, 
and in many instances the great hardships encountered 
years ago by those faithful Companions in their Zeal for 
Capitular Masonry, and they have handed to us a great heritage 
for us to enjoy and value. It is our duty as Royal Arch Masons 
inspired by those faithful Companions of yester-years to carry 
high the banner of Capitular Masonry. 


I regret to report that, owing to lack of time — also the great 
distance to travel, it was impossible for me to present all of these 
awards personally. But it was a most pleasing duty to present to 
many of these Companions who have given so much to Royal 
Arch Masonry, their 50-Year Jewels. One was tremendously im- 
pressed to look into the faces of these Veterans of Masonry and 


see the joy and satisfaction of receiving this recognition from 
Grand Chapter. Likewise it should be an inspiration to us all to 
follow their example and make a determined effort to contribute 
our utmost to the furtherance of Capitular Masonry. 

It was also a privilege and a pleasure to present many Twenty- 
five year Past Principal's Jewels. To these Companions I offer 
my congratulations and a sincere wish that the Great Jehovah 
will see fit to bless them with many years of good health that they 
may be privileged to give further service. 

May I express my thanks to those Companions of Grand 
Chapter who so willingly made presentations when asked by me to 
do so. 

Following is a list of those who have received these awards 
during the past year: 


Sixty Year Gold Bar 

No. 7 The Moira— Comp. A. McGie. 

For Fifty Years a Royal Arch Mason 


The Hiram— Comps. W. Brazier, G. E. Waller. 

St. John's — Comp. W. J. Newman. 

St. George's — Ex. Comp. F. S. Campbell, Comps. F. Cross, J. 

Grassick, R. Lawson, H. J. Sutherland, J. Willis. 
The Moira— Comp. W. Black. 
King Solomon's — Ex. Comp. A. S. Elliott, Comps. F. Dorst, H. 

G. Foote, S. Harris, C. T. Hoare. 
Wawanosh — Ex. Comp. E. C. Lawrence. 
Mount Horeb — Comp. A. Robbins. 
Manitou — Comp. W. G. R. Hammond. 

Prince Edward — Comp. M. B. Parks, V. Ex. Comp. E. A. Pearce. 
Wellington— Comps W. Taylor, H. English. 
Palestine — Comps. J. P. Blair, M. E. Elves, H. Idsardi, H. E. 

Plastow, A. Pletsch. 
Georgian — Comp. T. H. Cosford. 
Grimsby— Comps. R. 0. Smith, G. W. Zimmerman. 
Occident — Comps. R. J. Ambler, C. W. Brand, J. S. Ecclest, A. 

E. Fegan, G. H. Fenson, J. E. King,, E. Ogilvie, W. W. Tux- 
ford, A. 0. Wood. 
Ark— Comp. G. W. Hillman. 
Aylmer — Ex. Comp. E. 0. Awde, Comp. Y. McConnell, Ex. 

Comp. R. B. McKenney. 
Tuscan — Ex. Comp. J. W. Rawlins. 
Algonquin — Comp. M. F. Dyke. 
St. John's— Comps. R. R. Bacon, H. Bailey, F. Milne, G. M. 

White Oak— Ex. Comp. W. R. Edwards. 
Maple — Comp. J. R. Moore. 
Fort William— R. Ex. Comp. E. E. Wood. 
Glengarry — Ex. Comp. G. H. McDougall. 
No. 145 The St. Patrick— Comps. W. Downey, H. Johnston, W. W. 

















































No. 153 Sombra — Comp. E. G. Arnold. 

No. 175 The Hamilton— Comp. E. M. Dalley, R. Ex. Comp. A. P. L. 
Goering, R. Ex. Comp. S. Vila. 

For Twenty-five Years Installed First Principal 

St. John's— R. Ex. Comp. W. H. Parker. 

The St. Andrew & St John— R. Ex. Comp. V. L. Mutton. 

St. George's — Ex. Comp. Chas. E. Ticknor. 

St. John's— V. Ex. Comp. C. R. Lloyd. 

The Moira — Ex. Comp. J. S. Barber. 

Grenville — Ex. Comp. C. A. Martin. 

Ezra— Ex. Comp. W. Z. Nixon. 

Tecumseh — Ex. Comp. W. Kidnew. 

St. Mark's— Ex. Comp. V. L. Little. 

Manitou— R. Ex. Comp. C. A. Trott. 

Pentalpha — Ex. Comp. J. H. Conner, Ex. Comp. A. G. Broom- 

McCallum— Ex. Comp. F. F. Haney. 

Huron — Ex. Comp. F. Toole. 

Prince Edward— V. Ex. Comp. D. W. Gullett, Ex. Comp. W. E. 
No. 40 Guelph — V. Ex. Comp. W. J. Van Norman. 

Mount Sinai — Ex. Comp. H. C. Empey, Ex. Comp. L. B. Mellow. 

St. James— Ex. Comp. E. W. White. 

Bruce — Ex. Comp. E. G. Kerby. 

Palestine — Ex. Comp. G. Berry, Ex. Comp. A. L. Gledhill. 

Georgian — Ex. Comp. L. C. Baker. 

King Hiram — Ex. Comp. S. M. Young. 

York — Ex. Comp. J. J. Caulkin. 

Havelock— Ex. Comp. T. M. Rutherford. 

Willson — R. Ex. Comp. J. G. Frame. 

The Malloch— R. Ex. Comp. D. L. Reid. 

Maitland — R. Ex. Comp. R. Cavanagh. 

Grimsby — Ex. Comp. H. Fonger. 

Beaver— R. Ex. Comp. A. W. Holt, Ex. Comp. S. Swales. 

St. Clair— Ex. Comp. W. T. Randell, V. Ex. Comp. E. Harrop. 

Mount Nebo — Ex. Comp. A. F. Payne. 

Occident — Ex. Comp. H. Smith. 

Aylmer — Ex. Comp. F. L. Truman. 

Toronto-Antiquity — Ex. Comp. A. C. Balmer, Ex. Comp. H. E. 
Snow, R. Ex. Comp. A. F. Tannahill. 

Algonquin — V. Ex. Comp. W. J. Hazelwood. 

St. John's— Ex. Comp. H. E. Ward, R. Ex. Comp. J. Milligan. 

White Oak— Ex. Comp. W. N. Robinson, V. Ex. Comp. F. C. 

Maple— Ex. Comp. J. A. H. Swayne, Ex. Comp. W. W. Pollock. 

Succoth — Ex. Comp. L. M. Nicholls. 

Fort William— V. Ex. Comp. W. Spencer, Ex. Comp. H. T. 

Presqu'ile — Ex. Comp. G. H. Harden, Ex. Comp. F. S. Douglas. 

Lucknow — V. Ex. Comp. A. E. McKim. 

Alberton — V. Ex. Comp. H. A. McFayden. 

Sombra — V. Ex. Comp. A. Bruce. 

Ancaster — Ex. Comp. J. S. Howell. 

The Beaches— R. Ex. Comp. W. H. Ford, Ex. Comp. C. R. Vint. 

Ionic — Ex. Comp. N. A. MacColl. 

The Hamilton — Ex. Comp. J. Fleming. 

Hugh Murray — Ex. Comp. J. E. Willis. 

































































































































Peel— Ex. Comp. P. Warr. 

Victoria — Ex. Comp. L. Haworth. 

Kitchener — V. Ex. Comp. G. E. Young. 

Mount Sinai — R. Ex. Comp. M. L. Levy. 

Northern Lights — Ex. Comp. S. L. Honey. 

Vimy— Ex. Comp. W. L. Elliott, Ex. Comp. J. A. Hartley. 

Port Credit— V. Ex. Comp. W. A. Maxwell. 

Caledonia— Ex. Comp. T. S. Little, Ex. Comp. S. McBlain. 

The St. Andrew— V. Ex. Comp. C. B. Morton. 

Blenheim — Ex. Comp. W. A. Newcombe, Ex. Comp. A. P. Story, 
Ex. Comp. I. Story. 

Smithville— R Ex. Comp. S. Magder, Ex. Comp. P. M. Schnick. 

Humber— Ex. Comp. E. E. Clarke. 

Nilestown— Ex. Comp. M. L. Lansdell, V. Ex. Comp. S. White- 

Thomas Peters — Ex. Comp. D. Morrison. 

Kirkland— Ex. Comp. H. G. Ginn, Ex. Comp. H. S. Rood, Ex. 
Comp. G. F. Doggert. 
No. 252 Hiawatha — Ex. Comp. W. Burgess, R. Ex. Comp. J. H. Coleman. 


I cannot too highly commend the unselfish humanitarian 
work carried on by the Royal Arch Welfare Committee of Toronto 
Districts No. 8 and 8a. 

During the summer months this Committee, by the use of 83 
cars and 6 trucks transported to and from the Toronto City Mis- 
sion Camp at Bronte, 342 mothers and underprivileged children. 
To the patients at Divadale Hospital, where veterans secure 
domiciliary care through the Department of Veterans Affairs, 
they visit and supply entertainment and comforts. 

Also the Laughlin Lodge is visited twice a month to supply 
similar entertainment to the aged men and women inmates. 

It also does worthv/hile work among the children of the 
Metropolitan School for Retarded Children, by transporting them 
to and from places of amusement and scenic interest. 

The finances necessary to carry on this work are obtained 
by Social events and donations. 

This Committee through its untiring efforts is exemplifying 
the true fundamental teachings of Masonry, and is deserving of 
every encouragement. Therefore, on behalf of Grand Chapter, I 
offer our sincere commendation and appreciation. 


May I express, on behalf of this Grand Chapter, its most 
kind thanks and appreciation to R. W. Bro. and Companion A. 
E. MacGregor, the Grand Lodge Librarian, for his kind services 
extended to all Companions who seek his service and advice, and 
urge all to take advantage of the abundance of Literature avail- 
able at the Grand Lodge Masonic Library, 888 Yonge Street, 



Ex. Comp. J. O. Killer, of King Hiram Royal Arch Chapter 
No. 57, was elected First Principal in December, 1958; not having 
served the office of Second Principal, a dispensation was needed to 
install him. This, through no fault of his, was not approved in 
time for his installation in January. He was therefore not in- 
stalled until February, 1959. A request has been received from 
this Chapter that he be given Past Rank. I therefore recommend 
that Past Rank be conferred on him. 

Ex. Comp. H. W. Warden was elected First Principal of 
McKay Chapter No. 243. But for business reasons was not avail- 
able for installation until April, 1959. The Chapter reports that 
he has discharged his duties in a most capable and satisfactory 
manner, and therefore requested that he be given Past Rank. I 
recommend this request be granted. 


Later you will receive a full report of the Membership Com- 
mittee under the Chairmanship of R. Ex. Comp. A. F. Tannahill, 
but membership is a problem giving me great concern. This 
year, I am sorry to report, we show a decrease in total membership 
— the first such loss in seventeen years. May I hasten to point out 
that this, of course, is due to our seceding the Yukon Territory 
to the Grand Chapter of British Columbia. This accounted for a 
loss of 152 members. In our jurisdiction proper we have a gain 
of 39, thus leaving a net loss of 113. 

At the beginning of the year I was privileged to speak to 
the New Superintendents, and stressed that we were faced 
with a decrease in membership, and requested them to make every 
effort throughout their Districts to stimulate an interest in the 
individual Chapters in this phase of our activity. 

During the year we have suffered a loss of 495 by death, 
which is 8 less than the previous year. However, it is most alarm- 
ing to observe that there were 426 Withdrawals (less 152 in the 
Yukon District) — a net loss from these two sources of 479 — an 
increase of 99 over last year. This has been the cause of much 
concern among my predecessors. Last year you will recall M. Ex. 
Comp. Maurice A. Searle enlarged on this same subject, and 
stated that a thorough investigation would reveal circumstances 
which could be rectified, and thus bring about a lessening in the 
number of membership lost in the field of Suspensions and Demits 
— and I strongly stress the same thought. 

Therefore, I strongly recommend chapters appoint an active 
Membership Committee, not only for the purpose of obtaining 
new members — which, of course, is most desirable — but to study 
and investigate the cause and endeavour to prevent the loss in 
membership by Demits and Suspensions. 



Following is a 10 year analysis of membership, which is 
worthy of study by all: 


f- S3 *S 

«* 3 S 

>* < >s 

1950 1,187 100 

1951 1,047 81 

1952 1,051 100 

1953 1,139 75 

1954 1,045 86 

1955 952 55 

1956 943 73 

1957 879 78 

1958 902 99 

1959 927 70 


















aJ a) 

-p •— • 
o <i> 





















































































Attend Divine Service 24 

Change Day or hour of Opening 57 

Permit Social Functions 26 

Waiver of Jurisdiction from one Chapter to another re Companions 4 

Change place of Opening 6 

Amputations Initiated 2 

Dispense with Convocations in Summer Months 7 

Dispense with December Convocation 1 

To confer Three Degrees in one day 1 

Advancement of Officers as required by Constitution 10 

Permit Special Emergent Meetings 4 

Permit Election of Officers in February for re-election of Council 1 

To hold Installation contrary to By-laws 4 

To Dispense with February meeting in accordance with By-laws 1 

To permit Election of Officers in February contrary to By-laws 1 


It is important to mention at this point that whenever 
there is a deviation from the Constitution or By-laws, a request 
must be made to Grand Chapter Office for a Dispensation. Many 
Chapters fail in this important duty. 


New By-Laws Approved : 

Chapter No. 

Warkworth 110 

St. John's 112 

Peel 195 


Amendments to By-Laws Approved: 


St. John's 







Mount Sinai 










Prince of Wales 




Mount Nebo 







King Cyrus 


Thomas Peters 








King Darius 



The St. Patrick 




It was my pleasure to attend two such events. On September 
26th last, accompanied by other Grand Chapter Officers, I attended 
Covenant Chapter No. 113 at Cornwall, when, assisted by Mas- 
sena Chapter, Massena, N.Y., they held their Annual International 
Day. Again on March 12th last at Port Huron, Michigan, under 
the joint auspices of Hiawatha Chapter, Sarnia, and Port Huron 
Chapter, Port Huron, another such annual event was held. I am 
convinced these Convocations do much to create better under- 
standing, and foster relationships between this Grand Chapter and 
other jurisdictions, and do much to promote the fundamental 
teachings of our Royal Craft. 



As required by the Constitution of this Grand Chapter, all 
Nominations for Elective Officers of Grand Chapter (except that 
of the Grand Superintendents) are to be in the office of Grand 
Chapter no later than March 15th, and opened by a Committee 
appointed by the Grand First Principal. I therefore appointed 
M. Ex. Companion John M. Burden, Chairman, and R. Ex. 
Companion C. W. Emmett, Grand H, and myself, as members. 


A minor change was made with regard to Grand Chapter 
Investments by reason of the fact that some bonds in our posses- 
sion matured. On the advice of the Chairman on Investments 
and members of the Finance Committee, these were renewed and 
reinvested. A comprehensive report will be presented to this Con- 
vocation by R. Ex. Comp. F. Carl Ackert, Chairman of Commit- 
tee on Investments. 

I also express my personal thanks and that of Grand Chapter 
to M. Ex. Comp. Fred W. Dean, Grand Treasurer, R. Ex. Comp. 
James E. Girven, Chairman of the Committee on Finance, along 
with R. Ex. Comp. F. Carl Ackert, for their counsel and guidance. 



The unforseen and unexpected difficulties that caused the de- 
lay in the publication having been overcome, the Grand Chapter 
History is now completed. The distribution is under the direction 
of R. Ex. Comp. H. A. Fred Schytte. All previous orders have 
been filled, and it is now possible to obtain further copies at this 

It is a most informative and educational work, and in my 
personal opinion, should be in the possession of every Companion, 
and may be read with pride by every Royal Arch Mason. 

To all those who contributed to its finality, the gratitude and 
appreciation is extended by this Grand Chapter. 


For some years, V. Ex. Comp. Joseph A. Hearn of Orient 
Chapter No. 79, Toronto, has been a member of the Grand 
Executive Committee of this Grand Chapter, and has been most 
generous in extending assistance and guidance when needed. The 
contribution made by him on our Centennial celebration was most 
noteworthy. In recognition of his services, I recommend that 
Honourary Membership on the Grand Chapter Executive Com- 
mittee be conferred upon him, in accordance with Paragraph 65, 
Section 1, of the Grand Chapter Constitution. 

Due to the death of R. Ex. Comp. Fergus A. McDiarmid and 
R. Ex. Comp. William S. M. Enouy, confirmation of this recom- 
mendation will still leave two vacancies. 


A request from the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Argentina, 
asking the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the 
Province of Ontario, to accord to the Grand Royal Arch Chapter 
of Argentina Fraternal recognition. 

The recognition by the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and 
Accepted Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario, of the 
Grand Lodge of Argentina F and A Masons has been confirmed 
through the office of the Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of 
Canada in the Province of Ontario. 

In view of the foregoing, I recommend that approval be given 
to the request of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Argentina for 
Fraternal recognition, and that we exchange the usual courtesies 
and Representatives with them upon the written assurance of the 
Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Argentina that they have no con- 
nection with any other Grand Lodge of Argentina. 

Subsequent to this request, we have this assurance from the 
office of the Grand Secretary of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of 



A request from the National Grand Chapter HELVETIA of 
Royal Arch Masons of Switzerland asking the Grand Chapter of 
Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario to ac- 
cord to the National Grand Chapter HELVETIA of Royal Arch 
Masons of Switzerland Fraternal recognition. 

The recognition by the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and 
Accepted Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario, of the 
Grand Lodge Alpina of Switzerland has been confirmed through 
the office of the Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Canada 
in the Province of Ontario. 

In view of the foregoing, I recommend that approval be given 
to the request of the National Grand Chapter HELVETIA of 
Royal Arch Masons of Switzerland for Fraternal recognition and 
that we exchange the usual courtesies and Representatives with 
them, upon the written assurance that their Grand Chapter accepts 
in particular members of Grand Lodge Alpina of Switzerland, 
or the United Grand Lodge of England. 

Subsequent to this request we have this assurance from the 
office of the Grand Secretary of the National Grand Chapter 
HELVETIA of Royal Arch Masons of Switzerland. 


A request from Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of the 
Netherlands asking the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of 
Canada in the Province of Ontario to accord the Grand Chapter 
of Royal Arch Masons of the Netherlands Fraternal recognition. 

The recognition by the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and 
Accepted Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario to the 
Grand Lodge of the Netherlands has been confirmed through the 
office of the Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Canada in 
the Province of Ontario. 

In view of the foregoing, I recommend that approval be given 
to the request of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of the 
Netherlands for Fraternal recognition, and that we exchange the 
usual courtesies and Representatives with them upon the written 
assurance that the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of the 
Netherlands that they have no connection with any other Grand 
Lodge of the Netherlands. 

Subsequent to this request, we have this assurance from the 
office of the Grand Secretary of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch 
Masons of the Netherlands. 


During the summer months, I received from R. Ex. Comp. 
Fred J. Johnson notice of his withdrawal from active duty in 
Grand Chapter. R. Ex. Comp. Johnson has given ten years of 
faithful service to this Grand Chapter. For his loyal service, zeal 


and fidelity — and friendly counsel, I extend to him on behalf of 
this Grand Chapter and myself our most sincere thanks. 

On his leaving in November on an extended holiday trip, I 
appointed M. Ex. Comp. Maurice A. Searle, Grand Scribe E. Pro 
Tern. Shortly after accepting the appointment, he was confined to 
hospital for several weeks, then returned home for a period of 
convalescence, and is now slowly returning to the active duties of 
his vocation. We sincerely hope the Great Jehovah will continue 
to bless him with good health. 

This, however, created a problem in the Grand Chapter 
Office. At my request R. Ex. Comp. R. J. Lewis, Grand Lecturer, 
accepted the onerous duties of Grand Scribe E. at no cost to Grand 
Chapter. For his most commendable service to Grand Chapter 
and myself I express our thanks. 

I also record my thanks to Miss Gwen Moore and Miss M. 
Hutcbings for their capable service during the busy past months. 

To the Principals' Association of the two Toronto Districts 
and its immediate Past President V. Ex. Comp. R. Taylor, our 
appreciation for the invitation extended to hold this Convocation 
in the City of Toronto. 

To the Past Grand First Principals my personal thanks for 
the ever ready assistance and advice always available when re- 
quested, also the kind co-operation and support extended by R. Ex. 
Comp. Charles W. Emmett, Grand H, and R. Ex. Comp. Fraser 
Hay, Grand J. 

To other Grand Chapter Officers and the Grand Superin- 
tendents for the discharge of their duties and loyalty to Grand 
Chapter, my personal thanks and those of Grand Chapter. 


During the past year I have made many visitations through- 
out this jurisdiction and it has been my constant aim and endea- 
vour to further the interest of Royal Arch Masonry. I like its 
principles, its work, its philosophy. Throughout these visits I 
have made many observations, but I must confess these have been 
made and stressed by my predecessors in their annual reports. 

On many occasions we have heard of the necessity of greater 
attendance at our convocations. This is not a problem confined 
to Royal Arch Masonry. However, it is my firm opinion that 
a careful study of officer material should be made; too often 
we find a feeling of complacency among the officers of Chap- 
ters. If we have officers charged with enthusiasm, I feel sure we 
will have taken the first step towards a remedy. Also the meet- 
ings must be thoughtfully organized so that they are interesting, 
started promptly, and close the same way — not trail off into bore- 
dom. To every Companion may I suggest you stop and think of 
the Companions whose petitions you signed, who are not attend- 
ing as you would like them to. Take it upon yourself to see to it 


that they arc at your meetings during the year to come. Show 
you are interested in them, if you are not, why did you recommend 
them to your Chapter for membership. Try this suggestion a few 
times and see if the results are not more than worth the effort. 

May I stress also, the importance of the Monthly Sum- 
mons. A study has shown that many contain no information of 
value to the Companions. Endeavour to keep them up to date. 
Many reached me during the month of March and still contain a 
list of the 1959 Officers. Also, many Chapters do not send their 
summons to the Grand First Principal or Grand Chapter Office. 
This I would like to see corrected. 

The Chapter Circular is meant to acquaint Companions with 
Chapter activities, future events, and interesting Masonic mes- 
sages and should be prepared according. 

I am pleased to find a greater interest and enthusiasm in our 
Degree work; more uniformity is being shown throughout the 
jurisdiction. This, of course, is most important. I again stress 
that a study of the Constitution by the Principals of Chapters 
is essential. 

During my visits throughout our Grand jurisdiction, I have 
been greatly impressed with the enthusiasm and pride shown by 
the Companions for Capitular Masonry. 

Now once again I thank every Companion in this jurisdiction 
for the opportunity of serving Royal Arch Masonry as your 
Grand First Principal. Without your help I would have failed. 
Together we have achieved some measure of success. 

There is a destiny that makes us Brothers, 

None goes his way atone. 
All that we put into the lives of others 

Comes back into our own. 

Fraternally submitted, 

[Bruce OX. Smith 
Grand Z. 

Moved by R. Ex. Comp. C. W. Emmett, seconded by R. Ex. Comp. 
Fraser Hay and — 

Resolved — That the address of the M. Ex. the Grand Z. be referred to 
the Committee on the Grand Z's Address to report thereon during the 
present Convocation of Grand Chapter. 




Rt. Ex. Comp. E. K. Rupert 

To the Most Excellent the Grand Z., Officers and Members of the Grand 

Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada 

It is with much pleasure and satisfaction mingled with some little 

regret that the time has come to present my report on Capitular Masonry 

in St. Clair District. 

I was deeply appreciative of the honour and trust placed on me when 
the Companions of the District selected me to represent our Grand First 
Principal, M. Ex. Comp. Bruce H. Smith, in our district and most thank- 
ful that M. Ex. Comp. Smith confirmed the appointment. 

My first duty was to appoint Ex. Comp. Kenneth Colwell as my Sec- 
retary and a happy and fortunate choice it was. He has been most faith- 
ful and efficient, full of help and encouragement. To him I will forever 
be in debt. 

Official visits were made as follows: 

June 1 — Sombra Chapter, No. 153, Wallaceburg. 
Sept. 10— Wellington Chapter, No. 47, Chatham. 
Sept. 18 — Lome Chapter, No. 164, West Lome. 
Sept. 22— McNabb Chapter, No. 88, Dresden. 
Oct. 5— Ark Chapter, No. 80, Windsor. 
Oct. 8 — Prince of Wales Chapter, No. 71, Essex. 
Oct. 19— Erie Chapter, No. 73, Ridgetown. 
Nov. 4 — Blenheim Chapter, No. 239, Blenheim. 
Nov. 11— Thos. Peters Chapter, No. 250, Windsor. 
Dec. 9 — King Cyrus Chapter, No. 119. Leamington. 
In addition I attended all installations but two and some other visits 
as well. 

On all occasions the warmth of welcome and friendship was out- 
standing. The representative of the Grand First Principal was received in 
proper form and with dignity on every occasion. The work on all cases 
was very well done except for a few minor mechanical errors here and 
there. One or two of the ante-rooms could stand a little attention. 
Finances appear to have held their own. There was a drop in membership 
applications until fall when there appeared a pick-up which has continued 
strongly in the new year. Total membership in the district dropped a 
little but appeared to be a matter of house-cleaning. I was startled to 
find on examing the registers of the Chapters, some as far back as thirty 
years, that the average attendance is at least as good now as then, but 
there certainly was a lot more visitation back in those days. 

The one item that concerned me was how little our Chapters are 
equipped for degree work beyond the basic requirements. To me, no 
matter how well you know your work, you cannot do a first-class job with 
meagre equipment, and the more complete that equipment is the better 
the job of portraying the degree can be done. Some Chapters do not 
always use the paraphernalia they do have. I hope to work out a scheme 
whereby every Chapter in our District in a few years' time will be 
equipped down to the last item. 

On the whole it appears officer material is improving and so is the 
work. Perhaps if we spent more time thinking of the good things going on 
in Capitular Masonry and less on apparent failings we would all be in 
better spirit and do a better job. 

During the year I attended Divine Services at King Cyrus, McNabb, 
and Sombra Chapters. Not wishing to jump too fast about a District 
Service we have arranged for two district services this year early in 
April. One will be at Essex for the Essex County Chapter and one at 
Wallaceburg for the balance of the District. Perhaps the next step will 
be one service for the whole district. 


One June 27 a very successful Chapter of Instruction was held at 
Wallaceburg at which three different Chapters exemplified the three 
degree. R. Ex. Comp. Reg. Lewis was on hand to lend his most valued 

During the year I had the happy privilege to present on behalf of 
Grand Chapter 50-year jewels to Comps. William Taylor and Harold 
English of Wellington Chapter, Chatham, Edward Arnold of Sombra 
Chapter, Wallaceburg, and a 25-year Past Principal's jewel to Ex. Comp. 
Alex Bruce of Sombra Chapter. I also presented medallions to Blenheim 
Chapter members and certificates to Wellington Chapter members. I 
attended Thos. Peters Chapter, Windsor, when the Grand High Priest of 
Michigan attended on the occasion of a flag presentation to that Chapter. 
Another happy affair was the reception at Listowel to the Grand Third 
Principal Dr. Hay. Principals' Association meetings have also been at- 
tended. A Chapter is always saddened by death in its rank. Thos. Peters 
of Windsor was particulary so when they lost R. Ex. Comp. L. Dowdell so 
soon after his election to Grand Chapter. Sombra Chapter, Wallaceburg, 
also lost its grand old man in Masonry by the death of Ex. Comp. George 
Norman a month short of ninety-two years old. He had received almost 
all the jewels available in Masonry and was still active in degree work 
up to within a month of his death. 

In closing may I say it has been a wonderfully rich experience for 
me and I hope I have been able to add some little bit to Capitular Masonry 
in this district. I pledge my full co-operation and support to my succes- 
sor and for the years to come as so many of my predecessors have done. 

Rt. Ex. Comp. Robert A. Hamilton 

As I begin my report on my term as Grand Superintendent of London 
District No. 2 of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in 
the Province of Ontario I do so with a feeling of humility. 

The London District elected me to the highest office in their power, 
for which I shall always be grateful. I shall look back on the years 1959- 
1960 with many fond memories of Masonry and the many friends, old and 
new, and the gracious way I was received on all of my visits, official and 

It was my good fortune to have as my secretary Ex. Comp. A. W. 
Jordan, who was a pillar of strength in all of my District work. To him I 
say thanks. 

A chapter of instruction was held on June 10, 1959, at Strathroy. 
Beaver Chapter, No. 74, was host to the District and once again I extend 
to this Chapter my sincere thanks for their kind hospitality. This was 
well attended and everyone present was keenly interested and all took 
an active part. 

In the District it was my pleasure to attend several Divine Services 
which were fairly well attended. 

To see and be present at the presentation of service jewels for fifty 
years as members and twenty-five year Past Principals' jewels was a 
great thrill, but when one has the district honour of personally present- 
ing such jewels it leaves a feeling of happiness, joy and honour words 
cannot express. It was also my good fortune to assist on behalf of Grand 
Chapter in the presentation of a Very Excellent Companion's regalia. 

The London District was very f orunate in having the distinct honour 
of the presence of our Grand First Principal Most Excellent Companion 
Bruce H. Smith on two occasions. One occasion was on June 13 when St. 
George's Chapter, No. 5, had their fraternal visit from Quint Friendship 
Chapter. There was a fine turnout for this occasion. 

On October 24, 1959, Wawanosh, No. 15, celebrated their centennial 
year. At this time we were again honoured with the presence of our 
Grand First Principal Most Excellent Comp. Bruce H. Smith and our 


Grand Second Principal Rt. Ex. Comp. Chas. Emmett and many other 
Grand Chapter officers, past and present. I wish to congratulate Wa- 
wanosh Chapter, No. 15, on a wonderful day of celebration for such an 
outstanding occasion. I am sure I express the fellings of all who were 
present when I say thank you for a job well done. 

The official visits during my term of office began on September 17, 
1959, and were completed on November 18, 1959. All the Chapters of the 
District received me with full honours and were most gracious on all of 
my visits. The officers were sincere in their work and the future of all 
Chapters is on a sound basis. 

It was also my pleasure to attend St. Johns Chapter, No. 3, at Lon- 
don, annual ladies' night. I was accompanied by Mrs. Hamilton, Ex. 
Comp. A. W. Jordan and Mrs. Jordan. Here again we along with all 
present enjoyed a wonderful evening. 
My official visits were as follows: 

Nilestone No. 247, Nilestone — Sept. 17. 

St. Andrew's No. 238, London— Sept. 24. 

St. George's No. 5, London — Sept. 25. 

Aylmer No. 81, Aylmer — Oct. 1. 

Beaver No. 74, Strathroy — Oct. 5. 

St. Paul's No. 242, Lambeth— Oct. 6. 

Palestine No. 54, St. Thomas— Oct. 8. 

Vimy No. 214, Inwood— Oct. 12. 

Minnewawa No. 78, Parkhill— Oct. 19. 

London No. 150, London— Oct. 20. 

St. John's No. 3, London— Oct. 28. 

Hiawatha No. 252, Sarnia — Nov. 2. 

Wawanosh No. 15, Sarnia — Nov. 13. 

Bruce No. 53, Petrolia — Nov. 18. 
The installation ceremonies were a source of good Chapter relations 
and while I was not able to be present at all of them it was my good 
fortune to attend several. 

We are holding our District Divine Service in the Point Edward 
United Church on Sunday, April 3, 1960, and I am sure it will be well 
attended. The Companions will receive a message delivered by the Rev. 
K. Lee which will make the effort of coming worth while. 

As I relinquish my position of Grand Superintendent it is with many 
happy memories which I will always cherish. To my successor I wish 
him the same co-operation and courtesies which were mine. May the 
blessing of the Great Jehovah rest upon one and all. 

Rt. Ex. Comp. A. Edward Thurlow 

My report for Wilson District No. 3 is submitted with great pleasure 
and satisfaction; pleasure in the memories of fraternal visits made dur- 
ing the course of the year and satisfaction in all of the Chapters so 

To the many Compaions who accompanied me on my several visits to 
the various Chapters I would like to express my thanks. My thanks and 
appreciation are also extended to the officers and members of Oxford 
Chapter and the other Chapters in the district who were instrumental in 
placing me in the position of Grand Superintendent of Wilson District 
and, as such, the representative of the Most Excellent the Grand First 

On May 15 a meeting was held in the Chapter rooms at Woodstock 
and was attended by nineteen of the Ruling Principals and Scribes from 
the seven Chapters in Wilson District for the purpose of drawing up 
the Grand Superintendent's trestle-board and to pass on general informa- 
tion from the Grand Chapter for the good of the Chapters in general. 
This informal meeting proved to be a valuable contribution to the wel- 
fare of the District. 


The secretarial duties which are so much a part of the Grand Sup- 
erintendent's work have been very capably performed by Ex. Comp. 
George L. Nutt of Oxford Chapter and I am grateful to him for his help 
throughout the year. 

Each of the seven constituent Chapters in the Disrict were visited at 
least once during my term of office in addition to my official visits, 
which were as follows: 

Ezra No. 23, Simcoe — Oct. 8. 
Regal No. 253, Port Dover— Oct. 14. 
Mount Horeb No. 20, Brantford— Oct. 15. 
Brant No. 115, Paris— Oct. 19. 
Harris No. 41, Ingersoll — Nov. 13. 
Tillsonburg No. 255, Tillsonburg— Nov. 17. 
Oxford No. 18, Woodstock— Nov. 27. 

On every official visit I was well and properly received as the repre- 
sentative of the Most Excellent the Grand First Principal and every visit 
was an enjoyable occasion. 

The work was always in very good form and the sincerity of all who 
took part could not other than leave a good impression on the candidates. 

The oft repeated message urging the Chapters to make every effort 
towards getting in new members will undoubtedly pay dividends as time 
goes on. 

Perhaps the highlight of the year was the holding of a District 
Divine Service in St. John's Anglican Church at Woodhouse on Sunday, 
September 27, which was attended by well over eighty officers and mem- 
bers of Royal Arch Masonry in the District. 

Our Grand Chaplain, Rt. Ex. Comp. A. K. Campbell of St. Marys, 
was guest preacher and his message was most inspiring. 

We are indeed grateful to the Rev. David Miln, rector of St. John's 
Anglican Church, for accommodating us on this occasion and also to the 
ladies of the church for the excellent lunch provided after the service. 

Following the service all members paraded to the grave of Most Ex- 
cellent Companion William Mercer Wilson, our first Most Excellent Com- 
panion. It was my humble privilege on behalf of Wilson District No. 3 to 
place a wreath on his grave commemorating the great Masonic structure 
built on the foundation which he helped to lay. 

On Friday, January 7, I officiated as installing officer for a joint 
installation of the officers of Oxford Chapter No. 18 and Harris Chap- 
ter No. 41 held in the Oxford Chapter rooms in Woodstock. 

In concluding I would like to express my thanks to all the officers 
and members of the several Chapters in the District for their loyalty and 
support and my especial thanks to Most Ex. Comp. Bruce Smith for con- 
firming my appointment as Grand Superintendent of Wilson District 
No. 3. 

Rt. Ex. Comp. T. Forrester 

It gives me great pleasure at this time to present my report as 
Grand Superintendent of Wellington District No. 4 for the year 1959. 

I wish first to express my thanks and appreciation to the Principals 
and Past Principals of this District for the honour they conferred on 
Waterloo Chapter No. 32 and myself in electing me to this high and im- 
portant office and to the M. Ex. the Grand First Principal, Bruce H. 
Smith, for confirming my election. 

It wt;s my pleasure to appoint Ex. Comp. D. J. Marriott as my secre- 
tary. Ex. Comp. Marriott accompanied me on all visits and I am indeed 
most appreciative of his kind assistance and companionship during my 

A District meeting was held on June 7 at Guelph Masonic Temple 
with a good representation from the Chapters in the District where we 


had an opportunity to discuss many points concerning Capitular Masonry 
and to draw up my schedule of official visits as follows: 

Sept. 18 — Kitchener Chapter No. 117, Kitchener. 

Sept. 24— Waterloo Chapter No. 32, Gait. 

Oct. 9— Guelph Chapter No. 40, Guelph. 

Oct. 13 — Enterprise Chapter No. 67, Palmerston. 

Oct. 21 — Halton Chapter No. 234, Georgetown. 

Oct. 27— Ionic Chapter No. 83, Orangeville. 

Nov. 12 — Prince Edward Chapter No. 218, Shelbourne. 

Nov. 17 — Durham Chapter No. 221, Durham. 

Nov. 24— Preston Chapter No. 245, Preston. 
On all my official visits I was received with dignity and honour as 
the representative of the M. Ex. Grand First Principal. In all the Chap- 
ters degrees were conferred and I am greatly impressed with the high 
standard of officiency and zeal of the officers and other participants. It 
was most encouraging to encounter the true spirit of brotherhood and 
goodwill that was evident on all occasions. 

On all visits the books were examined and the Scribes E. are to be 
congratulated on the precision and neatness of their records. With one 
exception all the Chapters in the District are in a sound financial posi- 

A District Divine Service was held at Central Presbyterian Church, 
Gait, on Sunday, October 25, 1959. The Rev. Dr. D. Gowdy delivered an 
appropriate and timely sermon. It was exceptionally well attended with 
members in attendance from almost every Chapter in the District. 

One of the highlights of the year was the Past Principals' Associa- 
tion meeting held at Waterloo Chapter, Gait, under the capable direction 
of Ex. Comp. A. Shoemaker. The work of Grand Chapter was explained 
by Rt. Ex. Comp. F. C. Ackert and an outstanding address delivered by 
the Rt. Ex. Comp. Dr. Johnson held the rapt attention of all Companions 
in attendance. 

As this most enjoyable term of office draws to a close I should like 
to express my heartfelt thanks to Rt. Ex. Comp. Tracy for his many 
kindnesses and also to thank the Companions of the District for their 
splendid co-operation and hospitality. To my successor I extend my very 
best wishes and the hope that under his guidance Wellington District 
will attain new heights of prosperity and success. 

Rt. Ex. Comp. Donald S. Stephens 

Since the session of Grand Chapter held in April, 1959, it has been 
my great privilege, accompanied by my secretary, Excellent Companion 
William P. Mitchell, to officially visit all the Chapters and also to pay at 
least a second unofficial visit to all the Chapters subsequent to the com- 
pletion of the official visits. Actually it has been in the subsequent in- 
formal visitations that the real problems of the Chapters have become 

It was very heartening on the official visitations to always be ac- 
companied by a large group of members from at least one of the other 
Chapters. When I visited White Oaks Chapter nineteen members from 
St. John's Chapter accompanied me. Sixteen members of Keystone Chap- 
ter accompanied me to St. Clair and fifteen members from my own 
Chapter, Hamilton, accompanied me to Caledonia. Other Chapters also 
contributed their generous quotas on these visits. 

It might be mentioned that Excellent Companion Richardson, local 
Principal of St. John's Chapter, and my predecessor as Grand Superin- 
tendent, Right Excellent Companion Fred Scott, accompanied me on 
eight out of nine of my official visits. I am also greatly indebted to Most 
Excellent Companion Fred Dean and Right Excellent Companion Stanley 
Porch for their constant help. My secretary, Excellent Companion William 


P. Mitchell, has laboured arduously on my behalf and Io do not feel that 
I could have carried on without him. As for myself, no one could have 
had a higher honour than to have occupied a position once held by his 
beloved father twenty-five years before and particularly on the fiftieth 
anniversary of his own Chapter. 

Following is a resume of the situation of each Chapter and so that 
there may be no flavour of favouritism I will describe them in alpha- 
betical order. 

Ancaster No. 155 — This Chapter is very enthusiastic about its work, 
which has been exemplified admirably. However, it needs increased 
membership and is now forming a membership committee to interview 
members of our Blue Lodges who have recently moved into the area. 
They should be encouraged to join a Masonic body in their own neigh- 
bourhood. A degree team from the Principals' Association will eventually 
confer a degree in Seymour Lodge in Ancaster to stimulate interest in 
that quarter. 

Caledonia No. 236 — There is not a more enthusiastic Chapter in the 
District. It is notable that there are a number of young men both enter- 
ing the Chapter and becoming officers. Their annual Oyster Social has 
become a by-word in the district. They can look forward very hopefully 
to the future. 

Hamilton No. 175 — This Chapter celebrated its fiftieth anniversary 
on February 16, 1960, and had the great honour to be visited by Most 
Excellent Companion Bruce Smith, Grand First Principal, who was ac- 
companied by Right Excellent Companion Emmett, Grand Second Prin- 
cipal, and other Grand Chapter officers. It now looks forward to another 
fifty years. From the enthusiastic support given to all Royal Arch activi- 
ties the future of this Chapter will indeed be a very honourable one. 

Hiram No. 2 — This is the largest and oldest Chapter in the District. 
On my official visit it was inspiring to see eleven candidates receive their 
M.E.M. degree on one night. Here membership is no problem and there 
is a great enthusiasm among the members to go out and get candidates. 
Other Chapters in the District could take a lesson on membership from 

Keystone No. 224 — Keystone Chapter has taken advantage of the 
growth of the City of Hamilton up over the mountain from which it 
derives its members. The members of this Chapter are notably diligent 
in visiting other Chapters and taking a very broad and encompassing 
view of their Masonic duties. 

McKay No. 243, Stoney Creek — Those who month by month support 
this Chapter are to be given the highest praise for carrying on under cir- 
cumstances that can sometimes be called very discouraging. There are 
practically no members in this Chapter under forty-five years of age and 
unless this is drastically remedied the handwriting is on the wall. How- 
ever, to assist those who have supported this Chapter so loyally the 
president of the Principals' Association has agreed to confer a degree in 
Wentworth Lodge in an effort to stimulate membership and bring the 
Chapter before the Master Masons located in the vicinity of Stoney 

St. Clair No. 75, Milton — The membership situation in this Chapter is 
indeed healthy. The Chapter is now putting on a drive to get more mem- 
bers to attend each meeting. This Chapter has taken great interest in all 
District activities and can definitely be said to be on the up-grade. 

St. Johns No. 6 — The degrees put on by this Chapter have been 
notably good and it is example to all other Chapters in the District. Their 
officers and Past Principals have been active throughout and their gen- 
eral enthusiasm augers well for the future. 

White Oak No. 104 — One of the notable features in this Chapter is 
the administration and all other Chapters could take a lesson from the 
Scribe E. of this Chapter. Also, no Chapter in the District is more 


punctual in starting and closing its meetings. Its Strawberry Festival in 
the month of June has become a legend in the District. This Chapter is to 
be particularly commended for its contact with the men in the Armed 
Forces located in Central Command Headquarters in Oakville. The 
future of this Chapter is one that can be described as very hopeful. 

Once again may I thank all those who have assisted me during the 
past year. 

R. Ex. Comp. James Boyle 
May I express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the honour 
conferred on Lucknow Chapter No. 147 and myself on being elected by 
the past and present Principals of Huron District No. 6 to the office of 
Grand Superintendent and to the Most Frand First Principal Bruce H. 
Smith in confirming my election. 

My first pleasant duty was to appoint Ex. Comp. Kenneth Cameron 
as District Secretary who has been a great help to me. To him I offer 
my sincere thanks. 

I paid the following visits to all Chapters in the District during the 
year. The following schedule of official visits was arranged and com- 
pleted as follows: 

May 22 — Tecumseh Chapter No. 24, Stratford. 

June 8 — St. James' Chapter No. 46, St. Marys. 

June 9 — Lucknow Chapter No. 147, Lucknow. 

June 15— Malloch Chapter No. 66, Seaforth. 

June 16 — Huron Chapter No. 30, Goderich. 

June 17 — Havelock Chapter No, 63, Kincardine. 

Sept. 1 — Bernard Chapter No. 146, Listowel. 

Oct. 6— Elliott Chapter No. 129, Mitchell. 

Oct. 20 — Lebanon Chapter No. 84, Wingham. 

Nov. 3 — Chantry Chapter No. 130, Southampton. 
Eventually all visits were made as planned and at every Chapter I 
was received with dignity and respect as the representative of the Grand 
First Principal. Each Chapter except one conferred one or more degrees. 
I was particularly impressed by the uniformity of the work in all the 
Chapters of the District. It was very encouraging to find the books of the 
Scribes E. were in such excellent order. It is very gratifying to see so 
many past First Principals showing a keen interest in the work and 
assisting with lectures. 

During my visits I had many highlights which stand out in my 
memory, some of which were on my visit to St. Marys on June 8. I had 
the pleasure of presenting Very Ex. Comp. David White with his Grand 
Chapter regalia. Included in the work of the evening for my inspection 
was the H.R.A. Degree which was conferred on eight candidates. All this 
must of made a vivid impression on the candidates and everyone present. 
On my visit to Havelock Chapter No. 63, Kincardine, I had the 
honour and pleasure of presenting a twenty-five P.Z. jewel to Ex. Comp. 
T. M r Rutherford. Added to this several Companions and myself had the 
unique experience of visiting the residence of Ex. Comp. H. D. Thacker 
where he was confined by illness and presenting him also with a twenty- 
five year P.Z. jewel. 

On the 18th of November I had the honour of acting as chairman for 
a banquet in honouring Dr. Fraser Hay on his election to the office of 
Third Grand Principal. This banquet was held in Listowel with good at- 

In my visits through the district I was impressed with the work of 
the officers in the various Chapters, and I feel the future of Royal Arch 
Masonry in Huron District No. 6 is in very capable hands. In conclusion 
may I offer my sincere thanks to all Companions who helped make my 
term of office so pleasant and I sincerely hope that the District will con- 
tinue to give their whole-hearted support to my successor. 


R. Ex. Comp. Don Winn 
I have the honour and pleasure of presenting my report on Royal 
Arch Masonry in Niagara Ditrict No. 7. 

First, I wish to thank the Principals and Companions of this District 
for the honour they conferred on King Hiram Chapter and on myself in 
electing me to this high office and to Most Ex. Comp. Bruce H. Smith for 
confirming my election. 

Ex. Comp. Cral McNeil has acted as my District Secretary and I am 
deeply indebted to him for his kind and ready assistance at all times. 

On September 20, 1959, a District Church Service was held in 
Central United Church, Port Colborne. V. Ex. Comp. E. C. McCullagh 
delivered a most inspiring sermon to a very good attendance. For this 
fine showing of the Companions of this District I am most grateful. 

I visited each Chapter at least twice during the year and the follow- 
ing werem y official visits: 

Oct. 2 — Niagara Chapter, No. 55, Niagara-on-the-Lake. 
Oct. 7— Wilson Chapter, No. 64, Welland. 
Oct. 9 — Mount Moriah Chapter, No. 19, St. Catharines. 
Oct. 13— Hugh Murray Chapter, No. 184, Fort Erie. 
Oct. 16 — Mount Nebo Chapter, No. 76, Niagara Falls. 
Oct. 19— McCallum Chapter, No. 29, Dunnville. 
Oct. 26— Smithville Chapter, No. 240, Smithville. 
Nov. 2 — Grimsby Chapter, No. 69, Grimsby. 
No. 5 — King Hiram Chapter, No. 57, Port Colborne. 
I was received with dignity and respect everywhere I went. Degrees 
were conferred by all Chapters, the work on the whole being very 
creditably performed. There seemed to be a warm spirit of harmony and 
good fellowship in every Chapter. 

On November 5, 1959, I had the honour of representing the Grand 
First Principal in presenting Companion H. G. Foote with his fifty-year 
jewel in King Hiram Chapter, No. 57, Port Colborne. 

On October 7, 1959, I had the unique experience, during my official 
visit to Wilson Chapter, No. 64, Welland, of signing the same register 
which my father signed when he was Grand Superintendent of Niagara 
District No. 7 forty-two years ago. 

To the many Rt. Ex. and Very Ex. Companions, to the past and 
present Principals and all the Companions of the District who have made 
my term so pleasant and rewarding I tender my sincere thanks and trust 
they will give the same kindly advise and staunch support to my succes- 

R. Ex. Comp. Frederick W. D. Welham 

My term of office as the representative of the Grand First Principal 
(Grand Superintendent of Toronto District No. 8) now draws to a close. 
It is my pleasing duty to submit my report on the condition of Royal Arch 
Masonry in our district. 

I would first like to thank the Principal and past Principals of the 
District for the honour they bestowed upon Beaver Chapter and myself 
in electing me to the office of Grand Superintendent and to Most Ex. 
Comp. Bruce H. Smith, many thanks for your confirmation. 

My first pleasing duty was to appoint Ex. Comp. John Broadfoot of 
my own Chapter as my secretary, which he most graciously accepted, and 
it is with a great sense of gratitude that I thank him for the ready co- 
operation and assistance which he has given me during our term of 
office. He was most helpful and efficient and accompanied me on all in- 
spections and installations, also to many other visits throughout the dis- 

I feel that this is a most opportune time to thank all of the ruling 


Principals, past Principals and their members in District No. 8 who ac- 
companied me on so many of my visits. On quite a number of occasions 
all Chapters in the District were represented. The attendance at the in- 
spections and installations averaged out at eleven Chapters represented. 

It was my pleasant duty and privilege to inspect the work and 
records of the fourteen Chapters in Toronto District No. 8. On each 
occasion we were received in a most courteous and dignified manner and 
in good time, and except for one occasion over which the Chapter had no 
control the work of the evening was started without delay. 

All three degrees were conferred by the various Chapters and I 
found the work to be exceedingly well done. This left little to be said at 
the end of the degree. It is worthy of mention that in District 8 this year 
there is a large number of our officers who are also holding office in 
Craft Masonry. There are two P.D.G.M. in one Chapter. P.M.W.M's, both 
S. and J.W's. This, to my mind speaks well for the type of officers and 
at the same time should be an incentive to Craft Masons to become 
Royal Arch Masons. 

Attendance has not been good throughout the year. In fact I was 
disappointed on some of my visits. I hope and trust that the ruling Prin- 
cipals will continue to work with their attendance committees and im- 
prove this situation. Initiations in the district are higher this year; also 
the number of affiliations have risen. However, withdrawals, suspensions 
and deaths have more than taken away the gains we had made. 

My secretary, Ex. Comp. John Broadfoot, had an exceedingly good 
report to hand me on the books of the fourteen Chapters and at each visit 
he commented on the great assistance he received from the Scribe E. 
and the treasurer, which had made his task so much lighter. 

On September 23, 1959, I had the happy privilege of addressing the 
W.M. officers and members of Richardson Lodge, Stouffville, who were 
the guests of Tyrian Chapter at the banquet hour. My subject was, "Why 
Royal Arch Masonry?" By the attentiveness and questions afterwards it 
was apparent that these Master Masons were very much interested in 
Royal Arch Masonry. 

A District Divine Service was held in Dovercourt Road Pres- 
byterian Church on October 4th. R. Ex. Comp. Chas. W. Emmett read the 
lesson and Most Ex. Comp. John Loftus House honoured us by his pres- 
ence as did Most Ex. Comp. M. A. Searle. The service was conducted by 
Bro. the Rev. Ross K. Cameron, who gave a most inspiring message. 

On Friday, October 30th, I attended a reception given by the Bay of 
Quinte District in honor of our Grand First Principal Most Ex. Comp. 
Bruce H. Smith at Belleville, Ontario. This reception was very well at- 
tended and I was very much impressed by the pride shown by my Com- 
panions of this district in the hisrh office now held by one of their "ain 

R. Ex. Comp. Andrew F. Nisbet, Jr., extended to me an invitation to 
join him in worship at Chalmers United Church, Mount Dennis, on Sunday, 
November 1st, on the occasion of the Toronto District 8A Church Service, 
which I very gratefully accepted. I would also like to thank R. Ex. Comp. 
Nisbet for the many courtesies. It has been a great pleasure for me to 
work with him and he certainly has done his share towards forming a 
very close relationship between the two Districts. 

On Saturday, October 31st, I had the privilege of meeting the ruling 
Principal, past Principals, officers and members of Tuscan Chapter, 
Sudbury, at a meeting of King Solomon Chapter, 888 Yonge Street. The 
Companions of Tuscan Chapter conferred the degree of M.E.M. There 
was also a trip through one of the Bell Telephone exchanges and a dinner 
afterwards, finishing up with some excellent entertainment which was 
enjoyed by all. 

It makes me happy to report that the work of the ruling Principals 


has been most favourable. They have made vast strides this year, assist- 
ing Chapters by their visitations who are finding it difficult to advance 
as fast as they had expected. They have now formed a special committee 
whose function it will be to have all ruling Principals in the District 
attend in a body at least once a year each Chapter in the District, these 
meetings to be separate from the official visits of the Grand Superin- 

I attended all meetings of the Past Principals' Association. I would 
like to take this opportunity to thank the officers and members for the 
hard work they are putting forth to further Royal Arch Masonry. They 
are certainly the strength needed behind this great institution of ours. 
Three lodges of instruction were held during the year, M.M.M. at York 
Chapter on Friday, December 11th, H.R.A. at St. Alban's Chapter on Fri- 
day, February 26th, M.E.M. at Victoria Chapter on Wednesday, November 
2nd. I wish to thank the officers of the various Chapters for their atten- 
dance and R. Ex. Comp. Reg. J. Lewis for his assistance and the giving 
of his time to come (particularly in the worst snow storm of the year) 
that we might all gain from his vast knowledge and experience. We also 
enjoyed his talks at the banquet hour. 

I have gained much from my year in office. I have had the counsel 
and advice of many past and present Grand Chapter officers, for which I 
am most grateful and thank one and all most sincerely. In closing I 
would once again thank the Grand First Principal for his confirmation 
and the Grand Lecturer, R. Ex. Comp. Reg. J. Lewis, who was ever ready 
with advice and guidance when called upon. He is truly a Royal Arch 
Mason who lives up to all his obligations, particularly the second, "That 
I will dispense assistance, light and knowledge to all uninformed 
brethren." May the Most High continue to give him health, wisdom, 
knowledge and the power to do good amongst his Companions. 

Inspections, 14; installations, 12; Chanter meetings, 42; welfare 
meetings, 5; underprivileged to Bronte, 1; Retarded Children tours, 1; 
R.A.M. golf tournament, 1; District Church Services, 1; Chapter picnic, 1; 
Ruling Principals' meetings, 4; lodges of instruction, 3; Principals' As- 
sociation meetings, 5; ladies' nights, 6; reception to Grand First Prin- 
cipal, 1. 

To my successor I wish and hope for the same support which I have 
received and offer him any assistance he may require for a pleasant and 
successful year of office. 

Rt. Ex. Comp. Andrew F. Nisbet, Jr. 

First I would take this opportunity to express to the Principals of 
this district my sincere appreciation for the signal honour which they 
conferred on me in electing me to the office of Grand Superintendent and 
to Most Excellent Companion Bruce H. Smith for his kind confirmation 
of the same. 

My earliest and pleasant duty was to appoint Ex. Comp. Robert 
Cruise as my secretary. He accompanied me on all of my official visits 
and has been of great assistance throughout the year. His friendship, 
co-operation and untiring efforts have been greatly appreciated and to 
him I extend my thanks. 

District Meetings 

A district meeting was held on May 27th, 1959, at the Weston Masonic 
Temple with all the Chapters of the district represented. Instruction was 
given on those points which Grand Chapter had requested that the Grand 
Superintendents bring to the attention of the Constituent Chapters. A 
paper entitled "Suggestions for the First Principals" was discussed and 
copies for future reference presented to those present. This paper, design- 
ed to assist the Principals in the ruling and governing of their respec- 


tive Chapters, was well received. The arrangements were made for the 
official visits and schools of instruction as follows: 

Sept. 8— Shekinah, No. 138. 

Oct. 6— Mount Sinai, No. 212. 

Oct. 7— Oakwood, No. 233. 

Oct. 8— The St. Clair, No. 231. 

Oct. 16— Humber, No. 246. 

Oct. 19— Toronto-Antiquity, No. 91. 

Oct. 21— Lebanon, No. 220. 

Oct. 26— Centennial, No. 260. 

Oct. 27— Port Credit, No. 230. 

Nov. 3— Peel, No. 195. 

Nov. 4 — Mimico, No. 215. 

Nov. 13— Occident, No. 77. 

Nov. 18— King Cyrus, No. 232. 

Nov. 26— Ulster, No. 219. 
On all of these official visits I was graciously and cordially received 
and with the dignity that should be accorded the representative of the 
Most Excellent the Grand First Principal. 

Degree Work 

Degree work was conferred on each of thirteen visits and exemplified 
on one occasion. From the very effective and efficient manner in which 
the work was conducted it was quite evident that those who were 
privileged to take part in the work had expended a great deal of time and 
effort in making themselves proficient. The very few deviations from the 
work as laid down by Grand Chapter were due either to old customs that 
are slow to die or to paying insufficient attention to instructions con- 
tained in the Manual of Instruction and/or printed in italics in the work. 
I believe that the unsung heroes of the Constituent Chapters — the Sup- 
erintendents of Works — are the ones responsible for the high calibre of 
the work in this district. Year after year they give freely of their time 
and talent to ensure that each successive group of officers are properly 
schooled in the conferring of the degrees. Without their untiring efforts 
and loyalty the high standard of work to which the Compaions have 
become accustomed would surely disappear. 

Schools of Instruction 

On November 20th, 1959, a School of Instruction on the Holy Royal 
Arch Degree was held at Humber Chapter, No. 246. The degree was con- 
ferred by the officers and Past Principals of the Chapter in a most im- 
pressive manner. After the conferring of the degree, explanation and in- 
struction of various parts of the degree was followed by a question and 
answer period. 

The St. Clair Chapter, No. 231, graciously made their Chapter room 
available for a School of Instruction on the M.M.M. Degree which was 
held on February 11th, 1960. The degree was conferred by the principals 
of the district. There were thirty-four Principals in attendance and they 
were a credit to their respective Chapters in the manner in which they 
carried out the tasks allotted to them. 

A School of Instruction on the M.E.M. Degree will be held at Port 
Credit Chapter, No. 230, on March 22nd, 1960. On this occasion the degree 
will be conferred by the officers and Past Principals of Port Credit 

To these Chapters and the Companions who have assisted we owe a 
debt of gratitude, for it is through schools such as these that uniformity 
of the work is obtained throughout the district. 
District Divine Service 

The District Divine Service was held on Sunday, November 1st, 1959, 
at 7 p.m. at Chalmers United Church, Mount Dennis. Comp. the Rev. M. 
P. Smith, member of Oxford Chapter, No. 18, Woodstock, delivered a 


sermon which was greatly appreciated by the large attendance of Com- 
panions and their ladies. 
Special Events 

On May 5th, 1959, I attended Mount Sinai Chapter, No. 138, on the 
occasion of their Past Principals' Night. M. Ex. Comp. Maurice A. Searle 
presented V. Ex. Comp. Mark L. Levy with his twenty-five years in- 
stalled First Principal jewel. 

I attended Centennial Chapter, No. 260, at Streetsville, on June 22nd, 
1959, when they played host to the Wor. Master and brethren of River 
Park Lodge, No. 356 G.R.C. M. Ex. Comp. Bruce H. Smith was present 
and was the guest speaker at the banquet hour. 

I had the pleasure to assist R. Ex. Comp. C. W. Emmett invest V. Ex. 
Comp. M. S. Clark with his regalia of Grand Director of Ceremonies at 
Humber Chapter, No. 246, on September 18, 1959. V. Ex. Comp. Clark, 
who is a member of Mount Sinai Chapter, No. 44, Napanee, Occident 
Chapter, No. 77, Toronto, and Humber Chapter, No. 246, Weston, was 
honoured by having Companions of these three Chapters in attendance. 

It was a distinct pleasure to attend the District Divine Service of 
Toronto East District No. 8 at Dovercourt Road Presbyterian Church on 
Sunday evening, October 4th, 1959. The Rev. Ross K. Cameron conducted 
the service and delivered a very impressive sermon. 

I was pleased to be able to attend a reception given to our Grand 
First Principal by Prince Edward District No. 11 at Belleville on Oc- 
tober 30th, 1959. 

On Monday, November 30th, 1959, at the request of the Principals' 
Association of Toronto. Districts 8 and 8A, I made a report to them on 
the condition of Royal Arch Masonry in District 8A. 

The Principals' Association of Toronto, District 8 and 8A, held their 
annual dinner in the Masonic Temple, 888 Yonge Street,, on Friday, 
January 29th, 1960, with M. Ex. Comp. Bruce H. Smith in attendance. 
Wor. Bro. W. G. Colhoun of Maple Leaf Lodge, No. 600, G.R.C, gave an 
interesting address on the subject, "Development of Park System and 
Recreation in the City of Toronto." 


While the district once again shows a net increase in membership, 
unfortunately this increase is considerably lower than that of last year. 
A drop in the number of joinings coupled with an increased loss through 
withdrawals accounts, in the main, for the difference. Seven Chapters 
record an increase, three record a decrease and four Chapters record no 
change. The continued loss of members through withdrawals and sus- 
pensions is an indication, I believe, that we may have in some manner 
failed these Companions. Possibly, endeavouring as we have to perfect 
the officers in the ritual work, we have neglected to give instruction to 
the Companions. Instruction in those parts of the work in which they are 
expected to take part but in which there is no instruction included in the 
Degree itself. For example, how often have we heard the words, "You 
will be instructed before the Chapter closes, etc., etc.," only to note at 
the close of the evening that no instruction had been given ? Instruction 
also in the history, symbolism and teachings of Royal Arch Masonry, for 
the ritual work is not of itself Masonry but only the scaffolding on which 
Masonry is built. In the belief that an informed Companion will be an 
active and interested Companion I have recommended to the Chapters 
that five or ten minutes be set aside at each Convocation for the purpose 
of instruction. To assist the Chapters in this regard I believe that a text 
book approved by Grand Chapter, such as the Manual for Masonic In- 
structors and Students published by Grand Lodge would be of great 
service. To this end I chose on the official visits to speak on such subjects 
as Membership; History, Symbolism and Teachings of the Degrees; 
Development of Our Ritual; Familiar Terms; His Just Due; etc. 



Inter-Chapter visitations have always been recognized as a method 
of maintaining the interest of the Companions. In increasing number of 
occasions Chapters in this district are not only exchanging visitations but 
also the visiting Chapter has conferred the degree on the host Chapter's 
candidates. This not only adds interest to the visit, thereby increasing 
the attendance, but also tends to encourage the officers to a greater 
proficiency in their work. 
Relationships With Craft Lodges 

It is heartening to note that more and more Chapters are realizing 
the benefits that are to be derived through close relationships with Craft 
Lodges. In the past year Companions have visited Craft Lodges wearing 
their Chapter jewels and have conferred the degree of the evening. 
Chapters have in turn played host to Craft Lodges. Other Chapters have 
attended Craft installation ceremonies when one of their number was to 
be installed as Master and have on occasion made a presentation to the 
Master-elect. By methods such as these Royal Arch Masonry is being 
brought before the brethren of our Craft Lodges. 

It has indeed been a pleasure to have been associated with R. Ex. 
Comp. Frederick W. D. Welham, Grand Superintendent of Toronto East 
District No. 8. 

I have visited each Chapter at least twice and it is with great 
pleasure that I report that Capitular Masonry has a bright future in 
Toronto District 8A. 

To those Companions who by their kindness, co-operation and 
assistance have made this a most memorable year and to all Companions 
who so kindly accompanied me on the occasions of my official visits I 
offer my sincere appreciation. 

I sincerely hope that I have merited the trust reposed in me and that 
in the discharge of my several duties I have in some measure been able 
to further the progress of Royal Arch Masonry. 

To my successor I extend my sincere congratulations and pledge him 
my whole-hearted support. On his behalf I would request that the District 
offer him the same warm co-operation that I had the privilege to ex- 

Finally, to M. Ex. Comp. Bruce H. Smith I voice my appreciation for 
the honour of serving as his representative in Toronto District 8A and 
trust that the coming year will be, for him, one of continued success. 

Rt. Ex. Comp. Burnett C. Lamble 

It is with some reluctance that I draw up this report on the activities 
of the six Chapters comprising Georgian District No. 9 during 1959 and 
I960, as the time I have spent in visiting these Chapters has been heart- 
warming, ,of great interest as well as educational. 

I wish to thank all the officers and Companions of the District that 
elected me to this high office which not only brought honour to myself 
but also to Couchiching Chapter, No. 198. Also to express my apprecia- 
tion to M. Ex. Companion Bruce H. Smith for confirming my election. 

Ex. Companion Jack Davies kindly consented to act as my secretary 
and has performed his duties in the best possible manner. 

My thanks also go to the officers and Companions of Manitou 
Chapter, No. 27, Collingwood, Ontario, who made it possible for our 
District, meeting, and Lodge of Instruction, to be held in the Chapter 
Room under special dispensation on June 10th, 1959, at which each Chap- 
ter was well represented. At this meeting various items of interest as 
suggested by Grand Chapter were given and well received. Also the 
schedule of official visits arranged as follows: 
Sept. 8 — Signet Chapter, Barrie. 


Oct. 9 — Couchiching Chapter, Orillia. 

Nov. 17 — Georgian Chapter, Owen Sound. 

Jan. 12, 1960— Amabel Chapter, Wiarton. 

Jan. 27, 1960— Manitou Chapter, Collingwood. 

Feb. 8, 1960— Kichikewana Chapter, Midland. 
My reception as representative of the M. Ex. Grand Z. at all Chap- 
ters was warm and friendly. A degree was exemplified on each occasion 
which was impressive in every way. I was pleased to see quite a number 
of the younger Companions taking part in the degrees, which sustains 
interest and attendance. 

At these meetings I discussed and impressed upon the Companions 
the importance of increasing membership, also to try and improve at- 
tendance; gave statistics of previous year and a short address on some 
phase of Capitular Masonry. I am of the opinion that the general state of 
Capitular Masonry throughout the District is good, but as I pointed out 
to our members, it is up to them to improve conditions in their own 
Chapters by example and fortitude. 

I may add that Couchiching Chapter, No. 198, is sponsoring an effort 
on the part of many Craft Masons of Parry Sound, Ontario, to form a 
Chapter in that town. Already we have initiated four or five brethren 
and it is hoped that this new Chapter may be formed and dedicated dur- 
ing 1960-1961. 

In conclusion, I again would like to thank all that I have met during 
my duties as Grand Superintendent in the co-operation given me, especial- 
ly by Past Grand Superintendents and Grand Chapter officers in general. 
To my successor I offer my full co-operation and support to help 
make his year both interesting and rewarding. 

Rt. Ex. Comp. T. H. Burgis 

In submitting my report to Grand Chapter on Royal Arch Masonry 
in Ontario District No. 10 I would like to include an expression of my 
deep appreciation of the honour which the Companions of Ontario District 
No. 10 conferred upon me and Ionic Chapter, No. 168, for having elected 
me to the office of Grand Superintendent. I wish to express my sincere 
thanks to the Most Ex. Comp. Bruce H. Smith for his confirmation of 

It was my pleasure to appoint Ex. Comp. Joseph J. Poulton as my 
secretary. He accompanied me on all my offiical visits and greatly as- 
sisted me by examining all the books and records of the different Chap- 
ters. To him I wish to extend my sincere thanks for his loyal support and 
co-operation throughout the year. 

On June 12th my secretary and myself were invited to attend the 
ninetieth birthday celebration of Victoria Chapter, No. 37, Port Hope, 
when six candidates were exalted to the Supreme Degree of the Holy 
Royal Arch. Many Chapters of the district were represented. 

On June 14th my secretary and myself attended a joint Divine Service 
of Ionic and Warkworth Chapters at Christ Church, Campbellford. 

On June 20th a School of Instruction was held in Victoria Chapter, 
No. 37, Port Hope, under the direction of Rt. Ex. Comp. Reg. J. Lewis, 
Grand Lecturer, which was very well attended by Chapters of the District, 
and we were very pleased to have the Grand First Principal, Most Ex. 
Comp. Bruce H. Smith, attend this meeting. A great deal of information 
and benefit was derived by all. We are most grateful to Victoria Chapter 
for being hosts to this meeting. 

On June 26th I was invited along with my secretary to attend the an- 
nual picnic of Corinthian Chapter, No. 36, Peterborough, at Young's 
Point. Most Ex. Comp. Bruce H. Smith and many of the Grand Executive 
were present. A very enjoyable evening was arranged. 

On October 4th a District Divine Service was held at All Saints' Angli- 


can Church, Peterborough. The Rev. M. A. Poole, rector, gave an in- 
spiring message on "Brotherhood." Lunch was served at the Masonic 
Temple by the Companions of Corinthian Chapter and we are indebted to 
them for this very fine gesture. 

On October 23rd my secretary and myself attended the ninetieth 
birthday celebration of Corinthian Chapter, No. 36, Peterborough. The 
Grand First Principal, Bruce H. Smith, and Grand Second Principal, Rt. 
Ex. Comp. C. W. Emmett were present. 

On October 30th I had the pleasure of attending District No. 11 recep- 
tion for Most Ex. Companion Bruce H. Smith at Belleville. 

The following schedule of official visits were arranged and completed: 

Sept. 25 — Corinthian, No. 36, Peterborough. 

Oct. 6— Pentalpha, No. 28, Oshawa. 

Oct. 9— Victoria No. 37, Port Hope. 

Oct. 15— Midland, No. 94, Lindsay. 

Oct. 19— Palestine, No. 249, Bowmanville. 

Oct. 21 — King Darius, No. 134, Cannington. 

Nov. 6 — Excelsior, No. 45 — Colborne. 

Nov. 16— Ionic, No. 168, Campbellford. 

Nov. 17 — Keystone, No. 35, Whitby. 

Nov. 18 — Warkworth, No. 110, Warkworth. 

Nov. 24— St. Johns, No. 48, Cobourg. 
I visited all Chapters twice and some more often. On all my visits I 
was received with dignity and respect in all Chapters as the representa- 
tive of the Most Ex. the Grand First Principal. Degrees were conferred 
by all Chapters, the work being very creditably performed and there was 
a very warm spirit of harmony and good companionship in every Chap- 
ter. I particularly stressed the need for an increase of "Quality" mem- 
bers and better attendance. 

The privilege of serving in the position of Grand Superintendent of 
District No. 10 for 1959-60 term has been a wonderful experience for me 
and has provided many fond memories for many years to come. I wish 
to express my sincere thanks to all Rt. and Very Ex. Companions, Past 
and Present Principals and all Companions of Ontario District No. 10 
who have made by term so pleasant and rewarding. 

To my successor, may he be accorded the same courtesies that I have 
received and I would like to extend to him my good wishes for a pleasant 
and successful year of office and offer my assistance in any way pos- 

Rt. Ex. Comp. Thomas C. Lloyd 

As my term of office draws to a close I take pleasure in presenting 
my report on the condition of Capitular Masonry in Prince Edward Dis- 
trict No. 11. First let me express my thanks and appreciation to the 
Principals past and present of my mother Chapter and all the Chapters 
in the District for their assistance in my election as the representative of 
the Grand First Principal in this District and to Most Ex. Comp. Bruce 
H. Smith for his confirmation of same. 

As my secretary I appointed Ex. Comp. Donald Armstrong, who ac- 
companied me on all my official visits and was very helpful in examining 
the books and records of the various Chapters and bringing anything of 
interest to my attention. For his loyal support through the year my sin- 
cere thanks. 

The Principals' Association invited me to be present at their regular 
meeting held in the Masonic Temple, Belleville, on May 22nd, at which 
time my instructions received at Grand Chapter were presented and dis- 
cussed. There was a good representation from the Chapters of the Dis- 
trict and all seemed to show great interest in getting their Chapter work 


as near perfection as possible. The dates of official visits were then set 
up as follows: 

June 17 — Mount Sinai, No. 44, Napanee. 

Sept. 15— Presqu'ille, No. 144, Brighton. 

Sept. 24— Keystone, No. 72, Stirling. 

Oct. 12— Quinte Friendship, No. 227, Belleville. 

Oct. 19 — Prince Edward, No. 31, Picton. 

Oct. 20— St. Marks, No. 26, Trenton. 

Nov. 3 — Moira, No. 7, Belleville. 

Nov. 23 — Madoc, No. 161, Madoc. 
On May 29th I attended a reception to Most Ex. Comp. Bruce H. 
Smith by his mother Chapter, Quinte Friendship, No. 227, Belleville. There 
was a large number of Companions and their ladies present at the ban- 
quet, many staying to add to a most enjoyable evening of dancing in the 

On October 30th a reception to Most Ex. Comp. Bruce H. Smith was 
held in the Masonic Temple, Belleville, by the Companions of Prince 
Edward District No. 11. This was attended by our Grand Second Principal 
Rt. Ex. Comp. Chas. W. Emmett, Grand Third Principal Rt. Ex. Comp. 
Fraser J. Hay, other Grand Chapter officers and Past Grand First Prin- 
cipals, many visitors from other districts as well as a large number of 
Companions from this district. The many friends of our Grand First Prin- 
cipal has made in his Masonic activities has been well displayed by the 
attendance at these receptions. 

On my official visits I was received with dignity and respect as the 
representative of the Most Excellent Grand First Principal. Degrees were 
conferred in seven Chapters with much credit due the officers and their 
respective Chapter on their work, the eighth held their election of offi- 
cers. As a special evening was held re my visit I gladly consented to a 
degree being dispensed with, having seen very efficient work performed 
in this Chapter on previous occasions. At my visit to Prince Edward 
Chapter I had the honour of presenting a twenty-five year jewel to Ex. 
Comp. Wilfred E. Scott, a Past First Principal of that Chapter. It is 
hoped he will be spared to wear it for many years. 

This year Prince Edward District has shown a small ' increase in 
membership, although we had some withdrawals and suspensions. The 
work in the district has been almost uniform and our Chapters seem in 
good hands. A District Divine Service was held in St. John's Anglican 
Church, Madoc, on Sunday, October 11th. The service was conducted by 
Bro. the Rev. Canon John L. Hutchisen, L.Th., a very impressive message 
being conveyed to those who were fortunate enough to attend. 

In conclusion may I express my sincere appreciation for the kindness 
and support which I have enjoyed from all the Companions, particularly 
the Scribe E's and Principals of the Chapters and to Rt. Ex. Comp. Ivan 
Caldwell, Immediate Past Grand Superintendent, for his support. My 
congratulations to our incoming Grand Superintendent. I know he will 
have the support of all the Companions of the district. 

Rt. Ex. Comp. John C. Sim 

As my term of office as Grand Superintendent is drawing to a close 
first let me express my gratitude to the Chapters of St. Lawrence Dis- 
trict No. 12 for the honour conferred upon Grenville Chapter, No. 22, and 
myself in electing me to this high office and also to M. Ex. Comp. Bruce 
H. Smith for his kindness in confirming same. 

My first act was to appoint Ex. Comp. A. Hilliard Adams as secre- 
tary. He accompanied me on all my official visits of inspection and per- 
formed the duties of his office with efficiency and distinction. His friendly 
counsel and suggestions have been most helpful and I feel confident that 
his contacts with the Scribe E. of the different Chapters throughout the 


district have been appreciated. He reported the records of each Chapter 
well kept and in good order and I am very grateful to him for the won- 
derful assistance he has rendered me in the performance of my official 

On the evening of June 16th, 1959, a meeting of the past and present 
Principals representing all Chapters of the district was held in Grenville 
Chapter, No. 22, Prescott. Discussions were open for improving ways and 
means for larger attendance at our meetings, increasing membership and 
also for holding Chapter of Instruction for which plans are complete for 
holding same March 26, 1960 (Saturday). 

District Divine Church Service was held Sunday, November 1st, at 
Grace United Church, Gananoque, when Rt. Ex. Comp. R. A. Payton, the 
minister of said church, preached a very inspiring sermon and although 
weather conditions and roads were bad it was very gratifying to see the 
large number of Royal Arch Masons who attended the service. 

My official visits were as follows, each Chapter conferring a degree: 
Sept. 16 — Covenent Chapter, No. 113, Cornwall. 
Oct. 8 — Maitland Chapter, No. 68, Kemptville. 
Oct. 16 — Ancient Frontenac and Cataraqui, No. 1, Kingston. 
Oct. 19— St. Johns Chapter, No. 112, Morrisburg. 
Oct. 27 — Leeds Chapter, No. 132, Gananoque. 
November 2 — Sussex St. Lawrence Chapter, No. 59, Brockville. 
Nov. 10 — Grenville Chapter, No. 22, Prescott. 

It was received with dignity and respect everywhere I went. Degree 
work was conferred in a most excellent manner and there was a sincere 
fraternal welcome and many evidences of loyalty to the M. Ex. First 
Principal and to Grand Chapter. 

I have endeavoured at all my official visits to stress the importance 
of Masonic education and to carry out the general instructions given by 
Rt. Ex. Comp. Lewis at the last meeting of the Grand Chapter. 

I have tried to point out to the Companions the importance of 
character in Masonry and made this the keynote of my message to them. 
I was greatly pleased with the kind attention and whole-hearted response 
given to me on my visits throughout the district. 

The Principals and officers of all the Chapters are well skilled in the 
discharge of their duties. In some of the Chapters there is an unusually 
large number of candidates being admitted and to all appearances of a 
quality that will make them an asset and credit to the craft. 

Outstanding dues in some of the Chapters is still a problem, but 
there is a marked improvement in this respect. 

In conclusion I have esteemed it a very high honour to have had the 
privilege of serving as Grand Superintendent and I would like to express 
my gratitude and appreciation to all members of Grand Chapter and to 
the members of St. Lawrence District No. 12 for their generosity and 
kindness shown me and who have made my term so pleasant with fra- 
ternal associations. May I bespeak for my successor the same loyal sup- 
port and kindness which has been so generously extended to me. 

Rt. Ex. Comp. John Sinclair 

In submitting this report to Grand Chapter I would like to thank the 
District meeting on behalf of Kitchener Chapter for recommending me to 
the Grand Z. for consideration when appointing his representative in Dis- 
trict No. 13 and also to thank Most Ex. Comp. Smith for his confirma- 

Because of illness, which prevented me from attending Grand Chap- 
ter, I am deeply grateful to M. Ex. Comp. C. McL. Pitts for consenting 
to install and invest me on May 28th in Ottawa Chapter. 

My first duty was to appoint Ex, Comp W. M. Stanley as my secre- 


tary. To him I extend my sincere thanks for his assistance through the 

On June 7th I was present at a well attended Church Service held by 
St. Francis Chapter. On June 12th and 22nd held instruction and planning 
sessions at Kitchener and Bonnechere Chapters respectively. At the re- 
quest of the Grand Z, I attended Glengarry Chapter on June 26th and pre- 
sented a fifty year jewel to Ex. Comp. McDougall on behalf of Grand 
Chapter. On July 2nd, accompanied by Rt. Ex. Comp. Edwards, presented 
a fifty year jewel to Comp. J. R. Moore of Maple Chapter at his home 
and a twenty-five year Past Z. jewel to Ex. Comp. J. A. H. Swayne of 
Maple Chapter. 

My official visits were as follows: 

Sept. 10 — Granite, No. 61, Almonte. 
Sept. 17 — Laurentian, No, 151, Pembroke. 
Sept. 18— St. Francis, No. 133, Smiths Falls. 
Sept. 25— Glengarry, No. 143, Maxville. 
Oct. 2— St. John's, No. 148, Vankleek Hill. 
Oct. 15— Prince of Wales, No. 226, Perth. 
Oct. 19 — Bonnechere, No. 114, Renfrew. 
Oct. 21— Carleton, No. 16, Ottawa. 
Oct. 29— Ottawa, No. 222, Ottawa. 
Nov. 4 — Maple, No. 116, Carleton Place. 
Nov. 6— Kitchener,, No. 210, Russell. 

I must include here special thanks to Rt. Ex. Comp. H. T. C. Hum- 
phries who accompanied me on almost all these visits and substituted for 
me on September 25th at Glengarry Chapter when I was down with a 

On all visits the reception was warm and friendly; the formalities of 
reception due the representative of the Grand First Principal were ob- 
served. The work was excellent and the participation of the Past Prin- 
cipals an inspiration to the younger Companions. On each visits I tried to 
leave a message of instruction and interpertation as well as endeavouring 
to generate interest in assisting Dochert Chapter which has been inactive 
for some years. 

The reception for the Grand Z. held at Belleville by District 11 on 
October 30th which I attended with Rt. Ex. Comp. Gillespie and Ex. Comp. 
Vickers was an indication of the fraternal esteem in which M. Ex. Comp. 
Smith is held throughout the Grand Jurisdiction. 

Wednesday, December 9th, I was privileged to spend a most enjoyable 
evening with R. Ex. Comp. John Sim, Grand Superintendent District No. 
12, when the officers and members of Kitchener Chapter visited at St. 
John's Chapter, Morrisburg. and occupied the chairs for the degree of 
the H.R.A. 

On November 26th a meeting was held in Ottawa to complete the 
formation of our Principals' and Past Principals' Association. We im- 
mediately laid plans to revive Dochert Chapter. Well attended meetings 
were held on the first Monday of January, February, and on March 7th we 
were honoured with the presence of M. Ex. Comp Smith. His address on 
this occasion was an inspiration. The Grand Z. was accompanied by R. 
Ex. Comp. Lewis, Grand Lecturer, and his instructions and advice de- 
livered by him were priceless. Rt. Ex. Comp. Edwards and the Principal's 
Association are to be congratulated for the work they are doing in 
Dochert Chapter. 

The passing of Rt. Ex. Comip. Fergus McDiarmid, the "Sparkplug" 
of Royal Arch Masonry in District No. 13, has created a need for others 
to take up the torch which he carried high for so long. I know they will 
not fail "Fergie." 


Rt. Ex. Comp. J. A. Cox 

It is a pleasant privilege to submit this report on the condition of 
Royal Arch Masonry in Algoma District No. 14 at the close of my term 
of office as Grand Superintendent for this extensive and far-flung juris- 
diction. I take this opportunity of expressing my thanks to the Com- 
panions who elected me to this high office and appreciation to Most Ex- 
cellent Companion Bruce H. Smith in confirming the election. 

The first duty exercised following my election was the appointment 
of Ex. Comp. R. A. Asselstine as my secretary. This was a happy choice 
as Ex. Comp. Asselstine has faithfully performed his duties, accompanied 
me on all visits of inspection and through his friendly disposition has 
done much towards strengthening the bonds of the fraternity throughout 
the jurisdiction. 

The following is my schedule of visits of inspection: 

May 18th, 1959— Golden Star, No. 254, my mother Chapter. At the 
meeting the Royal Arch Degree was conferred on two candidates. This 
Chapter is making excellent progress. Its membership shows a sub- 
stantial gain over the previous year. 

September 14th — Quetico Chapter, No. 259, the youngest Chapter in 
the jurisdiction. This Chapter, while composed of only thirty-eight mem- 
bers, held ten regular and six emergent meetings during 1959. The aver- 
age attendance of members at these meetings was almost fifty per cent. 
Twenty-one members attended Divine Service on November 29th. Mem- 
bership increased by three during the year. 

September 21st — Fort William Chapter, No. 140. At this meeting the 
Most Excellent Master Degree was conferred in an impressive manner on 
a class of candidates. This is a keen, hardworking Chapter which is doing 
much to strengthen Royal Arch Masonry in northwestern Ontario. Mem- 
bership is substantially increased over the previous year. 

October 15th — Atwood Chapter, No. 149, one of the older Chapters in 
the jurisdiction. No new candidates have been received since 1955 and 
there has been a steady dwindling of membership through death and 
other causes. The Chapter is being held together by a few faithful and 
devoted members. 

October 28th — Golden Chapter, No. 90. This Chapter is continuing to 
function in a satisfactory manner. While there was a drop in membership 
during the year the officers are competent and keenly aware of their 
duty towards furthering Royal Arch Masonry in their areas. Member- 
ship decreased by nine during the year. 

November 18th — Shuniah Chapter, No. 82, the oldest and largest 
Chapter in the district. The officers are proficient and show a lively in- 
terest in Chapter affairs.. A small increase in membership is reported for 
the year. 

February 9th — Alberton Chapter, No. 152. Due to snow conditions the 
visit planned for early in November had to be abandoned. This Chapter 
continues to be a Masonic stronghold in northwestern Ontario. The 
members are friendly and industrious. My time spent with them was 
most pleasant. The Chapter is following a steady course and its prospects 
are good. 

In addition to these official visits I attended at Sioux Lookout dur- 
ing June when Golden Star, under special dispensation, conferred the 
three degrees on a class of sixteen candidates. This was a busy day for 
the officers of Golden Star who handled the work in a creditable manner. 
I also assisted in the installation of the officers of Golden Star Chapter. 

From the foregoing it will seem that Capitular Masonry is healthy 
within the district. Sixty-two candidates received further light in 
Masonry and there were three affiliations. Unfortunately, we lost 
through death more members than the combined total of all other causes. 


However, in spite of these losses the district membership increased by 
slightly better than two and a half per cent. All Chapters are in good 
financial circumstances. 

During my term of office, in the execution of my duties, it has been 
necessary to travel well in excess of seven thousand miles. One visit to 
each Chapter in the disrict accounts for twenty-four hundred miles and 
two trips to Toronto to attend Grand Chapter make up a further forty- 
eight hundred. These great distances tend to make inter-chapter visits 
almost impossible, but in spite of this isolation an excellent spirit of 
unity exists. 

It has been an honour, a privilege and a pleasure to serve as Grand 
Superintendent of Algoma District No. 14. I have witnessed a fine dis- 
play of fellowship wherever I have gone. I have had the opportunity of 
adding to my store of Masonic knowledge. It is my sincere hope that 
some of that knowledge may have rubbed off on those I encountered. To 
my successor I offer hearty congratulations and pledge support and 

New Ontario District No. 15 
Rt. Ex. Comp. W. McKee 

In presenting this reoprt, which gives me a great deal of pleasure, 
may I first express my sincere thanks and appreciation of the high 
honour conferred upon me by the Companions of New Ontario District 
No. 15 in electing me to the office of Grand Superintendent; also to Most 
Ex. Comp. Bruce H. Smith for his confirmation of my election. 

My first duty was to appoint Ex. Comp. George Grieve as my secre- 
tary. I extend to him my appreciation and thanks for his faithfulness in 
accompanying me on all my visits and for the manner in which he carried 
out his duties. 

On October 13 I paid my first official visit to my mother Chapter, 
Tuscan Chapter, No. 95, Sudbury. 

Following my reception the First Principal called on V. Ex. Comp. 
Bregman to present Ex. Comp. J. W. Rawlins with a fifty year jewel. I 
am happy to report that Ex. Comp. Rawlins, notwithstanding his ad- 
vanced age, is still keenly interested in Capitular Masonry. 

The work for my inspection was the conferring of the Most Ex- 
cellent Master's Degree. I am sure the candidates, like myself, were most 
impressed by the manner in which ail the officers imparted their work. 

At the hour of refreshment it was with pleasure that I replied to 
the toast to Grand First Principal and Grand Chapter. I took for my 
subject our responsibility and duty as Royal Arch Masons, which I felt 
was well received. 

My official visit to Espanola Chapter, No. 257, was made on October 
26th. I was accompanied by Ex. Comp. George Grieve, Ex. Comp. Ma- 
haffy, First Principal of Tuscan Chapter, and Rt. Ex. Comp. George 

On arriving at the Masonic Temple I was kindly received by Ex. Comp. 
Higgins, First Principal of Espanola Chapter, and was given a real 
Masonic welcome, after which I was shown through their new Temple, 
which is very beautiful. Truly it can be said that the Masons in this town 
are builders. All the work was done by members of Espanola Lodge and 
Chapter and they have every reason to mention with pride that their 
building is fully paid for. 

The Most Excellent Master's Degree was conferred by the officers 
on four candidates in a most creditable manner. On the completion of the 
work I had the honor, on behalf of Espanola Chapter, to present M.E.M. 
Brother Brandon with a Masonic Bible as a token of appreciation from 
the Companions for his untiring efforts in taking the responsibility for 
the building of the new Masonic Temple. 


At the refreshment hour Comp. E. Shore proposed the toast to Grand 
Chapter. In my reply I talked on ways and means to build and maintain 
interest in our Chapters. 

Friday, October 30th, accompanied once again by Ex. Comp. George 
Grieve and Rt. Ex. Comp. George Shute, I made my visit of inspection to 
Algonquin Chapter, No. 102, Sault Ste. Marie. 

On arriving at my hotel we were welcomed by Ex. Comp. P. G. 
Connolly and Rt. Ex. Comp. J. Earl Davison and taken to the Masonic 
Temple where I was introduced to a goodly number of their Companions. 
One could feel the warmth of spirit and co-operation that exists in this 

The Most Excellent Master's Degree was exemplified by Past First 
Principals under the direction of Ex. Comp. R. J. Hallam. I agreed with 
the candidate's remarks at the completion of the work that it was most 

Those who were in attendance retired to enjoy a social hour and ban- 
quet prepared by the ladies. Ex. Comp. Hallam, acting as toastmaster, 
called on Ex. Comp. E. C. Price to propose the toast to Grand Chapter. 
In responding to the toast I commented on our responsibility for the 
furtherance of Capitular Masonry, followed by a talk on the Most Ex- 
cellent Master's Degree. 

I made my official visit of inspection to St. John's Chapter, No. 103, 
North Bay, on November 5th, accompanied by my faithful companion, Rt. 
Ex. Comp. George Shute and Ex. Companions George Grieve and John 

I was introduced to the Chapter by Rt. Ex. Comp. W. Les Brown and 
cordially received by Ex. Comp. J. A. Stevenson, the First Principal. I 
had the pleasure of seeing the officers, assisted by five Past Grand 
Superintendents, exalt six brethren to the Holy Royal Arch Degree. The 
work was exceptionally well done and the accompanying music played 
by a tape recorder. 

At the refreshment hour the toast to Grand Chapter was given by 
Ex. Comp. W. Smith. My response to the toast gave me the opportunity 
to suggest several ways by which all Companions can help to add support 
to the Chapter. Rt. Ex. Comp. W. Les Brown thanked me on behalf of the 

On January 12th it was mf pleasure to be at the installation and in- 
vestiture of the officers of Tuscan Chapter. Rt. Ex. Comp. George Shute, 
assisted by Ex. Companions J. MacKay, W. Walker and myself, per- 
formed the installation ceremonies. 

Again, on January 19th I attended Espanola Chapter when the offi- 
cers for 1960 were installed and invested by Rt. Ex. Comp. George Shute, 
who is an honourary member of Espanola Chapter, assisted by Rt. Ex. 
Comp. J. Boucher and myself. 

On every visit to Espanola Chapter there has been four or more 
Companions from Pronto Mine or Blind River attending. To attend these 
Companiions had to make a round trip of approximately 150 miles in 
zero weather. 

I express my thanks to Rt. Ex. Comp. George Shute, who gave un- 
stintingly of his time and experience, accompanying me on all my visits 
and ready with sound advice when asked. 

Finally, 1,200 miles later, I thank all the Chapters for the hospitality, 
kindness and co-operation extended to me and I am sure that if the en- 
thusiasm I observed and the warm companionship that I felt in each 
Chapter is maintained a successful future for District No. 15 is assured. 

To my successor I extend my congratulations and assure him of my 
support at any time. 


Rt. Ex. Comp. Reginald Pineger 
It is with a great deal of pleasure I submit this report respecting the 
duties I have performed during the past year as Grand Superintendent of 
Temiskaming District No. 16 R.A.M., and I take this opportunity to ex- 
press my sincere thanks to the several Chapters in the district for sup- 
porting my nomination to this high office and to the Most Ex. Comp. 
Bruce S. Smith for his confirmation of my election. 

I also wish to express my sincere thanks to Ex. Comp. E. A. Lavery 
who so ably acted as my secretary and accompanied me on each of my 

Unfortunately, in the early part of my year adverse weather condi- 
tions prevailed and I delayed my visits. Later, snow conditions prevailed 
and this caused more delay. However, I visited each Chapter and was 
pleasantly surprised at the optimism which was shown at the several 

My official visits as Grand Superintendent were as follows: 
Nov. 25 — Kirkiand Lake Chapter, No. 251, Kirkland Lake. 
Feb. 17, 1960— Northern Lights Chapter, No. 213, Timmins. 
Feb. 24, 1960— Ai.itibi Chapter, No. 223, Iroquois Falls. 
March 10, 1960 — Temiskaming Chapter, No. 169, New Liskeard. 
On my visits to the several Chapters I particularly stressed the 
following points: 

The importance of having the Chapter rooms correctly furnished, 
for the different degrees with the officers in correct dress, and that the 
Principals and officers together with their committees should at all 
times work and strive for the betterment of their Chapters and aim for 
increased attendance and membership. 

I had the pleasure of observing all degrees working in the several 
Chapters excepting the M.E.M. degree and in all cases I found the work 
performed most commendable. 

The furnishings and the regalia in each Chapter were found to be in 
excellent condition and quite adequate. 

On each of my visits I was received correctly and most graciously 
and in a manner befitting of Royal Arch Masons. 

In conclusion I would like to say that I am quite confident that in 
the coming year a favourable increase in membership will ensure in this 
district and finally wish to express my sincere thanks to the several 
companions who accompanied me on my visits. 


Most Worshipful Brother Clarence MacLeod Pitts, Grand Master of 
the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario, and also a Past 
Grand First Principal, expressed his thanks and appreciation for the 
kind welcome extended to him by Most Excellent Companion Bruce H. 

The Grand Master, in a most inspiring address, conveyed cordial and 
fraternal greetings from Grand Lodge and the sincere best wishes for 
every success and prosperity to the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons 
of Canada in the Province of Ontario in the coming years. 

He left a profound impression upon his listeners of the individual 
responsibility of the Companions — not only in the field of Capitular 
Masonry, but in the broader one of Freemasonry in general. 




April 1, 1960 
To the Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the 
Province of Ontario: 
Most Excellent Grand "Z" and Companions: 

I submit herewith statement of Receipts and Disbursements 
for the period March 1, 1959 — February 29, 1960: 

Balance— February 28, 1959 $ 8,831.44 

Received from Grand Scribe "E": 

Rebate of Executive Committee Expenses $ 278.87 

Receipts from Chapters 21,512.72 

Grand Convocation Receipts 1,875.00 

Transfer from Life Membership Fund 599.77 

Transfer from Chapters' Life Membership Fund 21.00 

Transfer from History Account 1,689.00 

Interest on Investments 2,692.50 

Sales to other Grand Chapters 788.50 

Sale of $1,500 Toronto General Trusts Cor- 
poration 3V 2 %— Dec. 1, 1959, Debenture .... 1,500.00 
Sale of $1,500 Toronto General Trusts Cor- 
poration 3 1 /3%- Jan. 27, 1960, Debenture 1,500.00 
Sale of Historv 376.00 


Grand Scribe "E" Office: 

Compensation $ 4,000.00 

Assistants 4,240.00 

Rent 1,380.00 

Miscellaneous 1,555.88 

Proceedings 1,698.85 

General 657.81 


Grand "Z" 1,500.00 

General 115.00 


Grand Convocation 5,852.87 

Grand Executive 1,800.00 

Grand Historian and Reviewer 300.00 

Audit fee 500.00 

Jewels, Medals and Engraving 194.75 

Education and Instruction 9.00 

Masonic Library 125.00 

Canadian Masonic Research Association 50.00 

Transfer to Life Membership Fund 53.61 

Transfer to Chapters' Life Membership Fund 2.06 

Expenditures Chargeable to History of Grand 

Chapter 4,123.92 

Purchase of $1,500 Toronto General Trusts Cor- 
poration 5%%— Dec. 1, 1964, Debenture 1,500.00 

Purchase of $1,500 Toronto General Trusts Cor- 
poration 5y 2 %— Jan. 27, 1965 Debenture 1,500.00 

Grand "Z" Regalia 387.28 

Grand "Z" Testimonial 350.00 

Balance as at Februarv 29, 1960 






Balance— February 28, 1959 $1,326.63 

Received from Grand Scribe "E": 

Interest on Investments $2,240.25 

Donations 51.20 

Bank interest 29.55 

Sale of $7,000 Toronto General Trusts Corporation 

3^%^Jan. 27, 1960, Debenture 7,000.00 



Benevolent Grants $2,025.00 

Purchase of $8,000 Dominion of Canada 2%% — 
June 15, 1968 Bonds at S2%— Plus $41.59 in- 
terest 6,641.59 


Balance as at February 29, 1960 $1,981.04 



Balance— February 28, 1959 $1,843.31 

Received from Grand Scribe "E": 

Commutations $616.39 

Interest on Investments 805.00 

Bank Interest 29.74 

Transfer from General Fund 53.61 


Transferred to General Fund $599.77 

Balance as at February 29, 1960 $2,748.28 



Balance— February 28, 1959 $173.29 

Received from Grand Scribe "E": 

Transferred from General Fund $2.06 

Bank Interest 3.13 



Transferred to General Fund $21.00 

Balance as at February 29, 1960 $157.48 

Examined and Verified: Respectfully submitted, 


Auditor. Grand Treasurer. 

Moved by R. Ex. Comp. C. W. Emmett, seconded by M. Ex. Comp. F. 
W. Dean that:— 

Resolved — That the report of the Grand Treasurer be received and 



To the Most Excellent the Grand Z., Officers and Members of the 

Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the 

Province of Ontario. 

I present herewith the Annual Report of Cash Receipts and 
Ledger Balance for the fiscal year ending February 29th, 1960. 


March 1st, 1959, to February 29th, 

No. Name of Chapter Amount 

1. Ancient Frontenac and Cataraqui $228.28 

2. The Hiram 178.95 

3. St. John's, London 202.63 

4. The St. Andrew and St. John .... 119.17 

5. St. George's 200.60 

6. St. John's, Hamilton 134.90 

7. The Moira 221.48 

8. King Solomon's 254.58 

15. Wawanosh 168.08 

16. Carleton 576.05 

18. Oxford 163.88 

19. Mount Moriah 243.98 

20. Mount Horeb 107.83 

22. Grenville 72.53 

23. Ezra 129.75 

24. Tecumseh 213.69 

26. St. Mark's 154.18 

27. Manitou 109.07 

28. Pentalpha 256.28 

29. McCallum 111.03 

30. Huron 139.78 

31. Prince Edward 183.63 

32. Waterloo 143.11 

34. Signet 83.68 

35. Keystone, Whitby 92.51 

36. Corinthian 325.63 

37. Victoria, Port Hope 171.39 

40. Guelph 200.10 

41. Harris 92.95 

44. Mount Sinai, Napanee 99.46 

45. Excelsior 51.40 

46. St. James 89.50 

47. Wellington 137.35 

48. St. John's, Cobourg 117.08 

53. Bruce 64.25 

54. Palestine, St. Thomas 242.01 

55. Niagara 80.23 

56. Georgian 67.85 

57. King Hiram 133.88 

58. Pembroke (Inactive) 

59. Sussex-St. Lawrence 272.02 

61. Granite 79.30 

62. York 169.68 

68. Havelock 77.58 


Balance Balance 
Debit Credit 

$ 4.42 



























Balance Balance 

No. Name of Chapter Amount Debit Credit 

64. Willson 132.60 2.58 

65. St. Paul's, Toronto 117.35 57.65 

66. The Malloch 84.13 .42 

67. Enterprise 73.00 1.28 

68. Maitland 95.55 1.27 

69. Grimsby 73.88 .85 

71. Prince of Wales, Essex 127.88 

72. Keystone, Stirling 101.47 2.98 

73. Erie 95.92 5.00 

74. Beaver, Strathroy 94.08 1.28 

75. St. Clair, Milton 98.88 

76. Mount Nebo 101.35 2.50 

77. Occident 308.38 

78. Minnewawa 99.83 2.98 

79. Orient 82.20 39.10 

80. Ark 219.03 4.30 

81. Aylmer 103.10 .42 

82. Shuniah 258.70 .35 

83. Ionic, Orangeville 104.05 1.00 

84. Lebanon, Wingham 85.60 2.13 

88. MacNabb 104.53 

90. Golden 139.08 13.40 

91. Toronto-Antiquity 180.53 19.55 

94. Midland 86.86 

95. Tuscan 348.93 4.25 

102. Algonquin 234.36 12.12 

103. St. John's, North Bay 156.73 1.28 

104. White Oak 144.75 

110. Warkworth 66.47 .42 

112. St. John's, Morrisburg 122.83 2.07 

113. Covenant 261.73 3.03 

114. Bonnechere 87.23 1.28 

115. Brant 113.65 

116. Maple 89.66 

117. Kitchener, Kitchener 218.41 4.45 

119. King Cyrus, Leamington 142.35 

129. Elliott 77.80 .15 

130. Chantry 57.30 .42 

131. Amabel 105.68 

132. Leeds 103.99 1.00 

133. St. Francis 181.43 3.55 

134. King Darius 75.83 9.00 

135. Succoth 62.88 1.27 

138. Shekinah 301.61 1.00 

140. Fort William 229.90 5.52 

143. Glengarry 78.96 

144. Presqu'ile 62.90 

145. The St. Patrick 298.13 

146. Bernard 133.81 3.25 

147. Lucknow 74.08 

148. St. John's, Vankleek Hill 94.50 1.17 

149. Atwood : 43.45 .42 

150. London 134.13 

151. Laurentian 177.60 21.21 

152. Alberton 146.05 1.27 

153. Sombra 121.28 .43 

154. Klondike 74.85 

155. Ancaster 74.55 38.85 














No. Name of Chapter Amount 

161. Madoc 164.83 

163. The Beaches 92.75 

164. Lome 87.26 

167. Kichikewana 137.43 

168. Ionic, Campbellford 106.38 

169. Temiskaming 82.88 

175. The Hamilton 138.21 

184. Hugh Murray 122.28 

195. Peel 137.19 

198. Couchiching 174.90 

203. Cobalt 

205. Victoria, Thornhill 130.70 

210. Kitchener, Russell 99.68 

212. Mount Sinai, Toronto 436.45 

213. Northern Lights 106.83 

214. Vimy 69.86 

215. Mimico 106.38 

217. St. Alban's 134.17 .92 

218. Prince Edward, Shelbourne 73.98 .48 

219. Ulster 83.80 .43 

220. Lebanon, Lambton Mills 113.73 .85 

221. Durham 51.98 1.70 

222. Ottawa 290.16 1.25 

223. Abitibi 91.48 2.15 

224. Keystone, Hamilton 137.80 1.45 

225. Beaver, Toronto 117.68 69.13 

226. Prince of Wales, Perth 142.48 

227. Quinte Friendship 213.70 5.00 

230. Port Credit 83.66 1.00 

231. The St. Clair, Toronto 173.70 12.50 

232. King Cyrus, Toronto 106.48 

233. Oakwood 60.97 .43 

234. Halton 114.88 

235. Aurora 110.11 3.42 

236. Caledonia 94.15 

238. The St. Andrew 221.08 7.83 

239. Blenheim 87.56 .43 

240. Smithville 41.10 21.55 

241. University 96.85 

242. St. Paul's, Lambeth 62.66 

243. McKay 63.56 28.91 

245. Preston 75.68 48.48 

246. Humber 156.51 

247. Nilestown 154.58 .85 

248. Dochert 36.56 54.84 

249. Palestine, Bowman ville 93.16 .42 

250. Thomas Peters 205.98 

251. Kirkland 149.63 14.25 

252. Hiawatha 140.38 5.58 

253. Regal 108.23 1.70 

254. Golden Star 203.25 6.80 

255. Tillsonburg 94.66 1.00 

256. Yukon 1.00 1.27 

257. Espanola 114.66 14.70 

258. Tyrian 32.34 3.42 

259. Quetico 45.83 .85 

260. Centennial 64.18 

Grand Chapter of Alberta 100.00 


Balance Balance 

No. Name of Chapter Amount Debit Credit 

Grand Chapter of British Columbia 300.00 

Grand Chapter of Manitoba 126.00 

Grand Chapter of Quebec 100.00 

Grand Chapter of Saskatchewan 147.50 

Rebate of Executive Committee Expenses 278.87 

Sales to Sundry Individuals 25.75 

Grand Convocation Receipts 1,875.00 

$24,143.68 $889.45 $186.10 

For Year Ending February 29, 1960 

Credits to Constituent Chapters' Accounts: 

Receipts from Chapters $21,512.72 

Rebate of Executive Committee Expenses 278.87 

Grand Convocation Receipts 1,875.00 

Transfer from Life Membership Fund 599.77 

Transfer from Chapters' Life Membership Fund 21.00 

Transfer from History Account 1,689.00 

Interest on Investments 2,692.50 

Sales to other Grand Chapters 788.50 

Sale of $1,500 Toronto General Trusts Corporation 3%% 

—Dec. 1, 1959, Debenture 1,500.00 

Sale of $1,500 Toronto General Trusts Corporation 3%% 

—Jan. 27, 1960, Debenture 1,500.00 

Sale of History 376.00 


Examined and Verified, 


The Scribes E. of the respective constituent Chapters are 
worthy of commendation for their obvious zeal and fidelity in the 
discharge of their manifold important duties. 

However, my short experience has taught me that many fail 
to take advantage of the facilities that exist at the Grand Chapter 
office, particularly for information which is often required in 
Chapter administration or the discharge of the responsibilities 
allocated to the Scribes E. I would urge, Scribes E., do not hesi- 
tate to seek information which is readily available at the Grand 
Chapter office. 

At the request of the Grand First Principal, I consented to act 
as the Grand Scribe E. in the absence of R. Ex. Comp. Fred J. 
Johnson, however, without any form of recompense. 

Unfortunately, though, my protracted illness did not enable 


me to fully discharge the duties of the office. Grand Chapter, 
however, was indeed fortunate in that R. Ex. Comp. Reginald 
J. Lewis made his time and talents available at all times. To him 
Grand Chapter owes a great debt of gratitude, as I do, personally. 
This, likewise, applies to Miss Gwen Moore, Secretary at Grand 
Chapter office, who was ably assisted by Miss Hutchings. 

The statistics and other information quoted in the report 
above are worthy of earnest study by all members of Grand Chap- 
ter. They will, I believe, cause us to have further pride in our 
achievements, and will I hope stimulate all to greater endeavours 
for the progress of Royal Arch Masonry and the Grand Chapter 
in general. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Acting Grand Scribe E. 

Moved by R. Ex. Comp. C. W. Emmett, seconded by R. Ex. Comp. F. 
J. Johnson that: — 

Resolved — That the report of the Grand S. E. be received and 



Most Excellent Companion, Bruce Harrison Smith, Grand First 

Principal, Grand Chapter. Royal Arch Masons of Canada, in the 

Province of Ontario, Temple Building. Toronto, Ontario. 

March 14, 1960 
Most Excellent Sir: 

I have made my regular examination of the books of account 
and supporting records of the Grand Scribe E. and Grand Trea- 
surer of Grand Chapter of the Royal Arch Masons of Canada for 
the fiscal year ended February 29, 1960. From this examination, 
I have prepared the statements listed below and I now present 
them together with my comments thereon: 

Exhibit "A" — Balance Sheet as at February 29, 1960. 
Exhibit "B" — Comparative Revenue and Expenditure 

Account for the year ended February 

29, 1960. 
Schedule "1" — The Victory Thanksgiving Benevolent 

Fund as at February 29, 1960. 
Schedule "2" — The Life Membership Fund — Grand 

Chapter as at February 29, 1960. 
Schedule "3" — The Chapters' Life Membership Fund 

as at February 29, 1960. 


The Petty Cash Fund, shown in Exhibit "A" was counted 
from time to time during the fiscal year ended February 29, 1960 
and again on March 10, 1960 and found to be in order on each 
occasion. The bank balances of the several accounts and funds as 
set out in Exhibit "A" and Schedules "1", "2" and "3" were 
verified as at February 29, 1960 and all bank transactions in these 
several accounts during the fiscal year then ended were examined. 

The Accounts Receivable from the various Chapters were re- 
viewed in detail and appear to be proper charges. In my opinion, 
the Reserve for Uncollectible Accounts, in the amount presently 
provided, should prove adequate to cover probable losses. 

The computation of the accrued interest in the several funds 
was checked and found to be in order. 

The investments of the several Funds are set out in detail in 
Exhibit "A" and Schedules "1" and "2". They were counted 
on March 10, 1960 and were found to be in order. 

The investments of the several Funds are set out in detail in 
Exhibit "A" and Schedules "1" and "2". They were counted 
on March 10, 1960 and were found to be in order. They continue 


to be held in the place and custody authorized by the Grand 

So far as I was able to ascertain, from due inquiry of the 
Officials concerned and from the information presently available, 
all known liabilities of the various Funds were taken up in the 
books of account as at February 29, 1960 and are reflected in the 
attached statements. 

Details of the operations of the General Fund for the fiscal 
year ended February 29, 1960, as shown by the books of account 
of the Grand Scribe E., are set out in Exhibit "B" and compared 
with the Budget for the fiscal year under review, as approved by 
Grand Chapter. 

The actuarial soundness of the Life Membership Fund of 
Grand Chapter has not been tested, checked or verified, since the 
inception of this Fund. 

As in preceding years, interim examinations were made of the 
books of account of the Grand Scribe E. and Grand Treasurer and 
tentative interim reports were submitted as of August 31, 1959, 
and November 30, 1959. I have tested the annual returns from 
the constituent Chapters and I have obtained all of the informa- 
tion and explanations which I have required. My examination in- 
cluded a general review of the accounting procedures and such 
tests of the accounting records and other supporting evidence as I 
deemed necessary under the circumstances. 

In my opinion, the attached Balance Sheet and related state- 
ments are properly drawn up so as to exhibit a true and correct 
view of the state of the financial affairs of the Grand Chapter of 
Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario as at 
February 29, 1960, subject to the qualifications contained in the 
foregoing comments, and the results of operations for the year 
then ended, according to the best of my information and the ex- 
planations afforded to me, as shown by the books of the Grand 

All of which is fraternally submitted, 




Exhibit "A" 


Current Assets: 

Petty Cash Fund $ 283.76 

Cash in bank 9,768.77 

Accounts Receivable — Chapters $703.35 

Less: Allowance for Uncollect- 
ible Accounts 129.69 


Due from Life Membership Fund — 

Grand Chapter 2,493.90 

Accrued Interest on Investments 1,020.20 



Govt, of Canada— 4 V 2 %— 1983 $22,500.00 

Province of Ontario— 2 % %— 1968 6,000.00 

Province of Ontario— 3%— 1977 4,000.00 

H.E.P.C. of Ontario— 3%%— 1979 28,000.00 

H.E.P.C. of Ontario— 4%— 1974 6,000.00 

Toronto General Trusts— 5 V 2 %— 1965 1,500.00 

Toronto General Trusts— 5 y 2 %— 1964 1,500.00 

Metropolitan Toronto— 3 %%— 1975 2,000.00 


Less: Unamortized Discount 544.64 


Furniture and Fixtures 1,504.83 

Less: Allowance for Depreciation 1,490.21 


Grand Chapter— Library 250.00 

Grand Council— Regalia 75.00 

Deferred Charges — Liability Insurance 1,328.19 

Special Funds: 

The Victory Thanksgiving Benevolent Fund 

(Sch. "1") 63,063.70 

The Life Membership Fund (Sch. "2") 23,515.25 

The Chapters' Life Membership Fund (Sch. 

"3") 157.48 86,736.43 


Current Liabilities: 

Accounts Payable $ 500.00 

Unexpended Reserves: 

Education $562.57 

Library 100.00 662.57 

Reserve for Special Funds 86,736.43 

General Reserve: 

Balance— March 1, 1959 84,088.68 

Add— Net Revenue (Exhibit "B") 1,512.21 85,600.89 




REVENUE Exhibit "B" 

Estimated Actual Over* 

Revenue Revenue or Under 

Fees $ 2,800.00 $ 2,796.00 $ 4.00 

Dues 16,300.00 16,693.00 *393.00 

Life Membership Dues 2,550.00 2,493.90 56.10 

Dispensations and Warrants 150.00 164.00 *14.00 

Sale of Supplies 2,200.00 2,351.50 *151.50 

Sale of History of Grand Chapter 2,000.00 488.00 1,512.00 

Interest on Investments 2,692.00 2,762.14 *70.14 

Total Revenue $28,692.00 $27,748.54 $ 943.46 

Total Expenditure 27,775.18 26,236.33 1,538.85 

Net Revenue $916.82 $1,512.21 $595.39 


Grand Scribe E: Balances 

Estimated Over* 

Expenditure Actual Expenditure or Under 

Compensation $4,800.00 $4,000.00 $ 800.00 

Office Assistants 3,240.00 4,240.00 *1 ,000.00 

Rent 1,380.00 1,380.00 

Miscellaneous 800.00 962.42 *162.42 

$10,220.00 $10,582.42 

Foreign Correspondence — 

Reviewer 300.00 300.00 

Audit Fee 500.00 500.00 


Proceedings 1,700.00 1,698.85 1.15 

General 600.00 726.71 *126.71 

$2,300.00 $2,425.56 


Grand Z 2,000.00 2,000.00 

General 800.00 223.40 576.60 

$2,800.00 2,223.40 

Expenses i 

Convocation 3,500.00 4,133.02 *633.02 

Executive Committee 1,800.00 1,661.13 138.87 

$5,300.00 $5,794.15 

Jewels and Engraving 600.00 184.59 415.41 

Grant to Masonic Library 125.00 125.00 

Grant to Can. Masonic Res. 

Assoc 50.00 50.00 

Chapters' Life Membership 

Fund 2M 2.06 *.06 

Liability Insurance 1,328.18 1,328.18 

Printing History of Grand 

Chapter 1,000.00 1,912.00 *912.00 

Supplies for Resale 2,200.00 2,200.00 

Regalia — Grand Z and Grand 

H 700.00 429.28 270.72 

Testimonial— I.P.G.Z. .__ 350.00 350.00 

Provision for Doubtful Ac- 
counts 29.69 *29.69 

Total Expenditure $27,775.18 $26,236.33 $1,538.85 


Schedule "1" 
As at February 29, 1960 

Balance— March 1, 1959 $62,714.50 


Bank Interest $ 29.55 

Bond Interest 2,224.07 

Amortization of Bond Discount 174.10 

Less — Amortization of Bond Premium 29.72 2,398.00 

Donations 51.20 

Deduct— Benevolence 2,025.00 

Balance— February 29, 1960 $63,138.70 


Cash in Bank $1,981.04 

Accrued Interest on Investments 854.59 2,835.63 


Govt, of Canada— 4%%, 1983 $16,700.00 

Province of Ontario— 3%, 1965 9,000.00 

Province of Ontario— 3%, 1966 3,000.00 

Province of Ontario— 2%%, 1968 1,000.00 

Province of Ontario— 3%, 1969 9,000.00 

Province of Ontario — 3%, 1977 8,000.00 

H.E.P.C. of Ontario— 4V 2 %, 1967 6,500.00 

H.E.P.C. of Ontario-^3y 2 %, 1979 2,000.00 

Govt, of Canada— 2%%, 1968 8,000.00 

Deduct — Unamortized Discount $3,085.51 
Less— Unamortized Premium 188.58 2,896.93 60,303.07 



Schedule "2" 
As at February 29, 1960 

Balance— March 1, 1959 $24,471.91 


Interest on Investment® $805.00 

Amortization of Discount 12.50 

Bank Interest 29.74 

Commutations Issued 690.00 1,537.24 

Life Membership Dues 2,493.90 

Balance— February 29, 1960 $23,515.25 


Cash in Bank $2,748.28 

Due from Chapters 61.28 

Accrued Interest on Investments 268.34 

Investments : 

Metropolitan Toronto — 3%%, 

1975 23,000.00 

Less: Unamortized Discount .... 68.75 22,931.25 26,009.15 


Due to General Fund 2,493.90 


Schedule "3" 
As at February 29, 1960 

Balance— March 1, 1959 $173.29 


Bank Interest $3.13 

Transer from General Fund 2.06 5.19 

Deduct — 1959 Chapter Dues Transferred to General 

Fund and Credited to Chapters' Accounts 21.00 

Balance— February 29, 1960 $157.48 

Cash in Bank $157.48 

Moved by R. Ex. Comp. C. W. Emmett, seconded by M. Ex. Comp. F. 
W. Dean, that:— 

Resolved — That the Auditor's Report be received and adopted. 



To the Most Excellent, the Grand First Principal, Officers and 

Members of The Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada 

in the Province of Ontario. 

Your Committee on Printing has received the expenditures 
for the year ending February 29th, I960, and submits the follow- 
ing analysis in support thereof: 

Printing- Proceedings $1,698.85 

Printing— General 726.71 


It is respectfully requested that the following monies be placed 
at the disposal of the Printing Committee for the fiscal year of 

Printing Proceedings $1,700.00 

Printing— General 700.00 

Printing for Resale 2,400.00 


Fraternally submitted, 
R. EX. COMP. H. A. FRED SCHYTTE, Chairman. 

Moved by R. Ex. Comp. C. W. Emmett, seconded by R. Ex. Comp. 
H. A. Fred Schytte, that:— 

Resolved — That the Report of Printing Committee be received and 



To the Most Excellent the Grand Z., Officers and Members of 

the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada, in the 

Province of Ontario: 

Your Committee on Investments reports the following: 

Toronto General Trusts Corporation, b x /z% — Dec. 1, 1964, 

registered $1,500.00 

Toronto General Trusts Corporation, 5Ms% — Jan. 27, 1965, 

registered 1,500.00 

Province of Ontario— 2%%— July 15, 1968, registered 6,000.00 

Province of Ontario— 3%— Oct. 15, 1977, registered 4,000.00 

Hydro Electric Power Commission, 4% — July 15, 1974, regist- 
ered 6,000.00 

Hydro Electric Power Commission, 3V 2 % — Oct. 15, 1979, 

registered 28,000.00 

Dominion of Canada, 4y 2 %— Sept. 1, 1983, registered 22,500.00 

City of Metropolitan Toronto, 3V 2 %— May 2, 1975, bearer 2,000.00 



Province of Ontario, 3%, April 15, 1965, registered $9,000.00 

Province of Ontario, 3%, Nov. 1, 1966, registered 3,000.00 

Province of Ontario, 2%%, July 15, 1968, registered 1,000.00 

Province of Ontario, 3%, Nov. 1, 1969, registered 9,000.00 

Province of Ontario, 3%, Oct. 15, 1977, registered 8,000.00 

Hydro Electric Power Commission, 4^4%, Nov. 1, 1967, regist- 
ered 6,500.00 

Hydro Electric Power Commission, 3%%, Oct. 18, 1979, regist- 
ered 2,000.00 

Dominion of Canada, 2 % % , June 15, 1968, bearer 8,000.00 

Dominion of Canada, 4V 2 %, Sept. 1, 1983, bearer 200.00 

Dominion of Canada, 4V 2 %, Sept. 1, 1983, registered 16,500.00 


City of Metropolitan Toronto, 3V 2 %, May 2, 1975, bearer $23,000.00 

Your Committee on Investments has had meetings with the 
Grand Scribe E. t during the year. 

The assistance and advice given by the members of the Finance 
Committee, the Grand Treasurer, and Most Excellent Companion 
Smith, is sincerely appreciated and gratefully acknowledged. 

All of which is fraternally submitted, 

March 16, 1960. Chairman. 

Moved by R. Ex. Comp. C. W. Emmett, seconded by R. Ex. Comp. F. 
C. Ackert, that: — 

Resolved — That the report of the Investment Committee be received. 



To the Most Excellent Grand First Principal, Officers and Companions 

of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada. 
Most Excellent Sir and Companions: 

Your Committee wish to report that there has been one application 
for a Warrant of Constitution received. 

A group of interested Companions have made application to form a 
Chapter to be named "Seguin Chapter" in the Town of Parry Sound. 

This application being received too late for positive action at this 
time, with your permission Most Excellent Sir, your Committee recom- 
mends that it be received and referred back to this Committee for further 

Respectfully and fraternally submitted, 



It was moved by R. Ex. Comp. C. W. Emmett, seconded by V. Ex. 
Comp. J. A. Hearn, and: — 

Resolved — That this report be accepted. 


The M. E. Grand First Principal, Officers and Companions of 
Grand Chapter 
Most Excellent Sir and Companions: 

It is again a pleasure to your Committee on Grievances and Appeals 
to report that no cases of such have been brought to our attention during 
the past year; so it is considered that peace and happiness are in the 
ascendency in this jurisdiction. 

Fraternally submitted, 




It was moved by R. Ex. Comp. C. W. Emmett, seconded by M. Ex. 
Comp. A. G. N. Bradshaw, and — 

Resolved — That the Report of the Committee on Grievance and 
Appeals be received and adopted. 



To the Officers and Companions of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch 
Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario 
Your Committee has reviewed the address of our Grand First Prin- 
cipal, Most Ex. Comp. Bruce H. Smith, and joins with him in his fraternal 
greetings to our distinguished guests. Particularly, and with pride, do 
we concur in his welcome to our Grand Master, Most Worshipful Brother 
Clarence M. Pitts, and to our Grand Secretary Right Worshipful Brother 
and Companion Ewart Dixon. More than a quarter of a century has 
elapsed since one of our Past Grand First Principals was elected to the 
office of Grand Master. On your behalf, we echo the wish of our Grand 
Z. that our Grand Master will be greatly blessed during his term of 
office and given strength by the Great Architect to perform his present 


heavy responsibilities with the vision and energy he displayed when he 
was the Grand First Principal of this Grand Chapter. To our guests 
from our Canadian and Sister Jurisdictions and from the United States 
of America we express the hope that the goodwill and fraternal amity 
existing between us will be further strengthened by our meeting together 
during this Grand Convocation. 

We unite with our Grand Z. in his words of sympathy to all who 
mourn the loss of our Companions who have faithfully served this Grand 
Chapter. The empty chairs speak to us of "those loved long since and 
lost awhile". 

The official visits of Most Excellent Companion Smith have been 
many and the statement of his visits shows that in his efforts to faith- 
fully discharge the duties of his office he has given time and energy to 
further the cause of Royal Arch Masonry and to enhance the esteem 
in which our Grand Chapter is held. As you read the list of these visita- 
tions you will realize, as we do, that our Companions should bear in mind 
that there is a limit to the time and the health of our Grand Z. 

Your Committee approves our Grand Z.'s appointment of Grand 
Representatives and compliments him on his selections. 

We are conscious of the pride with which M. E. Comp. Smith pays 
tribute to our veterans in Masonry and to those who have been awarded 
long service jewels as evidence of our esteem. We congratulate these 
veteran Companions and wish for them long and faithful service. 

Your Committee endorses the commendation of the efforts of the 
Royal Arch Masons' Welfare Committee of Toronto and agrees that their 
efforts are worthy of encouragement. 

We concur in the recommendation of our Grand First Principal 
that Past Rank be conferred on the First Principal of King Hiram Royal 
Arch Chapter Number 7 and on the First Principal of McKay Chapter 
Number 243, who were prevented from serving the full time of office as 
required by the Constitution and submit same to Grand Chapter for 

The dispensations granted by our Grand Z. appear to be in order, 
and subject to the powers conferred on him are confirmed. 

Your Committee is pleased to note that the history of Grand Chapter 
has been completed and is now available to all Companions. We urge 
that every Companion possess a copy so that he may have recorded 
evidence of our Grand Chapter during the past years. 

Your Committee approves of our Grand Z.'s recommendation that 
Very Excellent Companion Joseph A. Hearn be elected to Honourary 
Membership in our Grand Executive and recommends that Grand Chapter 

Your Committee has considered the recommendation of our Grand 
First Principal that fraternal recognition be accorded to the Grand Royal 
Arch Chapter of Argentina; the National Grand Chapter Helvetia of 
Royal Arch Masons of Switzerland; and the Grand Chapter of Royal 
Arch Masons of the Netherlands. As this decision is made by Grand 
Chapter in Convocation, your Committee, having in mind the conditions 
existing in some countries, must consider the prerogatives necessary for 
such recognition. First, the Grand Lodge from which the Grand Chap- 
ter seeking recognition obtains its members must be in fraternal rela- 
tionships with the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario, 
and secondly, the Grand Chapter seeking recognition should give an 
assurance that it obtains its members only from the Lodges forming part 
of a Grand Lodge so recognized. These conditions with reference to 
these three Grand Chapters appear to have been fulfilled and your Com- 
mittee concurs in our Grand Z.'s recommendation and asks that recogni- 
tion be accorded with the usual exchange of representatives. 

Our Grand First Principal, has stressed the ever present problem of 
membership and noted, as we are aware, the depletion in our membership 


by the transfer of the Chapters in the Yukon to the Grand Chapter of 
British Columbia. This should not be a matter of regret as it was the 
decision of our Grand Chapter. Nevertheless, his counsel demands our 
utmost consideration and serious study should be given. In the past, we 
have been advised by the Chairmen of our Committees as they seriously 
and conscientiously reported on this matter, but very little appears to 
have been done. His suggestion that all Chapters appoint an active 
Membership Committee meets with our approval. 

Your Committee pays sincere tribute to the zeal with which our 
Grand Z. has performed his duties during the past year, and we assure 
him he has earned the respect of all Royal Arch Masons in this Grand 

Respectfully submitted, 






JOHN M. BURDEN, Chairman. 
It was moved by M. Ex. Comp. J. M. Burden, seconded by M. Ex. 
Comp. F. W. Dean, and: — 

Resolved — That the report of the Committee on the Grand Z's 
Address be received and adopted. 


Moved by R. Ex. Comp. C. W. Emmett, seconded by R. Ex. Comp. 
Fraser Hay, and: — 

Resolved — That R. Ex. Comp. B. S» Scott be elected Grand Historian. 


To the Most Excellent Grand "Z", Officers and Members of the Grand 

Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Canada, in the Province of Ontario 
Most Excellent Grand "Z" and Companions: 

Your Committee on Benevolence has considered the Applications for 
Relief and we recommend that an appropriation be made in the Estimates 
for the coming Grand Chapter year for Grants to the following: 

1 Widow of G. McN $150.00 

5 Widow of G. S. M 200.00 

8 Widow of R. J 150.00 

16 Widow of W. J. N 200.00 

53 Daughter of J. S 150.00 

62 Widow of J. B. 150.00 

81 Companion R. E. M 100.00 

102 Companion T. W. 200.00 

145 Daughter of J. C 200.00 

Special Widow of E. S 200.00 

241 Widow of W. S. M. E 200.00 

246 Companion B. F 150.00 


We further recommend that an amount of $600.00 be provided for 
Interim Relief, if it be needed before the next Annual Convocation of 
Grand Chapter. 

Several years ago your Committee on Benevolence revised the form 
of application to be used by Chapters when applying for Benevolence. We 
strongly urge all concerned in the preparation of these applications to 
see that they are properly completed, full in formation furnished and 
that the completed forms are in the hands of the Grand Scribe "E" not 
later than January 31st. Much valuable time is lost and no doubt hardship 


created by failure to properly follow instructions contained on these 

Fraternally submitted, 

Committee on Benevolence 
F. W. DEAN, Chairman. 
It was moved by R. Ex. Comp. C. W. Emmett, seconded by M. Ex. 
Comp. F. W. Dean, and: — 

Resolved — That the Report of the Committee on Benevolence be 
received and adopted. 


Moved by R. Ex. Comp. C. W. Emmett, seconded by R. Ex. Comp. 
Fraser Hay, and: — 

The following Companions comprise the Committee on Benevolence 
and are members of the Executive Committee of Grand Chapter for the 
respective years: 

R. Ex. Comp. R. N. McElhinney, retires 1961. 

M. Ex. Comp. F. W. Dean, retires in 1962. 

R. Ex. Comp. D. C. Patmore, retires in 1963. 


To the Most Excellent the Grand Zerubbabel, Officers and Members of the 
Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the 
Province of Ontario 
Most Excellent Sir & Companions: 

The report of the Committee on Awards for the Distinguished Ser- 
vice Medal is again brief. During the past year a preliminary application 
was presented but was not favourably considered and very late in the 
year four additional preliminary applications were presented and your 
Committee felt that in order that the fullest information could be ob- 
tained and be available in connection, with the Companions so suggested 
for the Award, that a questionnaire should be drafted to be submitted by 
the First Principal and Scribe E. of the Chapter, containing the neces- 
sary information with regard to the Companion proposed. A copy of the 
questionnaire, as drafted by the Committee, is attached hereto. Three of 
these have been returned, properly filled out and in satisfactory form 
that the Committee now recommends that the individual Chapters take 
the necessary steps through notice of motion in their Chapter, and the 
subsequent approval by Companions of the Chapter by majority vote 
that the Companions should be so recognized. We regret that one of 
those recommended has died in the interval and also we regret that time 
does not permit the approval at this Grand Chapter of these awards to 
the three remaining Companions, but we trust that we may be in a 
position to make a complete report in this regard to the next Annual 

We would point out that there have been only six of these awards 
made since they were instituted in 1946 and that it is intended that they 
should be a reward for "Distinguished Service" rather than simply "In- 
terested Service" to Capitular Masonry by a Companion who has never 
been and is not likely ever to be a First Principal of his Chapter. 

All of which is respectfully and fraternally submitted. 

C. M. PITTS, P.G.Z., Chairman. 

It was moved by Rt. Ex. Comp. C. W. Emmett, seconded by Most 
Ex. Comp. C. M. Pitts and — 

Resolved — That the report of the Committee on Awards for Dis- 
tinguished Service Medal be received and adopted. 


The following Companions comprise the Committee on Awards for 
the Distinguished Service Medal, for Grand Chapter for their respective 
terms i 

M. EX. COMP. C. M. PITTS, 1963, Chairman. 

M. EX. COMP. A. G. N. BRADSHAW, 1962. 

M. EX. COMP. J. M. BURDEN, 1961. 


To the Most Excellent the Grand First Principal, Officers and Members 

of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the 
Province of Ontario. 
Most Excellent Sir and Companions: 

Your Committee has carefully studied the reports of the Grand 
Superintendents as submitted for each District in our jurisdiction. We 
are most happy to report that all Districts filed a statistical report and 
most of the Grand Superintendents in addition forwarded a very com- 
prehensive coverage of the year's activities in their respective Districts. 

Your Committee would like to direct the attention of the incoming 
Grand Superintendents to the importance of submitting their reports 
and comments promptly so as to allow adequate time for their study and 

When the reports of the Grand Superintendents are studied it be- 
comes very clear that our Grand First, Second and Third Principals have 
been extremely active and have visited many Chapters and Districts, not 
only taking an active part in the work of the Chapters but in addition 
delivering many inspiring addresses to the assembled Companions. It 
was their happy privilege during the course of this year to present jewels 
for fifty years' service in Royal Arch Masonry and also to present sev- 
eral twenty-five year past Principals' jewels to some of the Companions. 

It is noteworthy that our three Grand Principals have travelled a 
considerable distance to attend a convocation on one evening and then 
move to almost the exact end of the province for a meeting the following 
night. This, you will agree, takes stamina and endurance, and we pray 
that the Almighty will continue to endow them with good health so as to 
enable them to carry on their inspired leadership in the years to come. 
They have been truly well chosen for their allotted tasks. 

We would be remiss in our report if we neglected to mention the 
equally arduous duties performed by Right Excellent Companion Lewis, 
our Grand Lecturer. He, too, has travelled extensively, dispensing light 
and knowledge to his Companions wheresoever dispersed within our 
provincial boundaries. 

This year has brought many changes in our usual routines. Our 
good friend, Right Excellent Companion Fred Johnson left us tem- 
porarily to sojourn with his relatives in distant lands. M. Ex. Com- 
panion Maurice Searle, who is well beloved among us, has taken over his 
duties and is acting Grand Scribe E. As many of you know, M. Ex. Comp. 
Searle has suffered some ill health recently and we are all so pleased to 
see him back amongst us and beginning to look like his usual cheerful 
self once again. Our prayers for him are for a full and speedy recovery, 
and in so saying we must admit to some selfishness. His inspiration and 
enthusiasm are greatly needed just as we need the continued support and 
guidance so freely and wisely given by our Past Most Excellent Com- 
panions. We as Companions of our order, are singularly blessed to have 
had such capablo and distinguished Companions to give us leadership 
ever the years. 

Information from various Chapter sources indicate that our Grand 
Superintendents have done a remarkably fine job in their different dis- 


tricts. We have already mentioned the very comprehensive reports sent 
in by them and we know from these reports that we have many dedicated 
Companions within our ranks. 

While your Committee looks forward to the future of Capitular 
Masonry in Ontario there are none the less certain areas of concern about 
which all Companions should be made aware. 

The net loss in membership this year over last year is of prime im- 
portance. Strong emphasis must be placed on this stragetic area of our 
endeavours. It is a matter of real concern to all of us and it must be 
noted here that after allowing for the transfer of the Yukon District to 
the Grand Chapter of British Columbia we have experienced our first net 
loss in members in many years. This points up very sharply the necessity 
of a careful study on possible potential new members by each of our con- 
stituent Chapters. For many years it has been suggested that our mem- 
bership should be on a ratio of more than one to six with Craft Masonry. 
Our total membership this year is somewhat less than that suggested 
ratio which in the opinion of your Committee is hardly adequate at best. 

We have a very tangible offering to make to Craft Masons — we can 
assure them the completion of their Master Mason Degree. This fact 
should be presented to Craft Masons at every opportunity, and your Com- 
mittee urges that each and every Chapter in our jurisdiction do some- 
thing about this situation and DO IT NOW. 

For your information seventy Chapters showed a decrease in mem- 
bership in 1959; sixty-seven Chapters had an increase, and twenty Chap- 
ters were just even with last year's returns. This is an extremely serious 
situation and this Committee in its report is underscoring the urgency of 
this situation. 

If we may touch on finance for a moment, and we do only insofar as 
it concerns the condition of Capitular Masonry in our jurisdiction, we 
would like to point out that the average dues for all Chapters works out 
to about $6.50 per resident member. In view of current costs and ex- 
penses it would seem reasonable that those Chapters who are still work- 
ing on a $4 or less annual dues should, consider increasing them at least 
up to the $6.50 average already mentioned. 

Attendance at many of our convocations was a matter of great con- 
cern, and throughout the reports of the District Superintendents this 
subject was frequently interjected. The average attendance at our meet- 
ings this year — members and visitors, all meetings, regular and emer- 
gent — was 27.2 members. We are not getting nearly enough members 
out to our meetings. This matter should be discussed in open Chapter 
and plans made to improve it. Ways and means should be considered, 
attendance committees formed and we stress attendance committees that 
will function. Your Committee suggests that you do not wait for the 
other fellow to do something about it. You as a member of your Chapter 
should do something about it at your very next meeting. Make a deter- 
mined effort to get more members out and more members active. 
Outstanding Dues 

From the reports of the Grand Superintendents we gather informa- 
tion as regards outstanding dues and are deeply concerned over the total 
amount that is outstanding. We are all aware that outstanding dues 
eventually means (in most cases) a withdrawal or a suspension, and 
either one of these items deplete our total membership. Membership, at- 
tendance, proper dues and their prompt payment are all integrated and 
each factor plays a significant part in the strength and well-being of our 
individual Chapters. 

Active, wide-awake Chapters are healthy, vigorous Chapters; work 
is well planned and properly executed. To keep our standards of degree 


work high and so insure uniformity in their execution we are happy to 
report that many Chapters and Lodges of Instruction were held during 
1959. These were of considerable benefit as well as being extremely in- 
teresting. As an indication of the benefits derived from such instruction 
a table of percentages was contrived to fix values for the terms excellent, 
very good, good, etc., which comments appear on the Grand Superinten- 
dents' reports. These percentages were applied to the aforementioned 
terms and it is with some gratification that we report our average in 
execution of degree work was upwards of 85 per cent. 


Benevolence is a word of broad meaning, and your Committee is 
proud to report that Benevolence was practised through financial as- 
sistance by many of the Chapters throughout the jurisdiction. As one 
persued the reports of the Grand Superintendents it was quite evident 
that Benevolence was also prevalent in the many acts of kindness and 
thoughtfulness on behalf of not only our own Companions but also to 
those outside our portals. 

Divine Services 

District Divine Services were held in most Districts and were for the 
most part well attended. In some Districts the distance involved made a 
District Divine Service well nigh impossible. In many of these areas, 
however, Chapters which were located close enough together held com- 
bined Services for the mutual benefit and the fraternization of the 
Companions in their area. 

It was observed from reports that Right Excellent Companion Cox of 
Algoma District travelled about seven thousand miles to cover his visita- 
tions and to attend Grand Chapter. Some Companions attended Espanola 
Chapter from a distance of seventy-five miles, or a round trip of one 
hundred and fifty miles. With such zeal it is understandable why we can 
look forward confidently to a bright future in Capitular Masonry in our 

In conclusion we would like to pay tribute to our Senior Companions, 
some of whom leave us each year for service in the Grand Chapter above. 
This year, as in others, we have temporarily lost contact with many 
dedicated and zealous Companions, and the Committee on Fraternal 
Dead will enumerate them; but we feel we must mention one name, that 
of Ex. Comp. George Norman of Sombra Chapter, Wallaceburg. Ex. 
Comp. Norman passed on just short of his ninety-second birthday and 
we are informed he was still active in degree work up until about a 
month before his death. 

Companions, with such an example of fidelity and such a wealth of 
leadership, such a depth of sincere purposeful men dedicated to Royal 
Arch Masonry, your Committee, in spite of some areas of concern, can 
only report that the condition of Capitular Masonry in this jurisdiction 
is extremely good. 

All of which is respectively and fraternally submitted. 



J. A. COX 


B. C. DAMUDE, Vice-Chairman. 

STAN PORTCH, Chairman. 

It was moved by R. Ex. Comp. C. W. Emmett, seconded by R. Ex. 
Comp. Stan Portch, and: — 

Resolved — That the report of the Special Committee on Conditions 
of Capitular Masonry be received and adopted. 



To the Most Excellent the Grand Z., Officers and Companions of the 
Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario 

The Committee on Finance submits the following report for the year 
ending February 29, 1960. 

The reports of the Grand Treasurer, the Auditor and the Grand 
Scribe E. for the year ending February 29, 1960, have been reviewed by 
the members of this Committee, and these reports are now being sub- 
mitted to this grand body for consideration. 

We find these reports fully and accurately set out details and trans- 
actions of the financial position of this Grand Chapter for the fiscal year. 
All items of receipts and disbursements in respect to the General Fund, 
the Victory Thanksgiving Benevolent Fund, the Life Membership and 
Chapters' Life Membership Fund are properly detailed^ and these re- 
ports contain complete schedules of the securities in which these funds 
are now invested. 

Exhibit "A" is a balance sheet showing all assets and liabilities of 
the Grand Chapter. It includes the funds which are entrusted to and over 
which the Grand Chapter has control. Your Finance Committee is pleased 
to note the reduction in the amounts owing to Grand Chapter by the 
constituent chapters, from $955 in 1959 to $703 in 1960; nevertheless, 
this is still considerably higher than previous years and we must again 
urge the constituent chapters to make their remittances more promptly. 

There is an amount of $2,493.90 due from the Life Membership Fund 
and your Finance Committee recommends for your approval that this 
amount be transferred to the General Fund . 

Among the liabilities you will note that there is an unexpended re- 
serve of $562.57 for Masonic Education and $100 for Library, making a 
total of $662.57. While this reserve has been carried for several years we 
are recommending that it be again carried for 1960, and that the Finance 
Committee after investigation make their recommendation for your ap- 
proval to cancel it in 1961. 

The Comparative Revenue and Expenditure Account marked Exhibit 
"B" indicates that our revenue of $27,748.54 was in excess of our expendi- 
tures of $26,232.33, providing a net revenue of $1,538.85, and was $595.39 
higher than budgeted. This was made possible by a reduction in expendi- 
ture of $1,538.85 of which the main item was $2,200 for supplies for resale 
to the constituent chapters, and a reduction in the General Travelling Ex- 
pense of $576.60 during the latter part of the year. There was also an 
improvement in revenue from dues of $393. The sale of "Grand Chapter 
History" was disappointing and was $1,512 less than budgeted. 

The details of the receipts and expenditures of the Victory Thanks- 
giving Benevolent Fund, the Life Membership Fund and the Chapters' 
Life Membership Fund are set out in schedules 1, 2 and 3. You will note 
that the income account of the Victory Thanksgiving Benevolent Fund has 
increased by $424.20 composed of donations of $51.20 and unspent accrued 
interest of $373. 

Our securities have been examined and certified by our auditor. They 
are held in a place and custody authorized by Grand Chapter. The par 
value covering all securities is $157,700 which is $1,000 higher than 1959, 
but owing to the amount expended on our Centennial Convocation our se- 
curities are $16,000 less than reported at the end of our fiscal year in 1958. 

In submitting the following budget of Revenue and Expenditures we 
have taken into consideration a slightly reduced revenue due to a couple of 
Chapters being in difficulty. We expect to maintain a good control of ex- 
penditures and the only maior increase will be $500 to meet the increased 
costs of holding this convocation. 


The following is our estimate of Revenue and Expenditure for the 
year ending February 28, 1961. 

Revenue and Expenditures for Fiscal Year Ending February 28, 1961 

Registration Fees $ 2,750.00 

Dues per capita 16,500.00 

Life Membership Dues 2,500.00 

Dispensations and Warrants 150.00 

Interest on Investment and Funds on Deposit 2,775.00 

Receipts from Sale of Supplies $2,400.00 

Sale of Grand Chapter History 550.00 2,950.00 



Grand Scribe E. Compensation $4,800.00 

Secretarial 3,240.00 

Telephone, postage and miscellaneous 800.00 

Rent ' 1,380.00 

Foreign Correspondence 300.00 

Printing Proceedings $1,700.00 

Printing Supplies for Sale to Constituent Chapters 2,400.00 

Printing— General 700.00 4,800.00 

Travelling Grand Z. $2,000.00 

General 700.00 2,700.00 

Audit Fee 500.00 

Expense of Convocation $4,000.00 

Executive Committee 1,800.00 5,800.00 


Jewels and Engraving $ 300.00 

Grant to Masonic Library 125.00 

Grant, to Canadian Masonic Research Association ... 50.00 

Chapter Life Membership Fund 2.00 

Liability Insurance 1,328.18 1,805.18 

Estimated Net Surplus $1,500.00 

Your Finance Committee would like to express appreciation to our 
Grand Z. for his untiring efforts in not only carrying out the duties of 
his office but assisting with the duties of the Acting Grand Scribe E. 
during his unfortunate illness. We would also express our appreciation to 
Rt. Ex. Comp. Fred J. Johnson who has served this Grand Chapter for 
many years. This Grand Chapter is extremely fortunate to have Com- 
panions such as Rt. Ex. Comp. Reg. J. Lewis who voluntarily stepped in 
to fill the gap during the illness of our Acting Grand Scribe E., and to 
him we owe a special vote of appreciation. 

All of this is fraternally and respectfully submitted on behalf of the 

J. E. GIRVEN, Chairman. 

It was moved by R. Ex. Comp. C. W. Emmett, seconded by R. Ex. 
Comp. J. E. Girven, and: — 

Resolved — That the report of the Committee on Finance be received 
and adopted. 



To the Most Excellent Grand First Principal, Officers and Members of 
the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the 
Province of Ontario. 
Most Excellent Sir and Companions: 

How fitting to pause in the business of this Convocation of Grand 
Chapter to pay a tribute of respect and affection to our Fraternal Dead. 
Words are poor tools with which to fashion the appreciation which all 
our hearts would like to express today. The distance between abstraction 
and living reality is always great, but never more baffling than when we 
try to appraise the life, mission and character of those known so inti- 
mately to us but who have now passed beyond our visible sight into the 
Grand Chapter above. Some had passed the three score years and ten 
and some were young men. 

At a moment such as this the great gift of memory seems most 
precious. It is wonderful to walk with the Most High, to lie down in 
green pastures, to walk beside still waters, to walk through the garden 
of beautiful memories. He helps us forget sorrow and despair and re- 
member the good and the beautiful. He leads us in the paths of righteous- 
ness, and feeds our souls with His goodness and mercy. Thus we walk 
with the hope that when we come to the end of cur days our record in 
the Book of Life will win the commendations not only of our Com- 
panions but primarily of God. 

We honour alike those who have filled offices in this or any other 
Grand Chapter and those who have served their own Chapters with dis- 
tinction and fidelity. We feel confident that the Lord of Life will ac- 
knowledge this faithfulness. Some have served lives as an open book to 
be read by all men. Some have concealed their labours of love and service 
so that they have gone unrecognized by man. Both leave us a great 
legacy of faith and good-will and a challenge to carry on and build a 
firm structure upon the foundations already laid. They could well have 
repeated, as in his last letter to the world, Paul said, "I have fought a 
good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith." 

Truly they were taught of God to love. Now they are fully in that 
love. We shall see them again when the day breaks and the shadows flee 
away. When death comes it is of little importance where we lived or 
when; of supreme significance is the nature of our living, our working, 
our playing, our serving, our dying. Death is not the end but the great 
new beginning, not tragedy but triumph and fulfillment if, before that 
great moment we have really begun to live in Him by faith, worthwhile 
life here and now depends upon our trust in God; the life to come depends 
on nothing less. Fortunate are those who have learned the secret of life's 
renewal and run with patience the race that is set before them. 
There is no time that we can set for parting, 
We who must remain are never ready for such pain, 
Ever our prayer would be: "Not yet, dear Lord, 
Another day with us let our beloved stay." 
But we must know when falls the blow. 
That wisely God hath willed it so. 

J. C. SIM 

d. a. Mcdonald 
j. sinclair 

A. K. CAMPBELL, Vice-Chairman. 
It was moved by R. Ex. Comp. C. W. Emmett, seconded by R. Ex. 
Comp. G. A. Phillips, and: — 

Resolved — That the Report of the Committee on the Fraternal Dead 
be received. 


The following Companions of Grand Chapter rank passed to their 
reward during the year 1959: 

40. V. Ex. Comp. J. P. Gould 

61. V. Ex. Comp. J. Patterson 

94. R. Ex. Comp. S. W. Gould 
138. R. Ex. Comp. J. Marr 

163. R. Ex. Comp. W. S. M. Enouy, R. Ex. Comp. W. H. Ford 
175. V. Ex. Comp. W. J. Riddell 
205. R. Ex. Comp. H. S. Sparks 

Note — This is not a complete list, but this represents the number for 
which we have received the official notices from the various Chapters up 
to the present time. 

DEATHS— 1959 

1. W. Y. Cannon, 0. K. Cowdy, D. Douglas, E. Davis, R. S. Glilespie, 
W. H. Irwin, G. F. Matthews, R. A. McMahon, C. A. McPherson, D. J. 
Rankin, G. R. Schamehorn, J. E. Singleton, P. E. Topliss, H. C. 
Walker, R. Waugh. 

2. T. P. Allan, T. Calladine, R. Geddes, J. M. Kitchen, J. C. Leith, G. 
Milne, J. J. MacKay, C. A. McGara, T. B. Northcott, H. Stevens, J. 

3. J. Crawford, F. B. Gidley, W. W. Grube, W. J. Kilpatrick, W. D. 
MacGregor, A. J. McGuffin, W. J. Newman, C. W. Stryker, A. 
Utting, A. Walsh, A. E. Westman. 

4. D. Arnot, C. Bulley, F. L. Dinsmore. 

5. J. P. Baker, W. D. Elliott, C. W. Few, W. J. Gibling, W. T. Helm, 
M. H. Lee, F. D. Millar, W. Pope, W. R. Stephenson. 

6. F. J. Baillie, T. L. Catchpole, S. B. Fuller. 

7. W. E. Clare. 

8. H. H. E. Cook, S. N. Francis, H. Ploss, W. H. Reeder, F. 0. Tidy. 

15. J. E. Borthwick, A. Brown, R. English, N. Gillis. 

16. L. E. Allen, H. W. Cole, D. S. Fraser, J. Gray, F. J. Hannibal, R. 
Nicholson, R. Richardson, E. J. McCleery, F. A. McDiarmid, W. R. 
Saults, E. G. Shane, C. H. B. Sievers, P. L. Young. 

18. F. H. Bond, G. A. Dispond, R. A. Hotson, A. Huntley, I. A. R. 
Hughes, A. C. Kendall, A. R. McWhinnie, R. L. Treleaven. 

19. H. W. Banks, R. Barr, L. T. Bradley, J. Mcintosh, R. B. Richardson, 
J. Whiteley, W. T. Ross, T. E. Warren, T. R. Wiley. 

20. D. Adams, C. R. Hayes, T. E. Holmes, D. 0. Walker, A. R. Misner, 
C. M. Sheppard. 

22. G. Hainsworth, L. J. Place, C. A. Ransom. 

23. R. Maclntyre. 

24. W. W. Ball, A. Cameron, R. R. Morrice, E. P. Nisbet, W. E. Osbalde- 
ston, J. H. A. Slater. 

26. W. H. Bradshaw. 

27. A. S. Gibson, W. R. Hammond, R. R. Hilliard, C. A. Kennedy, J. W. 
McCannel, E. J. Sivil. 

28. F. Proctor, I. F. Bulmer. F. E. Hare. 

29. G. A. Clark, A. M. Hicks, R. H. Smith, O. A. Sundry, H. T. Traves. 

30. D. G. Henderson. 

31. J. A. Maher, C. G. Rutter, A. S. Tozer. 

32. J. G. Biggar, W. J. Carswell, P. Sutherland. 

34. W. N. Elliott. 

35. L. W. Dudley, W. E. Jamieson, F. T. Rowe. 

36. J. E. Burnham, C. G. Graham, J. Hamilton, D. C. Hope, C. K. Lech, 
F. G. McNeely, G. B. Wilson. 

37. A. E. Choate, C. E. Swaisland. 

40. E. J. Burcombe, W. H. Gibson, A. F. Moore, H. Wilson. 

41. A. W. Huntley. 


44. H. G. Brennan, A. C. Tummon, E. B. Weiss. 

45. M. Peters. 

46. J. G. Seaton. 

47. H. V. Cameron, W. J. McQuire, J. C. Shepherd. 

53. J. M. Cunningham. 

54. J. Blaxall, J. A. Bowers, C. E. Flexen, A. J. Miller, J. C. Schweitzer. 

56. A. O. Fuller, G. A. Garbutt, F. Lumley, E. J. Sivil, J. Snowball, I. 

57. R. L. Bell, J. R. Scott, H. Stroud. 

59. H. L. Bishop, L. M. Breakell, W. H. Comstock, W. W. Dool, A. E. 
Haskins, P. E. Heward, 0. C. Holmes, W. J. Leonard, S. Marshall, 
T. R. Morrison, G. F. McGrath, C. E. Price, R. H. Sheridan, A. Wood- 

61. J. F. Patterson, T. A. Wilson. 

62. W. H. Cochrane, N. J. McLeod. 

63. H. Clark, D. G. Ross. 

64. R. M. Barron, F. M. Brown, M. Vaughan. 

65. M. S. Burger, D. Jordan, T. F. Livingstone, F. T. Parker. 

66. H. R. Colbert, 

67. A. K. Dillane, G. N. Howes, J. L. Ketchen, Rev. G. H. Thomas. 

68. T. Harbison. 

71. L. L. Denison, W. Edgington. 

72. F. S. Anderson, E. A. Carleton, R. O. Heath. 

73. L. Bobier, J. D. Carnegie, N. McKay. 

74. G. A. Douglas. 

75. G. A. Morley. 

76. H. Brown. 

77. A. H. J. Allison, A. Bell, A. J. Cook, J. H. Corner, J. A. Farwell, 
A. F. Miller, W. H. Murchison, A. J. O'Neill, R. Parks, R. S. Tovell, 
F. Walters. 

78. G. Ball, B. Bossenberry, J. W. Campbell. 

80. W. N. Appleyard, J. Archibald, J. S. Brown, W. H. Carswell, W. T. 
Dunlop, F. C. Just, A. P. Mclntyre, G. H. Nairn, J. Sale, H. G. Sin- 
clair, C. Widdows. 

81. E. Baker. 

82. C. F. Freed, F. C. Graham, L. M. Jones, S. H. Sherratt, R. P. Teas- 

83. J. M. Murray. 

84. G. W. Carr, J. G. Gillespie, R. M. Shields. 

90. H. F. Attwell, C. H. Clifton, R. H. Elliott, H. S. Galloway, C. Howard. 

91. S. Bett, J. J. Herb, J. Silk, W. H. Wright. 

94. E. H. Boswell, N. A. Brown, C. W. Burgoyne, W. Langdon, A. Rettie. 

95. J. E. Lafferty, Z. Lesser, J. E. McKerrow, D. G. Nairn, M. C. New- 
combe, G. E. J. Perry, J. P. Reid, W. J. Trezise, T. S. Wilson. 

102. E. Bowman, O. R. Howe, J. N. Kendall, V. Mann, J. R. Myles, A. 
McKay, R. J. Reid, W. D. Stewart, T. Williams, D. Willock. 

103. H. M. Anderson, J. E. Bailey, A. M. Casselman, J. H. Hughes, W. 
Milne, J. M. MacPherson, W. E. Neily, B. F. Nott. 

112. R. H. Armstrong. 

113. C. L. F. Millar, A. McMillan. 

114. R. A. Camelon, J. D. Duncan, G. E. Hawkins. 

115. D. G. James. 

116. J. Lowe, N. R. Houston, T. E. Nichols. 

117. A. Bowman, J. H. Franks, A. Low, J. R. Sanderson, W. J. Schmidt. 
C. Smith, C. F. Vetter. 

119. W. B. Clifford, J. Eltherington, E. A. Guest, C. Kenny, F. R. La- 
mont, A. Whitwam. 

129. T. E. Henry, J. W. Walker, L. Walkom. 

130. D. H. Gallagher, R. B. Hillmer, N. L. MaHaffery. 

131. C. W. Bowins. 


132. B. J. Davis, W. J. Wilson. 

133. F. H. Burnside, T. Green, H. Kendall, C. Landry, R. H. Lowry, S. T. 
Mills, A. A. Murphy. 

135. M. E. Rodman. 

138. A. J. Backhouse, A. W. Cook, P. Gunn, C. W. Long, J. Marr, E. H. 

140. L. S. Dear, F. A. Fair, J. K. Gibson, E. E. Wood. 
143. H. Kilburn, J. W, Robinson, C. A. Stewart, L. A. Wood. 

145. R. L. Donovan, J. Farrington, G. Green, S. Harding, H. E. Heal, W. 
H. Hedges, C. Maude, A. Newell, J. Proctor, G. Rothfus, F. C. Speir, 
E. Taylor, T. Tinline. 

146. T. A. Hamilton, W. A. Johnstone, W. J. Moore. 

148. C. S. Bennett. 

149. C. H. Dodds, J. Fiddes, W. Hirst, A. Murdoch. 

150. J. H. Brighton, J. B. Foote, G. F. Forsyth, N. C. Hart, J. A. Kap- 
lansky, W. N. Legg, H. G. Matthews, J. T. May, B. B. Sipley. 

151. C. C. Condie, A. J. Millar, G. Young. 

152. E. N. Lund, H. W. Lyons, W. Mitchell, W. Walker. 
155. J. McNiece, T. E. Walker. 

161. A. V. Gaebel, A. Gordon, P. Gunn, J. G. McCaw, A. A. Reid. 

163. S. A. Griffin, C. W. Norris. 

164. R. B. Skinner. 

167. T. J. Johnston. 

168. J. F. Little, K. Walmsley. 

169. J. Donaldson, V. H. Longstaffe. 

175. G. H. Moulton, W. J. Riddell, B. C. Tebbs, E. B. Thompson. 

184. P. R. Embury, A. J. Francis, W. C. Tait. 

195. W. Little, W. T. Sanderson. 

198. A. R. Bloor, A. L. Church, T. Sansom. 

205. D. L. G. McKay. 

212. E. Adel, Dr. B. Cymbal,, S. S. Mayles, L. M. Singer. 

214. A. Henderson, C. W. Mcintosh. 

215. E. E. Bryans, J. H. Doughty, J. C. Walker. 
218. E. Rayburn. 

220. H. N. Adams, J. A. Christenson, S. Kerim, D. J. Lammy. 

221. J. E. Evans. 

222. H. Bowman, E. J. McCleary, W. J. Tanner. 

224. T. Adams, J. R. Crocker, J. Robertson. 

225. L. K. Brown, J. S. Pickard, W. H. Roy. 

226. J. L. Erwin, F. A. McDiarmid, R. H. Mcllquham, J. E. Walters. 

227. E. E. Burns, C. Few, A. E. Finley, A. H. Fisher, D. T. Martin, R. 
Slavin, J. L. Walsh. 

230. J. Lowe, J. Sloane. 

231. A. Bell, S. Painter, C. G. Rennie. 

232. G. S. Crawford, W. H. Hedges, J. E. Johnson, A. Mole. 

233. A. E. Hayward, G. S. Mair. 

234. F. McDonald, J. E. Sanford. 

235. F. Butler, B. D. Gilbert, C. E. Lundy, G. R. Wilkinson. 

238. D. M. Drew, E. A. Guest, J. J. MacWilliam. 

239. W. L. Sutor, W. H. Wright. 

240. G. H. Furler. 

241. W. A. Doidge, R. Hook, A. E. Nourse. 
243. W. H. Harris, H. L. S. Clare, H. Hartshorn. 
246. G. H. Brown. 

249. C. L. J. Tucker. 

250. T. Chapman, L. Dowdell, W. K. Duncan, H. R. Nobles, N. E. Patter- 
son, H. F. Thompson, P. J. Waide. 

251. W. H. Specht. 

252. R. Nash, J. D. Van Home. 


253. M. W. MacDonald. 

254. J. A. Follansbee. 

255. J. W. Brownlee. 

257. W. L. Robinson, R. G. Spears. 

258. D. B. Lewis, Rev. G. H. Thomas. 
260. J. A. Christenson, J. Sloane. 


Grand Chapter was "Called Off" at 4.30 o'clock p.m. to permit the 
delegates to select their Grand Superintendent and elect the Officers of 
Grand Chapter for the ensuing year and the next place of meeting. 


Grand Chapter was "Called On" at 9.30 o'clock a.m. 


At the One Hundred and Second Annual Convocation of the Grand 
Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario, held 
in the Royal York Hotel, City of Toronto, Ontario, on April 12 and 13, 
1960. The following officers and Committees were elected and appointed: 

V. Ex. Comp J. A. Prince, Chairman, and V. Ex. Comp. S. Solley, 
Vice-Chairman, presented the results of the Election as follows: 

M. Ex. Comp. Bruce H. Smith Grand Z. 

169 Dufferin Ave., Belleville, Ontario. 
R. Ex. Comp. Charles W. Emmett Grand H. I Grand 

1310 Tecumseh Park Drive, Port Credit, Ontario. f Council 

R. Ex. Comp. Fraser Hay Grand J. 

165 Victoria Ave. N., Listowel, Ontario. 


R. Ex. Comp. Rev. David Kerr Grand Chaplain 

390 Perth Avenue, Toronto, Ontario. 

M. Ex. Comp. Fred W. Dean Grand Treasurer 

244 Holton Ave. South, Hamilton, Ontario. 

M. Ex. Comp. Maurice A. Searle Grand Scribe E. 

Apt. 206 - 111 Oriole Parkway, Toronto 7, Ontario, 

R. Ex. Comp. William L. Davies Grand Scribe N. 

66 Bromleigh Ave., London, Ontario. 

R. Ex. Comp. John W. Dickens Grand Principal Sojourner 

3241 Dominion Blvd., Windsor, Ontario. 

R. Ex. Comp. Arthur W. Ayre Grand Registrar 

22 Connaught Ave., London, Ontario. 

R. Ex. Comp. Andrew F. Tannahill, Apt. 104 — 780 Eglinton Ave. W., 

Toronto, Ont. 
R. Ex. Comp. James E. Girven, 581 Weller St., Peterborough, Ont. 
R. Ex. Comp. F. Carl Ackert, 1 Lincoln Ave., Gait, Ont. 
R. Ex. Comp. G. Harold Shannon, 30 Spetz Street, Kitchener, Ontario. 
R. Ex. Comp. George A. Phillips Jr., 39 Daniel St., Smith Falls, Ont. 
The nominations for Grand Superintendents were submitted to the 
Most Excellent Grand Z, who was pleased to approve, and the following 
selections were confirmed: 

St. Clair District No. 1 R. Ex. Comp. E. Ivan McConnell, 

Erieu, Ont. 

London District No. 2 R. Ex. Comp. Leo J. Gent, 

Box 78, Dorchester, Ont. 

Wilson District No. 3 R. Ex. Comp. Chesley R. Burton, 

9 Banfield Street, Paris, Ont. 
Wellington District No. 4 R. Ex. Comp. Lawrence E. Morphy, 

Box 188, Palmerston, Ont. 


Hamilton District No. 5 R. Ex. Comp. Ralph J. Cocks, 
Box 159, Winona, Ont. 

Huron District No. 6 R. Ex. Comp. William Russell Carmen Bradford, 

11 Britannia Road W., Box 36, Goderich, Ont. 

Niagara District No. 7 R. Ex. Comp, Frank R. Martin, 

421 Pine Street, Dunnville, Ont. 

Toronto East District No. 8 R. Ex. Comp. William N. Holywell, 

299 Donlands Ave., Toronto 6, Ont. 

Toronto West District No. 8 A R. Ex. Comp. Arthur E. Sharpe, 

37 St. Cuthbert's Road, Toronto 17, Ont. 

Georgian District No. 9 R. Ex. Comp. John G. Cruickshank, 

769 Second Ave. E., Owen Sound, Ont. 

Ontario District No. 10 R. Ex. Comp. William Baker, 

Harwood, Ont. 

Prince Edward District No. 11 R. Ex. Comp. Delmer Huff, 

R.R. No. 1, Picton, Ont. 

St. Lawrence District No. 12 R. Ex. Comp. James A. Greer, 

R.R. No. 3, Brockville, Ont. 

Ottawa District No. 13 R. Ex. Comp. Edgar A. H. Shane, 

P.O. Box 256, Buckingham, Quebec 

Algoma District No. 14 R. Ex. Comp. Samuel R. LeRoy Newman, 

930 Second St. E., Fort Frances, Ont. 

New Ontario District No. 15 R. Ex. Comp. Alan J. Higgins, 

Box 255, Espanola, Ont. 

Temiskaming District No. 16 R. Ex. Comp. James Ralph, 

186 Maple St. South, Timmins, Ont. 


The One Hundred and Third Annual Convocation will be held in the 
City of Toronto, Ontario-, on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 18 and 19, 
1961, commencing at ten o'clock in the forenoon as per Section 20 of the 


To the Most Excellent the Grand First Principal, Officers and Members 
of the Grand Chapter of Royal ArchMasons of Canada in the Province of 


Most Excellent Sir and Companions: 

It is with sincere regret that your Committee has to report a net loss 
in membership of 113 for the year 1959 — the first net loss in seventeen 
years. Under normal circumstances we would have had a net increase of 
39, but due to our seceding the Yukon Territory to British Columbia we 
suffered an immediate loss of 152 members over and above ordinary 
withdrawals. Our membership of 22,628 as at the end of 1958 now stands 
at 22,515. 

The reasons for the drop in membership are quite apparent in a 
review of the following Ten Year Statistical Report on Membership, 
which is earnestly recommended to the serious consideration and study 
of every one of our Companions. 







55 w 

.r-c CO 









2 « 









c S 





f— i '-£ 




i— i +j 

1— 1 <d 

rO O 













of 5 




O <D 















































































































It will be noted from the above figures that total admissions were 
down eight from the previous year and the total deletions were up 243, 
making a total reduction of 251, turning a gain of 138 into a loss of 113. 
In almost every factor affecting membership the figures are adverse, and 
these will be discussed later in the report. 

An analysis of the records by districts reveals that one district 
showed no gain, ten districts showed a total net gain of 154, six districts 
showed a net loss of 115, and of course Yukon District disappears with a 
loss of 152. 

By Chapters, the records show that twenty had no change, sixty- 
seven had a gain of 343, seventy had a loss of 304, and the two Chapters 
in the Yukon showed a loss of 152. The significant point is that there were 
more Chapters showing losses than showed gains — 70 to 67. It is evident 
that no radical improvement can be expected until more of the Chapters 
show gains and fewer show losses. 

A discussion of the various factors that affect membership will be 
helpful in understanding what must be done to improve the situation. 

While the number of admissions (or new candidates) is up twenty- 
five over the previous year, 1959 with 927 is still the third lowest since 
1943, and with the exception of war and depression years, the third 
lowest since 1907. It simply means that we are not making an earnest 
enough effort to bring more brethren to light in the Royal Arch. Our 
membership is still only slightly over sixteen per cent of the active 
Masons in Ontario. It is certainly a big field to work in and should pro- 
duce results if only all of us would do our part. 

A figure of seventy joinings (or affiliations) for 1959 is the third 
lowest since 1943. It means that there are too many unaffiliated Royal 
Arch Masons in the jurisdiction. On the average, the figures reveal that 
there are three times as many withdrawals as there are affiliations, and 
at this rate it is quite apparent that we are suffering a heavy loss in 
membership from that cause alone. Much of this loss could be avoided if 
Chapter Membership Committees earnestly followed up requests for 
demits and made a real effort to retain such Companions in active mem- 

Last year your Committee pointed out that a figure of twenty 
restorations was the lowest since 1907. This year we show only sixteen, 
which establishes a new low. In the past ten years the average restora- 


tions were one in five suspensions. Last year it was one in thirteen. We 
are not following up suspensions as we should. Many of these suspended 
members can be healed and restored. 

The figure of 426 is the largest loss by demit since 1923 when the 
Grand Chapters of Saskatchewan and Manitoba being formed caused the 
withdrawal of upwards of 4,000 of our members. While this year we lost 
152 from the Yukon to British Columbia, still the difference of 274 is the 
highest figure since 1940. Why are we losing so many by demit ? Are our 
meetings not interesting? Is our work not good? Are we failing to ex- 
tend friendship and companionship ? Whatever the cause we must root it 
out and correct it. We cannot prosper if this high rate of loss continues. 


The same may be said for suspensions. A figure of 205 for 1959 is 
the highest since 1941, and indicates a need for prompt and energetic 
action. Too often suspensions are the result of lack of interest or down- 
right neglect. Allowing members to drift into this position is neither 
rising to our opportunities nor discharging our responsibilities. Such 
members should be contacted and followed up again and again until 
kindness and friendship and companionship win them back to an awaken- 
ed interest and an active participation. 


Once again may your Committee emphasize the fact that our older 
membership involves a greater-than-average death rate, and losses from 
this cause will continue high for some time to come. This is borne out by 
our 1959 loss by death of 495 being the fourth highest in our history. This 
is a matter which is out of our control and our only long-range remedy is 
to bring in still greater numbers of younger candidates to offset these 

From the foregoing discussion and a study of the statistics it is 
evident that while we are not taking in as many candidates as we should, 
our most immediate and pressing problem is to cut down the preventable 
losses which seem to be increasing year by year. Withdrawals and Sus- 
pensions are preventable and the mounting number seems to suggest 
that we are not doing very much about it. 

We can do something. Strong, enthusiastic and dedicated Chapter 
Membership Committees can follow up all requests for demits or mem- 
bers due for suspension. Too often this work is left to the Scribe E. who 
has many other things to do and cannot make the personal contacts 
necessary. If the Chapter has a committee, get it to work. If it hasn't, see 
that such a committee is appointed at once. 

Too many unaffiliated or suspended Royal Arch Masons are being 
allowed to stay outside our membership. Each Chapter would do well to 
follow up all those who have resigned or have been suspended for several 
years past and make a real effort to have them renew their membership. 
It may not have been lack of interest on their part but lack of interest on 
our part which caused them to drift away. New personal contacts will 
show them that we are interested and may be the means of bringing 
many of them back. 

Grand Superintendents 

Grand Superintendents are closer to the Chapters and the Com- 
panions of their districts than anyone else in Grand Chapter. These 
Officers of Grand Chapter must realize their greater responsibility to 
further the work of Membership. In fact, this is one of the most important 
functions of their office, and their whole-hearted interest and support is 
necessary to any worth-while progress. 

Each Superintendent is currently being furnished with statistical 
information,, comparative figures and five-year analyses of the member- 
ship records of his district and each of the Chapters in his district. This 


information shows which Chapters need encouragement, which need 
active help and which need revitalizing. With six districts and seventy 
Chapters showing losses and one district and twenty Chapters showing 
no gains, there is much work for the Grand Superintendents to do, and it 
is hoped that they will give the required leadership and arouse the in- 
terest and enthusiasm of their Companions. 

At the risk of appearing repetitious, may your Committee again 
state that the mission of Royal Arch Masons is to bring assistance, light 
and knowledge to uninformed brethren. It is not the task of the few but 
the responsibility of every Royal Arch Companion to bring their brethren 
into their Chapters. 

May your Committee also urge all Grand Chapter Officers,, present 
and past, ; to seize every opportunity to inspire the Companions to greater 
effort in the field of Membership. It is only by constant reminder that the 
interest of the members can be maintained at the high level necessary to 
produce results. 

It is true that Grand Chapter has suffered the first loss in member- 
ship in many years, but may it stimulate us to greater determination to 
improve the record in the coming years. 

Respectfully and fraternally submitted. 







A. F. TANNAHILL, Chairman. 

It was moved by R. Ex. Comp. C. W. Emmett, seconded by R. Ex. 
Comp. A. F. Tannahill, and: — 

Resolved — That the report of the Special Committee on Member- 
ship be received and adopted. 


Letters, etc. were received conveying greetings and expressing 
regrets for non-attendance from: 
The Grand Chapter of the State of New York Royal Arch Masons — 

Most Ex. Comp. George A. Lambert, Grand Secretary. 
The Grand Royal Arch Chapter of the State of Illinois — 

Most Ex. Comp. Mark C. Morgan, Grand High Priest. 
Grand Chanter Royal Arch Masons of Michigan — 

Most Ex. Comp. Arthur M. Burke, Past Grand High Priest. 

Most Ex. Comp. Orlow J. Myers, Grand Secretary. 
The Grand Holy Royal Arch Chapter of Pennsylvania — 

Most Ex. Comp. J. Kitselman, Grand Secretary. 
Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons in Virginia — 

Companion Carl Frank Wood, Grand Secretary. 
Masonic and Military Order of Knights of the Red Cross of Constantine — 

William G. Scott, Most III. Grand Sovereign. 
The Grand Royal Arch Chapter of New Brunswick — 

Most Ex. Comp. George J. Langell, Grand First Principal. 

Most Ex. Comp. Rov E. Crawford, Grand Scribe E. 
The Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Nova Scotia — 

Most Ex. Comp. Gordon Stewart Walker, Grand High Priest. 

Most Ex. Comp. Harold F. Sipprell, Grand Secretary. 
Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Saskatchewan — 

Most Ex. Comp. H. K. Halldorson, Grand First Principal. 

Most Ex. Comp. A. A. Wilson, Grand Scribe E. 


Supreme Council 33° Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry 
for the Dominion of Canada — 
Dr. James Simpson, Sovereign Grand Commander. 

Most Excellent Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Connecticut — 
Companion Bliss W. Clark, Grand Secretary. 

Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Maine — 

Ira D. Turner, Most Excellent Grand High Priest. 
R. Ex. Comp. Earl D. Webster, Grand Secretary. 

The Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Maryland — 
Most Ex. Comp. Joseph C. Bryan III, Grand High Priest. 
Companion D. Ross Vansant Jr., Grand Secretary. 

Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of the State of Ohio — 
Most Ex. Comp. Homer Trantham, Grand High Priest. 
R. Ex. Comp. Ralph W. Smith, Grand Secretary. 

Grand Royal Arch Chapter of the State of Rhode Island and Providence 
Most Ex. Comp. Arnold C. White, Grand High Priest. 

Grand Royal Arch Chapter of the State of Vermont — 

Most Ex. Comp. E. P. Davenport, Grand High Priest. 
Most Ex. Comp. Aaron H. Grout, Grand Secretary. 

The Most Excellent Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of the State of 
Florida — 
Most Ex. Comp. John B. Phelps, Grand Secretary. 


This Committee reports that no matters requiring its attention oc- 
curred during the year 1959-60. However, the Committee recommends 
that this Committee be continued, according to the Constiution, to be 
ready to deal with matters that may require immediate action within the 
range of its responsibilities at any time in the year 19G0-61. 

Respectfully submitted. 


BEN S. SCOTT, Chairman. 

It was moved by R. Ex. Comp. C. W. Emmett, seconded by R. Ex. 
Comp. Fraser Hay, and: — 

Resolved — That R. Ex. Comp. B. S. Scott be Grand Archivist, and 
Grand Historian, Grand Scribe E., R. Ex. Comps. T. N. Clarke, J. A. 


To the Most Excellent the Grand First Principal, Officers and Members 
of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province of 


Most Excellent Sir and Companions: 

Due to unusual circumstances, the prolonged illness of one of the 
members of the Committee and the extended leave of absence of the 
Grand Scribe E. who has much personal knowledge of the problems in- 
volved, it was not possible for your Committee to meet during the year 
and therefore no progress can be reported at this time. 

Respectfully submitted on behalf of the Committee. 

A. F. TANNAHILL, Chairman. 



Special reference was made by the Grand Z. and others of the most 
loyal and efficient service rendered by Rt. Ex. Comp. F. J. Johnson, who 
had retired from the office of Grand Scribe E., a position he held for ten 
years. It was therefore moved by Rt. Ex. Comp. C. W. Emmett and 
seconded by Rt. Ex. Comp. Fraser Hay that this Grand Chapter record 
its sincere thanks and appreciation to Rt. Ex. Comp. F. J. Johnson for 
his marked contribution as Grand Scribe E. 


M. Ex. Comp. John M. Burden installed and invested the newly 
elected officers of Grand Chapter, including the Grand Superintendents 
of the several Districts, and they were proclaimed and saluted according 
to ancient custom. 


It was moved by R. Ex. Comp. Charles W. Emmett, seconded by R. 
Ex. Comp. Fraser Hay, and — 

Resolved — That the thanks of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch 
Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario be extended to: 

The Credential Committee, under the direction of R. Ex. Comp. J. W. 
Woodland, for the efficient manner in which they carried out their duties; 

The Scrutineers, under the direction of V. Ex. Comp. A. J. Prince, for 
their services in taking charge of the Election of the Officers; 

General Chairman and Sub-Committees, for their untiring and suc- 
cessful success and achievements; 

The Installing Board, under the direction of M. Ex. Comp. J. M. 
Burden, and the Past Grand Z.'s, and to all those who have contributed 
to the success of our One Hundred and Second Annual Convocation. 


The following appointments have been made by Most Ex. Comp. B. 
H. Smith: 


R. Ex. Comp. Lloyd B. Gillespie, 410 Eden Ave., Ottawa, Ont. 

R. Ex. Comp. Stanley Portch, RR 2, 5050 Walker's Line, Milton, Ont. 

R. Ex. Comp. Percival S. Jannison, 633 Albert St. E., Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. 

R. Ex. Comp. H. A. Fred Schytte, 109 Yonge Blvd., Toronto 12, Ont. 

R. Ex. Comp. Carroll E. Griffin, 358 Thorold Road West, Welland, Ont. 


R. Ex. Comp. Reginald J. Lewis Grand Lecturer 

421 St. Clarens Ave., Toronto 4, Ont. 

V. Ex. Comp. C. McMullen Grand Sr. Sojourner 

R.R. No. 5, Belleville, Ont. 

V. Ex. Comp. J. Bach Grand Jr. Sojourner 

Seaforth, Ont. 


V. Ex. Comp. A. W. Jordan Grand Sword Bearer 

264 Campbell Street, Sarnia, Ont. 

V. Ex. Comp. W. M. Stanley Grand Master 4th Veil 

Russell, Ont. 

V. Ex. Comp. Wellington Smith Grand Master 3rd Veil 

Fort Frances, Ont. 

V. Ex. Comp. R. Asselstine Grand Master 2nd Veil 

P.O. Box 129, 62 Arthur Street, Dryden, Ont. 

V. Ex. Comp. R. Manewell Grand Master 1st Veil 

P.O. Box 172, Stouffville, Ont. 

V. Ex. Comp. N. Bohannan Grand Standard Bearer 

29 Kensington Ave., London, Ont. 

V. Ex. Comp. J. Burns Grand D. of C. 

404 Manor Road East, Toronto, Ont. 

V. Ex. Comp. J. W. Davies Assistant Grand D. of C. 

96 Borland East, Orillia, Ont. 

V. Ex. Comp. A. H. Adams Grand Organist 

R.R. 1, Cardinal, Ont. 

V. Ex. Comp. J. E. Jenkins Grand Pursuivant 

26 Ivy Lea Crescent, Toronto, Ont. 

V. Ex. Comp. J. J. Poulton Grand Steward 

119 River Street, Campbellford, Ont. 

V. Ex. Comp. A. Geary Grand Steward 

74 Shanly Street, Toronto 4, Ont. 

V. Ex. Comp. G. L. Nutt Grand Steward 

516 Fair Street, Woodstock, Ont. 

V. Ex. Comp. R. Cruise Grand Steward 

165 Rosemount Avenue, Weston, Ont. 

V. Ex. Comp. K. Cameron Grand Steward 

Lucknow, Ont. 

V. Ex. Comp. J. Broadfoot Grand Steward 

15 Hazelwood Avenue, Toronto 6, Ont. 

V. Ex. Comp. D. L. Armstrong Grand Steward 

Millbridge, Ont. 

V. Ex. Comp. D. J. Marriott Grand Steward 

47 Lincoln Avenue, Gait, Ont. 

V. Ex. Comp. R. Young Grand Steward 

Port Credit, Ont. 

V. Ex. Comp. A. Fox Grand Steward 

Apt. 401, 21 Tichester Road, Toronto 10, Ont. 

V. Ex. Comp. K. R. Colwell Grand Steward 

188 Brander Avenue, Wallaceburg, Ont. 

V. Ex. Comp. G. D. Greive Grand Steward 

Room 220, King Edward Hotel, 88 Elgin St., Box 157, Sudbury, Ont. 

V. Ex. Comp. E. A. Lavery Grand Steward 

20 Main Street, Kirkland Lake, Ont. 


V.Ex. Comp. W. H. King Grand Steward 

208 Bayview Avenue, Toronto 17, Ont. 
V. Ex. Comp. G. W. Ostrander Grand Steward 

52-15th Street, New Toronto, Ont. 
V.Ex. Comp. W. P. Mitchell Grand Steward 

88 Grosvenor Avenue South, Hamilton, Ont. 
V.Ex. Comp. C. M. McNeil Grand Steward 

R.R. No. 2, Port Colborne, Ont. 
V. Ex. Comp. W. J. Stewart Grand Outer Guard 

59 Symington Ave., Toronto 9, Ont. 

The labours of the Annual Convocation 
being ended, Grand Chapter was closed in 
Ample Form at 12.30 p.m., Toronto, On- 
tario, Wednesday, April 13, 1960. 

Illaunce ,yx. Searte 

Grand Scribe E. 

Monday evening, April 11, 1960, the Grand Z., M. Ex. Comp. Bruce 
H. Smith, invited his Council, P.G.Z.'s, Executive Committee to a dinner 
in the Tudor Room, Royal York Hotel, Toronto, to assist him in doing 
honour to his distinguished guests. At the same time Mrs. Helen Smith 
and her Committee entertained the wives and ladies of our distinguished 
guests with a dinner, etc. in the Quebec Room, Royal York Hotel, Toronto. 

Tuesday evening, April 12, 1960, the annual banquet was held in the 
Concert Hall of the Royal York Hotel, over 500 Companions and their 
ladies being present. Our Grand Z. was the chairman and he provided a 
very interesting programme. The guest speaker was the Rev. John 
Young Fraser, Presbyterian Padre, Sunnybrook Veterans' Hospital. 


Rt. Er. Comp. Chas. W. Emmett Grand H. 

(By Virtue of Office) 
Most Ex. Comp. Bruce H. Smith Grand Z. 


(By Virtue of Office) 

M. Ex. Comp. John M. Burden, Q.C. Grand Z. 1943-44 

126 Old Orchard Grove, Toronto 12, Ontario. 

M. Ex. Comp. R. V. Conover, O.B.E. Grand Z. 1945-46 

Box 207, Brampton, Ontario. 

M. Ex. Comp. Fred W. Dean Grand Z. 1947-48 

244 Holton Ave. South, Hamilton, Ontario. 

M. Ex. Comp. Clarence MacLeod Pitts Grand Z. 1949-50 

Tiffany Apts., P.O. Box 374, Ottawa, Ontario. 

M. Ex. Comp. Alexander G. N. Bradshaw Grand Z. 1951-52 

655 Waterloo St., London, Ontario. 

M. Ex. Comp. John Loftus House Grand Z. 1955-56 

14 Pearson Ave., Toronto 3, Ontario. 

M. Ex. Comp. Maurice A. Searle Grand Z. 1957-58 

Apt. 206, 111 Oriole Parkway, Toronto 7, Ontario. 

M. Ex. Comp. Melville S. Gooderham Hon. Grand Z. 1957 

244 Inglewood Drive, Toronto 7, Ontario. 

M. Ex. Comp. the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Galloway Hon. Past Grand Z. 1958 

Rt. Ex. Comp. Dr. Fraser Hay Grand J. 

Rt. Ex. Comp. William L. Davies Grand Scribe N. 

V. Ex. Comp. Joseph A. Hearn, 460 Oriole Pkwy., Toronto. 

Rt. Ex. Comp. Andrew F. Tannahill, 5 Pauline Ave., Toronto 4. 
Rt. Ex. Comp. James E. Girven, 581 Weller St., Peterborough, Ont. 
Rt. Ex. Comp. F. Carl Ackert, 1 Lincoln Ave., Gait, Ont. 
Rt. Ex. Comp. G. Harold Shannon, 30 Spetz St., Kitchener, Ont. 
Rt. Ex. Comp. George A. Phillips Jr., 39 Daniel St., Smith Falls, Ont. 


Rt. Ex. Comp. Lloyd B. Gillespie, 410 Eden Ave., Ottawa, Ont. 

Rt. Ex. Comp. Stanley Portch, R.R. 2, 5059 Walkers Line, Milton, Ont. 

Rt. Ex. Comp. Percival S. Jannison, 633 Albert St. E., Sault Ste. Marie, 


Rt. Ex. Comp. H. A. Fred Schytte, 109 Yonge Blvd., Toronto 12, Ont. 

Rt. Ex. Comp. Carroll E. Griffin, 358 Thorold Rd. West, Welland, Ont. 


(Members of the Executive Committee by Virtue of Office) 
M. Ex. Comp. Fred W. Dean, 244 Holton Ave. South, Hamilton, Ont. 
R. Ex. Comp. DeForest Charles Patmore, 10 Maple Dr., R.R. 3, Orillia, Ont. 
R. Ex. Comp. Robert M. McElhinney, 69 Fuller Ave., Toronto 3, Ont. 

(Members of the Executive Committee by Virtue of Office) 


Grand Z.'s ADDRESS 

M. Ex. Comps. A. G. N. Bradshaw (Chairman), John M. Burden, Q.C., 

R. V. Conover, O.B.E., F. W. Dean, C. M. Pitts, J. L. House, M. A. Searle, 

M. S. Gooderham. 


V. Ex. Comp. Joseph A. Hearn (Chairman), R. Ex. Comp. William N. 

Holywell, R. Ex. Comp. Arthur E. Sharpe. 

R. Ex. Comps. H. A. F. Schytte (Chairman), A. W. Ayre, E. I. McConnell, 

Grand Scribe E. 


R. Ex. Comp. J. E. Girven (Chairman), Grand Council, Past Grand Zs., 

Grand Treasurer, Chairman of Investments and Grand Scribe E. 

R. Ex. Comp. F. C. Ackert (Chairman), Grand Council, Grand Treasurer, 

Grand Scribe E. 

M. Ex. Comp. Fred W. Dean (Chairman), R. Ex. Comps. R. N. McElhinney, 

D. C. Patmore. 

M. Ex. Comps. A. G. N. Bradshaw (Chairman), J. M. Burden, Q.C., 

J. L. House. 

R. Ex. Comps. S. Portch (Chairman), G. H. Shannon (Vice-Chairman), 
L. J. Gent, J. A. Greer, W. Baker, E. A. H. Shane, W. R. C. Bradford. 

M. Ex. Comp. J. M. Burden, Q.C. 

R. Ex. Comps G. A. Phillips (Chairman), Rev. D. Kerr (Vice-Chairman), 
W. L. Davies, J. W. Dickens, C. R. Burton, L. E. Morphy, R. J. Cocks. 

R. Ex. Comp. B. S. Scott. 

R. Ex. Comps. L. B. Gillespie and P. S. Jannison. 

Grand Council, Past Grand Zs., Grand Lecturer and Grand Scribe E. 

R. Ex. Comps. A. F. Tannahill (Chairman), F. J. Johnson (Vice-Chair- 
man), C. E. Griffen, F. R. Martin, J. G. Cruickshank, D. Huff, S. R. L. 
N.ewman, A. J. Higgins, J. Ralph. 



M. Ex. Comps. C. M. Pitts (Chairman), J. M. Burden, Q.C., 

A. G. N. Bradshaw. 


R. Ex. Comps. B. S. Scott (Archivist), J. A. Kennedy, T. Clark, 

Grand Scribe E. 

R. Ex. Comp. C. W. Emmett (Chairman), R. Ex. Comp. A. F. Tannahill 
(Vice-Chairman), M. Ex. Comps. M. A. Searle, J. L. House, R. Ex. Comp. 

J. E. Girven. 

M. Ex. Comps. F. W. Dean (Chairman), J. M. Burden, Q.C., M. A. Searle. 




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WUtf^oH co-S-o-S 



jo awie^ 



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R. Ex. Comp E. Ivan McConnell, Erieau, Ont. 
47. Wellington Chatham 119. King Cyrus Leamington 

71. Prince of Wales Amherstburg 153. Sombra Wallaceburg 

73. Erie Ridgetown 164. Lome West Lome 

80. Ark Windsor 239. Bleinheim Bleinheim 

88. MacNabb Dresden 250. Thomas Peters Windsor 

R. Ex. Comp. Leo J. Gent, Box 78, Dorchester, Ont. 
3. St. John's London 81. Aylmer Aylmer 

5. St. George's London 150. London London 

15. Wawanosh Sarnia 214. Vimy Inwood 

53. Bruce Petrolia 238. The St. Andrew London 

54. Palestine St. Thomas 242. St. Paul's Lambeth 

74. Beaver Strathroy 247. Nilestown Nilestown 

78. Minnewawa Parkhill 252. Hiawatha Sarnia 

R. Ex. Comp. Chesley R. Burton, 9 Banfield Street, Paris, Ont. 

18. Oxford Woodstock 115. Brant Paris 

20. Mount Horeb Brantford 253. Regal Port Dover 

23. Ezra Simcoe 255. Tillsonburg Tillsonburg 

41. Harris Ingersoll 

R. Ex. Comp. Lawrence E. Morphy, Box 188, Palmerston, Ont. 

32. Waterloo Gait 218. Prince Edward Shelburne 

40. Guelph Guelph 221. Durham Durham 

67. Enterprise Palmerston 234. Halton Georgetown 

83. Ionic Orangeville 245. Preston Preston 

117. Kitchener Kitchener 

R. Ex. Comp. Ralph J. Cocks, Box 159, Winona, Ont. 
2. The Hiram Hamilton 175. The Hamilton Hamilton 

6. St. John's Hamilton 224. Keystone Hamilton 

75. St. Clair Milton 236. Caledonia Caledonia 

104. White Oak Oakville 243. McKay Stoney Creek 

155. Ancaster Ancaster 


R. Ex. Comp. William Russell Carmen Bradford, 11 Britannia Road W., 

Box 36, Goderich, Ont. 

24. Tecumseh Stratford 84. Lebanon Wingham 

30. Huron Goderich 129. Elliot Mitchell 

46. St. James St. Mary's 130. Chantry Southampton 

63. Havelock Kincardine 146. Bernard Listowel 

66. The Malloch Seaforth 147. Lucknow Lucknow 

R. Ex. Comp. Frank R. Martin, 421 Pine Street, Dunnville, Ont. 

19. Mt. Moriah St. Catharines 69. Grimsby Grimsby 
29. McCallum Dunville 76. Mount Nebo Niagara Falls 

55. Niagara, Niagara-on-the-Lake 184. Hugh Murray Fort Erie N. 
57. King Hiram Port Colborne 240. Smithville Smithville 

64. Wilson Welland 



R. Ex. Comp. William N. Holywell, 299 Donlands Ave., Toronto 6, Ont. 

4. St. Andrew and St. John 163. The Beaches Toronto 

Toronto 205. Victoria Thornhill 

8. King Solomon Toronto 217. St. Alban's Toronto 

62. York Toronto 225. Beaver Toronto 

65. St. Paul's Toronto 235. Aurora Aurora 

79. Orient Toronto 241. University Toronto 

135. Succoth Uxbridge 258. Tyrian Stouffville 

145. The St. Patrick Toronto 


R. Ex. Comp. Arthur E. Sharpe, 37 St. Cuthbert's Road, Toronto 17, Ont. 

77. Occident Toronto 220. Lebanon Lambton Mills 

91. Toronto-Antiquity Toronto 230. Port Credit Port Credit 

138. Shekinah Toronto 231. The St. Clair Toronto 

195. Peel Brampton 232. King Cyrus Toronto 

212. Mount Sinai Toronto 233. Oakwood Toronto 

215. Mimico Mimico 246. Humber Weston 

219. Ulster Toronto 260. Centennial Streetsville 

R. Ex. Comp. John G. Cruickshank, 769 Second Ave. E., Owen Sound, Ont. 

27. Manitou Collingwood 131. Amabel Wiarton 

34. Signet Barrie 167. Kichikewana Midland 

56. Georgian Owen Sound 198. Couchiching Orillia 

R. Ex. Comp William Baker, Harwood, Ont. 

28. Pentalpha Oshawa 94. Midland Lindsay 

35. Keystone Whitby 110. Warkworth Warkworth 

36. Corinthian Peterborough 134. King Darius Cannington 

37. Victoria Port Hope 168. Ionic Campbellford 

45. Excelsior Colborne 249. Palestine Bowmanville 

48. St. John's Cobourg 

R. Ex. Comp. Delmer Huff, R.R. No. 1, Picton, Ont. 

7. The Moira Belleville 72. Keystone Stirling 

26. St. Mark's Trenton 144. Presqu'ile Brighton 

31. Prince Edward Picton 161. Madoc Madoc 

44. Mount Sinai Napanee 227. Quinte Friendship . JJelleville 

R. Ex. Comp. James A. Greer, R.R. No. 3, Brockville, Ont. 

1. Ancient Frontenac and 68. Maitland Kemptville 

Cataraqui Kingston 112. St. John's Morrisburg 

22. Grenville Prescott 113. Covenant Cornwall 

59. Sussex-St. Lawrence 132. Leeds Gananoque 


R. Ex. Comp. Edgar A. H. Shane, P.O. Box 256, Buckingham, Quebec 

16. Carleton Ottawa 148. St. John's Vankleek Hill 

61. Granite Almonte 151. Laurtenian Pembroke 

116. Maple Carleton Place 210. Kitchener Russell 

114. Bonnechere Renfrew 222. Ottawa Ottawa 

133. St. Francis Smiths Falls 226. Prince of Wales Perth 

143. Glengarry Maxville 248. Dochert Arnprior 



R. Ex. Comp. Samuel R. LeRoy Newman, 930 Second St. E., 

Fort Frances, Ont. 

82. Shuniah Port Arthur 152. Alberton Fort Frances 

90. Golden Kenora 254. Golden Star Dryden 

140. Ft. William Ft. William 259. Quetico Atikokan 

149. Atwood Rainy River 

R. Ex. Comp. Alan J. Higgins, Box 255, Espanola, Ont. 

58. Pembroke Mattawa 103. St. John's North Bay 

95. Tuscan Sudbury 257. Espanola Espanola 

102. Algonquin Sault Ste. Marie 

R. Ex. Comp. James Ralph, 186 Maple St. South, Timmins, Ont. 

169. Temiskaming New Liskeard 223. Abitibi Iroquois Falls 

203. Cobalt Cobalt 251. Kirkland Kirkland Lake 

213. Northern Lights Timimns 


1. W. B. Sutherland, 148 College Street, Kingston. 

2. Alvin W. Fuller, 230 East 8th Street, Hamilton. 

3. A. E. Smith, R.R. No. 1, Arva. 

4. George A. Rider, 136 Rosemount Avenue, Toronto 10. 

5. Sophus Pedersen, 289 Maurice Street, London. 

6. J. E. Richardson, 433 Main Street W., Hamilton. 

7. Earl Grey, Plainfield, 

8. Roy Willmot, 197 Glengrove Avenue, Toronto 12. 

15. John Morrison, 519 Devine Street, Sarnia. 

16. Claude Vickers, 152 Breezehill Avenue, Ottawa. 

18. Robert J. Lawrence, 14 Fyfe Avenue, Woodstock. 

19. George F. Bryant, 152 Russell Avenue, St. Catharines. 

20. Charles Robert Simpson, R.R. No. 4, Brantford. 

22. William H. Whitney, Box 882, Prescott. 

23. K. C. Bannister, Scotland. 

24. E. Huggins, 129 Brunswick Street, Stratford. 

26. Clarence Burley, 24 Catherine Street, Trenton. 

27. L. A. Browning, 225-2nd Street, Collingwood. 

28. Gepyge Henry Taylor, 1363 Simcoe Street North, Oshawa. 

29. Cecil R. McKeown, 120 Elizabeth Crescent, Dunnville. 

30. J. Kenneth Hunter, Goderich. 

31. Borden Wager, R.R. No. 2, Demorestville. 

32. J. F. Reynolds, R.R. No. 4, Gait. 

34. G. A. R. Cowan, 53 Collier Street, Barrie. 

35. James E. Sandison, Ashburn. 

36. Roy Mathews, 55 Ware Street, Peterborough. 

37. William Jarvis, 47 Shuter Street, Port Hope. 

40. M. H. Bauer, Box 84, Rockwood. 

41. Grant Wright, R.R. No. 5, Ingersoll. 

44. S. G. Weese, Selby. 

45. James F. Cochrane, R.R. No. 2, Colborne. 

46. K. B. Clysdale, St. Mary's. 

47. Robert Ford, R.R. No. 4, Merlin. 

48. Harold Rawcliffe, Densmore Road, Cobourg. 

53. Roy W. Skene, Petrolia. 

54. T. F. A. Longthorne, R.R. No. 2, St. Thomas. 

55. John Gordon, Ricardo Street, Niagara-On-The-Lake. 


56. J. R. Garen, R.R. 7, Owen Sound. 

57. W. Noble, 99 Lakeshcre Road, Port Colborne. 

58. Chapter Dormant. 

59. G. R. Sawyer, 48 Murray Street, Brockville. 

61. James Brown, Post Office, Almonte. 

62. H. J. C. Sinclair, 1594 King Street W., Toronto 3. 

63. G. S. Emerson, R.R. 3, Ripley. 

64. Raymond H. Dilamarter, 35 Thorold Road W., Welland. 

65. Willard P. Gruer, 347 Glengarry Avenue, Toronto 12. 

66. Austin E. Matheson, Seaforth. 

67. Arthur G. Edmunds, Palmerston. 

68. Fred Moher, Oxford Station. 

69. L. L. Lymburner, Grimsby. 

71. John M. Muxworthy, R.R. 2, Maidstone. 

72. Earl Dunkley, R.R. 3, Stirling. 

73. Andrew Neith, Ridgetown. 

74. K. B. Patterson, Kerwood. 

75. Clifford G. Lewington, Milton. 

76. F. Jones, 927 Welland Ave., Niagara Falls. 

77. Percy Helm, 568 Vaughn Road, Toronto 10. 

78. W. Wein, Crediton. 

79. William Leslie Hyatt, 199 Virginia Ave., Toronto 13. 

80. W. Harold Smith, 463 Indian Road, Windsor. 

81. Walter Baker, 77 Park Avenue, St. Thomas. 

82. W. H. Cheetham, 374 Morse Street, Port Arthur. 

83. Walter Gillespie, 34 First Street, Orangeville. 

84. Alex Corrigan, Bluevale. 

88. Gordon Alldred, R.R. 4, Dresden. 

90. E. M. Newman, 266 - 4th Street N., Kenora. 

91. George G. Wood, 46 Edith Drive, Toronto 12. 

94. John Francis Mclsaac, R.R. 2, Bobcaygeon. 

95. E. Smith, P.O. Box 158, Lively. 

102. Harold Wesley Brumby, R.R. 2, Tarentorus, Sault Ste. Marie. 

103. W. H. Smith, 704 Mclntyre Street West, North Bay. 

104. W. S. Tho-mson, 417 Riverside Drive, Oakville. 
110. R. H. McNally, Warkworth. 

112. G. W. Gorrell, Morrisburg. 

113. Frederick William Seaver, R.R. No. 2, Cornwall. 

114. W. L. Byers, Haley. 

115. Robert W. McKenzie, R.R. No. 3, Paris. 

116. G. B. Reaburn,390 Dovercourt Avenue, Ottawa. 

117. Terrence R. Williams, 804 Rockway Drive, Kitchener. 
119. Donald A. Robinson, 62 Oak Street W., Leamington. 

129. Raymond Franklin Robinson, Mitchell. 

130. Howard Carlay, Paisley. 

131. Percy Spears, Mary Street, Wiarton. 

132. Wm. Trickey, Lansdowne. 

133. O. G. Love, 124 Chambers Street E., Smiths Falls. 

134. Ernest G. Rixon, R.R' No. 1, Cannington. 

135. T. C. Croxall, R.R. No. 3, Uxbridge. 

138. Percy James, 16 Maryland Blvd., Toronto 13. 

140. James Ellis Forester, 711 S. Norah Street, Fort William. 

143. Malcolm F. MacRae, Moose Creek. 

144. Frank Hamilton, Brighton. 

145. I. C. Skudder, 48 Tewsley Place, Weston. 

146. Bertram Hastings, Listo-wel. 

147. Robert Simpson, R.R. No. 3, Goderich. 

148. P. E. Wall, Vankleek Hill. 

149. V. K. Croxford, Rainy River. 

150. James E. Worrall, 602 Piccadilly St., London. 


151. H. Thomas Hale, Box 83, Camp Petawawa. 

152. Delbert Henry, 509 Crowe Avenue, Fort Frances. 

153. George A. Lauzon, 210 Nelson Street, Wallaceburg. 
155. Gordon Dorr, R.R. No. 2, Ancaster. 

161. Roy Frost, Marmora. 

163. D. C. Armstrong, 4 Fairfield Avenue, Toronto 14. 

164. Arthur Weekes, R.R. No. 1, Glencoe. 

167. Stanley R. Burton, 387 Wellington Street, Midland. 

168. G. Arthur McConnell, Campbellford. 

169. A. L. Throop, Box 304, Haileybury. 

175. William Henry Holcombe, Mohawk Road, R.R. No. 1, Ancaster. 

184. G. E. Ogilvie, 393 Bowen Road, Fort Erie. 

195. Jack Lamb, 19 Isabella Street, Brampton. 

198. M. A. MacDonald, Orillia. 

205. Harold Hinchley, 204 Florence Avenue, Lansing. 

210. C. P. Laushway, Box 670, Prescott. 

212. Louis Ritter, 19 Delevan Avenue, Toronto 10. 

213. W. E. Anderson, South Porcupine. 

214. William Balkwill, Bothwell. 

215. Samuel Kennedy, 19 Warden Street, Mimico, Toronto 3. 

217. Wm. Wyllie, 33 Bowie Ave., Toronto 10. 

218. Lome Belsey, Shelburne. 

219. Andrew H. S. Adams, 64 Glen Grove Avenue West, Toronto 12. 

220. Samuel J. Smith, 27-30th Street, Long Branch. 

221. Jack Edwards, Durham. 

222. J. G. Ferguson, 226 Powell Avenue, Ottawa. 

223. Harold Richter, Box 384, Iroquois Falls. 

224. Walter L. Pratt, 1709 King Street E., Hamilton. 

225. John T. Wallace, 33 Inwood Avenue, Toronto 6. 

226. Earl Loucks, Perth. 

227. Ron Godden, 194 Charles Street, Belleville. 

230. John I. Parke, 208 Windy Oaks Road, Port Credit. 

231. J. Munro Yates, 218 Finch Avenue East, Willowdale. 

232. J. S. Cobb, 95 Armadale Avenue, Toronto 3. 

233. A. E. Taylor, 22 Times Road, Toronto 10. 

234. J. T. Armstrong, 23 Parkview Blvd., Georgetown. 

235. Clarence Allan, 670 Davis Drive, Newmarket. 

236. Kenneth Lang, R.R. No. 3, Caledonia. 

238. W. A. Thomson, 583 Grosvenor Street, London. 

239. Deric Payne Blenheim. 

240. Wm. Haining, Hanon. 

241. J. E. Young, 138 St. Leonards Avenue, Toronto 12. 

242. Ivison Pack, R.R. No. 2, Lambeth. 

243. E. R. Deuxberry, R.R. No. 5, Hamilton. 

245. G. J. Weber, New Dundee. 

246. H. Banks, 40 Suburban Drive, Streetsville. 

247. Jack H. Beattie, R.R. No. 2, Wilton Grove. 

248. Frank Verch, Arnprior. 

249. H. B. Tink, Hampton. 

250. James Robert. Brown, 157 Villaire Avenue, Riverside. 

251. John Blackburn, 91 Wood Street, Kirkland Lake. 

252. Harry Russell, 282 Conrad Street, Sarnia. 

253. A. Donald Simpson, Port Dover. 

254. G. Amos, Box 460, Dryden. 

255. William T. Jeffery, R.R. No. 1, Mount Elgin. 

257. Thomas Gilelspie, McKerrow. 

258. J. J. Mehaffey, Ringwood. 

259. John B. Fraser, Box 97, Atikokan. 

260. A. R. McDougall, 34 Mould Avenue, Toronto 9. 



1. Ancient Frontenac & Cataraqui— T. N. Clarke, 173 MacDonnell St., 

2. The Hiram— Edward M. Marshall, 137 Emerald Street South, Apt. 
11, Hamilton. 

3. St. John's — Chas. G. Smuck, 20 Thornton Avenue, London. 

4. The St. Andrew & St. John— H. Gordon Salm, 28 Heme Hill, 

5. St. George's — J. A. Kennedy, 1601 Stoneybrook Cresc. N., London. 

6. St. John's — Fred Scott, 41 Fairfield Avenue N., Hamilton. 

7. The Moira— S. H. Lennox, 265 Bleker Avenue, Belleville. 

8. King Solomon's — Gordon McConnell, 30 Rolph Road, Toronto 17. 

15. Wawanosh — Harold R. Marriott, 216 Kathleen Avenue, Sarnia. 

16. Carlton — Stuart Gilmour, 86 Pretoria Avenue, Ottawa. 

18. Oxford— R. D. McKenzie, 41 Wellington Street South, Woodstock. 

19. Mount Moriah— Chas. M. Porter, 21 Marquis Street, St. Catharines. 

20. Mount Horeb— R. W. E. McFadden, 4 Hart Street, Brantford. 

22. Grenville— C. P. Laushway, R.R. 1, Prescott. 

23. Ezra— Thos. C. Holland, P.O. Box 160 Simcoe. 

24. Tecumseh — Geo. S. Atkins, 257 Ontario Street, Stratford. 

26. St. Mark's— Frank W. Sherbert, 166 King Street, Trenton. 

27. Manitou— R. H. Davidson, 361 Cedar Street, Collingwood. 

28. Pentalpha— W. R. Jones, 367 Garden Court, Oshawa. 

29. McCallum— Frank R. Martin, 421 Pine Street, Dunnville. 

30. Huron — Wm. H. Roope, Box 50, Goderich. 

31. Prince Edward — Fred R. Greatrix, Jr., Box 882, Picton. 

32. Waterloo — Gordon J. Johnson, 55 Lansdowne Road South, Gait. 

34. Signet— A. G. Bowie, R.R. No. 5, Barrie. 

35. Keystone— Charles W. Stafford, 107 Dundas Street East, Box 316, 

36. Corinthian — D. Miller, 312 Boswell Avenue, Peterborough. 

37. Victoria — John F. Cornish, 41 Ellen Street, Port Hope. 

40. Guelph — Jas. A. Robertson, 3 Eramosa Road, Guelph. 

41. Harris — Lyle L. Mansfield, Box 815, Ingersoll. 

44. Mount Sinai — Dr. G. L. Brown, Selby. 

45. Excelsior — W. J. Troop, Jr., Colborne. 

46. St. James— J. W. Durr, St. Mary's. 

47. Wellington — H. D. Paulucci, 47 Wilson Avenue, Chatham. 

48. St. John's— Eric W. Niles, Brook Road, R.R. No. 5, Cobourg. 

53. Bruce — Robert M. Story, Petrolia. 

54. Palestine— K. S. Woodward, 45 Redan Street, St. Thomas. 

55. Niagara — S. J. May, 278 Gate Street, Box 185, Niagara-on-the-Lake. 

56. Georgian— Dr. C. J. Baxendale, 142-3rd St. A. W., Owen Sound. 

57. King Hiram — L. L. Doan, 803 Elm Street, Port Colborne. 

58. Pembroke — Dormant — At Mattawa. 

59. Sussex-St. Lawrence — H. N. McKenney, 16 Beecher St., Brockville. 

61. Granite — Cyril Osborne, Box 657, Almonte. 

62. York — Harold A. Armstrong, 1102 Avenue Road, Toronto 12. 

63. Havelock— R. J. Kincaid, P.O. Box 217, Kincardine. 

64. Willson — Raymond S. Doan, 122 Norway Avenue, Welland. 

65. St. Paul's — C. C. Kilner, 35 Errington Avenue, Toronto 7. 

66. The Malloch— C. A. Barber, Box 486, Seaforth. 

67. Enterprise — A. McGugan, Box 10, Palmerston. 

68. Maitland— Cecil D. Beckett, Kemptville 

69. Grimsby — W. Fairbrother, R.R. No. 2, Beamsville. 

71. Prince of Wales— R. Chas. Brushett, P.O. Box 68, Essex. 

72. Keystone — C. F. Davidson, Stirling. 

73. Erie — Thos. E. Armstring, Box 326, Ridgetown. 

74. Beaver— A. W. Holt, Strathroy. 

75. St. Clair — Edwin Harrop, R.R. No. 5, Milton. 


76. Mount Nebo— Chas. H. Shepphard, 1896 Delaware St., Niagara Falls. 

77. Occident — S. Bustard, 111 Elmer Avenue, Toronto 8. 

78. Minnewawa— Chas. J. Fox, R.R. No. 7, Parkhill. 

79. Orient — Albert 0. Cook, 1021A Pape Avenue, Toronto 6. 

80. Ark— Clarence W. Flett, 442 Askin Blvd., Windsor. 

81. Aylmer, Ray E. Moore, Box 1011, Aylmer. 

82. Shuniah— S. H. Green, 669 Red River Road, Port Arthur. 

83. Ionic — Wm. L. Ewing, 10 Second Street, Orangeville 

84. Lebanon — A. J. H. MacDonald, Carling Terrace, Wingham. 
88. MacNabb— Hugh M. Dunlop, R.R. 1, Turnerville. 

90. Golden^J. F. Bellamy, Box 538, Keewatin. 

91. Toronto-Antiquity — Alfred Geary, 71 Shanly Street, Toronto 4. 

94. Midland — L. A. Gilkinson, 2 Wellington Street, Lindsay. 

95. Tuscan— P. A. Coates, 107 Pine Street, Sudbury. 

102. Algonquin — V. B. Bisley, 35 Borron Avenue, Sault Ste. Marie. 

103. St. John's— W. L. Brown, 1040 Front Street, North Bay. 

104. White Oak— J. E. Taylor, 380 Morrison Road, Oakville. 
110. Warkworth — William J. Newman, Norham. 

112. St. John's — E. J. MacDougal, Box 215, Morrisburg. 

113. Covenant — Geo. E. McCutcheon, 515 Guy Street, Cornwall. 

114. Bonnechere — H. Young, 137 Raglan Street North, Renfrew. 

115. Brant— H. J. Broughton, Box 402, Paris. 

116. Maple— W. E. S. Root, Box 1084, Carleton Place. 

117. Kitchener — William E. James, 276 Margaret Avenue, Kitchener. 
119. King Cyrus — Gordon Bloo-mfield, 10 Howard Avenue, Leamington. 

129. Elliott— J. K. Taylor, Box 238, Mitchell. 

130. Chantry— Howard Yates. Port Elgin. 

131. Amabel — Bruce Galloway, Mary Street, Wiarton. 

132. Leeds— R. G. Kelly, Box 697, Gananoque. 

133. St. Francis— C. A. Bailey, 29 Glen Avenue, Smiths Falls. 

134. King Darius — Lloyd G. Parliament, Box 312, Cannington. 

135. Succoth — Harry V. Watson, Box 397, Uxbridge. 

138. Shekinah — .Joe Benson, 9 Morningside Ave., Apt. 306, Toronto 3. 
140. Fort William— F. Gerrie, 756 Kelly Street, Box 142, Fort William. 

143. Glengarry— Colin B. McDermid, P.O. Box 232, Maxville. 

144. Presqui'le — Chas. A. Wilson, Box 40, Brighton. 

145. The St. Patrick— J. R. Legecy, 48 Braeside Road, Toronto 12. 

146. Bernard— W. H. Sargent, Box 373, Listowel. 

147. Lucknow — L. C. MacDonald, Box 2, Lucknow. 

148. St. John's — M. J. McLeod, 8 Smerdon Street, Hawkesbury. 

149. Atwood — Alex Warnuk, Rainy River. 

150. London — John N. Duffy, 1245 Wilton Avenue, London. 

151. Laurentian — Lome A. Schultz, 291 Doran Street, Pembroke. 

152. Alberton— Donald C. Baldwin, 725 Scott Street, Box 516, Fort 

153. Sombra — John Burnett, 444 Duncan Street, Wallaceburg. 
155. Ancaster — E. L. Walker, Ryckman's Corners. 

161. Madoc— D. Kernohan, Box 519, Madoc. 

163. The Beaches — T. J. Middleton, 9 Hollywood Crescent, Toronto 8. 

164. Lome — Allan Stuart, R.R. 4, West Lome. 

167. Kichikewana— H. A. Humphries, 226 Dominion Avenue W., Midland. 

168. Ionic— Wm. H. Brady, 32A Front Street N., Campbellford. 

169. Temiskaming— S. R. Crooks, Box 100, North Cobalt. 

175. The Hamilton— J. H. Rogers, 254 W. 2nd Street, Hamilton. 

184. Hugh Murray — John A. Bell, 235 Emerick Avenue, Fort Erie. 

195. Peel — Gordon MacKenzie, 15 Frederick Street, Brampton. 

198. Couchiching— H. K. Maynard, 109 Front Street S., Orillia. 

203. Cobalt— H. Arnold Todd, Box 549, Cobalt. 

205. Victoria— G. J. Hall, 18 Kingsdale Avenue, Willowdale. 

210. Kitchener— Wendell Stanley, Russell. 


212. Mount Sinai— Abraham Fox, 12 Tichester Road, Apt. 401, Toronto 10. 

213. Northern Lights — W. D. Millar, South Porcupine. 

214. Vimy — J. Sam Maddock, R.R. 1, Alvinston. 

215. Mimico— Albert E. Hunt, 90 - 5th Street, New Toronto 14. 

217. St. Alban's— C. R. Kincaid, 34B Conway Avenue, Toronto 10. 

218. Prince Edward — Hilton Emrick, Homing's Mills. 

219. Ulster — J. Llewellyn Hewson, 113 Gorevale Avenue, Toronto 3. 

220. Lebanon— Wm. M. Creech, 4245 Dundas Street W., Toronto 18. 

221. Durham— H. C. McKechnie, Box 10, Durham. 

222. Ottawa— W. C. Pescod, 89 Glen Avenue, Ottawa 1. 

223. Abitibi— W. D. Irving Went, P.O. Box 201, Iroquois Falls. 

224. Keystone — J. S. Drysdale, 800 Cannon Street E., Hamilton. 

225. Beaver — John Richardson, 142 Boultbee Avenue, Toronto 6. 

226. Prince of Wales— L. V. Wood, Box 197, Perth. 

227. Quinte Friendship — Mont. Barlow, 285 George Street, Belleville. 

230. Port Credit— Eugene Parkinson, 46 John St. South, Port Credit. 

231. The St. Clair— Herbert W. Powell, 48 Lincoln Avenue, Toronto 9. 

232. King Cyrus— Wm. D. Harrison (Acting), 270 Oak Park Avenue, 
Toronto 13. 

233. Oakwood — Reginald Harris, 547 Nairn Avenue, Toronto 10. 

234. Halton — Jack Addy, 11 Arietta Street, Georgetown. 

235. Aurora — E. J. Eveleigh, 43 Connaught Avenue, Box 34, Aurora. 

236. Caledonia— Edgar C. Reid, 29 Argyle Street, Box 151, Caledonia. 

238. The St. Andrew — A. V. Sedgwick, 194A Duchess Avenue, London. 

239. Blenheim— Ernest B. Fryer, Little Street, Blenheim. 

240. Smithville— S. Magder (Acting), Smithville. 

241. University— Ernest Pickles, 101 Gledhill Avenue, Toronto 13. 

242. St. Paul's — Jas. B. Lawrence, Beck Memorial Sanatorium, London. 

243. McKay— Arthur Winterbottom, 267 Ottawa Street, South Hamilton. 

245. Preston— L, R. Hertel, Box 316, Hespeler. 

246. Humber — G. C. Laing, 67 Cherrywood Avenue, Toronto 10. 

247. Nilestown — Garfield M. Kirkpatrick, 381 Vancouver Street, London. 

248. Dochert — George R. Clarke, Box 724, Arnprior. 

249. Palestine— L. W. Dippell, Box 1150, Bowmanville. 

250. Thomas Peters — Walter Hockney, 3530 Dominion Blvd., Windsor. 

251. Kirkland — James Robb, 29 Government Road West, Kirkland Lake. 

252. Hiawatha— Russell A. Bond, 408 Wellington Street, Sarnia. 

253. Regal— E. S. Ford, Box 370, Port Dover. 

254. Golden Star— John H. Gibson, Box 174, Dryden. 

255. Tillsonburg, Charles H. Swatridge, R.R. 2, Courtland. 

257. Espanola — Norman C. Somerville, 29 Mead Blvd., Espanola. 

258. Tyrian— Reg. Manewell, Box 172, Stouffville. 

259. Quetico — E. I. Swanbergson, 103 Pine Crescent, Box 608, Atikokan. 

260. Centennial — Victor W. Newman, 154 Thomas Street, Streetsville. 



Grand First Principals - of the Grand Chapter of Canada in 
Province of Ontario from 1957 to 1960 

*W. M. Wilson 1857 

*Thompson Wilson 1858 

*T. D. Harington 1859- 

*John C. Franck 1861- 

*T. D. Harington 1863- 


*S. B. Harman 1872 

*C. D. Macdonell 1873 

*Jas. Seymour 1874 

*L. H. Henderson 1875- 

*F. J. Menet 1877- 

"Daniel Spry 1879- 

♦Donald Ross 1881- 

♦H. Macpherson 1883- 

: Thos. Sargant 1885- 

*Rob. Hendry Jr 1887 

*R. B. Hungerford 1888- 

*J. J. Mason 1890- 

*J. E. Harding 1892- 

*J. Ross Robertson 1894- 

*M. Walsh 1896- 

♦Wm. G. Reid 1899- 

*Wm. Gibson 1901- 

*A. Shaw 1903- 

*William Roaf 1905- 

*John Leslie 1907- 

* George Moore 1909- 

*Fred W. Harcourt .... 


'Daniel F. MacWatt . . 



Wm. S. R. Murch 



*A. S. Gorrell, M.D. 

. 1917-18 


*Wm. N. Ponton 



*H. S. Griffin, M.D 

. 1921 

♦Richard H. Spencer 


"Walter H. Davis 

. . 1924-5 

♦Kenneth J. Dunstan 



*Edwin Smith 

. 1928-9 


♦Walter G. Price, D.D.S. 1930-1 


"Chas. W. Haentschel, M.D. 1932-3 


•""Alexander Cowan . 1934 


♦George L. Gardner 1935-6 


*Wm. Y. Mills . . . 1937-8 

♦Llewellyn F. Stephens . 1939-40 


< John M. Empey 1941-2 


John M. Burden 1943-4 


Reginald V. Conover ... 1945-6 


Frederick W. Dean 1947-8 


Clarence MacL. Pitts 1949-50 


Alexander G. N. Bradshaw 1951-2 


"John A. M. Taylor . 1953-4 


John L. House 1955-6 


Maurice A. Searle 1957-8 


Bruce H. Smith 

. 1959- 


Honorary Past Grand First Principals and others of the Grand 
Chapter of Canada in the Province of Ontario 

*Henry Robertson 
*Kivas Tully 
*Hugh Murray 
"Harry H. Watson 



♦E. T. Malone 

*A. T. Freed 

"Sir John M. Gibson 

'Roderick B. Dargavel 

Melville S. Gooderham 1957 


. . 1919 

. 1920 


. 1941 

The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Galloway, Scotland— Grand Z. 1958 
M. Ex. Comp. Cecil S. Field, Scotland— Hon. Past Grand J. 1958 
R. Ex. Comp. Sir George Boag, England— Hon. Past Grand Supt. 1958 
R. Ex. Comp. William A. Laird, Scotland— Hon. Past Grand Scribe E. 1958 
R. Ex. Comp. William H. Sweeting, Victoria, Australia — Hon. Past Grand Prin. 
Soj. 1958 

Grand Scribes E. of the Grand Chapter of Canada in the 
Province of Ontario 

* Thomas B. Harris 1857-73 

*R. P. Stephens 1874-75 

♦Daniel Spry 1876-77 

♦David McLellan . : 1878-91 

*Thomas Sargant 1892-98 

♦George J. Bennett 1899-1915 

♦Henry T. Smith 1916-1928 

♦Edwin Smith 1929-1949 

Fred J. Johnson 1949-1959 

Maurice A. Searle 1960- 





Grand Chapter Name Residence 

Alabama Robert N. McElhinney 69 Fuller Avenue, Toronto 3 

Alberta R. V. E. Conover Box 207, Brampton 

Arizona Percy W. Rogers 144 Geoffrey Street, Toronto 3 

Arkansas J. Howard Coleman . 104 Lincoln Park Ave., Sarnia 

British Columbia John A. Mackie 10 Reigate Road, Toronto 18 

California Don Calder R.R. 1, Brooklin 

Colorado Dr. Chas. B. Parker 149 South Drive, Toronto 5 

Connecticut Harvey J. Milne Kingston 

Delaware . Wm. J. Grierson 161 Eglinton Ave. E., Toronto 12 

Dist. of Columbia B. H. Smith 169 Dufferin Ave., Belleville 

Florida M. S. Gooderham 244 Inglewood Drive, Toronto 

Georgia E. T. Querney 114 Hyland Ave., Sudbury 


Illinois J. W. Woodland 595 St. Clair Ave. W., Toronto 10 

Indiana A. L. Tinker 28 Anderson Street, Toronto 7 

Iowa Carroll E. Griffin 358 Thorold Road West, Welland 

Ireland R. W. E. McFadden 4 Hart Street, Brantford 

Kansas A. P. Goering 72 Amelia Street, Hamilton 

Kentucky Rev. A. S. H. Cree Leamington 

Louisiana Jos. Carson 689 Colborne Street, London 

Maine M. Roy Anderson 333 Bleeker Street, Belleville 

Manitoba Percival S. Jannison ... 633 Albert St. E., Sault Ste. Marie 

Maryland Frank Todd 3000 Yonge St., Toronto, Apt. 1005 

Massachusetts A. J. Stringer 101 MacLean Ave., Toronto 8 

Michigan Fred W. Dean 244 Holton Ave. South, Hamilton 

Minnesota F. Carl Ackert 1 Lincoln Avenue, Gait 

Mississippi H.T.C. Humphries 53 Clegg Street, Ottawa 

Missouri C. Percy Eagles 46 Quebec Street, Midland 

Montana David Harcus 1523 Walsh St,. Fort William 


Nevada . . Jos. Lofthouse, D.D. ... 23 Melrose Avenue S., Hamilton 

New Brunswick A. Cavanagh 585 St. James Street, London 

New Hampshire N. M. Sprague Trenton 

New Jersey . . G. H. Shannon 30 Spetz Street, Kitchener 

New Mexico 

New South Wales Fred J. Johnson 400 Lake Promenade, Long Branch, 

Toronto 14 

New York John M. Burden 126 Old Orchard Grove, Toronto 12 

New Zealand . . Dr. J. Austin Evans ... 309 Avenue Road, Toronto 7 

North Carolina Benjamin S. Scott 9 Prospect Avenue, London 

North Dakota J. L. Hewson 113 Gorevale Avenue, Toronto 3 

Nova Scotia .. CM. Pitts P.O. Box374, Ottawa 

Ohio A. G. N. Bradshaw . . 655 Waterloo Street, London 

Oklahoma Andrew F. Tannahill Apt. 104, 780 Eglinton Avenue W., 


Oregon Wm. E. Treganza 920 Mercer Avenue, Windsor 

Pennsyylvania . . John L. House 14 Pearson Avenue, Toronto 13 

Philippines Chas. W. Emmett 1310 Tecumseh Park Drive, Port 

Quebec Maurice A. Searle Apt. 206, 111 Oriole Parkway, 

Toronto 7 

Queensland Neil A. MacEachern . Waterloo 

Rhode Island . . E. H. Brennan Leamington 

Saskatchewan ... J. E. Girven 581 Weller Street, Peterborough 

Scotland Alex. M. Hanah 107 Albertus St., Toronto 

South Carolina Herb F. Thomson 69 Clarence Street, Kingston 

South Dakota D. C. Patmore 10 Maple Drive, R.R. 3, Orillia 

Tennessee Chas. Fotheringham 70 Brock St. E., Tillsonburg 

Texas Allan C. Mason 65 Hohner Avenue, Kitchener 

Utah Lloyd B. Gillespie .... 410 Eden Avenue, Ottawa 

Vermont Chas. H. Sheppard 1896 Delaware St., Niagara Falls 

Victoria Alex Wishart 327 Simcoe St., Woodstock 

Virginia Fred G. Smith 146 Broadway Avenue, Ottawa 

Washington Reginald J. Lewis 421 St. Clarens Avenue, Toronto 

Western Australia C. Everett Wood 115 Catherine Street, Belleville 

West Virginia . H. A. Fred Schytte 109 Yonge Blvd., Toronto 12 

Wisconsin Dr. S. Perlman 353 Bathurst Street, Toronto 2B 

Wyoming George Shute 426 Cartier Avenue, Sudbury 



Grand Chapter Name Residence 

Alabama Walter F. Estes 531-19th St. N., Birmingham 

Alberta J . D. O'Dell Edmonton 

Arizona Harold J. Fulton 627 W. Central St., Coolidge 


Arkansas . L. W. Williams Box 105, Osceola 

British Columbia A. R. Byrnell .... 1375 Kamloops St., Vancouver 

California Angus L. Cavanagh . 2032 N. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles 

Colorado E. L. Bartholick 414 Equitable Bldg., Denver 

Connecticut C. J. Fairhurst Norwalk 

Delaware Elmer S. Howell 2106 Jefferson St., Wilmington 

Dist. of Columbia Lucien G. Yung Apt. 201 - 2803 Nicholson Street, 

W. Hyattsville, Md. 

Florida H. J. Wendland 1019-14th St. West, Bradenton 

Georgia T. B. Elfe 1301 Vineville, Macon 


Idaho Chas. Hartung 430 No. 6th St., Payette 

Illinois Garland F. Thomas . . 6102 Dorchester Avenue, Chicago 37 

Indiana William H. Baugh 6011-16th Ave. N., St., Petersburg, 


Iowa L. Paul Morris Bedford 

Ireland Donald McGaughey . 40 Upper Arthur St., Belfast 

Kansas Roy H. Clossen Coffeyville 

Kentucky Allen Earl Bell Moreland 

Louisiana Rev. Alton A. McKnight Box 574, DeQuincy 

Maine John G. Faas . Benton Station 

Manitoba Frank W. Brownell 82 McAdam Avenue, Winnipeg 

Maryland ... Gerald M. Pine Denton 

Massachusetts W. F. Clark 660 Belmont Street, Watertown 

Michigan Arthur Burke 1721 -16th Street, Port Huron 

Minnesota C. A. Olsen 6121 Worden Street, Duluth 

Mississippi Justin N. Jones Hattiesburg 

Missouri Chester Selby Lebanon 

Montana Marion A. Averill Box 254, Choteau 

Nebraska Hammond A. Sharp 4016 North 26th, Omaha 

Nevada Carl F. Dodge Fallon 

New Brunswick Fred E. Mallory R.R. 6, Woodstock 

New Hampshire . Rev. William Barnes . 32 Prospect Street, Lancaster 

New Jersey . Adrien B. Hommell ... 57 Main Street, Sussex 

New South Wales Norman Soutar 8 George's River Road, Croydon 

(Australia) Park, Sydney 

New York Clifford A. McDonald . 55 South Vernon Street, Middleport, 

New York 
New Zealand . . Norman B. Spencer . Box 315, Auckland, CI. 

New Mexico William L. Ranville . . . 1515 Los Tomases Drive, N.W., 


North Carolina Henry A. Barrow James City 

North Dakota Clifford E. Miller Fargo 

Nova Scotia P. S. Cochrane Wolfville 

Ohio J. A. Gorham Box 276, Bellevue 

Oklahoma Frank E. Eldred R.F.D. No. 1, Drumright 

Oregon Rex. W. Davis 841 Saginaw Street, Salem 

Pennsylvania Arthur L. Miller 1303 Arkansas Ave., Pittsburg 16 

Philippines Primo I. Guzman No. 8 E. Jacinto Street, 

Mandaluyong, Rizal 

Quebec Arthur J. Osgood 216 Lafayette Street, Montreal S. 

Queensland Dr. L. T. Jobbins 113 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane B.17 


Rhode Island C. A. Southworth 208 Raleigh Ave., Pawtuckett 

Saskatchewan .... Lome Johnson . . 503 Sterling Trust Bid., Regina 

Scotland The Rt. Hon. The Earl 

• of Galloway 76 Queen Street, Edinburgh 2 

South Carolina . . Wm. N. Bradford Sumter 

South Dakota .... Joseph Hansen .... Horley 

Switzerland Franz G. W. Schetelig 43 Titlisstrasse, Zurich 

Tennessee R. K. Roney, Sr Newbern, Route 2 

Texas J. O. Caruthers Box 151 Rosenburg 

Utah : . Herman L. Bauer 2626 Highland Drive, Salt Lake 

City 6 

Vermont George E. Cummings . . Windsor 

Victoria Allen Grant 6 Second Ave., East Kew, Melbourne 


Virginia Claude E. Schools 130 W. Belvedere Rd., Norfolk 

Washington . . Albert Jensen 3917 Densmore Avenue, Seattle 

Western Australia Dr. J. L. Rossiter "Larras Lee", Karrinyup, via Mt. 


West Virginia C. C. McGhee Huntington 

Wisconsin S. J. Dunn Box 204, 1018 Racine Ave., 

Wyoming Carl S. Gilbert Laramie, 1610 Custer Street 




Grand Chapter Name Residence 

Alabama Gordon L. Evatt Box 98, Mas. Temple, Montgomery 1 

Alaska A. A. Johnson 117-3rd Avenue, Anchorage 

Alberta (G.S.E.) F. J. Hand 1717-28th Avenue W., Calgary 

Arizona Joseph A. E. Ivey Box 1488, Mas. Temple, Tuscon 

Arkansas C D. Hill Box 2216, Little Rock 

British Columbia (G.B.E.) E. B. Baker . . . 4659 W. 8th Ave., Vancouver 8 

California Chester D. Newell Room 423, Mas. Temple, San 


Canada (G.S.E.) M. A. Searle Room 712, Temple Bldg., Toronto 

Colorado Harry W. Bundy Room 300, Mas. Temple, Denver 

Connecticut Bliss W. Clark Box 838, New Britain 

Delaware Alfred H. Coe 1500 Industrial Tr. Bldg., 

Wilmington 99 

Dist. of Columbia R. N. Babcock 801-13th St. N.W., Mas. Temple, 

England (G.S.E.) J. W. Stubbs . . . Freemasons Hall, London W.C.2, 

Gr. Queen Street 

Florida John B. Phelps Box 283, Miami 

Georgia W. Tom Bateman C/o Grand Chap, of Georgia, R.A.M., 

Idaho Rod R. Fletcher 811 Mulberry Street, Macon 

5212 Bel Air, Boise 

Illinois Edward E. Core 1204 Main Street, Elwood 

Indiana Earl B. Forney Masonic Temple, Dixon 

Iowa Ross J. Gamblin Bullock Bldg., Atlantic 

Ireland James O. Harte Freemasons Hall, Moleworth St., 

Kansas Chas. S. McGinnis Dublin 

320 West 8th Street, Topeka 

Kentucky Chas. K. A. McGaughey Richmond Road, R.R. 7, Lexington 

Louisiana Lee W. Harris Box 404, Mas. Temple, Alexandria 

Maine Earle D. Webster Masonic Temple, Portland 

Manitoba (G.S.E.) C. J. Hutchings 15 Crowson Bay, Fort Garry, 

Winnipeg 9 

Maryland D. Ross Vansant, Jr. . . Masonic Temple, Baltimore 

Massachusetts W. F. Clark Room 703, Mas. Temple, Boston 16, 

Michigan Orlow J. Myers 51 Boylston St. 

Masonic Temple, Battle Creek 

Minnesota John H. Anderson Masonic Temple, St. Paul 2 

Mississippi Sid. F. Curtis Meridan 

Missouri Ray V. Denslow Trenton 

Montana Wm. A. Thaanum 218 So. Roberts St., Helena 

Nebraska Carl R. Greisen 401 Mas. Temple, 19th and Douglas, 


Nevada C. A. Carlson, Jr 206 E. Telegraph, Carson City 

New Brunswick (G.S.E.) Roy E. Crawford P.O. Box 184, St. John 
New Hampshire Hiram W. Johnson .... 3 Highland Avenue, Antrim 

New Jersey Wm. Beck 269 Power Street, New Brunswick, 


New Mexico Elmer H. Rieman Post Office Box 6719, Roswell 

New South Wales F. R. Sinden Manchester Unity Building, 160 

(Australia) Castlereagh Street, Sydney 

New York George A. Lambert .... Masonic Temple, New York 10 

New Zealand . (G.S.E.) E. Cannons Box 1845, Wellington 

North Carolina . . . Chas. C. Ricker Masonic Temple, 80 Broadway, 

North Dakota ... Clifford E. Miller . . Box 1269, Fargo 

Nova Scotia (Gr.Sec.) H. F. Sipprell Box 322, Halifax 

Ohio Ralph W. Smith P.O. Box 32, Westerville 

Oklahoma James A. Lathin Masonic Temple, Muskogee 

Oregon Richard H. Trusant .... 1119 S.W. Park Ave., Portland 5 

Pennsylvania John C. F. Kitselman . . Masonic Temple, Broad and Filbert 

Streets, Philadelphia 7 

Philippines Antonio Gonzalez 1440 San Marcelino, Manila 

Quebec (G.S.E.) H.Pickering . 1559 St. Mark Street, Montreal 

Queensland C. W. Coulter Box 425 F, Brisbane 


Rhode Island .... H. A. Reed .160 Grace Street, Cranston 10 

Saskatchewan (G.S.E.) Alfred A. Wilson 2223 Rae Street, Regina 

Scotland ... W. A. Laird 76 Queen Street, Edinburgh 2 

South Carolina Henry F. Collins 901 Palmetto State Life Building, 

Columbia 1 

South Dakota . . . Elvin F. Strain Box 468, Masonic Temple, Sioux 


Tennessee T. E. Doss 100-108 Seventh Ave. N. (Box 216), 

Nashville 2 


Grand Chapter Name Residence 

Texas Fred F. DeVaney P.O. Box 296, Waco 

Utah Bert Atwater Masonic Temple, Salt Lake City 

Vermont Aaron H. Grout . . Masonic Temple, Burlington 

Victoria (G.S.E.) H. O. Thomas 164 Flinders St., Melbourne C.l. 


Virginia Carl Frank Wood Masonic Temple, 107 W. Broad St., 

Richmond 20 
Washington Walter H. Steffey 2323 East 127th St., Seattle 55 

Western Australia Chas. G. Kenworthy No. 6 Bank of N.S.W. Chambers, 

65 St. George's Terrace, Perth 

West Virginia . . . Nelson S. Orkney P.O. Box 367, Webster Springs 

Wisconsin Earl G. Gile 207E Michigan St., Milwaukee 2 

Wyoming Irving E. Clark Box 1311, Casper 


Grand Chapter Roscoe R. Walcutt 1605-8 East Broad St., Columbus 15, 

England-Wales . . Lt. Col. J. W. Chitty Mark Masons' Hall, 40 Upper Brook 

(M.M.M. Lodge) Street, London W.l. 



ADDRESS (Report of Activities) of GRAND Z 16 



Report of Committee 71 



Members 91 

Report of Committee 70 


Amendments to Chapter By-Laws 26 



Committee on 91 

Committee Report 72-74 


Committee on 91 


Committee on 91 

Report (See Back of this Book) Appendix 


Annual: Toronto 4 


Report 9-14 


DEMITS 99-100 




Committee on Award 92 

Report of Committee 71-72 


With Chapters 101-103 


Committee 91 


Report 81-82 


Members 87-89 


Members 91 

Report of 75-76 


Auditors' Report 60-65 


List of Names and Addresses 103-105 


Committee 91 

Report of Committee 77-81 


Report of 86 


Appreciation 28-29 

Opening 4 

Closing 85 

Call Off 81 

Call On 81 

History 27 

Recommendation 27 

Recognition 27-28 


Address 16-30 

Report of Committee on 68-70 

Visitations 18-19 


Elected 109 

Honourary 109 


Remarks 52 


List of 110-111 

Recommended 20 

Roll Call 14-15 


Election 70 


List of, with Addresses 112-113 


Report of 55-59 

Past Grand S. E's 109 


Confirmation of Appointment 91 

Reports of 31-52 


Financial Statement 53 


Committee 91 

Report of Committee 68 






Committee on 91 

Report of Committee 67 



'Committee 91 

Report of Committee 82-85 


Confirmation 9 




Special Committee 26 


By Grand Z. (Conclusion) 29-30 


Appointed 87-89 

Elected 91-92 




Past Grand First Principals 7 

Toronto Districts 8 

Presentation of Jewels 21-23 


Committee on 91 

Report 66 


(Committee Reports Listed Under Committee) 

Grand Historian 70 

Grand Scribe E. 55-59 

Grand Superintendents 31 

. Grand Treasurer 53 



Names and Addresses 106-108 





Financial Statement 54 

Committee on 91 


Committee on 91 

Report of Committee 68 




Alphabetically Arranged 


Alabama 5 

Alberta 6 

Arizona 7 

Arkansas 8 

British Columbia 9 

California 10 

Colorado 11 

Connecticut 18 

District of Columbia 15 

England 17 

Florida 18 

Georgia 18 

Idaho 19 

Illinois 20 

Iowa 21 

Ireland 22 

Kansas 24 

Kentucky 25 

Louisiana 26 

Maine %1 

Manitoba t% 

Maryland 29 

Massachusetts 31 

Michigan 33 

Minnesota 34 

Mississippi 35 

Missouri 36 


Montana 38 

Nebraska 39 

New Brunswick 40 

New Hampshire 41 

New Jersey 42 

New Mexico 43 

New York 44 

New Zealand 45 

North Carolina 45 

North Dakota 46 

Nova Scotia 47 

Ohio 49 

Oklahoma 51 

Oregon 52 

Pennsylvania 54 

Republic of the Philippines 55 

Quebec 56 

Rhode Island and Providence Plantations 57 

'Saskatchewan 57 

Scotland 59 

South Carolina 61 

South Dakota 62 

Tennessee 63 

Texas * 63 

Utah 65 

Vermont 65 

Victoria 66 

Virginia 67 

Washington 70 

West Virginia 72 

Wyoming 73 

Annual Review of Proceedings of Other Grand Chapters 

To the Grand First Principal, Officers and Companions of the Grand 
Chapter of Canada in the Province of Ontario, 1960: 

Companions, once again it is my pleasure to present for your appro- 
val a Review of the Proceedings of Sister Jurisdictions in Royal Arch 
Masonry throughout the World. It is a thrilling and enlightening 
experience to sit, as it were, before a picture window where one can see, 
as in a great panorama, the activities and achievements of Capitular 
Masonry passing majestically in a magnificant Annual Review. A con- 
scientious Reviewer feels, at the same time, a sense of his own inade- 
quacy of comprehension and judgment, for, in order to pass the best of 
what he sees and learns along to his fellow companions, he must be ever 
weighing in his heart and mind the value, appeal and importance of 
events and ideas, knowing full well that others might make decisions 
quite at variance. In the face of this situation a Reviewer can only 
plead his purpose, earnestness and sincerity. 

Most readers of these Fraternal Reviews have neither the desire 
nor the intention of reading the entire digest of proceedings of every 
Jurisdiction. They select those in which, for one reason or another, they 
have some particular interest. Accordingly they have a right to expect 
that the Writer of the Review will supply a digest of general trends, 
significant information, common problems, ideas, suggestions and advice 
as to the solution of these problems. 

The most general expressions of dissatisfaction with regard to the 
progress of Capitular Masonry that one encounters in the Proceedings 
have to do with MEMBERSHIP. Those Jurisdictions that do not show 
a net loss in members find that their gains are being progressively re- 
duced. The following quotation from the Fraternal Review of Nebraska, 
1958, (M. E. Comp. H. H. Thorn) sums up what many others have to say, 
perhaps somewhat less pointedly: "In spite of the plans of our best 
minds, the herculean labours of many fruitful workers and the fervent 
exhortations from high and low, the Royal Craft is not advancing (in 
numbers) as it should." [The words in brackets are mine.] Many 
Reviewers make lengthy statistical comparisons to emphasize this 
point. Many and various are the suggestions and advice as to how this 
trend can best be reversed. Some are quite outspoken, though perhaps 
not quite so much so, as the reviewer who writes: "Too many are using 
the Chapter as the spring-board to leap into what they are pleased to 
call 'higher Masonic standing'; and the reviewer adds that he has "neither 
time nor patience for those who are merely looking for thrills, hilarious 
ceremonies and uproarious get-togethers". 

There are those who say, as does the Committee on Chapter Organi- 
zation, (California 1958) that we are simply inheriting the conditions 
that have been building up during many years. There is no dearth of 
suggestions, most of them quite practical, as to how this problem of 
declining membership may be met and reversed. 

On the other hand, we find many prominent leaders in Capitular 
Masonry who are NOT at all alarmed as to the present membership 
situation. These leaders see Masonry in its essentials as a stronger 
force than ever it was, working for GOOD and WORTH-WHILE THINGS 
in the complex world of today. They remind us that QUALITY, not 
QUANTITY, is the TRUE measure by which to judge the progress of 
our ORDER; and they cite England and Scotland as areas where the 
emphasis is placed where it should be — to produce the most GOOD for 
the welfare of Mankind. [With them I am quite in agreement, though 
I recognize that the ideal is both quantity and quality]. 

Some of the signs that seems to justify OPTIMISM are: 

Schools of Instruction are becoming more popular. We are amazed 
at the number of Lectures and Schools of Instruction that are well con- 
ducted by Grand Lecturers. Alabama, page 68, gives many further 
evidences of this advance in the realm of achievement. 

With regard to the problem of ATTENDANCE, we too often forget 
that many Companions do not attend as often as they (or their Com- 
panions) could wish because their time, in this modern world of diver- 
sified activities, of necessity has to- be divided. [WE can only meet 
this situation by keeping them aware of the fact that we miss them 
when absent and are delighted in their companionship when they can 
be with us.l* 

There are many other generalizations that, as your Reviewer, ] 
should like to make, but I feel that I have already trespassed upon the 
space that I should presume to occupy in our Annual Proceedings and I 
recommend that you read carefully our Review and then draw your own 

I regret that at time of going to press we have not received copies 
of the 1959 Proceedings from Delaware, Indiana, Nevada and Wisconsin. 

Again may I thank you for the confidence imposed in my judgement 
in requesting me to do this service for you. 

Sincerely and fraternally, 


*Note — Square brackets [ ] are used throughout this Review to 
indicate necessary explanations and the writer's personal opinions. 


132nd Annual Convocation of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of 
Alabama was held in Birmingham, February 9th, 1959. 

Chapters, 48; Membership, 12,995; Net Gain, 212. 

Earl Drayton Holmes, Grand High Priest 
Charles Henry Stubinger, Grand Secretary 

All the Past Grand High Priests were escorted to the Altar and 
given a cordial welcome. 

The distinguished visitors were introduced and accorded Grand 

The Grand High Priest's Address: 

"During the year the Almighty has called from our midst three of 
our Past Grand High Priests and many high-ranking Companions of 
other jurisdictions have been called to higher service, among the number 
being John Alexander McDonald Taylor, Past Grand First Principal of 

"We are steadily progressing in Royal Arch Masonry in the State 
of Alabama. During the year, three schools of Instruction were held. 
They were all well attended and very worth-while. 

"I made many visitations within our jurisdiction and to sister juris- 
dictions but regret that I was unable to do all the visiting I had hoped 
to do. It is with a sad feeling I pass the reins to my successor and 
become a 'has-been'. I congratulate my successor on being at the helm 
of a Wonderful Organization. 

"A resolution was passed that the Grand Chapter of Alabama extend 
to the Grand Chapter of Helvetia of the Royal Arch Masons of Switzer- 
land best wishes for its success and that the necessary steps be taken 
to exchange Grand Representatives and enter into Fraternal relation- 

"It was also decided to recognize the several Chapters of Japan and 
enter into fraternal relationship with the said Chapters under the General 
Grand Chapter." 

Report of Committee on Masonry and American Citizenship: "Your 
committee would like to submit for your consideration one of the most 
timely subjects. It is entitled "Masons must unite to save America," by 
Bro. Luther A. Smith, Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite. 
It appeared in the August 1958 issue of The New Aage." 

We quote, "If we would be loyal to our Country and wish to save 
our heritage of freedom, we Masons must arouse ourselves and unite in 
a movement of equal importance to that of Independence and Revolution 
to which our predecessors dedicated themselves. Like them, we must be 
men of mighty convictions if we would restore America to its former 

"We must have strong convictions concerning moral and spiritual 
values, the dignity of man, integrity, right and truth. We must have 
convictions that personal liberty, freedom of speech and assembly, and 
freedom of religion are natural rights and must be protected. These old 
tried and true American ideals must burn again in the hearts of Masons 
throughout the United States. If the Masons of all rites, ranks and 
degrees will unite to promote these great convictions, it will inaugurate 
a revolution which will be as significant and victorious as that one led by 
George Washington. 

Freemasonry has the program, the ideals and the potential. To 
save its own soul it must do it, but it will require boldness and courage. 
What say the Masonic Hosts of America?" 

The 'Grand Treasurer reported a bank balance of $20,540.31 with a 
surplus on December 31, 1958, of $69,160.05. 

Election of Officers: 

James T. McRae, Sr. — M. E. Grand High Priest. 

Chas. H. Stubinger — R. E. Grand Secretary. 


Forth-fifth Annual Convocation held in Edmonton, May 13th, 1959. 

Chapters, 31; Membership, 3,698; Net Increase, 105. 

M. E. Comp. Arthur F. Lissack, Grand First Principal 
M. E. Comp. Fred Hand, Grand Scribe E. 

There were 14 Past Grand First Principals present. 

Among the distinguished visitors were V. W. Brother R. E. Reierson, 
Minister of Labour for the Province of Alberta, and His Honour Mayor 
W. Hawrelak, of Edmonton, who welcomed the Companions. Many 
visitors from other Grand Jurisdictions were present. 

Address of Grand First Principal: "To our distinguished guests from 
other Grand Bodies and our Sister Grand Jurisdictions, we extend our 
most cordial welcome and trust that your sojourn with us will be both 
enjoyable and profitable. Your presence here exemplifies the true spirit 
of friendship which exists between Masonic bodies and which Masonry 
extends to all mankind. I was able to attend all district meetings with 
the exception of District No. 3 at Strathmore. 

"My visitations were not as numerous as I had hoped they would be 
and were made principally in the northern part of the province. Cir- 
cumstances beyond my control prevented me from making many trips to 
the south. One of the special events was on August 30th, 1958, when 
thirty-five Companions from all parts of the province journeyed from 
Edmonton by chartered bus to Grand Prairie to visit Wapiti Chapter No. 
34. The meeting was an excellent one. 

"It is my conviction and I have endeavoured to concey this convic- 
tion to my Masonic brethren, that in Royal Arch Masonry we have a 

way of life that can be and is an influencing factor in our every day 

lives. The fundamental principles inculcated in our ritual as relates to 

the building of K. S. Temple are also intimately connected with the 

same spiritual temple we are erecting within ourselves. If this 

temple has been erected as decreed in His Holy Word, aided 

by the square, level and plumb rule, and His teachings applied in our 

every day lives in our association with our fellowman, then we are nearer 

to the realization of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man. 

Lives of great men all remind us 

We can make our lives sublime, 

And departing leave behind us 

Footprints on the sands of time." 

Thirty-seven representatives of Grand Jurisdictions near Grand 
Chapter of Alberta were welcomed and asked to convey the Greetings 
of the Grand Chapter of Alberta to their jurisdictions. 

R. E. Comp. P. D. O'dell, Manna, was appointed Grand Representa- 
tive from Grand Chapter Canada and M. E. R. V. Conover, Brampton, 
represents Alberta near Grand Chapter of Canada. 

The Grand Treasurer reported receipts to be $6,882.83, and total 
assets of $13,464.38. 
Condition of the Craft 

A careful review of the reports of the Grand Superintendents shows 
a steady but definite progress. The year 1958 showed an increase in 
membership of 105. Seventeen of our thirty-one constituent chapters 
showed a net increase in membership, four held their numbers unchanged, 
and ten showed a slight increase. 

Officers elected: 

Grand First Principal — M. E. Comp C. M. Laverty. 

Grand Scribe E.— M. E. Comp. Fred Hand. 


68th Annual Convocation, Coolidge, Arizona, October 28, 1958. 

M. Ex. Comp. Fred P. Misak, Grand High Priest 

Jos. A. E. Ivey, Grand Secretary 

Membership, 1,898; Net Gain in 1957, 70. 

Many distinguished guests from other jurisdictions were received, 
warmly welcomed by the Grand High Priest, escorted to the East and 
given the Grand Honours of Masonry. 

Thirty-seven Grand Representatives answered the Roll Call. 

The address of the Most Excellent Grand High Priest: "It is my very 
pleasant duty this morning to bid you, one and all, a most hearty wel- 
come to this Annual Convocation. 

"It was my happy privilege to be able to visit every Chapter in our 
jurisdiction, some of them more than once." Interesting incidents re- 
garding his various visits were then related. 
Visits to Foreign Jurisdictions 

"It was my good fortune during the year to be able to visit several 
of our neighbouring Jurisdictions. On all occasions I was warmly re- 
ceived and tendered all the courtesies and honours due the office which 
I represented. Beginning six years ago the percentage of gain both in 
our Chapters and our blue lodges was climbing. The peak was reached 
in 1953 and since then both percentages have steadily declined in about 
the same proportion. The percentage of those initiated into the chapters 
from the available also follows the same trend. In 1952 about 18% oi 
our Blue Lodge masons belonged to the Royal Arch. Today the figure 
has dropped to about 16%. 

The Royal Arch Mason magazine, published under the direction of 
the General Grand Chapter with a circulation of more than 100,000, is 


doing" much to promote the interests of Masonry and spreading "light" 
to the less informed. Many chapters have subscribed to the magazine 
for their entire membership. Many others have presented subscriptions 
to all newly raised Master Masons in their jurisdictions — an example 
well worthy of imitation. 

There is an old saying-, "You can't do business with an empty 
wagon". Ours is the reverse. We have a wagon load of goods. Our 
job— sell them. 

To my successor, I extend my best wishes for a successful year and 
offer to him any support I am capable of giving. 

As I bring this to a close, it seems that the following words from 
one of our great poets, can best express my sentiments: 
How fine it is to close the book 
Of records for the day, and look 
Once more along the travelled mile 
And find that all has been worthwhile." 

The Grand Treasurer's report showed the total bank balance and 
receipts to be $10,094.59. 

Totals in the checking and savings account and U.S. Bonds on 
September 30, 1958, to be $22,820.30. 

Alva N. Anderson, of Phoenix, Arizona, was elected Grand High 

Edward P. Schmitt, of Somerton, Arizona, was elected Grand 
Scribe E. 


110th Annual Convocation of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of 
Arkansas held on February 16th, 1959. 

Chapters, 56; Membership, 8,210; Net Loss, 9. 

M. E, Comp. Roy S. Bucy, Grand High Priest 
M. E. Comp. Charles D. Mill, Grand Secretary 

Fay Hempstead Chapter No-. 144 Royal Arch Masons, exemplified 
the full form opening of a subordinate chapter in harmony with the 
ritual of the Jurisdiction. The presentation of the Colours followed and 
a special tribute to the flag was eloquently given by Comp. Kenneth 

Grand High Priest Roy S. Bucy was officially received and welcomed. 
A roll call of Grand Officers followed. 49 subordinate chapters were 
represented. 23 distinguished guests were received and welcomed. The 
Grand High Priest asked them to carry back to their several jurisdic- 
tions the Greetings and Good Wishes of the Companions from Arkansas. 
Those not already Honourary Members were elected to Honourary Mem- 

There were 10 Past Grand High Priests in attendance and there were 
39 foreign jurisdictions represented. 

Address of Grand High Priest: — 

"I have made at least one official visit to each District in the State 
and in some Districts I have made more than one visit. 

On October 4th I journeyed to Booneville to restore their Charter. 
There were about 100 Companions present. There were 34 candidates 
present who received the first three degrees. This Chapter has gTeat 
promise. Though we g-ot a late start with the Seminars, I believe there 
has been a lot of enthusiasm shown that will be a great help to Royal 
Arch Masonry in the years to come. 

Companions, during the past five years the Grand Chapter of Arkan- 
sas has consistently lost members. We have gone down from 9,010 to 
the present membership of 8,210. 

My hope at the beginning of the year was to check that downward 


trend and start the cycle on the upward movement. We have at least 
partly succeeded. This year we exalted 224, reinstated 105 and affiliated 

My Companions, for about forty years I have worked in Royal Arch 
Masonry, so I feel that presiding over this August Body today is my 
crowning glory. It has indeed been a privilege and pleasure to have 
served you in this capacity." 

The Grand Treasurer reported a bank balance of $16,578.02, and 
total assets of $50,935.81. 

The Grand Secretary reported: 

13 Chapters showed no exaltations in 1959. 9 Chapters reported 
excessive suspensions from 5% to 13%- 20 Chapters showed loss in 
membership ranging from 01.6% to 9.2%. 20 Chapters showed a gain 
in membership from .01% to 10.08%. Although suspensions were re- 
duced to 216 during the past year as compared with 748 during the year 
1947, the number is still out of line. 

At the last convocation the law repealing "automatic suspensions" 
was passed. A number of secretaries had no knowledge that it had been 
repealed. I am sure that a number of those suspended during the year 
would still have been active members had the secretaries looked over the 
Proceedings forwarded to them covering the last Convocation." 

The distinguished guests made many interesting and illuminating 
remarks which I should like to report if space permitted. 
Report of Committee on State of the Rite 

The 109th Convocation approved the recommendations contained in 
the report of the Committee on the State of the Rite. In so doing, the 
Capitular College was established. The State was divided into nine 
areas. The Grand High Priest appointed a dean for each of the areas. 
It was decided to give it a trial run in one area before going out on a 
statewise basis. The trial Seminar was held in Pine Bluff. The pro- 
gram was received enthusiastically with all the Chapters in that area 
participating. It was then decided to go ahead with the program. 

Seminars were held in each of he nine areas except two. These 
could not be held due to circumstances beyond our control. 

It is the opinion of the Board of Regents that — 

(a) The idea of the Capitular College is good and that it was en- 
thusiastically received by those who participated. 

(b) Much was learned through the experience of this first year's 
work that will serve to improve future work along these lines. 

(c) Those Companions who participated want it continued. 
Representative from Grand Chapter of Arkansas to Grand Chapter 

of Canada is L. W. Williams of Osceoda. 

Representative from Grand Chapter of Canada to Grand Chapter 
of Arkansas is Howard Coleman of Sarnia, Ontario. 

Election of Officers: — 

M. E. Comp. Jacob L. King — Grand High Priest 

M. E. Comp. Charles D. Hill — Grand Secretary. 

British Columbia (with jurisdiction over Yukon Territory) 

The 41st Annual Convocation held in Victoria, B.C., June 16, 1959. 
Chapters, 37; Membership, 5,087; Net Increase, 227. 
Grand Z., T. W. H. Walker, Victoria, B.C. 
Grand Scribe E., Edgar B. Baker, Vancouver, B.C. 
Representatives were present from 25 sister Grand Chapters and a 
cordial welcome was extended to them. 

The Grand Z's address — "May we be endowed with the wisdom and 
spirit of the Most High in conducting the affairs of this Grand Chapter 


that the tenets and lofty ideals of our Royal Craft will guide and direct 
our labours with the true spirit that characterizes all worthy Companions.*, 

It is with the greatest pleasure that I am able to report that all 
negotiations for the transfer of the Yukon Territory from the Grand 
Chapter of Canada to the Grand Chapter of British Columbia have been 

Our new Chapter, therefore, is Yukon Chapter which will be num- 
bered 38, and included in District No. 6. 

"In all my official visits I was received with honours and the cour- 
teous attention due a Grand First Principal. I was given the opportunity 
of addressing the Companions at length, both in open Chapter and during 
refreshment at the close of the meetings. My sincere thanks goes out 
to the officers and members of every Chapter for their kindness to me. 
Our Craft should be known, not by our magnitude, but by the standard 
of excellence attained by the individuals who compose it. We are apt 
to forget this and place a greater value on the institution than on the 

"I attended the 12th Annual Conference of Canadian Grand Chapters 
at Halifax, Nova Scotia, in September, 1958. Minutes of this meeting 
were sent to all B.C. Chapters. Sorry to say that in my official visits to 
Chapters I found no evidence of them being used. 

"Every organization is the lengthened shadow of a few individuals. 
Progress does not merely happen — it exists because some leading spirit 
activates its operations and controls its destiny. 

"I am delighted to note the good work being done by the "Keystone." 
It is the only worthwhile direct contact we have between the Grand 
Chapter and the Companions other than the visits of the Grand Chapter 

We are closing another banner year in the history of Capitular 
Masonry in British Columbia. " 

The Treasurer's report showed a bank balance on May 31, 1959, of 
$8,492.62 and investments of $10,000.00. 

Officers for 1959-60: 

Grand First Principal — R. E. Comp. Olaf Nelsen. 

Grand Scribe E.— M. E. Comp. E. B. Baker. 

It was recommended that recognition be extended to the Grand 
Chapter of Helvetia Royal Arch Masons of Switzerland, and to the Grand 
Chapter in West Germany. 


105th Annual, April 27-28, 1959. 

Chapters, 124; Membership, 33,979; Gain, 587. 

M. Ex. Wm. C. Leeson, Grand High Priest 
R. E. Chester H. Newell, Grand Secretary 

In the opening remarks of this report the Grand High Priest com- 
mented: "We meet today following an interval of four years in Romantic 
San Francisco . . . This year we have the additional inspiration of hold- 
ing these sessions in the magnificent California Masonic Temple, located 
on fabled Nob Hill". 

"The Inspectors of the 37 districts", said the Grand High Priest, "are 
being called upon to assume increasingly important roles as teachers of 
the Ritual to Chapter Officers, and as instructors in good chapter admin- 
istration and operation. We require them to visit each of the chapters 
assigned to them regularly, generally not less than six times each year; 
attend conferences called by the Grand Lecturer and the Deputy Grand 
Lecturers and we are quite stringent in requiring them to prepare and 
qualify the officers of the Chapters in their district for advancement." 
This should ensure good administrative and ritualistic work in all the 


chapters and lead to real capitular growth and success throughout the 
jurisdiction. Many other Grand Chapters might well take note." 

Ritual ICoaches. Along the same line we note this: "At the last 
Annual Convocation, this Grand Chapter passed legislation providing 
for appointment of Ritualistic Coaches in each chapter. Appointed by, 
and serving at the pleasure of the District Inspector, who is charged 
with their training and performance, these coaches are proving to be 
invaluable participants in the system of instruction which is continuing 
to strengthen the most fundamental consideration we have — that of con- 
scientious ritual work." 

Capitular Review. The Grand High Priest expressed gratitude to 
Ex. Comp. Ernst, who since 1951 has prepared the fine topical report 
"which has brought international recognition to California." [This re- 
viewer joins with M. Ex. Comp. Leeson in his expressions of apprecia- 
tion, Ex. Comp. Emmett Ernst's report is indeed outstanding.] 

Visits and Activities. Included in the agenda is a detailed list of 
more than 120 meetings attended. 

In conclusion. "An organization if it has no problems to meet and 
overcome, can become weak and lose its incentive for growth. That 
Royal Arch Masonry in California has problems is realized; and that 
there are no universal panaceas to these many problems is also freely 
admitted. But by being continually alert to these problems, we can 
take a positive attitude of aggressiveness and constructive thinking 
which will eventually bring about a solution to any given problem". 

Re Suspension N.P.D. In a letter to the Excellent High Priest of 
California, M. Ex. Comp. Leeson submits an eight-point plan to reduce 
the number of suspensions. We regret that space will not permit us 
to quote this excellent plan in detail. However, we do wish to commend 
this plan to the Scribe E's of all jurisdictions as one that ought to get 
saisfactory results. May I quote instead from a suggested letter on 
collection of delinquent dues these few paragraphs, "If there are any 
reasons based on personal hardship or extenuating circumstances, which 
have prevented you from keeping your dues on a current basis, please 
do not hesitate to tell me so in order that proper steps may be taken to 
relieve you of this responsibility until you are in position to reassume 
your obligations. 

"Your Chapter is interested in your welfare, and of course would 
like to have you attend our meetings when it is possible for you to do so. 
If you are unable to attend your own Chapter, we hope that you will visit 
with the Companions of the Chapter nearest to you. 

"I would greatly appreciate hearing from you at your earliest con- 
venience, and we look forward to seeing you in Chapter in the very near 

Total receipts $48,646.96 for the past year, and total assets of 
$104,061.11 indicate a satisfactory financial situation. 

Harry R. Sones was elected and duly installed as Most Excellent 
Grand High Priest for 1959-60. 

A well-arranged correspondence report contains, on page 105 of pro- 
ceedings, an informative comparative report on membership in last five 
years in Eastern and Central States, pointing out that last year Cali- 
fornia leads all states in net gain. [Congratulations.] 

Colorado, 1958 

Eighty-fourth Annual Convocation held at Denver, Colorado, Sep- 
tember 17, 1958. 

Chapters, 56; Membership, 7,569; Net Loss, 11. 

M. Ex. Comp. Gordon R. Merrick, Grand High Priest 
R. Ex. Comp. Harry W. Bundy, Grand Secretary 
After the opening of Grand Chapter and the usual welcome and 


reception of distinguished guests, Past Grand High Priest and Grand 
Representatives, the Grand High Priest presented his report. 

This report was quite extensive (16 pages of fine print) and detailed 
with many interesting and illuminating comments not only upon the 
state of the Rite in his own jurisdiction, but upon Capitular conditions 
that are more or less general throughout the world. We shall be able to 
quote only a portion of the many statements that ought to be included 
in this review. 

"Masonry is a solid institution. Its tenets are such that it will en- 
dure and prosper despite the occasional lapses of its transitory officers. 
It will — at all levels — quickly respond to intelligent aggressive leader- 

Particuarly important has been the constant effort to make all 
Grand Officers an integral part of a working organization. Gone is the 
old idea that Grand Officers should be only ornaments until their last 
year in line when they might be expected to accomplish miracles in one 
short year." 

The Grand High Priest then reviewed the developments in the past 
four or five decades from the General Grand Chapters' 1918 revision of 
its 1891 ritual to the present. The story of these ritualistic changes 
makes interesting reading. He gives an example of a Chapter in a 
"high mountain" town that had fallen into very difficult days. "The 
'work' is the basis of Masonry. When 'good work' is given there will be 
candidates. But when members cannot be proud of the way it is exem- 
plified, is there any wonder this Chapter did not have candidates." The 
Grand High Priest then advances TEN reasons why other Grand Juris- 
dictions have made changes in their rituals. These are worthy of con- 

New Chapters. "Big happenings of the year were the constituting 
of our eight new Chapters authorized at our last Grand Convocation. 
This is a great thrill that does not come to many High Priests." 

Three old Chapters qualified for General Grand Chapter Ten Percent 

Finances. A very thorough and practical discussion of facing and 
dealing with the spiral of rising costs was presented. The suggestions 
offered by the Grand High Priest seem calculated to meet with a financial 
crisis. The report of Grand Treasurer shows a balance of cash on hand 
of $11,055.39 with total assets of Grand Chapter (September 1, 1958) as 

The Grand Secretary's report shows a total of 443 exalted, admitted, 
reinstated. Deaths and Demitted account for the greater part of the 454 
lost, to Grand Chapter. 

The annual election elevated M. Ex. Comp. Eugene L. Anderson as 
Grand High Priest. M. Ex. Comp. Harry W. Bundy remains Grand 

The Committee on Correspondence presented a very splendid Review 
in topical form under such headings as: Suspensions N.P.D., The Meaning 
and Purpose of Royal Arch Masonry, Degree Work, Chapter Interest, 

Other Committees presented interesting reports. 

Colorado, 1959 

\ Just about the time my Review was completed I received, among 
others the 1959 Colorado Grand Chapter proceedings. I regret that I 
have not space to include full details but will try to include significant 


features, especially changes from the above 1958 report. | 
85th Convocation held at Denver, September 23, 1959. 
Chapters, 56; Membership, 7,500; Net Loss, 69. 

M. E. Comp. Eugene L. Anderson, Grand High Priest 
M. E. Comp. Harry W. Bundy, Grand Secretary 

Report of Grand High Priest: — 

"During the administration of M. E. Companion H. Baird Whitaker, 
an idea, new to Colorado, was intiated. Previously there had been no 
meetings of the Grand chapter Officers for group consideration of prob- 
lems, ways and means, but that year there were three such meetings. 
Each Grand Officer was assigned eight Chapters to work with and was 
made the Personal Representative of the Grand High Priest in all eight 
chapters assigned to him. 

"This year there have been four meetings of the Grand Chapter 
Officers. The notions that a Grand Officer may have had in previous 
years — that he has no obligations until he reaches the office of Grand 
High Priest are certainly being dispelled. Your officers today are 
officers in fact now — not only in name. Much time has been given to the 
problem of the Ritual. 

"It has been my pleasure to visit seven of the eight new Chapters. 
Several Chapters deserve special mention for the large number of Exalta- 
tions. And yet with a few Chapters doing well, the over all condition 
in the State is quite deplorable. Last year we suffered a net loss of 11 
members. This year it is really bad with a net loss of 69. Last year 
there were 223 exaltations; this year 209. Last year there were 80 sus- 
pensions N.P.D., this year 107. Certainly not a healthy situation. 

"The expenditures have been kept well in hand this year, but we still 
show a deficit. 

"I should like to consider the question of leadership. What are a 
few of the qualities, some of the responsibilities, and a few of the duties 
of satisfactory leadership? 

"1. An effective leader should organize and plan along with his 
fellow officers. No meeting should ever be held without sufficient plan- 
ning to assure expeditious handling of whatever business or work is to 
be done. Nothing is more boring than a meeting which drags. 

"2. An effective leader will divide up the responsibilities, duties 
and details of the organization. 

"3. An effective leader should make use of all facilities, devices or 
support which may be available. 

As one of the leaders of your Chapter are you learning the work 
sufficiently? Good degree work is also a factor in attendance. Degree 
proficiency rests with the individual officers. 

"And as a final word. As Masons we believe in God. Are we im- 
ploring His aid in our laudable undertakings?" 

Commissions for Grand Representatives were issued as follows. Ger- 
many, Virginia, British Columbia, Maryland, Mexico, Oklahoma, Illinois, 

The Grand Treasurer reported total assets as of August 31, 1959, to 
be $18,134.09, a decrease of $921.30 from previous year. 

Election of Officers: — 

M. E. Frank E. Woods— Grand High Priest. 

M. E. Harry W. Bundy — Grand Secretary. 


161st Annual Convocation held in Hartford, May 16, 1959. 
Chapters, 45; Membership, 10,349; Net Loss, 116. 

M. E. Pierson E. Dolbeare, Grand High Priest 
M. E. Bliss W. Clark, Grand Secretary. 


Distinguished visitors were introduced, received with Grand Hon- 
ours and welcomed to seats in the Grand East. 

Report of Grand High Priest: — 

"I bid you welcome and trust that you will receive an inspiration 
by being present and that you will feel you are one of us. We welcome 
our distinguished guests and may I thank each of you for the courtesies 
shown me while visiting your jurisdictions. 

''During the year we have lost three Past Grand High Priests and 
293 Companions from our Grand Jurisdiction. We extend our sympathy 
to the bereaved friends and Companions. 

"I attended the Religious Affirmation Day held at Burning Bush 
Chapter No. 29, East Haddam. A very inspiring message was brought by 
Rev. Roderick MacLeod. In listing the many Grand Jurisdictions I 
visited, I met many wonderful Companions and we had good times to- 
gether. The exchange of information and ideas were of much value to 
me. In April, I visited the Grand Chapter of Canada held at Toronto 
with Most Excellent Companion Maurice A. Searle, Grand Z, presiding. 

"Among the 18 dispensations issued were several due to change of 
dates of meetings occasioned by severe storms of March. 

"On March 18, 1959, it was my pleasure to attend Washington 
Chapter No. 6 Middletown, and dedicate an Altar to Royal Arch Masonry. 
The most important article of furniture in a place of Masonic gatherings 
is undoubtedly the Altar. Long before Temples were built, Altars were 
erected. Noah is said to have erected one as soon as he came forth from 
the Ark. Among the ancients, both Jews and Gentiles, Altars were for 
two purposes, for incense and for sacrifice. Those for sacrifices were 
always erected in the open air, outside and in front of the Temple. 
Altars of incense only were permitted within the Temple walls. On these 
Altars of incense, bloodless sacrifices were presented and incense was 
burnt to the Deity. 

"The Masonic Altar, like everything else in Masonary, is symbolic, 
and appears to combine the character and uses of both forms of Altars. 
It is an Altar of sacrifice, for on it the candidate is directed to lay his 
passions and vices as an oblation to the Deity, while he offers up the 
thoughts of a pure heart as a fitting incense to the Grand Architect of 
the Universe. Tonight, we are here to dedicate this beautiful Altar, 
given by Excellent Companion William A. Armstrong in memory of his 
mother and father. This Altar is now consecrated to the worship of the 
Living God and set apart as something sacred to the cultivation of the 
principles of Royal Arch Masonry. 

"I cannot express my appreciation personally to all who have assist- 
ed me this year as your Grand High Priest. Everyone has helped and 
all your kindnesses and suggestions have made a most happy year for 

"My closing words for one and all: May you all live as long as you 
want, and never want as long as you live." 

The Grand Treasurer reported total receipts of $16,964.45 and total 
investments of $23,742.28. 

Report of the Special Committee on Insurance. 

After the 1958 Annual Convocation of this Grand Chapter, the Grand 
Priest appointed a committee to investigate the matter of insurance to 
protect against claims for personal injury that might be brought against 
the Grand Chapter, a constituent chapter or any of its members. Times 
are changing; the public is claim-conscious as never before; suits against 
Masonic organizations all over the country are occurring with increasing 


frequency. A recommendation was made that Grand Chapter purchase 
liability and medical protection the details of which were presented. 

Newly installed officers: — 

Grand High Priest — M. E. Charles J. Fairhurst. 

Grand Secretary— M. E. Bliss W. Clark. 

District of Columbia 

The 92nd Convocation of the Grand Chapter of the Royal Arch 
Masons of the District of Columbia was held on February 14, 1959, at 

Chapters, 11; Membership, 4,244; Net Loss, 103. 

John E. Chrisman — Grand High Priest 
Edward G. Cabel — Grand Secretary 

There were 14 Past Grand High Priests present and a complete list 
of Grand Representatives were in attendance. 

The Grand Visitor and Lecturer, Lucien G. Yung, read his report 
which was received and ordered to be printed: "Several members of the 
Committee on Work and lectures have visited each Chapter several times 
and observed the opening and closing ceremonies as well as the conferring 
of the degrees. 

"There has been some improvement in the ritualistic work over the 
previous year, and the officers appear to be doing their best to confer 
impressive degrees. There are a few Chapters which present a picture 
of apathy with lagging interest. 

"The attendance at convocations of several Chapters has shown a 
slight increase and in others it is very poor. A marked improvement 
is necessary if the Chapters expect to function properly. One of the 
greatest disappointments during the past year was the lack of enthusiasm 
in the Grand Chapter School of Instruction. Twenty sessions of the 
School were held and the average attendance was 24, which I consider 
very poor. 

"All of the Chapters can be proud of their Past High Priests. These 
Excellent Companions have already given of their time and effort. I 
find that many of them are as much interested in their Chapters today 
as they were in the past." 
Summary Reviews 

The Chairman of your Committee has continued to review Grand 
Chapter proceedings received. 

There is still a gain in membership in the Capitular Rite but the 
gains are considerably reduced. Twenty-eight Grand Chapters have 
reported gains and twenty-two have reported losses. There are 3,415 
Chapters reported with a membership of 710,082. 

Address of the Grand High Priest: — 

"It is a privilege to have so many distinguished Companions from 
other jurisdictions honour us with their presence. 

"We are also honoured by the presence of the presiding officers of 
other branches of Masonry in this Jurisdiction and we thank them for 
the cooperation and close harmony which prevails in our endeavour to 
promote to the utmost the sublime principles of our fraternity. 

"We trust our members will continue to support the Blood Bank 
and encourage their families and friends to do likewise. 

"I am deeply grateful to the members of the High Priest Association 
for their services to Capitular Masonry and their willingness to cooperate 
at all times. I urge all the Chapter Officers to regularly attend the 
Grand Chapter School of Instruction and take advantage of the oppor- 
tunity it offers to become acquainted with each other. 


"During the year I made an official visitation to each of the Chap- 
ters in this Jurisdiction. I also visited some of our sister Grand Chap- 
ters. These visits to and contacts with the Companions of Sister Juris- 
dictions are not only enjoyable, but are beneficial because it enables one 
to broaden his scope of thinking. 

"The loss in our membership this year is less than last year but we 
must consider there has been a loss reported in our membership for 
eight consecutive years totalling 699. This, Companions, makes our 
membership less than it was fifteen years ago. I am sorry I do not have 
the answer as to what we can do to arrest this loss." [Who has?] 

The Grand Treasurer reported balance on hand January 31, 1959, to 
be $5,190.35. 

Election of Officers: — 

M. E. Emerson B. Wise — Grand High Priest. 

R. E. Raymond N. Babcock — Grand Secretary. 

Supreme Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of England 


FIRST QUARTERLY, Wednesday, November 5, 1958. 
M. E. Comp. Rt. Ho-n. the Earl of Scarbrough, First Grand Principal 

The Committee of General Purposes, through the President, E. Comp. 
Sir George Boag, reported petitions for 4 new Chapters. 

SECOND QUARTERLY, February 4, 1959. 

Returns were presented showing the yearly increase in the number 
of Chapters on Grand Chapter Register from 1949 (2,361) to 1958 
(2,575 Chapters). During the same ten year period Grand Chapter 
Certificates decreased from 8,101 to 6,777. 

An appointment of a Grand Superintendent for Bombay, India, was 
announced by M. E. First Grand Principal. The new Superintendent, E. 
Companion Bhogilal Chimanlal, was to take office effective March 1, 

THIRD QUARTERLY, May 6th, 1959. 

Petions for 5 new Chapters were received. Authorization was 
granted Caledonia Chapter No. 204, Manchester, permitting the Members 
to wear the Centenary Jewel. 

At a previous quarterly convocation (May, 1957) the Committee of 
General Purposes intimated that members of the Vlth Scandanavian 
Degree might be "accepted as visitors to our chapters". A communica- 
tion from the Grand Secretary of the National Grand Lodge of Denmark 
advised that, in future, such visitors will be furnished with a special 
certificate and instructions as to Lodge clothing. 

Elective and appointed members of Grand Chapter for the ensuing 
12 months were made at this meeting. Under the Royal Arch Regula- 
tions the Grand Master of the Craft automatically assumed the Office 
of First Grand Principal. 


Elections by Ballot. This RULING was handed down to all Com- 
panions: "It is unconstitutional to announce in connection with the ballot 
for an Officer of a Chapter that BLANK voting papers will be regarded 
as votes for any particular member. All blank papers, or those which 
for any other reason are uncertain, must be excluded from the ballot." 

Prayers for the Petitions of Six new chapters were granted. 

A warm welcome was given to a distinguished visitor, M. E. Comp. 
Rabbi Jacob Danglow, C.M.G., O.B.E., a Past First Grand Principal of 
the Grand Chapter of Victoria, Australia. 

Grand Chapter was closed in Ancient and Solemn Form. At the 
close of the proceedings the first verse of the National Anthem was sung. 

Mark Master Masons of England and Wales 

Quarterly Communications, December, 1958 - June 1959 

On the Throne: 

M. W. Bro. The Rt. Hon. Lord Harris, M.C., Grand Master. 

Rt. Wor. Bro. Shepherd Eastward, Acting Deputy Grand Master. 

The M. W. Grand Master paid a tribute to Bro. Lord Bruce, Sub- 
stitute Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Scotland: "Your family 
holds a high place in Freemasonry ... It is indeed a happy occasion, 
because although in Scotland you do not hold the Mark Degree as a 
separate order, you include it in the degrees which come under the 
jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Scotland. We practise the Mark 
Degree alone, and do not combine it with the other Craft degrees." M. W. 
Grand Master then presented to Rt. Wor. Bro. Lord Bruce a patent of 
appointment as the representative of the Grand Master and of the Grand 
Lodge near to the Grand Lodge of Scotland. "Which I hope you may 
endure for very many years." To which Rt. Wor. Lord Bruce replied 
with gratitude for the warmth of the greeting on his own behalf and on 
behalf of the Brethren of Scotland. 

This is worthy of note: Very Wor. Bro. His Honour Judge Blogden, 
Deputy Grand Registrar, slated an express provision "in our Constitu- 
tions" that if a Brother is expelled from the Craft by the United Grand 
Lodge of England he is Automatically expelled from Mark Masonry. 
During the 3 months ending September 30, 1958, there were 491 applica- 
tions for Mark certificates. 

Quarterly Communication, March 3, 1959. 

The Rt. Hon. Lord Harris, M.C. was re-elected Grand Master for 
ensuing year, "A position he has held with great dignity and distinction 
for a number of years." The General Board reported 813 applications 
for Mark certificates for 3 months ending December 31, 1958. 

Quarterly Communication, Tuesday, June 2, 1959. 
During 3 months ending March 31, 1959, there were 1,176 applica- 
tions for Mark certificates. 

The General Board recommends removal from the Roll: Torii Mark 
Lodge No. 837, Kobe, Japan. During the above three months 35 petition- 
ers to the Benevolent Branch were relieved to the extent of £4,195. 

The Grand Registrar announced an alteration to the Constitutions. 
"Owing to recent developments there are now very many Brethren in this 
Order who are not directly under the jurisdiction of United Grand 
Lodge: they may be under foreign or Colonial or other territorial juris- 
dictions, or they may be members of other Masonic Orders. We have 
felt that whilst we are not prepared to say that expulsion from those 
Orders shall automatically involve expulsion from our Order, neverthe- 
less, this Grand Lodge may treat it as a ground for expulsion from the 

The Grand Master: "We have today one really very great honour, 
because we have present the Grand Master of the Grand East of the 
Netherlands, Most Worshipful Brother C. M. R. Davidson, whom I have 
had the pleasure of investing as Past Grand Senior Warden this after- 
noon. (Loud applause). As you know, we have recently formed a Lodge 
in Holland, and it is largely due to him that we were able to do so, and he 
is looking after that Lodge in his position as Grand Master of the Grand 
Lodge of Holland. I am very glad that he is able to be here with us 
today. (Applause.) 



112th Annual, Jacksonville, Florida, May 20-21, 1959. 

Chapters, 60; Membership, 9.445; Gain, 74. 

M. Ex. Charles W. Arnold, Grand High Priest 
John Bridges Phelps, Grand Secretary 

The Roll being called all Grand Officers and 13 Past Grand High 
Priests were present and 59 Chapters represented. A long list of dis- 
tinguished visitors were introduced and accorded appropriate honours, 
and made honorary members of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons 
of Florida. 

Report of Grand High Priest. At the outset of his report, the Grand 
Grand High Priest requested a moment of silent prayer to "ask our 
Heavenly Father for Divine guidance in all our doings". Two new Chap- 
ters were begun at emergency convocations during the year at Eau 
Gallie and Princeton, Florida. The officers of each were duly installed 
by the Grand High Priest and a number of assisting Grand Chapter 
officers. As in many other jurisdictions during 1958-9 Grand Repre- 
sentatives of Florida near the Grand Jurisdictions of Argentina, Ger- 
many, Switzerland were appointed. 

Among theBy-Laws Approved we note October 14, 1958, "I approved 
amendment to the By-laws of Surf Chapter No. 57 — to reduce the fee for 
initiation from $30.00 to $25.00 as passed at their regular convocation on 
September 1, etc." [This is a reversal of the usual trend and was no 
doubt a wise move in the case of the particular chapter.] 

Visitations: An extensive list of visitations testify as to the interest 
and activities of the Grand High Priest [6 pages fine print.] 

Among the Recommendations we note the following which might 
serve as an example to many other Grand Chapters: "I recommend that 
Grand Chapter enter into a contract with the publishers of the Royal 
Arch Mason magazine for every Companion now on the rolls of Grand 
Chapter and for each newly exalted Companion, the cost of which to be 
paid by Grand Chapter." 

In the report of the Committee on Memorials we note kindly refer- 
ence to the demise of our beloved M. Ex. John Alexander Macdonald, 
G.F.P., who passed to the Grand Chapter above May 19, 1958. 

Grand Treasurer's report indicated total receipts of $35,673.36, and 
total investments of $63,000.00. 

Our representative: M. Ex. Melville S. Gooderham. 

Their representative: H. J. Wendland. 


137th Convocation of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of 
Georgia held in the City of Macon April 15-16, 1959. 

Chapters 128 (91 present). Membership 27,443. Net gain 206. 

Jay D. Barton, Grand High Priest. 

W. J. Penn, Jr., Grand Secretary. 

There were 17 Past Grand High Priests present. 

Address of Grand High Priest — 

"It is indeed a pleasure to have so many Chapters represented and I 
extend to you a most cordial welcome. I am also happy to welcome guests 
from Sister Jurisdictions. 

"We deem it a rare privilege and honour to have with us Most Ex- 
cellent Companion J. Luther Jordan, General Grand Priest and ex- 
tend to you, Sir, our warmest greetings and our sincere thanks for having 
honoured us with this visit. 

"During my term of office my object has been to help all Com- 


panions in an endeavour to create and develop additional interest in 
Capitular Masonry. I issued a proclamation designating October 26, 1958, 
as Religious Affirmation Day. From all reports received by me from the 
various Chapters over the State interest in this Religious Affirmation 
Day is continuing to grow. I recommend it be a yearly affair. 

I travelled 14,480 miles in making my visitations. The kind hos- 
pitality accorded me was very much appreciated. 

My deepest appreciation to M. E. Comp. Penn, our Grand Secretary, 
for his help and assistance at all times. 

I shall ever remember and cherish the peace and harmony and good 
fellowship that has prevailed throughout our Jurisdiction. 

In addition to the death of our Grand High Priest L. S. Patterson 
and our Past Grand High Priest Bartis E. Goodman, 334 of our Com- 
panions have passed through the final arch to life everlasting. Our sym- 
pathy goes out to all who were bereaved." 

The Grand Secretary reported that there were 1.229 exaltations in 
1958. One hundred and eight Chapters reported exaltations during the 

Companions, our gains are continuing to drop every year, and unless 
we exalt more Companions or devise means of keeping those that we now 
have on the roll it will only be a short time before we will be forced to 
report a loss in membership. 

The Grand Treasurer reported a balance on hand of $43,923.46, and 
a total balance of $104,898:02. 

Report of Committee on General Welfare. 

We note with pleasure and satisfaction the completion of another 
successful year in the history of Georgia Capitular Masonry. However, 
we note with concern that the net gain in membership is steadily declin- 
ing year by year. This condition, seemingly, stems from the number of 
suspensions due to nonpayment of dues. Forty-nine Chapters showed a 
net loss for the preceding year. We recommend that the secretaries of 
the subordinate chapters comply with the law as set forth in the code of 
the Grand Chapter wherein it is specially provided that due notice (sum- 
mons) must be served upon each and every member before he can be 

Grand High Priest Harry M. Stanley was presented with a Grand 
High Priest's Apron from his home Chapter Decatur No. 119, and with a 
Gold Honourary membership card from Sardis Chapter No. 77 of Atlanta 
for his outstanding contribution to Masonry over the years. 

Election of Officers — Harry M. Stanley, Jr., Grand High Priest; W. 
J. Penn, Jr., Grand Secretary. 


51st Annual Convocation of the Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons 
of the State of Idaho met on May 11-12, 1959, at McCall. 

Chapters 21. Membership 3,048. Net gain 21. 

Claude M. Gorden, Grand High Priest. 

Edward H. Way, Grand Secretary. 

Fourteen Grand High Priests were introduced and given a warm 
welcome. The Grand Representatives were received and welcomed. 

Address of Grand High Priest — 

"To all who are in attendance I extend a most cordial welcome. We 
rejoice also in the presence of the leaders of other branches of Free 
Masonry in our state. During the past year 58 of our Companions have 
answered the call of our Supreme Master. Let us pause for a moment of 
silent prayer in memory of these Companions of ours, and of other Grand 
Chapters, who have answered the final call. 


During the year I was privileged to visit all the Constituent Chap- 
ters, some of them on more than one occasion. I wish to thank the five 
Chapters in North Idaho for holding Special Convocations to make my 
visitations more convenient. Companions were commissioned by me as 
Grand Representatives of the Grand Chapter of Idaho near their respec- 
tive Grand Chapters — Ransom H. Lepard, Nebraska; Ned T. Prator, 
Oklahoma; Everett F. Walker, West Virginia; Seth A. MacKay, Nevada; 
Clyde W. Picht, Utah. 
Condition of the Craft: 

During the year 1958 the Grand Chapter has showed a gain of 21. 
Our greatest loss is caused by suspension due to N.P.D. Before a member 
is dropped a personal contact should be made." 

The Grand Secretary reported a net gain of 21. There were 136 
Exalted, 20 demitted, and 51 suspended N.P.D. 

The Grand Treasurer's report showed balance of $5,021.01 on May 1, 
1959; total assets $12,244.27. 

Election of Officers — Herbert H. Eberle, Grand High Priest; Edward 
H. Way, Grand Secretary. 


110th Annual Convocation of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of 
Illinois was held at Chicago on May 15-16, 1959. 

Chapters 193. Membership 33,794. Net loss 996. 

M.E. Comp. Harry E. Freeland, Grand High Priest. 

R.E. Comp. Edward E. Core, Grand Secretary. 

Distinguished guests were received and accorded appropriate 
honours. Most Worshipful Brother Harold R. Kopfman, Most Worshipful 
Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and 
Accepted Masons of the state of Illinois, was accorded the Grand Honours 
of Masonry and in return expressed his warm thanks. 

Among the Grand Representatives were six from Canada including 
Bruce H. Smith, Grand First Principal, Grand Chapter of R.A.M. of 

Report of Grand High Priest — 

"During the year I made many visitations in this Jurisdiction and 
attended several Annual Convocations of Sister Jurisdictions. 

It was my pleasure during the year to issue 112 Fifty Year Certifi- 
cates several of which I was privileged to present personally. 

Three State Schools of Instruction were held during the year. I wish 
to convey my sincere thanks and appreciation to the Committee on 
Ritualistic Instruction for their fine work. My thanks goes to all the 
Grand Lecturers who attended the schools and gave their full co-operation 
and assistance to the committee. 

Twelve appointments of our Grand Chapter and nine of our repre- 
sentatives near other Grand Chapters were made. 

Notwithstanding the efforts of some of our Companions, who by 
their diligence were successful in increased membership, our Grand Sec- 
retary's report shows a loss in membership again this year. 

Additional members are a necessity to compensate for our loss in 
membership each year through death and other causes. 

During the past several years an increased lack of interest in Chap- 
ter affairs is being indicated. I believe we are failing to live up to our 
obligations and responsibilities as Masons in all of the Masonic Bodies 
and the time is here when we should all ask ourselves this question, 
'Where have I failed in Masonry?' To be a Master Mason is a great 
privilege and honour. Our fraternity is a place where good men are 
taught to be better men. It is in your hands, Companions, to make Royal 
Arch Masonry prosper in Illinois. Our Homes for the aged at Sullivan 


and for the children at La Grange continue to present to the world evi- 
dence of the ideals of Freemasonry." 

The Grand Treasurer reported total assets of $121,040.59. 

Report of Committee on Royal Arch Advancement — 

The activities of this committee have been principally in the matter 
of furthering the importance of the Grand Chapter Schools of Instruc- 
tion. We are grieved by the apparent lack of interest on the part of 
Chapter officers and members. However, that same lack of interest and 
listlessness has penetrated into our churches and into our fraternal 
bodies, and as a result we are slipping into the danger of ultimate 
oblivion. [The words of warning apply to so many jurisdictions and we 
have quoted many similar reports. The remainder of the report of this 
committee is well worth reading.! 

Election of Officers — M.E. Comp. Mark C. Morgan, Grand High 
Priest; R.E. Comp. Edward E. Core, Grand Secretary. 

Representative to Grand Chapter of Canada — Garland S. Thomas. 

Representative to Grand Chapter of Illinois — James W. Wooland, 
Toronto, Canada. 


Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Iowa held its 103rd Annual 
Convocation at Dubuque, April 24-25, 1959. 

Chapters 91. Membership 16,200. Net loss 76. 

Grand High Priest — M.E. Comp. J. Ellitt Grayson. 

Grand Secretary — Ross J. Camblin. 

Many Distinguished Guests were received and given appropriate 
honours among them being M.E. Comp. William Elliott, Past Grand First 
Principal, Grand Chapter of Manitoba; General Grand Principal So- 
journer of the General Grand Chapter and personal representative of 
M.E.J. Luther Jordan, General Grand High Priest. 

Following the reception of the distinguished guests the committee 
presented eight Past Grand High Priests who were welcomed and given 
honours. The Grand High Priest said: "These Past Grand High Priests 
have all made splendid contributions to Capitular Masonry in Iowa." 

The Grand Representatives of Sister Jurisdictions with whom this 
Grand Chapter is in fraternal correspondence as their names were called 
assembled west of the Altar. They were greeted by the Grand High Priest 
and directed to extend fraternal greetings in his behalf to the jurisdiction 
they represented 

Six "Knights of the Royal Arch" were received and welcomed by the 
Grand High Priest, who said: "Your presence assures me that your 
selection for this 'Award of Merit' was well founded." 

The Grand High Priest requested all members of the Knight York 
Cross of Honour to form west of the Altar — 33 members responded. They 
were extended a cordial welcome. 

Grand High Priest's address — "I am deeply grateful that we are 
meeting this year in Dubuque with Dubuque Chapter No. 3 as our host, 
and which shared in the establishment of our Grand Chapter more than a 
century ago. May Capitular Masonry continue to live and grow in this 
fine city on the west bank of the Mississippi River. 

The Companions of this Grand Chapter, together with our visitors of 
other Grand Jurisdictions, meet here in a common cause to work for the 
good and advancement of Royal Arch Masonry. 

The principles of our organization are founded upon the teachings of 
the Book of the Law. We humbly ask that our w r ords, acts and deeds will 
receive Divine guidance, assuring decisions that will continue the growth, 
prosperity and advancement of Royal Arch Masonry in Iowa. 


To our distinguished guests — those from other Grand Jurisdictions 
in the United States and Canada, and those from other Grand Bodies in 
Iowa, may I say you honour us with your presence. We are delighted to 
have you with us. Time with his all devouring scythe has not been idle 
during the past year. Companions from every walk of life are no more. 
Their places are vacant. Within ten days following installation of our 
present officers Comp. Fred L. Davis was suddenly taken from us at his 
home in Des Moines. He was our Grand Treasurer for such a brief time 
and left a vacancy in our official family. Let us give thanks that we have 
been privileged to associate with all these men in this great fraternity 
and let us, because of them, pledge ourselves to be better men that we may 
join with them in the ranks of the Celestial fraternity. 

Our Grand Chapter is now on the second year of a three-year contract 
which enables every Companion of each Chapter in Iowa to receive the 
Royal Arch Mason magazine. This is an extremely well-edited quarterly 
that contains material of interest to all Masonic students of whatever 
degree or order." 

(A very lengthly list of the Grand Chapter Visitations bears witness 
to the manifold activities of the Grand High Priest.) 

"This past year we showed a small loss in membership which I hope 
won't be a yearly reality. However, there is sufficient cause for alarm to 
make it necessary for the leaders of our Royal Arch Masonry in Iowa 
and all jurisdictions to take a careful look at the situation. There is a 
demanding need of continuous and well-planned work by the officers of 
all constituent chapters. Active interest on the part of more of our mem- 
bers appears to be the keynote. During the past year we showed a net 
loss of 76 throughout the State. Our annual losses from suspension on 
account of non-payment of dues is appalling. For many years I have been 
associated with our Grand Secretary Ross J. Camblin as a man and a 
Mason. As a Grand Secretary he is tops. As a Mason he is exemplary in 
the discharge of every duty. 

Let; us never forget the principles upon which our Order is based." 

In his report the Grand Secretary said: "Why this lethargy among 
our Chapters ? We had 139 less exaltations in 1958 than in the previous 
year. Are we waiting for the right opportunity? Many of our Chapters 
are missing opportunity when it knocks because they are knocking 

Opportunity is what a strong Chapter makes for itself. 

Opportunity is what an industrious High Priest grasps. 

Opportunity is what a lazy one dreams about. 

Opportunity is what a weak one waits for. 

Opportunity is what a good executive sees and makes the most of." 

During the Capitular year just closed the District Instructors held a 
total of 51 schools of Instruction. 

The Grand Treasurer reported total assets to be $147,138.03. 

Balance on deposit in Atlantic State Bank $13,947.91. 

Election of Officers— Grand High Priest, M.E. Comp. Philip Pitts; 
Grand Secretary, Ross J. Camblin. 


Convocations of Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Ireland are 
held in Dublin in months of February, May, July and November, 1958. 
Chapters 400. Membership — . Net — . 
Grand King — Sydney Hanna. 
Grand Chief Scribe— Ralph H. Dodd. 
Letter from M.E- Grand King written January 8, 1959 — 
"The Convocations of Supreme Grand Chapter have been well attend- 


ed. Prior to our July meeting we had an informal meeting of the Grand 
First Principals and a useful exchange of ideas followed. 

I also had the great privilege and pleasure of visiting every District 
Grand Chapter in Ireland during the year and was greatly impressed by 
the efficiency of the officers in carrying out our Ritual and also with the 
enthusiam shown by all members. All these meetings were notable for 
the good attendances. The interest in our Order is being well maintained. 

The District Grand Chapter reports all show continued interest and 
the issue of five new Warrants during the year is most encouraging." 

Meeting of Supreme Grand Chapter in Belfast, February 8, 1958. 

M.E. Sydney Hanna, M.B.E. Grand King on the Throne. 

M.E. Ralph H. Dodd, M.B.E. Grand Chief Scribe. 

The following Grand Chapters were represented — New York, Scot- 
land, Louisiana, Tennessee, Ohio, Manitoba and British Columbia. 

Owing to the death of M.E. Philip E. Hayward, Provincial Grand 
Superintendent. New Zealand, the Grand King appointed as his successor 
M.E. Leslie S. Judd. In response to an invitation received from the Grand 
Chapter of Canada on the occasion cf their Centenary celebration the 
following resolution was adopted and sent to the Canadian Grand Chap- 
ter: "The Most Excellent Grand King and Companions assembled send 
their good wishes to M.E. Grand First Principal and Companions of the 
Grand Chapter of Canada and pray that the Supreme King of Heaven 
and Earth will continue to bless the happy and cordial relations which 
exist between the Grand Chapter of Canada and the Supreme Grand Royal 
Arch Chapter of Ireland." 

Grand Chapter of Instruction. 

Companions who witnessed the exemplification of the Mark Master 
Mason's Degree by members of the R.A.C. No. 250 Dublin in January 
spent a most enjoyable and instructive evening. 

The Grand First Principal of Down reported that during the year 
visitors from Canada, Africa and New Zealand were welcomed at Con- 
vocations of the District Grand Chapter. During the year four church 
services were held and well attended. 

M.E. William McC. Miller of the District Grand Chapter of London- 
derry, Donegal, Tyrone and Fermanagh writes that Royal Arch Masonry 
continues to flourish in this district. 

D.G.C. South Africa, Northern. 

A very successful year reported. The Chapters are steadily progress- 
ing and are now working uniformly. There is a very high standard of 
efficiency in the rendering of the various parts of the Ritual by the 

M.E. Andrew J. Steyn writes from Southern Cape Province. 

"There is perfect harmony between us and the sister constitutions in 
the Province. On March 25 at the Consecration of R.A.C. No. 368, Cape 
Town, the Superintendents of Sister constitutions honoured us with their 
presence and with a goodly following of their companions." 

On this occasion Excelsior Chapter conferred Honoury Membership 
on the Superintendents of the English, Scottish and Netherlandic Con- 
stitutions and the Ex. King and Council invested each one of them with a 
Founder's Jewel. 

The Grand Treasurer's report showed a credit balance of £482 18s 5d. 

Officers for 1959 — Grand King, M.E. Comp. Sydney Hanna; Grand 
Chief Scribe, M.E. Comp. Walter D. Kelso. 

Supreme Grand Chapter Royal Arch Chapters of Ireland, 1959. 

[We regret that this report reached us just as were going to print 
and we are able to make only a brief summary.] 

A letter from the M.E. and S. Grand King reports a year of steady 
consolidation. Two new warrants were issued during the year, one in New 


Delhi and the other in the District of Grand Chapter of Londonderry, 
Donegal, Tyrone and Fermanagh. 

The May Convocation was held at Enniskillen and was most success- 

The most interesting meeting of the year was at Tullamore on July 
2 when a joint meeting of the eight Chapters forming the Superinten- 
dency of South Connaught and the Midland Counties was held to consider 
the formation of a District Grand Chapter. 

Foreign Representatives: From the Grand Chapter of Saskatchewan, 
M.E. Comp. Robert Brown, Past Grand High Priest. 

From the Grand Chapter of Canada (Ontario): M.E. Donald Mc- 
Caughtry, District Grand King of Antrim. 

The following Grand Chapters were represented: New York, Quebec, 
Scotland, New Zealand, Nova Scotia and British Columbia. 

Royal Arch Masonry throughout the Grand Jurisdiction has con- 
tinued to make steady progress. 

Officers for 1960 — Sydney Hanna, M.B.E., M.E. and Supreme Grand 
King; James 0. Harte, R.E. Grand Registrar. 


The 94th Annual Convocation of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch 
Masons of Kansas was held on March 9-10, 1959, at Wichita. 

Chapters 90. Membership 16,217. Net loss 349. 

M.E. Comp. Glenn E. Williams, Grand High Priest. 

R.E. Comp. Charles S. McGinness, Grand Secretary. 


Grand Officers present — 14. 

Past Elective Grand Officers present — 13. 

Past High Priests present — 113. 

Chapter Representatives present — 98. 

Total Representation — 250. 

Grand Representatives of other Grand Chapters — 54. 

Distinguished Visitors present — 11. 

District Deputy Grand High Priests— 13. 

Number of Chapters represented — 72. 

Number of Chapters not represented — 18. 

Total number of Chapters on Rolls — 90. 

Two Chapters qualified for recognition of Certificates from the 
General Grand Chapter for 10 per cent or more increase in membership 
during the past year. 

I quote some significant excerpts from the address of the Grand High 
Priest — "Today the problems of this world seem so complex and difficult 
of solution as to make our problems appear insignificant in comparison, 
but, if we are to take our rightful place in God's skein of events, we must 
send forth into the battles and complexities of this world men who have 
been schooled in those principles of truth and righteousness which we 
seek to teach and have been steeled by that zeal and fidelity that should 
ever actuate every soldier in this great army of God. 

"Today this great country of our stands at the crossroads of national 
life which must sooner or later be faced by all the people of this world. 
As a nation we have joined that powerful group of nations known as 
"The United Nations" at whose meetings occur endless debates on ques- 
tions that are never settled and we find ourselves whistling in the dark 
to keep up our courage under the dark clouds of the cold war. 

"Here, within this Fraternity, it is our duty as Royal Arch Masons so 
to instill within ourselves and out votaries that principle of truth and 
fearless support of God that we may have the courage to carry the Light 
with us when we enter the battles and conflicts of this world. 


"I could not be so ungrateful as not to mention my appreciation of the 
worth and work of our Deputy Grand High Priests. I cannot compliment 
this splendid group too highly for their fine and loyal service to the 
Royal Craft and their personal sacrifice in the performance of their 

If our Grand Lecturers are to give of their best they must put in 
perhaps more time in preparing for the work than in the actual instruc- 
tion. They sacrifice a great deal for the Fraternity. 

My visitations during the year were numerous and happy events." 
Condition of the Craft 

"It would be nice to ignore this topic because we are not fond of 
speaking of unpleasant or disappointing things, but the fact remains that 
a number of our Chapters are sadly in need of assistance and encourage- 
ment. I might lament the loss of membership which we have sustained, 
but I am inclined to be more interested in correcting the cause of this 
loss. Only a minor number of our Chapters have shown any gain during 
the past year; the great majority have shown a loss. A glance at the 
figures show 400 exaltations as against 333 deaths, 34 admissions as 
against 112 dimissions, 82 restorations as against 419 suspensions and 
one expulsion. 

"Companions, let us search for reasons and not offer excuses. These 
delinquent Companions were not lost in a day. The fault must lie largely 
with us. These Companions came to us seeking Light and had we kept 
that Light bright and shining they would have found the way home. Do 
we take part in the work of the Chapter or are we too busy? Do we at- 
tend our meetings and help to make them interesting? Do we extend the 
warm hand of true Masonic Fellowship to our new members? Do we 
make it a point to attend our annual meetings? Do we try to bring the 
delinquent Companions back into the fold? 

During the year we lost 333 members of this Grand Jurisdiction. We 
mourn their passing. Among the number to be called was M.E. Comp. 
Theodore P. Perry, who in his address to this Grand Chapter in 1949 used 
the following verse — 

There must be something after death, 

Behind the toil of men, 
There must exist a God Divine 
Who's working out a plan; 
And this brief journey that we know 

As life must really be 
The gateway to a finer world 

That some day we shall see." 

The Grand Treasurer reported cash balance of $29,212.30 and bonds 
to the value of $22,500. 

Election of officers — M.E. Comp. Ralph M. Burlin, Grand High 
Priest; R.E. Comp. Charles S. McGinness, Grand Secretary. 


The 141st Annual Convocation of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch 
Masons of Kentucky was held in Louisville October 21-22, 1958. 

Chapters 98. Membership 16,079. Net loss 110. 

W. S. Williams, Grand High Priest. 

Charles K. A. McGaughey, Grand Secretary. 

There were 15 Past Grand High Priests and 105 Past High Priests 
present besides many distinguished guests. 

Address of Grand High Priest — 

"We extend to our Most Excellent Past Grand High Priests the 
reverence which is due them for having served the Grand Chapter of 


Kentucky during their alloted time of administration. Your presence here 
tonight is encouragement for those of us who are following in your foot- 
steps. You are the guiding light of those who come after you. 
Condition of the Craft 

"We have had a good year in Royal Arch Masonry. We have no 
apologies to offer for being members of the largest Masonic organization 
under one head. We are told that our membership is approximately 700,- 
000 world wide. 

"No better organization exists today which will enable us to render 
the best service for mankind than that of which you and I are members, 
Royal Arch Masons. The philosophy of Masonry is contained in this oft- 
repeated excerpt: 'When is a man a Mason? When he can look out over 
the rivers, the hills and the far horizon with a profound sense of his own 
littleness in the vast scheme of things and yet have faith, hope and 
courage, which is the root of every virtue. When we know that down in 
his heart every man is as noble, as vile, as divine, as diabolic and as 
lonely as himself, and seeks to know, to forgive, and to love his fellow 
man. When he knows how to sympathize with men in their sorrows, yea, 
even in their sins — knowing that each man fights a hard fight against 
many odds. When he has learned how to make friends and to keep them 
and above all how to keep friends with himself. When he loves flowers, 
can hunt the bird without a gun and feels the thrill of an old forgotten 
joy, when he hears the laugh of a little child. When he can be happy and 
high-minded amid the meaner drudgeries of life. When star-crowned 
trees, and the glint of sunlight on flowing waters, subdue him like the 
thought of one much loved and long dead; when no voice of distress 
reaches his ears in vain and no hand seeks his aid without response. 
When he finds good in every faith that helps any man to lay hold of 
divine things, and sees majestic meanings in life, whatever the name of 
that faith may be. When he can look into a wayside puddle and see some- 
thing beyond mud, and into the face of the most forlorn mortal and see 
something beyond sin. When he knows how to pray, how to love, how to 
hope. When he has kept faith with himself, with his fellow man, with his 
God; in his hand a sword for evil, in his heart a bit of a song — glad to 
live, but not afraid to die! Such a man has found the only real secret of 
Masonry, and the one which it is trying to give to all the world." 

I had a busy year of visitations. 
State of the Craft 

"Our statistics this year show that we advanced 704 candidates and 
suspended 570. We have forgotten to close the back door. This year three 
Chapters suspended 156 members for non-payment of dues. 

The unwelcome visitor, the Angel of Death, has visited our Jurisdic- 
tion 253 times during the year. Our sympathy goes out to the bereaved. 

The future of Royal Arch Masonry in Kentucky is just as bright as 
our zeal for the Institution. The world needs our organization and we 
need the sustaining influence which Royal Arch Masonry throws around 
us, its restraining influence constrains us to become better men." 

The Treasurer's report showed a bank balance on October, 1958, of 
$18,706.50 and total assets of $76,500.00. 

Election of Officers — James Forrest, Grand High Pries; Charles K. 
A. McCaughey, Grand Secretary. 


112th Annual Convocation New Orleans, March 9-10, 1959. 

Chapters 63. Membership 10,436. Net loss 56. 

M. Ex. Comp. J. Albert Thompson, Grand High Priest. 

M. Ex. Comp. Lee W. Harris, Grand Secretary. 

The Credentials Committee reported present Grand Officers 14, Past 


Grand High Priests 14, Companions registered 156. Total in attendance 
198. Among the many distinguished visitors we note that Grand General 
High Priest J. Luther Jackson was present and presented Ex. Comp. 
Herman Morris, P.H.P., DeQuincy Chapter 79, with a Grand Chapter 
medal for Meritorious Service. 

Address of Grand High Priest: In reporting on the state of the Order 
the Grand High Priest said: "The disturbing element in most of our 
Chapters over the State has been less exaltations and more suspensions 
than previous years. In my travels over the State I have witnessed some 
very fine degrees — but most all of them lacked the attendance they should 
have had at their meetings. Companions, we might ask ourselves wherein 
have we failed to hold their interest, or has the light slowly burned out. 
I have found where the interest of the officers is high the attendance is 
good." [These are familiar comments in Grand Chapter proceedings.] 

Recommends: Among- the many recommendations made by the Grand 
High Priest we note one that might well be considered by other Grand 
Chapters. "Any Companion Royal Arch Mason who attains the age of 65 
years and retires under the Social Securities Laws and Regulations of the 
United States Government, and who has been a member in good standing 
in a Chapter in this jurisdiction for 10 years prior to his retirement shall, 
upon written request, thereafter pay one dollar in lieu of all annual dues, 
and the Grand Chapter will reduce the per capita tax from 75 cents to 50 
cents in such cases." [I was unable to find what disposition was made of 
this recommendation.] 

Correspondence took place between Louisianna and the Supreme 
Grand Chapter of Scotland relative to exchange of visits where the Most 
Excellent Master degree is concerned. The result is an agreement "that 
during the conferment of these respective degrees the Companions of 
our two Constitutions will not attend. We trust that our fraternal rela- 
tions will always remain equally cordial as at present." 

Financial: Total savings account $19,833.59. Total financial resources 

Demitted 64, died 178, suspended N.P.D. 329. Net loss 56. 

Charley H. Burgess, Grand High Priest 1959-60. 


134th Annual Convocation Portland, Tuesday, May 5, 1959. 

Chapters 76. Membership 12,395. Net loss 144. 

M. Ex. Comp. Nelson B. Cainik, Grand High Priest. 

M.E. Comp. Earle D. Webster, Grand Secretary. 

Address of Grand High Priest. 

"We are highly honoured and deeply appreciative in numbering 
among our guests M. Ex. Comp. Luther Jordon, General Grand High 

I wish to extend to our many distinguished guests from sister juris- 
dictions our best wishes and warm fraternal greetings." 

"Ten Schools of Instruction have been held under the guidance of 
our Past M. Ex. Grand High Priest Clyde French, with very beneficial 
results which has been reflected in the working of degrees at our in- 

I believe that Chapter conditions in this Grand Jurisdiction, gen- 
erally, are improving . . . however, there can be no relaxation in our 

Many copies of notices have some to me indicating a better trend 
toward interfraternal meetings and degree work. All these things point 
to a stronger pulse and a gradual gaining of strength." 

"Companions, it has been my purpose during my term of office in 
Grand Chapter to try and bring home to the Companions, whenever 


possible, the importance of Masonry in our daily living. The Holy Bible, 
from which all of our impressive lessons are taken, is ever present upon 
our Altars. We are taught many important lessons of humility, love, 
devotion, morality and Christianity. In fact, we are taught so many 
lessons of goodness that from the first inception of Masonry we have been 
besieged by enemies who- would tend to destroy it. Even in this more 
modern and civilized age when intolerance, hatred and bigotry are sup- 
posed to be things of the past, yet there is that ever underlying enemy 
which is well organized and seeking to destroy both our religious and 
political life. If we as Masons do not sharpen up to all this and put up a 
unified defence I would not want to predict what our future holds for us." 

The Grand King, Robley C. Wilson, reported a busy year of many 
worthwhile meetings of which I would like to report several if it were 
possible. We congratulate him upon splendid service on behalf of Capi- 
tular Masonry. 

General Fund— Receipts $13,239.30. Total assets $101,321.46. 

Committee on Returns gives this summary: 

Members exalted 329; reinstated 26; affiliated 19—374. 

Members demitted 105; suspended 135; died 277; expelled 1 — 518. 

M. Ex. Comp. J. Luther Jordan, General Grand High Priest, address- 
ed the Convocation giving, as usual, an interesting, informative and in- 
spiring address. [We regret that space consideration prevents us making 
but a few brief quotations.! 

"I am often asked," said the General H.P., " 'What is the great pro- 
ject of Royal Arch Masonry?' I say to you with all the earnestness that I 
know that the great project of Royal Arch Masonry is to capture the 
hearts and lives of men and hold them true and faithful to the ideals we 
profess with our lips that we believe in and too often deny with the 
actions of our lives that we have any such faith. There is no room in 
Freemasonry for dissension, bigotry, jealously, rivalry. If we mean what 
we say we need to have a united front." 

"The answer in your Chapter and mine is not the Grand High Priest 
out there with the brass collar around his neck; it is the boys on the 
firing line in the individual constituent Chapters that must catch the 
vision and must get the enthusiasm and must do the work. The only 
place on earth that Royal Arch Masons can be made is in Chapters. 
Constituent Chapters are the lifeblood." 

"I would to God that we might catch the vision of our privileges and 
our responsibilities. I would to God that we might undertake to spread 
Capitular Masonry to the ends of the earth, to be sure, but what is more 
important still is to spread it to the nooks and corners and to the high- 
ways and to the hearts of the great cities of man." 

For 1959-60 — M. Ex. Comp. Ira D. Turner, Grand High Priest; M. Ex. 
Comp. Earle D. Webster, Grand Secretary. 


The Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Manitoba met in the 
36th Annual Convocation on February 11, 1959, at Winnipeg. 

Chapters 18. Membership 2,372. Net increase 53. 

M. Ex. Oomp. Hugh Eakin, Grand Z. 

M. Ex. Comp. C. J. Hutchings, Grand Scribe E. 

Twenty-one distinguished guests from Grand Chapters in Canada 
and the United States were welcomed and given Grand Honours, among 
the number being M. Ex. Comp. Maurice A. Searle, Grand Z. of the Grand 
Chapter of Canada, and M.W. Brother W. A. Prugh, Grand Master of the 
Grand Lodge of Manitoba. 

Fourteen Past Grand First Principals were present and received a 
welcome and appropriate honours. 


Address of the Grand Master M.W. Bro. W. A. Prugh — 

"I assure you it is a pleasure to be with you today and I thank you 
for your warm reception. I bring fraternal greetings from over 16,000 
Free Masons of the Grand Lodge of Manitoba. There is a tie of allegiance 
on the part of the members of your Order who have evidenced their 
desire to pursue further the history and philosophy of Freemasonry. 

"Masonic history records that the Royal Arch has had an accepted 
place in Craft Masonry since very early times. First and above all we are 
Master Masons and what every Freemason should be concerned with 
today, at whatever level he may be serving Freemasonry, is making 
Masons instead of just members. Let us, by devotion to our Craft Lodge, 
develop in our members a greater consciousness of the Fatherhood of 
God and the Brotherhood of Man. Let us carry the tenets and teachings 
of Freemasonry into every area of life." 

Address of Grand First Principal — 

"With your encouragement and loyal support I entered upon the 
work filled with an earnest desire and determination to be of some 
constructive service to the Order. Many of the goals have not been at- 
tained, but I have endeavoured to carry forward the work to the best of 
my ability. 

On behalf of the Grand Chapter I wish to thank those serving on 
committees for this Annual Convocation. The splendid co-operation and 
the hard work which have been so cheerfully given are indeed a proof 
that Masonry, and especially Royal Arch Masonry, is the means and the 
implement by which true brotherly love and companionship are exempli- 

During the year I visited 18 subordinate Chapters and several Grand 
Chapters in Canada and the United States. One of the most outstanding 
visits was to the Royal York Hotel, Toronto, where the Grand Chapter 
Centennial of the Royal Arch Masons of Canada was held from April 26 
to 29. 

As I take my place in the ranks among you, I give you my word that 
I will continue doing my best to advance Capitular Masonry in Manitoba." 

Honourable Companion Roblin, Premier of Manitoba, expressed his 
thanks for the warm and friendly welcome given him. He said he was 
very pleased to bring a welcome from the government. He paid tribute to 
the contribution made to the public welfare by Freemasonry. 

The Grand Treasurer reported total assets of $4,590,18 as of Janu- 
ary 31, 1959, with a bank balance of $2,565.28. 

Election of Officers — M. Ex. Comp. R. A. Carruthers, Grand Z.; 
M. Ex. Comp. C. J. Hutchings, Grand Scribe E. 


161th Annual Convocation of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch 
Masons of Maryland was held in the city of Baltimore on December 9, 

Chapters 26. Membership 7,438. Net loss 9. 

M.E. George B. Wells, Jr., Grand High Priest. 

R.E.D. Ross Vansant, Grand Secretary. 

Address of Grand High Priest — 

"Every Chapter in the state was visited at least once either in- 
dividually or jointly in groups of two or three. Your Grand High Priest 
believes that these joint visitations work out very satisfactorily in the 
counties and throughout the state as the attendance was very gratifying 
and created better understanding and greater interest among the Grand 
Chapter and Grand Council. 

On April 27, 28 and 29, 1958, I attended the 100th Annual Convoca- 
tion of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada at the Royal 


York Hotel, Toronto, Canada. This was indeed one of the outstanding 
occasions of my Capitular year. Everything in Canada has the word 
'Royal' in it, and indeed we were most cordially welcomed and treated 
'royally.' My daughter Helen accompanied me and I am sure we will 
never forget it. One hears a great deal of southern hospitality, I believe 
that somewhere in the past we must have taken a page out of the book of 
our Companions to the north of us as their kindness and liberality was 
unsurpassed, and we extend our thanks. 

"On June 28, 1958, the Grand Chapter officers went to Cumberland, 
Md., and conferred the Royal Arch Degree upon forty-two Companions 
in a special convocation (out of doors) for Salem R.A.C. No. 18 at the 
Ali-Ghan Country Club. So far as we can ascertain this has been done in 

This Grand Chapter is most fortunate to have as the head of the 
School of Instruction of Capitular Masonry Grand Lecturer Ellwood 
Smyrk. In visiting throughout the State one can easily pick out those who 
attended the School of Instruction. The classes are well attended and a 
keen interest is shown. After the Degree or work of the evening is com- 
pleted the Grand Lecturer turns the meeting open for discussion on any 
question or part of the work. I suggest that all Chapter officers in this 
Jurisdiction take advantage of this wonderful opportunity of attending 
these schools. 

Salem Chapter No. 18 has exalted 62 new members, more than any 
other chapter in the state. The General Grand Chapter medal for 
meritorious service was awarded to the M.E. Grand High Priest of this 
Chapter, Thomas S. Gifford. 

The Royal Arch Magazine should be in the home of every Royal 
Arch Mason. Don't delay, subscribe today. 
Condition of the Craft 

While we received more exaltations during this year than last, yet 
we close the year with a loss of nine. The City Chapters showed a net loss 
of 50, although one Chapter (Adoniram) showed a net gain of 20. The 
county Chapters showed a net gain of 41. 

On the whole the general condition of our subordinate Chapters is 
satisfactory. They are striving for perfection in their Ritualistic Work 
and this should increase interest and promote better conditions." 

The Grand Treasurer reported a balance in treasury of $4,564.61. 

Election of Officers— M.E. Comp. Bird H. Dolby, Grand High Priest; 
R.E. Comp. D. Ross Vansant, Jr., Grand Secretary. 


The 162nd Annual Convocation of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch 
Masons of Maryland was held at Baltimore, December 8, 1959. 

Chapters 27. Membership 7,494. Net gain 56. 

Joseph Carrow Bryan III, M.E. Grand High Priest. 

D. Ross Vanzant, Jr., R.E. Grand Secretary. 

Address of Grand High Priest. 

"It is with sorrow that we report the death, of 150 of our beloved 
Companions which includes 11 Past High Priests. 

I have made all the Grand visitations as scheduled, and during the 
year I have attended, within this state, many meetings of other Masonic 

I sent a letter to each of the Grand Representatives extending my 
fraternal greetings and best wishes. We are grateful to these Grand 
Representatives for the work that they do in extending the fraternal 
spirit of Royal Arch Masonry throughout the world. 

At the Regional Meetings and at the Grand Visitations, and upon 


other visits to the various Chapters, I regularly called attention to the 
fact that consistent net losses of membership causes loss of prestige, 
popularity and attraction, which, in turn, causes loss of confidence and 
enthusiasm and that, unless the continuous losses are checked, it can be- 
come a fatal disease. Like a patient's temperature, our membership gains 
and losses are indications of our general health. 

In June, 1958, Keystone Chapter No. 32 at Hyattsville undertook to 
sponsor the institution of a new Royal Arch Chapter on the south side of 
Washington, D.C. On June 15 I issued a dispensation to organize York 
Chapter U.D. and instituted it with appropriate ceremonies the same 
evening in the Seat Pleasant Lodge Hall, Maryland. This is the first new 
Chapter formed in Maryland in 35 years. We welcome it." 

"We are most happy that the Grand Chapter can report a net gain 
of 56 in membership this year. This Grand Chapter has been suffering a 
net loss each year since 1952 except for a small gain of 13 in 1957. If the 
deaths this year had been as great as last year we would have ended this 
year with a net loss of 10. 

It is proposed to increase the per capita tax from 75 cents to $1.25 
per member. 

I heard of one case of a companion who had paid his dues for 45 
years until he retired under social security, and because of his reduced 
income he failed to pay his dues and was suspended for N.P.D. I am 
making no specific proposal in this regard, but suggest that the commit- 
tee that will be considering the proposed Constitutional amendments give 
serious thought to this problem of reduced incomes of retired members." 

Grand Treasurer reported receipts for the year of $11,992.72. 

New Officers elected for 1960 — Joseph Carrow Bryan III, Grand 
High Priest; D. Ross Vanant, Grand Secretary. 


Proceedings of Quarterly Convocations of March 11, 1958, at Boston; 
June 10, 1958, Boston; September 27, 1958, Amherst, and 160th Annual 
Convocation Boston, December 9, 1958. 

Capters represented 73. Membership 24,495. Net loss 188. 

M.E. Eugene P. Carver, Jr., Grand High Priest. 

M.E. William F. Clark, Grand Secretary. 

The amendment to the Grand Constitution adopted as a PREAMBLE 
was read by the Grand High Priest at the March 11 meeting and is a 
very striking exposition of the Essence and teaching of Capitular 
Masonry. "Capitular Masonry is a charitable, benevolent, educational 
and religious secret society, adhering to its own peculiar ancient customs 
and rituals, including the ancient Landmarks of Freemasonry. The 
methods of recognition and of symbolic instruction are secret and thereby 
a test of membership is provided, though a Companion be travelling in 
foreign countries and among those who would otherwise be strangers. 

"It is religious in that it teaches monotheism, the Volume of the 
Sacred Law is open upon its altars whenever a Chapter is in session, 
worship of God is ever a part of its ceremonial, and to its neophytes, and 
Companions alike are constantly addressed lessons of morality; yet it is 
not theological. It is educational in that it teaches a perfect system of 
morality, based upon the Sacred Law, by a prescribed ceremonial. 

"It is benevolent in that it teaches relief of the poor and distressed as 
a duty and exemplifies the duty by relief of sick and distressed Com- 
panions and their widows and orphans. 

"It is charitable in that none of its income inures to the benefit of 
any individual, but all is devoted to the improvement and promotion of 
the happiness of mankind. 


"It is a social organization only so far as it furnishes additional in- 
ducement that men man foregather in numbers, thereby providing more 
material for its primary work of training, of worship, and of charity." 

Having appeared on the printed notice of this Convocation it was 
unanimously adopted. 

June 10 meeting: A committee appointed to consider request for 
recognition made by the Grand Chapters of Germany, Switzerland, The 
Netherlands, and Argentina. 174 Companions present, 50 Chapters repre- 

September 28 meeting: The committee cited above after tendering 
full information as to the formation and working of the four named 
Grand Chapters recommended official recognition. 

Incorporation. After consideration of the advantages of "becoming 
incorporated as a charitable corporation under the laws of the Common- 
wealth of Massachusettes" (especially to the constituent Chapters), a 
motion was moved, and unanimously approved by vote, in favour of in- 

In memoriam. A memorial to the late R.E. Comp. Charles Thomae, 
Past Grand Scribe, a beloved Companion with a record of fifty years of 
outstanding Masonic service, was read by R. Ex. Benjamin W. Taylor, 
Past Deputy Grand High Priest. In this memorial reference was made to 
Comp. Thomae's outstanding services, his exceptional craftsmanship as a 
silversmith, his business success and his Masonic progress. 

Finances were reported as "in excellent condition." 

A very interesting address, "The Development of Perfume Through 
the Ages," was given by R.E. Warren E. Kell. It is a masterpiece and I 
regret space does not permit us to quote in full. Its reference to the 
spices and incense of the temples and to the frankincense and myrrh 
brought by the Wise Men as gifts to the Christ Child tie up the subject 
to Masonic tradition. 

Annual Convocation December 9, 1958. 

During the morning and afternoon sessions the degrees of Mark 
Master, Past Master, Most Excellent and Royal Arch were exemplified by 
Grand Chapter Exemplification Degree Teams. 

The evening session reconvened at 6 o'clock. All Grand Officers 
present, also 28 permanent members. Seventy Chapters and 43 Grand 
Chapters represented. Various committee reports were received. The 
report on Religious Affirmation Sunday, fourth annual observance, com- 
mented upon the zeal and fidelity of the Companions who attended in 
great numbers despite the most inclement weather throughout the whole 

The statistics of the Grand Secretary's report are given at the head 
of this review. His financial statement showed receipts of $48,112.51. 

The Grand Treasurer indicated total assets $126,828.17. 

Many distinguished visitors were received and welcomed at the 
banquet table, among them we note M. Ex. Comp. Maurice A. Searle, 
Grand First Principal Canada. 

Address of the M.E. Eugene P. Carver, Jr., Grand High Priest. We 
shall quote and refer to only a few significant statements in this out- 
standing report. 

"Perhaps the most important event in the Grand Chapter this year, 
and certainly the most unusual one, was our incorporation under the laws 
of the Commonwealth of Massachusettes as a charitable organiation." 
(Details previously noted). 

"For the first time in several years we show a net loss for the year. 
Every organization to which I have belonged has the bugaboo of losing 
members by suspension. I think our record of some one per cent is a 
good one on that score, but I feel that it should be much better, and I 


feel that every suspension for non-payment of dues is a stigma not only 
on the member but on the Chapter. 

A suspension means that we have absolutely wasted all the time and 
work we did to secure his application and also the time and effort we put 
in to initiate him." The Grand High Priest urged "greater effort to sal- 
vage some of these Companions." 

In the election of officers M.E. Eugene P. Carver, Jr., again became 
Grand High Priest. M.E. William F. Clark Grand Secretary. All elected 
officers were installed and appointments made. 


111th Convocation of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of 
Michigan was held on October 16-17, 1959. at Saginaw. 

Chapters 145. Membership 30,552. Net loss 348. 

M.E. Comp. Walter D. Strobel, Grand High Priest. 

M.E. Comp. Roy Andrus, Grand Secretary. 

The flags of the United States of America and the Dominion of 
Canada were presented and appropriately displayed in the Grand East. 

There were many distinguished guests present from other Grand 
Jurisdictions and from other Masonic Grand Bodies of Michigan. They 
were introduced and received with the private Grand Honours of Masonry. 

Many Grand Representatives of Sister Grand Jurisdictions near 
Michigan were also received with private Grand Honours. 

Grand High Priest's Address — 

"We all hope for miracles to make our year outstanding and one did 
happen in my year! (Remember Caro Chapter No. 96 with its 79 candi- 

Seven hundred and sixty-four of our Companions have answered the 
call to higher service during this past year. We extend our sympathy to 
the families of our deceased Companions. On November 8, 1958, a won- 
derful reception and testimonial dinner was given in my honour by Sagi- 
naw Valley Chapter No. 31 and Joppa Chapter No. 63. The memory of it 
will live forever in my heart. 

"This is the third year that the incumbent Grand High Priest has 
sent monthly letters to our Michigan Chapters. It is physically impossible 
for him to personally visit all the Chapters and this medium provides him 
with a chance to convey each month to the members of this Grand Chap- 
ter items of importance to all the Chapters. 

"I made many visitations during the year and among the many in- 
teresting ones was one on April 11, 1959. This was my greatest thrill of 
the year, when Caro Chapter No. 96 initiated 79 candidates out of 87 
petitions. This achievement has made me believe that anything is possible 
if there is a will to do. To have visited the various Chapters and other 
Masonic Bodies was a delightful experience. To have felt the warmth of 
their welcome and the sharing of their friendship was certainly soul- 
satisfying. My life has been made much richer for having been able to 
make these visitations. 

Among the visitations to sister Grand Jurisdictions was the one to 
the Grand Chapter of Canada held in Toronto April 27-29, 1959. The hos- 
pitality of our hosts was perfect. In addition to being able to bring to 
our Canadian Companions the best wishes of the Grand Chapter of 
Michigan, it was also the privilege of your Grand High Priest to respond 
to a toast at the Grand Banquet. I was accompanied on this trip by 
Arthur M. Burke of the General Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons and 
Mrs. Burke. 

^ During the year 19 permissions were granted, 11 of them for Inter- 
national visits with Chapters in Canada (Ontario). [Two were in con- 


nection with visits to this Reviewer's own Chapter, St. Andrews 238 
(London). I can vouch for the friendly intercourse enjoyed at these visits.] 

During my Grand Chapter years it has been interesting to watch 
the continuous development of the efficiency of our District Deputy Sys- 
tem. We have as fine a trained group of experts on Capitular Masonry as 
can be found anywhere. P.G.H.P. Myers and his committee have done an 
excellent piece of work in laying the ground work for a fine Educational 
program and I commend them for a job well done. 

"It has been the privilege of our Grand Chapter to have had the ser- 
vices for many years of one of its most distinguished Past Grand High 
Priests, Roy Andrus, as its Grand Secretary. He has been greatly esteem- 
ed throughout the State of Michigan, not only in the Grand Chapter but 
in all Masonic Bodies. Due to his health he has tendered his resignation 
and it has been accepted with great regret. We wish him and Mrs. Andrus 
many years of happiness. 
State of the Craft 

"During the past eight years I have observed that the most successful 
Chapters we have are those having social activity in addition to ritual 
work. Masonry came into being as a social organization and we have 
grown somewhat neglectful of that aspect of our Masonic life. 

Under the present District Deputy system inaugurated a few years 
ago our Chapters have steadily become more proficient in their work." 

The Grand Secretary reported that three Chapters have made a ten 
per cent gain in membership during 1958 and have been presented with 
certificates by the General Grand Chapter. One of the Chapters Wayne 
No. 182 received this award for nine years in succession. 

The Grand Treasurer reported a balance as of October 31, 1959, of 
$1,677.47 and bonds to the value of $4,500.00. 

A lengthy Report of the Public Relations Committee Royal Arch 
Advancement is well worth considerable study. In addition to commenting 
on the "declining trend," the committee sees it as a challenge to all of us. 
A list of "promotion aids" follows and also a splendid list of special 
programs. An interesting report of the History Committee deals with the 
contribution to Craft and symbolic Masonry made by John Mullett who 
served as Grand Master of Grand Lodge of Michigan 1843-5 and who 
assisted in the formation of its Grand Chapter in 1848. 

Election of Officers — William A. Hudson, Grand High Priest; Orlow 
J. Myers, Grand Secretary. 


98th Annual Convocation held in Minneapolis October 12-13, 1959. 

Chapters 76. Membership 16,295. Net loss 56. 

M.E. Comp. Harvard B. Olson, Grand High Priest. 

R.E. Comp. Emil A. Wold, Grand Secretary. 

The United States colours and the Canadian colours were presented 
by a Colour Guard composed of the Grand Captain of the Host and the 
Three Masters of the Veils. Most Excellent Companion Ralph J. Godin 
recited a tribute to the U.S. colours and Most Excellent Companion 
Frank E. Simmons of Manitoba recited a tribute to the Canadian colours. 
The colours were received under an escort composed of Past Grand High 
Priests of Minnesota. 

Among the Grand Representatives answering the roll call was 
Clarence A. Olson representing Canada. 

The Address of the Grand High Priest. "One cannot travel to all 
parts of the state to visit and converse with the Companions both in this 
Grand Jurisdiction and in others without making some observations and 
drawing some conclusion. First, I am concerned with what is happening 
to our beautiful Capitular Rite, the lack of enthusiam on the part of our 


Companions and their reluctance to attend meetings, indifference on the 
part of some of the officers of the importance and necessity of learning 
their work, all of which with the ever present problem of deaths and sus- 
pensions results in an insignificant increase in our membership and in 
some instances an actual loss. 

"Our Capitular Rite has lost none of its beauty, its teachings of 
morality and above all its spiritual implications. It is we who have lost 
our concern for these things and are substituting in their place a desire 
to seek after worldly pleasures. 

"During the year I have made many visitations and in February, 
1959, my wife and I attended the Manitoba Grand Chapter Convocation in 
Winnipeg. I was elected an Honoury Member of that Grand Chapter. The 
many courtesies tendered me and the friendship I have met with both 
within and beyond the bounds of this Grand Jurisdiction are priceless 
treasures which I shall always cherish. My wish is that this Grand Chap- 
ter and all subordinate Chapters may truly be the instruments of spread- 
ing the Light of Masonry, a light so much needed in our day and age." 

The Treasurer reported a balance on hand October 12, 1959, of $13,- 
972.10 and a grand total of $76,890.27. 

Officers elected — Grand High Priest, William B. Holtz; Grand Secre- 
tary, Emil A. Wold. 


The 111th Annual Convocation of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch 
Masons was held in Jackson on May 13-14, 1959. 

Chapters 58. Membership 10,697. Net gain 118. 

D. D. Hill, Grand High Priest. 

Sid. F. Curtis, Grand Secretary. 

Among those present were 14 Past Grand High Priests and 14 dis- 
tinguished guests. 

Address of Grand High Priest — 

"May I extend to each one of you a hearty welcome to this our 111th 
Convocation. I also extend a cordial welcome to the Grand Officers of the 
Grand Lodge and Grand Commandery of Mississippi as well as to the 
officers of the Scottish Rite and Shrine. We especially appreciate your 
presence here today. 

Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to the bereaved ones of those Com- 
panions of our own and other jurisdictions who have answered the call to 
higher service. 

One of my first official duties as your newly elected Grand High 
Priest was to deliver the charter to Singing River Chapter No. 155 at 
Pascaguola, which had been granted by the Grand Chapter. 

I have attended 70 Masonic meetings and travelled 10,410 miles 
during my term of office. 
State of the Craft 

This year our gain was practically the same as in the previous year. 
I hope this is a sign that we have reached bottom and will start on the 
way back up the ladder this next year. 

I believe that interest in Royal Arch Masonry is on the upswing. 
Most of our Chapters are very much alive and working toward improving 
the quality of their degree work. 

The Grand Chapter of Mississippi is indeed fortunate to have Com- 
panion Sid. F. Curtis as Grand Secretary. 

Our Grand Lecturer continues to discharge the duties of his office in 
such an efficient manner that we are likely to take his work for granted. 

I recommend that the names of the recipients of the Distinguished 
Service Award be listed in the proceedings of the Grand Chapter. We are 
happy to award this Distinguished Service Medal of the year to Com- 


panion John Henry Wooten of Luarel Chapter No. 126. He has rendered 
outstanding service to Masonry for some thirty years. 

During the year I have found the subordinate Chapters most co- 
operative and my thanks goes out to them." 

The Grand Lecturer's report contained much pointed comment and 
advice as to condition of the Rite in this Jurisdiction. He makes a very 
capable analysis of the several factors that contribute to the alarming 
number of suspensions. [Last year 364 Companions were suspended in 
the Chapters in Mississippi. This is more than three per cent of the 
membership.] However, he notes that Mississippi is among the leaders in 
Royal Arch Masonry throughout the United States, standing fourteenth 
in the entire nation in the matter of percentage of Master Masons who 
are Royal Arch Masons. 

The Grand Secretary reported a net gain of 118. 497 were exalted. 
Total additions were 706. 362 were suspended N.P.D. Total deductions 
were 588. As of this date no Chapter is indebted to the Grand Chapter. 

The Grand Treasurer reported total assets on hand March 31, 1959, 
to be $110,378.85. 

Election of Officers— W. L. Holland, Grand High Priest; Sid. F. 
Curtis, Grand Secretary. 


113th Convocation was held in the R.A. Temple, City of St. Louis, 
Monday, April 27, 1959. 

M.E. Comp. Irvin J. Frieberger, G.H.P. 

M.E. Comp. Ray V. Denslow, G. Secretary. 

Membership December 31, 1958, 23,257. Net loss for year 85. 

A number of distinguished visitors in attendance, duly presented and 
extended appropriate honours. 

Address of Grand High Priest. 

"The Supreme Architect of the Universe during the course of the 
year has called 470 from this earthly court to be admitted within the veil 
of heaven to the full enjoyment of life eternal." Then the Grand Chaplain 
led in offering supplications to Almighty God in memory of departed 

District Deputies. 

"Immediately upon my installation as Grand High Priest I com- 
missioned 21 district deputies. . . They were charged to visit their Chap- 
ters frequently, advise with them, encourage activities, arrange district 
meetings, hold conferences to discuss local problems and methods of se- 
curing petitions and conferring degrees, and to report promptly any 
Chapter needing assistance. 

"For the past several years the district deputy system has been op- 
erating on a year-to-year trial basis. I feel that the time of decision is 
at hand, the time we must go all out to make this plan work or abandon 
it for something that will. Therefore I suggest that the present grouping 
of Chapters be carefully studied . . . with the object of bringing Chap- 
ters into more compatible association where advisable." 
Condition of the Rite 

"I hesitate to express myself upon this subject because of the many 
variable conditions throughout the State with no trend of pattern unless 
it be that of complacency. It is true that we had a few more exaltations 
than the previous year, yet we suffered a net loss of 85, our first loss in 
sixteen years. . . Eighteen Chapters had no exaltations. . . . How an 
average Chapter can come up with 49 exaltations and during the same 
year a small Chapter have 57 suspensions is beyond my comprehension." 

Royal Arch Forum. 

A R.A. Forum for district deputy Grand High Priests, Grand Officers 


and all other interested Companions, was held in Columbia September 7, 
1958, with 150 in attendance. The program consisted of short talks, well 
prepared and well given. Intervening discussions resulted in a very 
interesting and constructive meeting. 

Irregular German Chapter. As was done in many Grand Chapters in 
the United States, a resolution or edict was issued against visitors from 
Celtic Chapter of Germany which to quote, "Was formed by the Supreme 
Grand Chapter of Scotland in violation of Masonic comity." 

Investments. "This was the first time in many years that an addition 
was made to our investments ($5,000). Because of constant inflation for 
many years it is worthy of note to realize that the same amount of in- 
vestment today does not compare in value with that of twenty years ago, 
and therefore, in order to maintain a level of security it is essential that 
some additions should be made to our investments when it is possible to 
do so." [The above is something that all Chapters and Grand Jurisdic- 
tions would do well to note.] 

Charity and Relief. "Charity within our ranks is an obligation, but 
our Grand Chapter has over the years constantly distinguished itself for 
the contributions it has made to varied deserving purposes around the 
world." Eeference was then made to $200 given to Pusan Children's Hos- 
pital, Korea. 

"Charity is such an outstanding tenet in our fraternity that we should 
never fail to exercise that privilege to the extent that our ability will 

Visitations. A very lengthy detailed report (eight pages of fine 
print) leads one to marvel at the tremendous activity displayed night 
after night by the G.H.P. in a wide variety of duties including installa- 
tions, conferences, Chapter visitations, addresses, etc. 

Conclusion. "I have had a very busy year (an understatement) . . . 
concluding with these appropriate verses: 

It's not what you get, but what you give, 
It's not what you say, but what you live, 
Giving the world the love it needs, 
Living a life of noble deeds. 

It's not whence you came, but whither bound, 
It's not what you have, but what you've found, 
Striving for the right, the good, the true, 
These are the things worth while to you." 

The Grand Treasurer reported credits of $84,050.96 and investments 
of $110,380.00, an encouraging financial report. 

"The Capitular World." Under this title the Grand Reviewer. M.E. 
Ray V. Denslow, Past Grand High Priest, makes a unique presentation, 
topically arranged, of what has transpired in the various Grand Jurisdic- 
tions during the past year. In his introduction he reviews the rise and 
accomplishments of the General Grand Chapter. Among the outstanding 
achievements he makes mention of the Royal Arch Room in the Great 
George Washington National Memorial in Alexandria, the Royal Arch 
Magazine and the reprinting of several Masonic books. The Royal Arch 
Magazine goes to all parts of the world, "the high water mark in 1958 
when some 108,000 were printed." 

Referring to the Triennial Meetings "which brings together Com- 
panions from all over the world . . . here are settled some jurisdictional 
disputes which cannot be settled through correspondence." 

In concluding M.E. Comp. Denslow hits a more optimistic note when 
he says: "More time is being devoted to the extension of R.A. Masonry 
than ever before in its history. Let's strive for that MILLION members. 
It can and must be done." 


The statistical report with which his review closes is very helpful 
and is commended to any Masonic readers desiring to obtain a true picture 
of the growth and extent of Capitular Masonry in the United States and 
Canada in 1958. 


Seventieth Annual Convocation, Kalispell, June 3, 1959. 

Chapters, 33; Membership, 4,893; Net Gain, 7. 

M. Ex. -John A, Peters, Grand High Priest 
Rt. Ex. Comp. Wm. A. Thaanum, Grand Secretary 

12 Distinguished Guests were introduced and given appropriate 

Address of the M. Ex. Grand High Priest: 

"To our distinguished guests from neighbouring Sister Grand 
Jurisdictions we extend a special welcome. 

"We are saddened by a serious loss in the passing of our beloved 
M. Ex. Comp. Fred M. Brown at his home in Medford, Oregon. Fred 
was Grand High Priest of this Grand Chapter in 1947-48. 

"The Angel of Death has also summoned many other Companions 
in this and Sister Grand Jurisdictions. We extend our deepest sympathy 
to their beloved ones in their bereavement." 

Among the commissions issued to Grand Representatives we note: 
"March 19, 1959 — To Rt. Ex. Comp. David Horcusas, Grand Representa- 
tive to the Grand Chapter of Canada (Ontario). 
Grand Officers' Mid- Year Meeting. 

September 13, 1959, this meeting was held at Masonic Library 
Building at Helena. After a general discussion regarding the program 
of the committee, R. E. Comp. Andrew R. Sims to prepare an outline 
for papers on the subject: "Why I am a Royal Arch Mason" and Ex. 
Comps. Geo. S. Fulton and Frank W. Osborne were assigned the task 
of outlining material for papers on the subject: "What Makes a Good 
Officer", which two subjects were chosen for discussion at each district 
meeting during the year. 

There followed a report of ten District meetings, which I regret I 
cannot report in detail. I can quote these words of the M. Ex. Grand 
Z.: "These meetings are primarily for the officers of the constituent 
Chapters but also bring in attendance many interested Companions." 

Visitations. Among the many reported we note in particular one 
made February 12-13 to the Grand Chapter of Manitoba at Winnipeg: 
"Under the guiding hand of M. E. Comp. E. Eakin, Grand High Priest, 
164 Companions were exalted THREE OF THEM BEING HIS OWN 

On May 26-27, 1959, the Grand Z. attended the Grand Chapter of 
Saskatchewan at Moose Jaw and notes a net increase in membership in 
the Jurisdiction of 134. 

State of the Rite. "In general, Capitular Masonry in Montana is in a 
very healthy condition. We show a small gain this year and all con- 
stituent chapters are active. We anticipate an upward trend ahead." 

The Grand Z. concluded by saying that like others he had high hopes 
of "doing something that would be of benefit to the Craft. Time alone 
will record the answer." [We are quite sure that the answer, revealed 
in the distant future, will be the "well done" acorded to every sincere 
and faithful Companion.] Grand Treasurer's report shows financial 
progress. Grand Secretary's report in addition to facts given in head- 
ing: (total degrees conferred 716); Losses, 179; Gains, 186. 

In the report on Fraternal Correspondence we were interested in 
the comments. Let us quote as follows: "We find that other Committees 

on Fraternal Correspondence reports run from no report up to as many 
as 100 pages. It would be fine to write up all the different Grand 
Jurisdictions if the Craft ever got to see the report, but how many do 
ever get to read the proceedings of their own Grand Chapter — very few — 
a proceeding is sent to the High Priest, Secretary and maybe one to the 
Instructor. They may look over some of the things that happened but 
hardly ever look at the report on correspondence. So your Committee 
will not tire you with a long report, but will give you the number of 
Annual Convocations, Chapters, Members Exalted, Died and Suspended 
N.P.D., Gain and Loss." 

Then follows the above report on 49 Grand Bodies of which we shall 
give you only a summary: Chapters, 3,571; Members, 709,744; Exalted, 
30,896; Died, 14,947; Suspended, 11,529; Gain, 3,495; Loss, 2,685; Net 
Gain, 810. 

England — 1,751 Chapters. Scotland — 647 Chapters. "In that time 
(161 years) they have had only 35 Grand First Principals (one held 
office for 30 years). Ireland — 588 Chapters (like Scotland these are 
scattered throughout the British Commonwealth). New Zealand — 94 
Chapters; Membership, 7,880. Victoria (Australia) 69 years old — 107 
Chapters; 10,577 Members. 

Mexico — (2 years old), 5 Chapters; 351 Members. 

Republic of Phillipines— (6 years old) April 25, 1958; 22 Chapters; 
Membership of 1,145; Increase 140. 

1959-60— M. Ex. Comp. Andrew R. Sims, Grand High Preist. 

Rt. Ex. Comp. Wm. A. Thaanum, Grand Secretary. 


The 92nd Annual Convocation of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch 
Masons of Nebraska was held at Omaha on December 3rd and 4th, 1958. 

Chapters, 47; Membership, 8,273; Net Gain, 64. 

M. E. Comp. Louis V. Sylvester, Grand High Priest 
M. E. Comp. Carl R. Greisen, Grand Secretary. 

There were 17 Past Grand High Priests present and many dis- 
tinguished guests who were received and given appropriate honours. 

Address of Grand High Priest: 

"During the year I have travelled some 25,000 miles m my official 
visitations and have made many observations and have arrived at certain 
conclusions: I feel concerned at what is happening to our beautiful Capi- 
tular Rite, the lack of enthusiasm on the part of many of our Com- 
panions, their reluctance to attend meetings, the indifference on the part 
of many officers to the importance and necessity of learning their work. 
Then there is the problem of suspensions. Another concern has to do 
with leadership and the lack of it in too many of our Chapters. How 
can we be progressive and militant when we persist in placing in office 
individuals whose only concern is to advance through the line and 
appropriate unto himself the title of Past Grand High Priest? 

"Are we putting things of lesser value first and relating to second 
place those things which are most important to the success of many 
worthwhile endeavours, even life itself? 

"Our Capitular Rite has lost none of its beauty, its teachings of 
morality and above all its spiritual applications. It is we who have lost 
our concern for these things and are substituting in their place a desire 
to seek after worldly pleasures. 

"A committee has been busily engaged during the year in formu- 
lating a standard plan of floor work for the Most Excellent Master 

"My visitations were numerous within our own jurisdiction and in 


other Grand Jurisdictions. My wife and I along with M. E. Comp. and 
Mrs. Carl Greisen attended the Centennial year of the Grand Chapter of 
Canada held in Toronto, Ontario. For four days we were treated to the 
ultra plus of hospitality and pageantry unequalled anywhere. Of par- 
ticular note was the dignified and impressiveness with which all sessions 
were conducted, and the resplendent regalia of all officers and dis- 
tinguished guests, particularly those Companion from overseas." 

Four general letters were issued to the subordinate chapters during 
the year. Two of these letters also carried information on the standings 
of the chapters with regard to number exalted and the prospects for the 
balance of the year. 
Condition of the Rite 

"Our Capitular Rite in this Grand Jurisdiction is making headway 
and with proper incentive and good leadership, continued improvement 
can be expected." 
Report of Committee on Nebraska Masonic Homes 

After a fine luncheon at the Senior Girls' Home, we journeyed on to 
Plattsmouth for a visit with the old folks. There are now eighty resi- 
dents, 21 men and 59 women. Of these, there are two married couples. 
We found the residents in fine good spirits, perhaps reflected from the 
pleasant good spirits and pleasing personalities of the Superintendent, 
William F. Evers and his son, Raymond F., Assistant Superintendent. 
"Little Utopia" in the form of a new shopping center, where things can 
be "bought for free" is a new innovation. The residents journey to the 
"store" every day, sometimes more than once, to see what new additional 
items have come in since their last visit. 

The Grand Treasurer reported total assets to be $16,048.00. 

Election of Officers: 

M. E. Ehm. J. Sorensen, Grand High Priest. 

M. E. Carl R. Greisen, Grand Secretary. 

New Brunswick 

72nd Annual Convocation held in Moncton, June 25th, 1959. 

Chapters, 12; Membership, 1,493; Net Gain. 5. 
M. E. Comp. John Alexander Gorveatte, First Grand Principal 
M. E. Comp. Roy E. Crawford, Grand Scribe E. 

Many distinguished visitors were received and given appropriate 
honours. Several Grand Representatives of Sister Grand Jurisdictions 
extended greetings from their Grand Chapters and extended best wishes 
for a successful Convocation. 

The Roll Call found fourteen Past Grand Z's present. 

Grand Z's address: — 

"At this time we, as members of the Masonic Fraternity, join with 
all loyal citizens of our Dominion in welcoming our Queen and His Royal 
Highness Prince Philip on this occasion of the royal visit. 

"During the year we lost some of our members through death. We 
mourn their passing and their memories we cherish. 

"You will note Companions that for the first time this Grand 
Chapter has exchange of Representatives with the Grand Chapter of 

"I have visited all the chapters within this jurisdiction during the 
year. On April 20, 1959, I paid an official visit to Sussex Chapter No. 9. 
On this occasion I was honoured with the largest delegation of Grand 
Chapter Officers and members to accompany me on any of my official 
visits. This was a very inspiring Convocation. The beautiful degree of 
M. Ex. Master was presented in a highly creditable manner and I am 
happy to report Sussex Chapter in most excellent condition. 

"One of the foremost conditions to cause concern is the lack of 


attendance at our Convocations, a condition which has been emphasized 
during the past years. It prevails not only in this branch of the Frater- 
nity but in all branches, from the Blue Lodge to the higher orders. 
Nevertheless membership figures have been fairly well maintained, in 
fact showing regular small increases. This would indicate that many 
of our members are interested in membership only and that only a small 
percentage are interested in the welfare of our Fraternity as such. 

"To improve this condition it has been the recommendation of my 
predecessors, and fully endorsed by me, that strong visiting committees 
be used to look after any who may be sick or in distress. That telephone 
committees be appointed to contact Companions who may need or who 
would respond to invitations and reminders. 

"The year has given me many anxieties and many pleasures, and a 
broader understanding of the principles of our Masonic way of life." 

Report of Executive Committee: — 

Resolved that this Executive of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch 
Masons of New Brunswick desire to record its satisfaction and pleasure 
at the high honour conferred upon our well beloved Most Excellent 
Companion Roy E. Crawford, Grand Scribe E., by the Companions re- 
cently granted dispensation to form a new Chapter at Sackville, N.B., in 
selecting as the name of their Chapter — Roy E. Crawford Royal Arch 
Chapter No. 13. 

The Grand Scribe E made a splendid detailed report on membership 
followed by comparisons for the last four years. From these figures it 
was noticed that four Chapters show gains, seven show losses, one no 
change. Exalted up 2, affiliated and reinstated up 21, suspended and with- 
drawn and demits up 8, deaths down 1. Sixteen demits as above mentioned 
affiliated with Roy E. Crawford Chapter. 

Grand Treasurer reported a steady increase in financial resources 
with a bank balance on June 5, 1959, of $1,795.84. 

Election of Officers: 

M. E. Comp. George J. Langell, Grand Z. 

M. E. Comp. Roy E. Crawford, Grand Scribe E. 

One of the outstanding features of the proceedings just reviewed 
was the splendid address, printed in full, which M. E. Comp. Rev. Daniel 
MacKenzie gave at the 21st Annual Conference of Canadian Grand Chap- 
ters held at Halifax, Nova Scotia, September 17th, 1958, the subject 
being "The Contribution of the Holy Royal Arch to the awareness of the 
Spiritual in Free Masonry." 

[I regret that space does not permit my quoting several moving and 
inspiring passages fro-m this address.] 

New Hampshire 

140th Annual held at Concord, May 9, 1959. 

Chapters, 26; Membership, 3,507; Net Loss, 49. 

M. Ex. Comp. Harold S. Foster, Grand High Priest 
Rt. Ex. Comp. Hiram W. Johnson, P. Grand High Priest 

All Chapters represented by P. High Priests and other representative 
officers. Many distinguished guests were heartily received with due 
honours accorded. 

Address. "Give an account of thy stewardship, for now, thou canst 
be steward no longer" (St. Luke 16: 2). Among the list of visitations we 
note on March 24, 1959, a visit to the Annual Convocation of the Grand 
Chapter of Quebec at Montreal, Canada. 

In Canada we regret the passing of Alfred H. White their repre- 
sentative and welcome William Barnes commissioned April 23, 1959. 

The Deputy Grand High Priest reports "a vastly increased vitality in 


the capitular rite in New Hampshire". Other Grand Officers commented 
similarly to the above statement. 

The Grand Treasurer's report showed an increase of over $1,000.00 
in balance on hand at end of the capitular year, May 7, 1959. 

The Grand Secretary reported: "Complete returns have been made 
by all constituent chapters and all fees and dues paid. Exaltations for 
the past year numbered 101, a decline of 17 from last year 36 demitted, 
31 suspended N.P.D. (10 more than last year). The large cities showed 
the largest losses. The smaller cities and towns showed gains. The 
net loss for year 49." 

Rotation of Grand Officers: The vexed question of rotation was 
dealt with by a committee appointed who brought in a report recom- 
mending that nothing be definitely decided upon in this connection and 
that the committee be discharged. However, upon further discussion in 
Grand Chapter, motion was made and seconded and voted that further 
discussion on the question of rotation be laid upon the table. 

Elections resulted in M. Ex. Percy H. Bennett as Grand High Priest 

New jJersey 

102nd Annual Convocation, Trenton, N.J., May 2nd, 1959. 
M. Ex. Jesse Schaem, Grand High Priest 
M. Ex. William Beck, Grand Secretary 

Chapters, 61; Membership, 9,449; Net Loss, 47. 

13 Grand High Priests present. 21 distinguished guests were ac- 
corded Grand Honours. 

Address of Grand High Priest: "We are happy to greet our Grand 
Officers, Companions and many guests from our sister jurisdictions. 
Friendship is the touchstone of Masonic principle and the foundational 
ingredient upon which brotherly love is erected and perpetuated." 

Visitations: A lengthy list (7 pages) of visitations testified that the 
Grand High Priest had, indeed, a busy year and did much to stimulate 
interest and activity in Capitular Masonry not only in his own jurisdiction 
but in several other jurisdictions in the United States. 

Most Ex. Comp. Schaem, with considerable humour, paid sincere 
tribute to the exceptional services of the M. Ex. Grand Secretary. Also 
R. Ex. Geo. W. Grand, Fraternal correspondent, was complimented. "For 
the many long hours of studious labour and the excellence of your 
material which left no stone unturned in the analysis of the many pro- 
ceedings that crossed your desk, I have nothing but the very highest 

Recommendations. While making no recommendations requiring 
action by his own Grand Chapter, the Grand High Priest proceeded to 
make 5 suggestions of procedures which would be of benefit to many 
Grand Chapters. I shall quote one or two of these. (3) Consideration 
should be given to the consolidation of Chapters where advisable. (No 
use maintaining two small weak Chapters where amalgamation would 
result in one vigorous growing Chapter). (2) "I strongly urge the 
capitular development of initiates with respect to their acquisition of 
knowledge of Royal Arch Masonry." [Failure to do so is one of the 
reasons for loss of membership.] 

Grand Treasurer reported that receipts for year $20,015.21 with more 
than half remaining as cash on hand. 

Election of Officers resulted in M. Ex. Comp. Kenneth Ridley being 
Grand High Priest for 1959-60. 

Lecture. An interesting lecture on the Past Master Degree was 
given by the Grand Historian R. E. Harold V. B. Vrorhis. On July 5, 
1796 a resolution was proposed 'that every master elect may be installed 
in a Lodge of Past Masters, any rule or regulation to the contrary not- 

withstanding'. The Grand Historian continues to trace references and 
developments of this degree from 1853 onward trying to solve the 
mystery of what was the ritual to be followed in this degree. "In 1908 
the subject again came up and it was still called the Past Master's 
degree. However, so far as this so-called Past Master's Degree is con- 
cerned it has no legend and really is nothing but a qualifying ceremony. 
The name is a mis-nomer. The incongruity is that these "qualifying 
secrets" are given in a Past Master's Lodge which Grand Lodge has 
made no provision to exist. Words and signs do not make a degree — it 
also takes an allegory or legend ... we can divorce the ceremony and 
these so-called Lodges of Symbolic Past Masters from the degree and 
Lodges of the same name in Royal Arch Chapters." 

In the Report of the Committee on Fraternal Correspondence there 
is a splendid summary (12 pages) of statistics and trends of R.A.M. 
Chapters. In the summation we note "23 jurisdictions show an actual 
improvement. Not only has the membership increased but the ratio of 
Royal Arch Masons is shown to be more favourable. Twenty-one other 
jurisddictions show a slight increase in membership. The net annual 
gain shown by the 60 jurisdictions according to our earliest statsitics is 
12,619. According to our latest statistics is is only 2,365. If it were not 
for the gains recorded by 5 jurisdictions — Ohio, Georgia, Tennessee, 
Texas, and Florida — there would actually have been a net annual loss 
for the 60 jurisdictions. Of the 8 Grand Chapters in Canada all recorded 
gains with the exception of New Brunswick which recorded a slight 
loss." [See Report N.B. for 1959— Shows gain 5.] 

New Mexico 

Sixty-second Annual Convocation held at Albuquerque, May 18, 1959. 

Chapters, 20; Membership, 3,366; Net Gain, 123. 

M. E. Comp. Alvis F. Denison, Grand High Priest 
R. Ex. Comp. Elmer H. Riemen, Grand Secretary 

All visitors, distinguished guests, etc., were given a warm welcome 
and accorded appropriate honours. 

Address of Grand High Priest: 

"We re-instated 4 more Companions than last year. We also had 14 
fewer suspensions. We should all remember that it is just as important 
to hold a Companion in our Chapter as it is to secure a new petition; 
for a disgruntled ex-member is bad publicity in any organization." 

The Grand High Priest visited all constituent Chapters once and 
some of them several times. In most Chapters the officers were pro- 
ficient in their work. Washington Chapter has suffered during the 
drought that has plagued Clayton area for 6 years. Another Chapter 
suffered through closing the coal mines, yet this Chapter turned out in 
greater numbers than any other Chapter visited, (except my own Chap- 
ter) and conducted their work with a snap and a precision that would do 
credit to any chapter. 

"There is nothing wrong with Royal Arch Masonry in New Mexico 
that good leadership could not correct. All in all, I believe that Capitu- 
lar Masonry in New Mexico is in fair shape, and the fields are ripe for 

Recommendations: "Since we have not had a committee on Foreign 
Correspondence for several years, I recommend that it be abolished." 

"That $500.00 be given the Knight Templar Eye Foundation as our 
charitable project for the year." 

Grand Treasurer reported total receipts of $12,889.01 and a total 
worth of $46,324.59. 

The Grand Secretary's report is partially noted in the heading. Total 
exalted 203, making total gain of 244. Total deductions 121, leaving a 
good net gain. 


Election of Officers placed Fred B. Hartsman as M. Ex. Grand High 
Priest for 1959-60, and Elmer H. Riemen as R. E. Grand Secretary. 

New York 

162nd Annual Convocation of the Grand Chapter of the State of 
New York Royal Arch Masons met on February 5-6, 1959, in Albany. 

Chapters, 213; Membership, 33,860; Net Loss, 669. 

M. E. Comp. Frederick C. Breithaupt, Grand High Priest 
M. E. George A. Labert, Grand Secretary 

There were 14 Past Grand High Priests and 330 Representatives of 
Chapters in Attendance. Distinguished visitor^ from the sleveral 
Masonic Bodies in the state of New York, from the General Grand 
Chapter of Royal Arch Masons and from neighbouring Grand Chapters 
were received and given Grand Honours. 

Address of Grand High Priest: 

"It is my privilege to welcome you all to this Annual Convocation. 
We trust your stay among us will be most enjoyable. 

"It is with keen sorrow and regret that I must report the passing 
of one member of our Official Family, Most Excellent Earl C. McCulloch. 
He was a gentleman and loved by all who were fortunate enough to know 
him. I have caused a memorial to be issued as a tribute to his memory. 

"It was my privilege to address the 11th Annual International Night 
in Massena on September 25th. This annual visit is sponsored by Mas- 
sena Chapter No. 300 and Covenant Chapter No. 113 at Cornwall. The 
joint meetings do much to cement the fraternal relationship with our 
northern neighbours. 

"The Officers' Manual is now off the Press, three copies were sent 
to each Chapter. 

"The Committee o-n Masonic Education and Service is one of the 
most important and active committees in Grand Chapter, and deserves 
the strong support of all Companions. For some unknown reason, only 
about one half of the Chapters take advantage of the services offered by 
this wonderful committee. 

"During the year I made 108 visitations, covered in all about 18,000 
miles. 1958 may not have been a successful year as far as gains are 
concerned but it brought increased activity in many Chapters and de- 
creased activity in some. We never seem to be able to get the entire 
state to be active at the same time." 

The Deputy Grand High Priest in his report recommended that the 
use of the gavel before and after prayer be discontinued. Several other 
worthwhile recommendations were made. 

The Grand Secretary's report showed a decrease of 113 in the number 
of Exaltations and a decerase of 13 in the number of affiliations as 
compared with the previous year. Dismissions in 1958 were 26 more than 
in previous year and suspensions were 147 more. 

Two Chapters have a membership of over a thousand — St. George's 
No. 157 have 1,067 members and Orient No. 138 have 1,009. The smallest 
chapter in the state has a membership of 25. 

Eight chapters will be entitled to receive the General Grand Chapter 
Certificate for reporting a net gain of ten percent or more in their 

The (Grand Treasurer reported cash on hand January 22, 1959, to be 

The Committee on Masonic Education gave an extensive, detailed 
report on the necessity and advantages of an energetic program of 
Masonic Education and recommended that an appropriation of $2,500.00 
be made for its work in 1959. The Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons 
of the State of New York carries out through its Committee on Tuber- 



culosis Relief a wonderful piece of work in connection with the relief 
of distressed tubercular Royal Arch Masons and their dependants 
throughout the state. 

Election of Officers: 

R. E. Comp. A. M. Nielson, Grand High Priest. 

M. E. Comp. George A. Lambert, Grand Secretary. 

New Zealand 

Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of New Zealand held its 67th 
Annual Convocation, Dunedin, February 11, 1959. 

Chapters, 100; Membership, 7,971; Net Gain, 91. 

M. Ex. Comp. J. N. Anderson, Grand Z. 
Rt. Ex. Comp. E. Cannons, Grand Scribe E. 

Grand Chapter was duly opened in Ample Form by the Grand Z., 
the M. E. Comp. W. D. Kennedy, First Grand Principal of Supreme Grand 
Royal Arch Chapter, and a strong delegation of his Grand Chapter 
Officers were welcomed and accorded appropriate honours. Immediate 
business was the Election of R. Ex. Comp. F. F. Boustridge as First 
Grand Principal for ensuing year. 

Address by M. Ex. Comp. J. N. Anderson, First Grand Principal: 
"On October 11 last, I had the honour of consecrating and constituting 
St. James Chapter 100. The establishing of this chapter numbered 100 
on our Register completes the first page o-f our history, and we now 
eagerly await whatever the second page may have in store. I was able 
to visit every District in the territory. At each visit I was privileged to 
address the Companions on the symbolism of one or the other of our 
three Degrees and, in all cases, the interest was most gratifying. There 
are, undoubtedly, many sincere Masons who have experienced a sense 
of frustration because their Chapter left them high and dry and did not 
continue the Masonic instruction for which the ceremonies of each 
Degree provide so excellent a foundation . . . Today we are faced with 
seemingly unsolvable problems. Men are wrestling from the universe 
secrets that increase the complexity and uncertainty of existence. As 
Royal Arch Masons we have, or should have, the increased spiritual 
awareness that enables us to comprehend more of the uncertainties of 

Honoris Causa Rank. In accordance with Law No. 5 Supreme Com- 
mittee recommends that Honoris Causa Rank be conferred upon 14 Com- 
panions as a mark of approval of past services in the cause of Royal 
Arch Masonry. This was done. Reports of auditors showed receipts 
and investments evidence a satisfactory financial status. 

At the Evening Session R. E. Comp. F. F. Boustridge, Grand High 
Priest, was installed by M. E. Comp. J. N. Anderson, P.G.Z., assisted by 
Grand Officers. After the investiture of the Officers the First Grand 
Principal addressed the Companions. M. E. Comp. Boustridge chose as 
his subject "the interrogation, by Prince Lerubbabel, of the three sojourn- 
ers after their return from the vault", bringing out from this scene the 
Great Fundamental Principle of our Order — our duty to God, to our 
neighbour and to ourselves. 

Grand Chapter was closed in ample form. 

North Carolina 

137th Annual Convocation, Asheville, May 14-15, 1959. 
Chapters, 42 (12 not represented); Membership, 7,508; Net Gain, 38. 
M. Ex. Samuel Bruce Hildebrand, Grand High Priest (Acting) 

R. Ex. Alva L. Williams, Grand Secretary 
Canada's Representative, E. G. La Patra. North Carolina's Repre- 


sentative near Canada, R. E. Comp. B. S. Scott. 

Eleven distinguished visitors were received, introduced and given 
Grand Honours. There were ten Grand High Priests present. Among 
the Grand Representatives present was E. G. LaPatra from Canada. 

Report of the Acting Grand High Priest: 

"Another Capitular year draws to a close, and it is with unique 
pleasure that I welcome each of you. I deem it a signal honour to 
extend these greetings and words of welcome to the Companions of sub- 
ordinate Chapters, and to you, our distinguished guests from sister grand 

"In the words of William Shakespeare, I find suitable expression for 
my feelings, 'I hold the world but as a stage, a place where every man 
must play a part and mine a sad one'. For a number of years I have 
been familiar with the duties of a Grand King, but I never thought it 
would fall my lot to assume the station of a departed Grand High Priest. 
Yet on January 24, 1959, the mantle of our beloved Grand High Priest 
fell on my unprepared shoulders. It was then that I keenly realized 
that the heights of Masonry are not reached at a single bound, but step 
by step we mount to the summit. In my conferences and correspondence 
with our efficient Grand Secretary I have been amazed at the work our 
Grand High Priest accomplished in the shadow of death. He laboured 
long and faithfully to complete his work ere the week closed and the 
Sabbath of Eternity set in. His most cherished dream was to stand 
where I now stand and preside over this Grand Body." TThe Grand 
Chapter of Ontario extends deepest sympathy to the Grand Chapter 
of North Carolina on the great loss sustained through the passing of 
their Grand High Priest and other Companions.] 

"On December 29, 1958, a Dispensation was issued for forming a 
new Chapter to be called Lexington Chapter U.D. 

"Roanoke Chapter No. 81 at Weldon, N.C., held no convocations in 
1958 and not more than one in 1957. It was decided to arrest the Charter 
of Roanoke No. 81 and transfer the membership to Rocky Mount Chapter 
No. 57. They will be notified of this, and they can pay up their dues 
and be in good standing with continuous membership. 

"I recommended that $1,000.00 be appropriated for the Board of 
Lectureship to defray the expenses of setting up and conducting a School 
of Instruction in each of the ten Capitular Districts in North Carolina 
yearly. From informatoin I have received from the Grand Secretary, 
Capitular Masonry is in a healthy condition: rs is evidenced by continued 
growth in membership, reduction, of N.P.D.'s, and improvement of 
ritualistic work. Ritualistic work is the crux of the whole matter. A 
great deal of credit for this improvement is due to the high calibre of 
men of the Board of Lectureship. I owe an unending debt of gratitude 
to R. E. John H. Parker, Grand Secretary-Recorder for the assistance he 
has given me in tying together the threads of this Capitular year which 
were broken by the untimely death of our Grand High Priest, Alton E. 
Baum. Had it not been for the information he had at hand and which he 
so graciously passed on to me, this report would still be in the rubbish of 
the Temple. His untiring efforts and willingness to help, have lifted a 
great burden from my shoulders." 

The Grand Treasurer's report showed total receipts to be $23,026.54. 
Total investments $38,000.00 and grand total resources $55,879.94. 

Samuel Bruce Hildebrand was elected Grand High Priest. 

Charles Carpenter Ricker was elected Grand Secretary. 

North Dakota 

The 70th Convocation of Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of 
North Dakota met at Devil's Lake, March 12-13, 1959. 


Chapters, 22; Membership, 2,763; Net Loss, 45. 

M. E. Comp, Frank S. Hunter, Grand High Priest 
M. E. Comp. Clifford E. Miller, Grand Secretary 

Many distinguished guests were received from the United States and 
Canada including the General Grand Chapter Representative M. E. Comp. 
William Elliott of Manitoba and the Representative of the Grand Lodge, 
A.F. and A.M., M. W. Brother and Companion Harold S. Pond. 

On Thursday evening, March 12th a banquet was held in the Masonic 
Temple and 181 Companions, guests and ladies were present. Dr. C. K. 
S. Moffatt, pastor of Emmanuel Church at Brandon, Manitoba, gave the 
principal address basing his theme on "Masonry at Work". 

Address of Grand High Priest on March 13th: 

"Peace and security appear to me to be the pursuit of good people 
in all ages. Here, or in Masonry, we are bonded together in Faith, 
Brotherly Love, Companionship, True Knighthood and Noble Living, 
attempting to share that peace and security with the whole world. God 
granted us noble minds. May Brotherly Love prevail, companionship 
continue and enmity be erased. 

"During the year I visited many Chapters in this Jurisdiction and 
in other Grand Jurisdictions. I found the interest and zeal in Masonry 
good on these visitations. 

"Thank you Royal Arch Masons of Manitoba for honouring me with 
an Hcnourary Membership in your Grand Chapter. 

"I wish to express my sincere thanks for the privilege of serving in 
this high office." 

The Grand Treasurer reported a balance on February 28, 1959, of 

The Grand Secretary reported seven Chapters showed a gain, 14 
Chapters showed losses with one Chapter holding its own. 

Election of Officers: 

M. E. Comp. Albertus C. Scott, Grand High Priest. 

M. E. Comp. Clifford E. Miller, Grand Secretary. 

Clifford E. Miller, Fargo, N.D.; James L. Hewson, Toronto, Canada. 

Nova Scotia 

90th Annual, Halifax, Nova Scotia, June 9, 1959. 

Chapters, 30; Membership, 2,980; Gain, 114. 

M. E. Comp. B. R. Taylor, Grand High Priest 
M. Ex. Syprell, Grand Secretary 

Eleven Past Grand High Priests present, accorded Grand Honours 
and invited to seats in the East. A brief memorial service conducted by 
the Grand Chaplain for those Companions who passed the Veil in 1958. 

90th Annual Convocation in Historic City of Halifax, a city over 
200 years old, which has been a bastion for freedom down through the 

Address of Grand High Priest: "Statesmen of the free world must 
continue with redoubled energy their efforts to save humanity from the 
unspeakable horrors of an atomic war and endeavour by mutual trust to 
bring a measure of peace to this troubled world. 

"During the past year we, as Canadian citizens, have been called 
upon to mourn the passing of those gallant miners who lost their lives 
in the terrible mining disaster at Springhill last October, and those fine 
seamen who went down with the trawler Blue Wave whilst fishing on 
the Grand Banks, .January last. Your Grand Chapter made a substantial 
contribution to the funds organized to help those bereft of breadwinners. 

"I wish to make mention of the Companions of Valley Chapter No. 
16 who are members of the Royal Canadian Air Force and who as a team 
demonstrate the 'Work'. During my visit there, this team conferred the 


Mark Degree with a precision and dignity that was a joy to watch and 
could not fail to make a lasting impression upon all privileged to see it. 

"At all the Chapters I visited I addressed the Companions on Royal 
Arch Masonry, their privileges and responsibilities . . . " 

Conference of Grand Chapters of Canada: 

"I attended the Conference and was elected a member of the Execu- 
tive. The papers presented were very informative and of great value to 
Capitular Masonry throughout Canada. Matters of mutual interest 
were fully explored and the results were well worthwhile." 

Recommendations: That this Grand Chapter continue its support of 
the Conference of Canadian Grand Chapters. 

That the Grand Lecturer and Assistant Grand Lecturers visit Chap- 
ters when work is being done to assist in the proper presentation of the 
authorized ritual. 

Conclusion: "In conferring Degrees do your work with enthusiasm. 
Avoid levity and horseplay, as this destroys the value of the lessons 
intended to be learned and very often causes the candidate embarrass- 

In accepting office let us ever remember that a golden opportunity 
is afforded you to spread the knowledge of Capitular Masonry, to grasp 
the great truths that our Ritual teaches, and to endeavour to practice 
daily the principles of the Holy Royal Arch." 

[Excerpts from the report of the Grand Scribe E. appealed to me as 
having a wise message for and presenting a challenge to members of 
our Order. Let me quote some of his words 1 — "I sometimes think that 
Masonic talks should be designed to give the active Companion some 
sort of ammunition to shoot at the Companion who has slipped, who has 
fallen into the rut of not faithfully attending the meetings of his 
Chapter, and so, not enjoying the fellowship of his Royal Arch Com- 
panions. This of course is the function of the Council, headed by the 
Most Excellent High Priest. The first duty of any High Priest should 
be, to plan his meetings so that every Companion attending will be glad 
that he came, and will remember the meeting for many days, and will 
want to tell his friends and Companions about the wonderful time he 
had. Then, and then only, will the luke-warm Companion want to put 
his Chapter first on his list of engagements, and come and enjoy being 
where he is treated as an important link in a great chain. Every Con- 
vocation should be planned around the attending Companions. Regard- 
less of rank in Masonry, regardless of social standing, regardless of 
station in life, the Companions who attend our meetings are the most 
important, and, like the members of our family, they must receive first 
consideration. Our Chapters must be like our homes — Home is where 
there's love. Make your Chapter like home to the Companions. Home 
is where the heart can bloom. Where there is some kind lips to cheer 
it. What is Chapter, with none to meet us, none to welcome, none to 
greet us? Chapter can be very sweet, if there are friends we love to 

Grand Treasurer reported — Bank balance $1,884.31. Total assets 
$11,084.40. Assets over liabilities $4,072.23. 

M. Ex. Comp. Dr. P. S. Cochrane representative of Canada in Ontario. 

The report of the Fund of Benevolence shows an active spirit of 
carrying on the work for which it was originally set up. Among the 
items was a donation of $300.00 to the Springhill Disaster Relief Fund. 

The Grand Archivists reports: "The Canadian Masonic Research 
Association, a valuable paper by M. Ex. Comp. Conover on Royal Arch 
Masonry in Upper Canada before 1858 has been published and circulated 
to all members. 

Grand High Priest for 1959-60— M. Ex. Comp. G. S. Walker. 


Ohio, 1958 

142nd Annual Convocation of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch 
Masons of the State of Ohio was held in Cincinnati, on October 22-23, 

Chapters, 212; Membership, 67,309; Net Gain, 174. 
M. E. Carl P. Nielsen, Grand High Priest 
R. E. Ralph W. Smith, Grand Secretary 

The Committee on Visiting Companions presented the Distinguished 
Guests who were welcomed by the Grand High Priest, accorded Grand 
Honours, and escorted to seats in the East. Among the Distinguished 
Guests was M. E. Comp. Maurice A. Searle, Toronto, Canada, Grand 
First Principal of the Grand Chapter of Canada (Ontario). 

Most Excellent Roscoe R. Walcutt, Columbus, Past Grand High 
Priest and General Grand Secretary, represented the General Grand 
High Priest, Luther Jordan, Mansfield, Louisianna. 

The flag of the United States of America and the Canadian flag 
were posted and "America" and "God Save the Queen" were sung. 

Address of Grand High Priest: — 

"We as Royal Arch Masons can do much to bring about "Peace on 
Earth" by living life to its fullest in accordance with the tenets of our 
Institution. Among the many deaths of the past year were two in our 
Grand family— Ortley M. Focht and Burleigh E. Cartmell. 1,472 Com- 
panions have finished their course and now rest from their labours. We 
sympathize with the bereaved. During the year I made many visitations 
many of them District meetings. 123 Fifty Year Awards were pre- 
State of the Craft: 

"Our Capitular years has shown a gain of 174 members. This is 
the smallest gain in years and presents much to be desired. Although 
we have made a slight gain, reports from many states show losses for 
the year. 

"The Committee for York Rite Cooperation has prepared a York 
Rite Passport. It certifies to the good standing of the member. 

"In a few short years we will be celebrating our one hundred and 
fiftieth anniversary. Because of this fact your High Priest took par- 
ticular interest in the centennial and sesquicentennial celebrations at 
Toronto, Canada, and Norfolk, Virginia. From the general chairman of 
these events it was learned of the tremendous cost of handling such 
anniversaries. Therefore, I recommend that an amount Oif $1,500.00 be 
set aside yearly so that sufficient funds are on hand and available when 
needed for the celebration of the sesquicentennial of the Grand Chapter 
of Ohio." 

The Grand Secretary reported a net gain in membership of 174. 
There are four Chapters with over a membership of 1,000. Tau Chapter 
No. 239, Dayton, in District No. 3, had the largest net gain of 39. York 
Chapter No. 200, Columbus, in District No. 11, exalted the largest class 
of 61. 

There are many secretaries of subordinate chapters who have served 
their Companions for long periods, among them being Griffith Evans, 
who has served as secretary of Kent Chapter for 45 years. 
Report of Joint Committee on York Rite Cooperation 

The Committee has devised a York Rite diploma, which will show 
that as of the date of the issuance the holder is a York Rite Mason, a 
member in good standing of a legitimate Lodge, Chapter, Council and 

The Committee favours the following: When a member reaches the 
age of 65 and has been a member in good standing for the ten years 
preceding, he may, upon written application, be permitted to pay in lieu 


of all dues the sum of one dollar per year. It might be that in the 
Commandery, because of the difference in Grand dues, the amount will 
have to be higher. 
Report on the Ohio Masonic Home 

The cost of operating the Home still remains high and promises to 
go still higher. It cost $932,429.69 to operate the Home during the past 
year. With a daily population of 522, this makes a mean per capita 
cost of $4.89. The budget for the 1958-59 fiscal year is $1,049,500.00. 
The cost of medical care would greatly increase this amount if many of 
the Doctors accepted a fee, instead they give their services without cost 
to the Home. We are grateful to these physicians for their great 

We wish to express our thanks to the many Masonic organizations 
who make special gifts during the year and at Christmas time. 

The iGrand Treasurer reported total income $1,334,647.82. Net income 
to General Fund $370,519.45. 

Election of Officers: 

M. E. Oliver H. Ormistan — Grand High Priest. 

R. E. Ralph W. Smith— Grand Secretary. 

Ohio, 1959 

143rd Annual Convocation of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch 
Masons of Ohio was held at Columbus, on October 8 and 9, 1959. 

Chapters, 214; Membership, 67,571; Net Gain, 202. 

M. E. Comp Oliver H. Ormiston, Grand High Priest 
R. E. Comp. Ralph W. Smith, Grand Secretary 

There were 16 Past Grand High Priests present, and among the 
Distinguished Guests was M. E. Comp. Bruce Smith, Grand First 
Principal, Grand Lodge of Canada (Ontario). 

Address of Grand High Priest: 

"During the year 1,373 devoted Companions of the Grand Juris- 
diction of Ohio have completed their earthly mission and been called to 
the Grand Lodge Above. 

"I have made many visitations this past year. I would like to ex- 
press my appreciation to my Home Chapter, Rufus Putnam No. 108 
R.A.M. for the wonderful reception given me. 

State of the Rite: "At the begining of the year we instituted a sys- 
tem for 'progress reports' from each Chapter to be mailed to their Dis- 
trict Deputy Grand High Priests. These reports proved that too many 
Chapters are not conferring any degrees until too late in the year. I 
feel that the Chapters would be more successful if they started their 
degree work in September. The 'progress reports' also disclosed the 
fact that very little is being done towards the reinstatement of suspended 
members until too late in the year. This also should be a year-round 

"If we are to be worthy of our great heritage, we must earn it 
anew. This can only be accomplished by WORK. A Companion who 
shirks his share of duties is really depriving himself of the joy that 
goes with bearing one's full proportionate share of a common task and 
responsibility. Work is a challenge to progress. Let us accept it and 
do our share." 

The Grand Secretary reported a net gain of 202 as compared with 
174 in the previous year. The Chapters with a membership of more 
than 1,000 are: Port Lawrence No. 174, Toledo — 1,194; Washington No. 
25, Akron— 1,132; York No. 200, Columbus— 1,086; Youngstown No. 93, 
Youngstown — 1,012. 

That per capita of 25 cents on the basis of membership at May 31, 


1959, amounts to $16,877.75 as the contribution to the Ohio Masonic 

The Committee on Jurisprudence reported a number of interesting 
resolutions which we are sorry we have not time to go into. 

Election of Officers: 

Homer Trantham — Grand High Priest. 

Ralph W. Smith — Grand Secretary. 

[We regret that we have been unable to do justice to the exten- 
sive Proceedings of Ohio which reached us as we were going to press.] 


70th Annual, April 7-8, 1959. 

Chapters, 40; Membership, 7,704; Loss, 73. 

M. Ex. Comp. Shade D. Neely, Grand High Priest 
R. Ex. Comp. James A. Lathim, Grand Secretary 

Two pages of distinguished visitors among whom we note M. Ex. 
Comp. Wm. Elliott, Winnipeg, Canada, and J. Luther Jordan, General 
Grand High Priest. The Roll of Grand Representatives was called of 
whom several made brief reports for their respective jurisdictions. 
Fifteen Past Grand High Priests present. 

Address — Grand High Priest: 

Necrology — "A memorial to our departed Companions who have 
wrought in the quarries without fee or reward and who have presented 
good work, true work and square work, with a proper mark upon it was 
given yesterday by our Grand Chaplain . . . 162 Companions of our 
Grand Jurisdiction were called to their reward . . . We reverently join 
our sister jurisdictions in the loss of their departed Companions. May 
they rest in peace." 

Area Meetings. Six were held during May and June of which the 
Grand High Priest reports, "It is my opinion some good was accomp- 
lished. We stressed the need of setting up a continuous programme as to 
state, area and district. We must work harmoniously, we must work 
co-operatively, but above all we must work." 

Bulletins: "I have issued 17 bulletins throughout the year. — With 
these bulletins I have tried to bring to your attention some subjects that 
are pertinent beyond degree. Suspension for non-payment of dues, a 
Masonic disgrace. May I ask, are we not at times trying to commer- 
cialize Freemasonry to too great a degree? . . . After the pressured 
Brother comes into our fold, are we not forgetting him ? Let us remem- 
ber we are a fraternal institution where sociability and fellowship 
counts very much . . . No one takes time to discuss with him the funda- 
mental symbols and allegories of Freemasonry, the teaching and ethics 
of our fraternity. Well, he looses interest, he stops coming and he is on 
the way to — 'Suspended N.P.D.' Everywhere I have gone this year I 
have heard the same sad story." [I have quoted the above so that many 
may read, ponder and say "Does this apply to us?"] 

Visitation®. Oklahoma visitations make a very extensive list of 
activities by the Grand High Priest on behalf of welfare of Capitular 
Masonry in that state. 

Special Committees: The names of these committees (listed below) 
show an attempt to advance every phase of Chapter Masonry: Patriotism, 
Religious Observance, Membership, Suspensions, Reinstatements and 
Affiliations, Entertainment, Public Relations, Periodicals, Liaison with 
Masonic Bodies, Special Degree Teams, Field Day, Scholarships, Dormant 
and Inactive Chapters, Guest Speakers, Capitular Potential. [I have 
listed these that other Jurisdictions may consider whether some of these 
named committees might be well formed in other Grand Chapters.] 


The South Western Conference of Grand Chapters, meeting at 
Bartlesville, Oklahoma, on September 14, 1958, was attended by Grand 
High Priest of Oklahoma, who reports it as a very interesting, stimulat- 
ing and instructive meeting. 

Statistical Study: An extensive thumb-nail sketch of the develop- 
ment of all branches of Masonry in the State o«f Oklahoma begins in 
these words: "Companions, the Grand Chapter was chartered in 1889 
as the Grand Chapter of Indian Territory by the General Grand Chapter 
almost under duress. Study the proceedings and you will see this. I 
have read and studied every one of the proceedings since Charter and 
find the following: [Then we read a number of interesting items, to wit:] 
"Three of the leaders of those days were missionaries to the Indian 
tribes, devoted men to the Church, the Indian and Freemasonry. After 
Statehood the names only of Grand Chapter, Council and Commandery 
were changed." 

Full Time Employee: In an unusual plea (which the present Grand 
High Priest introduced some years ago) for a full time employee to 
promote the welfare of Grand Chapter, he again presents some potent 
arguments in its favour, among them these startling statistics: number 
of Chapters existing today — 40; number of Charters which have been 
chartered — 101; number of defunct Chapters — 61. "We have 50% more 
Chapters die than are living in Oklahoma today." 

Speaking of Membership he notes: "Our peak was in 1927 with 
14,333. From 1928 until 1942 there was a constant loss and some years 
quite rapidly to a low of 5,047. Then it was nip and tuck and we have 
slowly gained until a 1954 peak of 8,001. Today, just 5 years later, we 
have 7,704 members. Our Scottish Rite Brethren have 30,000 members. 
Surely something is wrong." "Since 1933 we have suspended for N.P.D. 
22,306 members, an average of 318 per year. Reinstated 6,104, an aver- 
age of 77 per year. Exalted 28,678, an average of 409 per year. During 
past year 1958-59 we have exalted 269, reinstated 53, suspended (N.P.D.) 
234, demits 36, deaths 162. Final result a net loss to this Grand Chapter 
of 73." 

M. Ex. Comp. Neely, Grand High Priest, continues his report with 
some very shrewd and pertinent analyses of the situation which we 
cannot here quote further. However, we commend this report to all 
Chapter masons faced with similar situations in their Chapters as offer- 
ing consideration worthwhile to be carefully read and pondered. 

[The Grand High Priest, under a great variety of headings, deals 
with various aspects of Capitular Masonry and, although this Reviewer 
cannot agree entirely with all his conclusions and suggestions, I admire 
his sincerity, his tremendous interest and his deep study of all aspects of 
what he considers to be factors calculated to advance Chapter Masonry 
not only in Oklahoma but as well throughout the world. As such I heartily 
commend his address as reported in the 1959 proceedings.! 

The financial report shows savings and bonds of $34,662.38. 

Membership as reported by Grand Secretary noted at head of this 


98th Annual Convocation of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch 
Masons of Oregon was held on April 15th and 16th, 1959, at Roseburg. 
Chapters, 49; Membership, 8,473; Net Loss, 138. 

D. Lynn Woodson, M. E. Grand High Priest 
Richard H. Tusant, R. E. Grand Secretary 
There were present 13 Grand Chapter Officers, 10 Past Grand High 
Priests, 23 Committee members, 11 District Deputy Grand High Priests, 
46 Grand Representatives and delegates from 41 Chapters. 


Address of Grand High Priest: 

"It is truly heartening: to see so many Companions present to 
represent the Constituent Royal Arch Chapters in Oregon. 

"May we pause from our labours for a moment to pay our respects 
to those who have been summo-ned into the presence of our Supreme 
Ruler. During this past year, He has called 191 of our Companions. 
Let us not mourn, but rejoice, for they who believe in the Great Archi- 
tect of the Universe, will be received and admitted into that Celestial 
Home above. 

"All the Chapters in Oregon were visited either individually or by 
District meetings. 

"At the beginning of my year as your Grand High Priest, I asked 
the Grand Officers and the District Deputies to arrange as many 
District meetings as possible in the State. You have done a very com- 
mendable job. 

"I want to thank our Past M. E. Grand High Priest, Robert E. Dodge, 
Chairman and his committee for their fine work in arranging our Cen- 
tennial Year. Let us all strive to make this Centennial year the success 
we wish it to be. 
Condition of the Rite 

"For several years we have had a loss in membership. During the 
past year we have lost 138 members. I want to recommend to you that 
ritualistic proficiency is the finest way to build up our membership and 
create interest in Capitular Masonry. 

"The first part of 1959 was a very busy one and I believe great 
strides have been made towards the goal we have set up of 1,000 new 
members to celebrate the Centennial Year." 

The Grand Orator gave a splendid address. [We should like to 
quote at length but will only be able to quote briefly.] "A study of 
American history discloses an intimate connection between Freemasonry 
and the founding and development of America. The "Declaration of 
Independence" was the first official document of the new United States, 
and it bears the unmistakeable imprint of Masonic statesmanship, for 
it reads as if it were taken out of a Masonic ritual, and it was signed 
by many, many Master Masons. They also wrote the "Constitution" 
putting into the basic law of the land the Declaration of Independence. 
Yes, masonic principles were woven into its very foundation. We thus 
see that they took an active part in political questions and were among 
the foremost of the statesmen and patriots who achieved American 

"Inthe ancient charges we find that there are two things one must 
avoid within the lodge room; one is politics, and the other is religion, and 
we endeavour to do that. But when one says to any mason that he must, 
as a mason avoid politics, I think we should carefully consider what is 
meant by "Politics". At the time when those ancient charges were 
formulated, what was particularly meant was that partisan politics 
must be avoided in the lodge room. This does not however prohibit a 
discussion of the science of government, nor the expression in the lodge 
of opinions antagonistic to those forms of government or political sys- 
tems, which are hostile to masonry, or its principles, for it behooves 
all of us to be eternally vigilant against all enemies of masonry, and 
all enemies of our government of Constitutional limitations. Freemasonry 
is not a political organization, or association, but it is the manifest intent, 
and purpose of Freemasonry, and especially of American Freemasonry, 
that all masons shall be vigilant, and patriotic citizens." 
Report of Capitular Reviewer 

The Grand Reviewer hits the nail on the head when he suggests 
"Our real salvation lies in attracting more of the good men who are 


annually being made Masons. And then strive to make our meetings so 
interesting that the members will want to attend." 

The Grand Secretary reported: 42 Chapters conferred degrees; 7 
Chapters did not confer any degrees; 12 Chapters showed a net gain; 
34 Chapters showed a net loss; 3 Chapters showed neither gain nor loss. 

The Grand Treasurer reported a balance of $1,349.28 as of Decem- 
ber 31st, 1958, with total assets of $72,579.18. 

Election of Officers: 

M. E. Comp. Samuel A. Warg — Grand High Priest 

R. E. Comp Richard H. Tusant — Grand Secretary. 


Proceedings of the Grand Holy Royal Arch Chapters of Pennsyl- 
vania for the 163rd year, December 27, 1958. 

Chapters, 142; Membership, 40,868; Net Loss, 369. 

Four Quarterly Communications were held of which our Review will 
deal principally with that held in the Masonic Temple, Philadelphia, 
December 4, 1958. 

M. Ex. Comp. Walter D. Ferree, Grand High Priest 
M. Ex. Comp. John C. F. Kitselman, Grand Secretary 

Grand High Priest's Address: 

After extending a welcome to Distinguished Guests and Companions, 
the Grand High Priest gave a lengthy detailed list of (358) visits within 
the Jurisdiction and to Sister Jurisdictions. 

Membership: "From information available as of this date, it appears 
there will again be a LOSS in our membership. While accessions to our 
membership generally follow the trend of our economy, let us have no 
abatement in our enthusiasm for spreading the light of Royal Arch 

Election: After learning the report of the Tellers appointed to con- 
duct the election for Grand Officers, the Most Excellent Grand High 
Priest declared: Companion John R. Asher, Most Excellent Grand High 
Priest; Companion John C. F. Kitselman, M. Ex. Grand Secretary and 
other Officers as reported by the Tellers. 

Financial: The Committee on Finances reported receipts of 
$69,601.29, General Account receipts of $105,855.20 with a Balance on 
hand of $83,513.25, November 20, 1959. 

Committee on Membership reported: Total petitions first 10 months 
1958 — 1,230; total petitions corresponding period 1957 — 1,308; total 
DECREASE, 78; percentage decrease 5.9%. 

Companion John R. Asher Most Excellent Grand High Priest ,being 
installed addressed the Convocation. In an eloquent per-oration he 
voiced a plea for emulation within the ranks to promote happiness and 
to do good to all men by practicing out of the Chapter those principles 
of religion and morality we are taught within it. "Chapter membership 
means much more than the mere affiliation with a local Chapter. It 
has for its purpose the fostering of the spirit of Brotherly Love, thereby 
exemplifying the Love of God and of Country. It believes in truth, in 
honour, in temperance and in companionship. Men in all walks of life 
have taken the same obligations at our altars and greet one another as 
Brothers. Can we question the fraternal spirit of such a Brotherhood? 

Fraternal Relations. "Our relations with all corresponding Bodies 
continue to be of the most satisfactory and fraternal character and 
within our sacred tabernacles there is no dissention." 

Report of the Committee on Correspondence: [This reviewer likes 
the way in which the proceedings from the various Jurisdictions are 
divided among FIVE Companions, (members of the committee) who 
make the report on each. This method makes it possible for the various 


Proceedings to be given a more thoughtful consideration than is possible 
where one individual has to cover all from Alabama to Wyoming.] 

Republic of the Philippines 

The 7th Annual Convocation o-f the Most Excellent Grand Chapter of 
the Royal Arch Masons of the Republic of the Philippines was held on 
May 1, 1959, in Manila. 

Chapters, 22; Membership, 1,281; Net Gain, 136. 

M. E. Comp. Lloyd 0. Haig, Grand High Priest 
M. E. Comp. Antonio Gonzalez, Grand Secretary 

The Most Wor. Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines, 
Brother and Companion Marcario Ofilada, was received with Grand 
Honours and addressed by the M. E. Grand High Priest. The M. W. 
Grand Master graciously responded. Many messages were received and 
read from the M. E. General Grand High Priest, Comp. J. Luther Jordan, 
and other present and past officers of General Grand Chapter. _ These 
all contained warm greetings and commendations on the spirit, interest 
and activity of the Grand Chapter of the Republic of the Philippines 
and in addition expressed best wishes for a pleasant and profitable 
meeting. These messages were received with thanks and ordered to be 
published in the proceedings. 

The Delegates and Grand Representatives were introduced and 
Address of the Grand High Priest: 

"It is gratifying to meet all of you here, Companions, Visitors and 
Delegates representing your respective Chapters all over our Grand 
Jurisdiction which includes not only the territorial limits of the Philip- 
pines but also those of Guam and Okinawa. 

"I suggest that a day be set apart which will be known as Royal 
Arch Sunday. This should be an annual observance. 

"It is fitting to advise our members that by applying Freemasonry 
to our daily life we should endeavour to create better relations in our 
social affairs. I am a strong believer in practical Masonry applied to 
human relations. There will be no improvement in Masonry if we 
neglect our concern for social life. Not only in our homes but in our 
communities and social circles, let us convey the Masonic message of our 
vital principles and ethics, for every one to understand our aims and 

"Our motto should be 'Every Master Mason, a Royal Arch Mason'. 
If every Master Mason be properly approached and duly informed that 
the Third Degree includes the Royal Arch Degree; that in the Articles 
of Union of the United Grand Lodge of England (Mother Grand Lodge 
of the World) is expressly provided that the Royal Arch Degree is a 
part of the Third Degree; that without the Royal Arch a Mason cannot 
be considered being in possession of all the secrets of the Sublime Degree 
of Master Mason thereby lacking in one of its essentials. From the re- 
ports of the Grand Secretary and Grand Treasurer you will gather the 
actual condition of our Grand Chapter. It could not be better. Our 
membership is in constant progress and our finances are sound. 

"Our Grand Jurisdiction is the outpost of Western civilization and 
Freemasonry in the Far East. It is to our complete satisfaction that we 
are recognized as living up to the standards that the Grand Chapters and 
Grand Bodies of Freemasonry over the world do expect from us. Let us 
continue this fight as the enemies of our ideologies are not idle. The 
ramparts must always be duly prepared and alert. 

" The Ladder', our Official Organ, has proved to be one of the best 
means in our jurisdiction to build a precious informative source for the 
education of our members. I am happy to report that 'The Ladder' is 


well received in all sections of the wide field of Masonic literature all 
over the Masonic world." 

In the Grand Secretary's report he said, "we are in fraternal rela- 
tions with 71 Grand Chapters, the same as in our last Capitular year. 

The Grand Treasurer reported a balance in bank of $10,362.79. 

Election of Officers: 

M. E. Grand High Priest — Nicanor E. Santos. 

R. E. Giand Secretary — Antoio Gonzalez. 

Our Representative, R. E. Primo Guzman; their Representative, R. 
E. C. W. Emmett. 


82nd Annual Convocation of Grand Chapter was held in the city of 
Montreal, on March 25, 1959. 

Chapters, 25; Membership, 3,321; Net Increase, 6. 

Grand First Principal, M. Ex. Comp. J. H. A. Morecraft 
Grand Scribe E., M. E. Comp. H. Pickering 

Among the Grand Representatives present was M. E. Comp. A. J. 
Osgood of Canada. During the year, M. E. Comp. Maurice A. Searle was 
appointed Grand Representative from Canada. 

Address of Grand First Principal: 

"It gives me great pleasure to extend a warm welcome to those of 
you who have travelled great distances to attend this Convocation, 
especially to our distinguished guests from our sister jurisdictions in 
the United States of America. 

"Every year we are saddened by the loss of many of our faithful 
Companions who have laid aside their working tools; their earthly 
temples are complete. I have had a busy year of visitations both in my 
jurisdiction and other jurisdictions. On April 25th I travelled to Toronto 
to attend the 100th anniversary of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch 
Masons of Canada. I received a most cordial welcome from M. E. Comp. 
Maurice Searle. I shall always remember the four days of hospitality 
accorded me by this Grand Chapter. On June 25th I flew to St. John 
to attend the Grand Chapter of New Brunswick. 

"On September 27th I attended the International Night at Messina, 
N.Y. We toured the seaway and watched vessels go through the Eisen- 
hower Lock. In the evening we were privileged to hear an outstanding 
address by Most Ex. Comp. F. C. Breithaupt G. H. P. of the State of 
New York. 

"December 8th I attended the Grand Chapter of Massachusetts. 
During the morning and afternoon I watched spellbound as the Grand 
Chapter Degree team worked their four Degrees. It was an experience 
I shall always remember. 

"The report of the Grand Scribe E. will show a small increase in 
membership. That every Chapter should do something to stop the high 
total of withdrawals and suspensions, I urge every council to make this 
a must on their agenda. The whole Craft has been shocked by the 
passing of R. E. Comp. R. Louthood, the Grand Secretary of the Grand 
Lodge of Quebec. 

"I thank you for the wonderful year I have had as your Grand 
First Principal. " 

Interesting reports from the District Grand Superintendents showed 
a great deal of worthwhile activity throughout the Grand Chapter of 

Report of Committee on State of the Order: 

The Ritual work is commendably performed and the officers zealous 
in carrying out the duties of their respective stations. The economic 
standing of the Chapters is satisfactory, but continued attention to the 


matter of the timely payment of dues is necessary if this standing is to 
be maintained. 

The Grand Treasurer's report showed cash in the general fund to be 
$7,248.33 and total assets of $51,979.41. 

Officers elected: 

Grand First Principal — M. E. Comp. J. H. A. Morecraft. 

Grand Scribe E. — M. E. Comp. H. Pickering. 

Rhode Island and Providence Plantations 

162nd Annual Convocation, Free Masonry Hall, Providence, March 
7, 1959. 

Chapters, 15; Membership, 4,908; Net Gain, 8. 

M. Ex. Charles 0. Davies, Grand High Priest 
R. Ex. Harry A. Reed, Grand Secretary 

The Grand Chapter opened in Ample Form by M. Ex. Grand High 
Priest with prayer at the altar by the Grand Chaplain, followed by the 
presentation of the United States flag and the singing of "America". 
Guests from the sister jurisdictions and the co-ordinate Masonic Bodies 
in Rhode Island were introduced and appropriately honoured. 

Visitations: "I have visited all of the Chapters in the state at least 
once and some of them several times." There follows 7 pages dealing 
with nearly 100 meetings of various kinds. Among the regrets that the 
Grand High Priest was unable to accept we note: April, an invitation by 
M. Ex. Comp. Maurice Searle to attend 100th anniversary of Grand 
Chapter in Canada in the Province of Ontario. However, a worthy 
representative in the person of P. Most Ex. Grand High Priest George E. 
Cheek attended at Toronto April 27-28. 

Recommendations: "I should like to have as a Grand Chapter objec- 
tive (until a more worthy cause is found) the support of Masonic Youth 
Recreation Centre Committee of Management who need additional funds 
for future expansion." 

Report of Grand Secretary shows a net gain of 8. Seven Chapters 
report a net gain in membership from 1 to 37. Eight Chapters show 
losses of from 1 to 30. 

Receipts, $7,048.94. Balance on hand, $2,054.02. Total valuation of 
assets, $20,272.49. For a Grand Chapter of 15 subordinate chapters this 
financial statement compares favourably with that of many Grand 
Chapters with a large number of subordinate chapters. 

The Grand Lecturer reports: The Degree work, as exemplified by 
the various chapters, ranges from very good to very poor with the 
majority of the chapters doing passable work. It is interesting to note 
that chapters doing reasonably good work usually have the side lines 
well filled and at the end of the year show a gain membership." 

At the election Harold B. Woodard was elected M. Ex. Grand High 
Priest for 1959-60. 

Rhode Island's representative near Canada: Edward H. Brennan. 

Canada represented near Rhode Island by Chester A. Southworth. 


36th Annual Convocation of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch 
Masons of Saskatchewan was held at Moose Jaw, on May 27, 1959. 
Chapters, 28; Membership, 3,059; Net Gain, 134. 

M. E. Comp. James P. Whyte, Grand Z. 
M. E. Comp. Alfred A. Wilson, Grand Scribe E. 
Three Distinguished Visitors were received and given Grand Hon- 
ours. Twelve Past Grand First Principals were also received and given 
appropriate honours. 


Deputy Mayor of Moose Jaw, Comp. J. Bothwell, in a few well- 
chosen words welcomed the delegates to Moose Jaw and hoped their stay 
would be a pleasant and a profitable one. 

Address of Grand First Principal: 

"We are living in a strife-torn world, beset with International 
quarrels and conflicts. The greatest opportunity of all time is presented 
to free nations of the world to stand united in the enforcement of peace. 
Our Masonic fraternity throughout the countries can and will be an 
underlying, leavening influence towards the continuance of freedom. 

"During the year I was privileged to visit the Grand Chapters of 
Royal Arch Masons of Manitoba and Alberta o-n the occasion of their 
Annual Convocations. The general problems confronting the Prairie 
Grand Jurisdictions are similar in nature. They can be summed up 
briefly, as: lack of attendance, non-working membership committees, 
absence of well-organized degree teams, and a need for more special 
occasions in the Constituent Chapter. 

"M. E. Comp. A. C. Woods and M. E. Comp. A. A. Wilson repre- 
sented our Grand Chapter at the Grand Convocation of North Dakota. 

"I am happy to report that I was privileged to visit all the District 
meetings. In my address to the various Chapters visited I chose a sub- 
ject of a research Character, analyzing the three basic degrees of 
Masonry as well as the three degrees of Capitular Masonry. Each degree 
holds some special analogy to our present day trend of life." 

"Two new Chapters were instituted — one at Lloydminster early in 
the autumn and the other Etomami Chapter at Hudson Bay on October 
11, 1958. 

The General Grand Chapter Distinguished Service Medal has been 
awarded to V. E. Comp. Wm. Kelly for his devotion to Royal Arch 
Masonry over a long period of years. 

"Four Grand Representatives near Sister -Jurisdictions were appoint- 
ed: Ireland — M. E. Comp. Robert Brown, Dublin; Washington — M. E. 
Comp. Herbert J. Williams, Seattle; North Caroline — M. E. Comp. Alva 
L. Williams, New Bern, N.C.; Michigan — M. E. Comp. Harry L. Jackson, 
Ferndale 20, Michigan. 

"Free Masonry is neither a religion nor a substitute for religion, 
even though no man may be admitted into the portals of our fellowship 
unless he declares his belief in the existence of a Supreme Being. In 
the true sense of the word, it is not a secret society. Our only secrets 
are our ceremonies of initiations and signs of recognition. Surely those 
who subscribe to the principles of this Fraternity shall be better pre- 
pared, within themselves, for the Life Hereafter. The influence of their 
fraternal brotherhood on earth, will be reflected in their observance of 
the finest and highest elements of good citizenship." 
Report of Grand Secretary 

"Five and possibly six of our Chapters have qualified for the certi- 
ficate issued by the General Grand Chapter to any and all Chapters 
making a ten percent gain during the year." 

Report of Grand Treasurer showed a bank balance on March 31, 
1959, of $3,522.51 and bonds to the value of $9,500.00. 
Report on Condition of Capitular Masonry: 

Royal Arch Masonry appears to have made satisfactory progress 
during the past year. Deaths accounted for the loss of 61 members. 
We lost 70 by resignations and suspensions. 

Outstanding dues is something we should be concerned with. Two 
Chapters show outstanding dues at over $300.00. Four Chapters with 
O.S. dues at over $200.00 and five Chapters show outstanding dues at 
over $100.00. We would suggest to the Scribe E's that a more energetic 
campaign be adopted for the collection of dues." 


Election of Officers: 

R. E. Comp. H. K. Halldorson— Grand Z. 

M. E. Comp. Alfred A. Wilson— Grand Scribe E. 

M. E. Comp Halldorson thanked the Grand Chapter members for 
having elected him in these words, "I doubt whether I can find any words 
more appropriate than those attributed to King Solomon at the time the 
Lord appeared to him in a dream. When the Lord asked Solomon what 
he, Solomon, would have as a gift from the Lord, Solomon's request was 
for 'an understanding heart' that he might 'discern between good and 
evil' that he might know how to 'walk before his people'. I too pray 
for an understanding heart." 

It was recommended that the Grand Chapter of Saskatchewan con- 
tinue its membership in the General Grand Chapter and that fifty dollars 
be budgeted for annually to assist with the expense of a delegate attend- 
ing the Triennial Convocations. 


Annual Convocation of The Supreme Grand Chapter of Scotland, 
held in Royal Arch Freemason's Hall, Edinburgh, Friday, March 20, 

M. E. Comp. The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Galloway, Grand Z. 
M. E. W. A. Laird, Grand Scribe E. 

Supreme Grand Chapter was opened in full form by M. E. Comp. 
Major R. H. F. Moncreiff, Past Grand Z. 

Honorary Grand Rank was conferred upon several Companions for 
exceptional service to the Order. At the same time "Service" diplomas 
were approved for several Companions who had forty years' member- 
ship in their Chapter. 

Installation. The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Galloway was re-elected and 
re-installed as M. E. First Grand Principal. Lord Galloway then nomi- 
nated his Deputy, M. E. Comp. Thomas Sinclair, who was then obligated, 
installed, proclaimed and saluted as Deputy First Grand Principal. The 
other elected Grand Officers were then installed in their respective 
offices by M. E. Comp. Major Moncreiff. 

The Supreme Grand Chapter office-bearers accompanied the M. E. 
First Grand Principal to the Banqueting Hall for the celebration of the 
Festival of the Vermae Equinox. The proceedings report in full the 
various toasts proposed and the responses made throughout the banquet. 
It would be a great pleasure to be able to quote extensively from the 
various speakers and I am certain that those who read this review would 
greatly appreciate the witticisms and serious remarks which so fre- 
quently caused the listeners to break into (laughter) and (loud applause). 
I shall, however, be able to quote only a minor portion of the reported 
proceedings which, in my humble judgment, are significant. 

In reply to the toast to the Supreme Grand Chapter of Scotland, the 
Rt. Hon. The Earl of Galloway, L.L., J. P., said: "Now, Companions, the 
year which has just passed has, I think, been my most strenuous year 
since you were kind enough to elect me as your First Grand Principal. 
Grand Scribe E. and I have been twice to the north of Scotland carrying 
out visitations and installations, we have travelled to Canada to attend 
the centenary celebrations of the Supreme Grand Chapter of Canada in 
Ontario, after which we went on to Bermuda to visit our Chapters there, 
and on our way home we paid a little courtesy visit to some American 
Companions in New York. These visits, when they can be arranged, con- 
vert that remote and impersonal body to which I have referred into real 
and living human beings. And those friendly and happy contacts forge 
fresh and stronger links between Supreme Grand Chapter and our 
Districts and Chapters in those distant lands to our mutual advantage; 


to the advantage of those who have been so loyal to us throughout the 

Well, Companions, we enter tonight on another year in Royal Arch 
Masonry. No one can say what the coming year will bring. As our 
Lord Provost has pointed out, the world situation is grave and we know 
that hatred and fear are abroad in the world, but we also know some- 
thing else. We know that there exists in many lands men endowed with 
the true spirit of freemasonry, the spirit of friendship and brotherly 
love. Let us pray to the Great Architect of the Universe that this true 
Masonic spirit may gain the ascendancy in the world and dispel the 
hatred and fear evident today and that the coming year may bring to the 
world an easing of the tension and a sense of security which we have 
not known for forty-five years and bring to you and your families 
happiness and peace of mind this year and always. (Loud applause). 

Then followed a tribute to the Grand Scribe E. who accompanied 
him in his journeyings in the West and in the Middle East and whose 
knowledge of Masonry was of immense service to the overseas Com- 

"The Daughter Chapters, which number 256 in Scotland alone and 
so many abroad that 1 could not reckon the number of them, include 
many in Australia and in other parts of the Empire and many in other 
countries outwith the Commonwealth. Last year, according to the 
statistic our First Grand Principal has given, they exalted 3,284 Royal 
Arch Masons." 

"Of the Provincial and District Grand Chapters, which number 
about fifty, twenty are in Scotland and we, who are Officers of these 
provinces, do our very best to keep up the standard of proficiency and 
the dignity of Royal Arch Masonry throughout our various provinces 
and districts." 

Toast to our Guests was proposed by the Grand Chancellor: "It is 
good for us that you (Companions from Overseas) are here so that we 
may learn at first hand something of your way of life and the difficulties 
which beset our Companions who are so far removed from the seat of 
Scottish administration. Our Companions in Nyasaland and in Northern 
Rhodesia face tremendous difficulties. The future of that colony is in 
very grave doubt. 

Companion Dr. H. M. S. Boardman, Chapter Highland No. 366, 
Freetown, Sierra Leone, replied to this toast: "On behalf of the Guests 
and myself I can assure you that we have witnessed the most inspiring 
ceremony I have had the privilege of witnessing since I was exalted into 
this noble Order. On returning to West Africa I will take back with me 
this (Grand Scribe E.) view of the world-wide brotherhoo-d, and I can 
assure you I will pass it on whenever I can do so." 

Most Ex. Comp. Geo. Holt, District Scribe E. of the District Grand 
Chapter of Singapore also replied: "In Malaya at the moment things are 
very unsettled, particularly in Singapore. In May we are faced with 
self-government and we are afraid we are going to have a Communist 
Government. To think there is a solid body in Scotland which will sup- 
port us in all our troubles is very comforting indeed." 

Most Ex. Comp. W. E. Fisher, Unganda, also replied and said: "You 
will probably wonder sometimes how we operate overseas. We only 
manage because our Grand Scribe E. keeps us going . . . There is no 
difficulty which he does not go out of his way to help with." 

The evening concluded by the assembled company singing "Auld 
Lang Syne", "The Lord's My Shepherd", and the National Anthem. 

At a Quarterly Meeting, June 5, 1959, it was reported that a deputa- 
tion of Supreme Grand Chapter Office-bearers had attended a meeting 
of the Provincial Grand Chapter of Galloway at Newton Stewart on 22nd 


May, when M. E. Companion The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Galloway, First 
Grand Principal and Grand Superintendent of that Province, had installed 
M. E. Companion Ex.-Provost G. W. McDowell, M.B.E., of Stranraer, as 
his successor. 

Also at this meeting a number of interesting reports of Grand 
Superintendents were received: Dumfrieshire, Lanarkshire, Mid and East 
Lothian, Perthshire, Central South Africa, Western Australia, as well as 
Tindad and Tobago. 

South Carolina 

148th Most Excellent Grand Royal Arch Chapter of South Carolina 
was held at Anderson, March 10, 1959. 

Chapters, 35; Membership, 5,500; Net Gain, 35. 

Marion A. Park, Grand High Priest 
Henry F. Collins — Grand Secretary 

19 Grand Officers, 8 Past Grand High Priests and 32 Grand Repre- 
sentatives were in attendance and 29 subordinate chapter representa- 
tives were present. All were welcomed and given appropriate honours. 

Address of Grand High Priest: 

"We are pleased to have such a good attendance. Anderson is one 
of our friendliest cities and we are happy to be here. 

"Within our state we visited 70% of our subordinate chapters. We 
found a few withering on the vine; by their inactivity they verily shouted 
for rejuvination. We were able to assist a couple, but two chapters were 
not in the mood for assistance. The great majority of our chapters 
were found to be active and growing under the leadership of young 
intelligent High Priests who opened their respective meetings in near- 
perfect full form. We are led to wonder if it is wise for us to approve 
the continued existence of chapters who have less than 100 members. 

"During the past twelve months we travelled in excess of 7,500 miles 
making visitations. 

"We note that the Scythe of Father Time converted 78 Companions 
from the life of mortality to the spirit of immortality, one of whom was 
Past Grand High Priest Comp. J. C. Pate. 

"It is suggested that the subordinate chapters require fidelity bonds 
on their secretaries and treasurers in an amount equal to the largest 
amount they may have on hand at any time. The chapters should pay 
the premium on such bonds. The Royal Arch Magazine costs only fifty 
cents per year and it is very worthwhile. 

"We found some chapters who charge only $2.00 per year dues. 
This is definitely not enough. Masonry does not operate on a money 
basis, but it should cost each man sufficiently to be appreciated. We 
must strive for perfection and charge proportionately. 

"We have spoken long, often and loud urging that we put young men 
in the elective line. We need the vigor and eagerness and drive that 
youth can give us. Our Fraternity is one that teaches great lessons, 
that reaches toward God, that helps our fellowman, that is a wonderful 
training field for leaders. 

"We have a very modest gain of 35 in membership. Less than 10% 
of our Master Masons are also chapter members. A plan to give a life 
membership to the Companion, other than the Secretary, who brings in 
applications from 10 acceptable candidates during the year has been 

"It is recommended that the present code and by-laws be brought 
up to date. The last revision was 35 years ago. 

"We surrender the gavel of office with thanks to God for the many 
warm friendships developed during the year and with a firm pledge to 
work continuously for the progress of chapter companionship." 


Report of Committee on Fraternal Relations: 

Today the Capitular world is enjoying a time of great harmony and 
cordial relationships. 

"We recommend that fraternal recognition be extended to the Grand 
Chapter of Germany and to the Grand Chapter of Helvetia, Switzerland, 
and that representatives be exchanged." 

The Grand Treasurer reported a balance in the bank, February 28, 
1959, of $10,582.57 and total investments of $40,462.28, making a total 
of $51,044.85. 

Election of Officers: 

S. A. Bannister — Grand High Priest. 

Henry F. Collins — Grand Secretary. 

South Dakota 

The 69th Annual Convocation of Grand Chapter of Royal Arch 
Masons was held on October 28, 1958, at Redfield. 

Chapters 32. Membership 4,216. Net loss 49. 

Carl E. Voigt, Grand High Priest. 

Elvin F. Strain, Grand Secretary. 

Redfield Chapter No. 20 opened in a splendid form. 

The United States and Canadian flags were presented by an escort 
from Huston Commandery No. 22. The pledge of allegiance was given to 
our flag and then a tribute to the Canadian flag was given by Companion 
E. T. Waller, Past Grand First Principal of the Grand Chapter of Mani- 
toba and present Grand Representative for the Grand Chapter of South 
Dakota near that of Manitoba. 

There were many distinguished guests present. They were received 
and welcomed. Eleven Past Grand High Priests were welcomed. 

Address of Grand High Priest — 

"Our Grand Chapter ranks 19th among the Grand Chapters of the 
United States on percentage of Master Masons who have become Royal 
Arch Masons. This shows that the membership potential for more Royal 
Arch Masons has only been touched. During the past year the Dark 
Angel of Death has taken a toll, calling 93 of our Companions, including 
Past Grand High Priest Martin G. Carlisle. Their passing has deeply 
impressed all of us and we mourn. 

I made many visitations during the year within our own jurisdiction 
and to several Convocations in other Grand Jurisdictions. 

It has been brought to my attention that only a small percentage of 
Royal Arch Masons in South Dakota subscribe to the "Royal Arch Mason 
Magazine." I recommend that each Chapter in this jurisdiction appoint a 
committee to contact and encourage its members to subscribe. 

This Grand Chapter has 32 subordinate Chapters with 4,216 members. 
There art 16 Chapters with a membership of less than 100 each. There 
are six Chapters with less than 50 members. The smallest one has 26 
members. Some of these Chapters have not held a meeting for some time. 
They say it has not been possible to get enough members out to hold a 
meeting or confer the degrees. Without the Royal Arch, the Master's 
Degree is like a song half sung, a tale partly told, or a promise unful- 
filled. We must all do more for Royal Arch Masonry. To do this we must 
be willing to accept responsibility in taking the story of the Royal Arch 
Masonry to more Master Masons." 

The Grand Secretary reported that there were 77 suspensions during 
the year. He said in South Dakota there were about 21,000 Masons and 
only about one-fifth of that number were members of the Royal Arch. 

The Grand Treasurer reported a bank balance of $6,848.65 on Sep- 
tember 30, 1958. Total current assets as of September 30, 1958, $22,000.95. 


Election of Officers — Walter Reckling-, Grand High Priest; Elvin F. 
Strain, Grand Secretary. 


130th Annual Convocation of the Most Excellent Grand Chapter 
Royal Arch Masons of Tennessee held in Nashville March 23, 1959. 

Chapters 87. Membership 16,415. Net gain 97. 

James Peek Buck, M.E. Grand High Priest. 

Thomas Earl Doss, R.E. Grand Secretary. 

Grand High Priest's address — 

"The statistics show that we have made a very small gain in total 
membership. We are also faced by the fact that we have the lowest num- 
ber of exaltations in many years. 

"During my visitations I travelled nearly 2,000 miles from one end 
of the state to the other. We regret that the lack of time and the grim 
necessity of earning a livelihood made it impossible to accept many in- 
vitations to other Grand Chapters. 

"Death has taken the heaviest toll during 1958 of any year in our 
history — 229 of our Companions answered the final summons. One of that 
number was P.G.H.P. Lucien Campbell Connell, who devoted the greater 
part of his life to helping the widows and orphans of our indigent 
brethren. Our sympathy goes out to the families of our departed Com- 

To all the Companions of Tennessee, of whatever rank or station you 
may occupy, my sincere thanks for the support you have given Royal 
Arch Masonry the past year.' 

The Grand Treasurer reported balance on hand March 1, 1959, to be 
$9,094.01 and cash in savings account and total assets of $72,169.44. 

In giving his report the Grand Secretary said: "We regret that 15 
Chapters had no exaltations. We should resolve NOW that in 1959 will be 
a great year in York Rite Masonry in Tennessee. Contact committees 
should be at work in every Blue Lodge. Every effort should be made to 
collect dues in advance thus avoiding cause for N.P.D. suspensions." 

Election of Officers — Lawrence James Sharp, M.E. Grand High 
Priest; Thomas Earl Doss, R.E. Grand Secretary. 

There were several suggestions made by the "Committee for the 
Advancement of Royal Arch Masonry." 

1. Starting and stopping all meetings on time. 

2. Proficient degree teams. 

3. Committees to assist in collecting dues. 

4. Schools of Instruction. 

5. Social activity and special programs such as Past High Priest's 


109th Annual Convocation held in the city of Waco on December 1-2, 

Chapters 484 (reported). Membership 48,014. Net gain 349. 

Grand High Priest— M.E. R. B. Underwood. 

Grand Secretary — R.E. Fred F. DeVaney. 

Grand High Priest Address — 

"It is indeed gratifying to have the honoured privilege of extending 
to each of you a most cordial welcome. To the families fo our 766 be- 
loved Companions who have departed we extend our deepest sympathy 
and condolence. 

Capitular Masonry in Texas today faces a situation which could 
become disastrous to the future of the Craft. Many jurisdictions have 


reported a net loss in membership for the year, and I am informed that 
there exists apathy and disinterest on the part of many individual Com- 
panions. We must ultilize every means at our command to increase our 
membership and to maintain the interest of our Companions. 

"In 1957 we formulated our program of Growth. We composed a 
three-fold program: Growth by exaltations; Growth by reinstatements 
and affiliations of members of demised Chapters; and Growth by pre- 
venting an increase in suspensions for non-payment of dues. 

"We have reduced our suspensions for non-payment of dues by ap- 
proximately 107c Ours is a program to build Royal Arch Masonry in 
Texas. Growth is our aim so that the beneficient works of the Grand 
Chapter may be expanded and extended. There are three factors which 
effect growth: (1) Suspensions; (2) Exaltations; (3) Reinstatements. 

"During the past five years 49% of the gain in membership 
through new members is slipping from us out the back door of suspen- 
sion. Suspension is Public Enemy No. 1. 

"It is from Exaltations that new blood is brought into the body. It 
is from this source that young men, who must in future years take over 
the helm of our Grand Chapter, must come. This source of Growth 
must be exploited to the fullest extent. We should promote a school in 
every district. The third front of our campaign for Growth is Reinstate- 
ments. During the past ten years almost 10,000 Royal Arch Masons 
have been suspended. Many may not know how they can come back 
into active fellowship. If in each Chapter a Reinstatements Committee 
is appointed and really functions, it is believed that miraculous results 
would follow. Now is the time to launch the offensive for Growth. 

"In September, 1958, a conference of the Grand High Priest of 
Kanasas, Oklahoma, Arkanasas, and Texas was held and the Southern 
Conference was formed. This organization will concern itself with the 
study of mutual problems, and means of advancing Royal Arch Masonry 
in the Southwest. 

"In June a request from Dallas Chapter No. 47 came asking for a 
special dispensation to hold a public installation of officers. According 
to Article 228 of the Constitution and Laws of the Grand Chapter no 
dispensation was necessary. 

"During the year I visited our Home for Aged Masons, at Arlington, 
Texas, and rejoiced to see such a happy group of elderly people enjoying 
the eventide of life so richly. 

"In conclusion, I would like to express my appreciation for all the 
kindness you have shown me during my term of office and to assure the 
incoming officers of my loyal support." 

The Treasurer's report showed a balance in the general funds on 
November 15th, 1958 of $28,320.89 with total receipts of $98,308.38. 
Total assets $2,381,342.59. Total income $217,839.49. 
Grand Orator's Address: 

"The sum and substance of all that we stand for and all that we do 
revolves around our love of our God and Creator and our love of our 
fellow man. Masonry is perhaps the greatest organized believer in 
freedom that the world has ever known. Most of the great personages 
in the struggle for American independence were Masons. The majority 
of the signers of our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution 
were Masons. As our young country grew, she grew hand in hand with 
Masonry. The early Masons in Texas dedicated their all toward the 
founding and preservation of a great nation. Never forget when any 
dictatorship or totalitarian regime comes into power their first step is 
to outlaw and prohibit Masonry. Masonry has been primarily concerned 
with the liberty and freedom of people." 


Newly elected Grand Officers: 

Wallace McKenzie, Worth Worth— M. E. Grand High Priest. 

Fred F. DeVaney, Waco — R. E. Grand Secretary. 

John 0. Carrothers represented Canada near Grand Chapter of 

Allan C. Mason their representative near the Grand Chapter of 


The Most Excellent Royal Arch Masons of Utah 48th Annual Con- 
vocation held at Salt Lake City, May 13, 1959. 

Membership, 1,473; Net Loss 1. 

Grand High Priest, M. E. Comp. Jack Richards 
Grand Secretary — E. Comp. Bert Atwater 

18 Grand High Priests present formed a line west of the Altar 
where they were accorded Grand Honours and welcomed by the M. E. 
Grand High Priest Richards. 

Distinguished Visitors were welcomed. The Grand Representatives 
were accorded Grand Honours and requested to correspond with their 
Grand Jurisdictions and extend warm fraternal greetings from this 

Report of the Grand High Priest: 

After extending a welcome to all present, the Grand High Priest 
then reported his visitations to constituent Chapters. 

He said: Capitular Masonry in Utah appears to be in excellent 
condition. It is a source of great satisfaction to me to note the peace, 
harmony and close co-operation existing between the York Rite Bodies 
of Utah and also the Grand Lodge and the Scottish Rite. May these 
bonds of unity and concord long continue." 

Fraternal Correspondence: We find many things of interest in re- 
viewing various Proceedings and Bulletins from the York Rite Bodies 
throughout the World. The Grand Lodge Free and Accepted Masons of 
Iowa gives some vital statistics of ages of persons joining Masonry — 
ages 21 and 22 having declined from 23% in 1957 to 12% in 1958; and 
age groups 30 to 39 increased from 31% to 41% in the same period. 
Just why this change in percentage we do not know, but it does give us 
food for thought. 

Grand Treasurer reported: Total Assets to be $1,735.24. 

Election of Officers: 

Grand High Priest— M. E. Comp. Alan E. Goodell. 

Grand Secretary — R. E. Comp. Bert Atwater. 


142nd Annual Convocation was held in the City of Burlington on 
June 9, 1959. 

Chapters, 27; Membership, 4,388; Net Loss, 49. 

M. E. Grand High Priest, Arthur E. Dietrich 
R. E. Grand Secretary, Aaron H. Grout 

Nine Grand Chapters were represented in our more than welcome 
list of distinguished visitors. Among the Grand Representatives present 
was George E. Cummings of Canada, 

In the address of the Grand High Priest mention was made of the 
65th Annual meeting of the District Deputies held in Burlington in 
August. All districts, save one, were represented. This year a degree 
was exemplified at each District meeting. The degrees showed care in 
preparation and were well presented. Unfortunately, many Companions 
did not avail themselves of this opportunity to enjoy the fellowship of 
their brethren and fine exemplification of Capitular Masonry. 


He told of the many interesting visitations he had made throughout 
the jurisdiction and also in other jurisdictions. 
Condition of the Order: 

"I reach this portion of my address with a feeling of misgivings and 
disappointment. In my opinion the condition of the Order is not good. 
Financially, the situation is not too bad. The Grand Secretary's report 
will show a loss of 49 in membership and as this is the greatest loss in 
four consecutive years of losses, our condition is certainly not good. The 
reason for this year's loss is quite plain. Our exaltations were only 
104, the lowest in seven years. There is apparently a lack of activity 
on the part of our subordinate Chapters. 

"At our last Annual Convocation a resolution was presented calling 
for the abolishment of the Past Master's Degree as a prerequisite for 
full membership in a Vermont Royal Arch Chapter. 

"I recommend that our incoming Grand High Priest appoint a com- 
mittee of five, chosen from various parts of the State, to consider some 
action on the Past Master's and the M. E. Master's Degree that promises 
to improve the condition of our Order, and report to our next Annual 

The report of the Grand Treasurer showed a balance on hand May, 
1959, of $3,500.00 with total assets of $19,916.04. 

The Supreme Grand Chapter of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia, 1958-59 

Four Quarterly Convocations are reported: April, July, October and 
January, 1959, all held at Freemason's Hall, Melbourne. 

M. Ex. Comp. W. D. Kennedy, First Grand Principal 
R. Ex. Cctaip. H. O. Thomas, Grand Scribe Ezra 

Active Chapters, 106; Membership (December, 1958), 10,732; Net 
Gain, 62. 

The Quarterly Convocations were each well attended by: Grand 
Officers, Principals, both past and present, of subordinate Chapters; 
and Grand Representatives, as well as Distinguished Guests. 

Excerpts from Addresses of M. Ex. First Grand Principal, April 16, 
1958: "It has been amazing to me that so many of my colleagues on the 
road have been able to do so much and that all have been so generous 
and faithful in giving of their best." The Grand Z then refers to the 
appointment of Ex. Comp. Sweeting (P. Pr. G. Soj) to represent him at 
the Centenary in Canada. 

"I believe our institution is very sound, not only in the material 
sense, but justifying its existence as a spiritual degree. Man cannot live 
by bread alone; that spark of the Divine which is in every human breast 
needs constant nurturing. And it seems to me that our special business 
is to try to nurture it." 

July 16 — Second Quarterly: 

M. Ex. Grand First Principal: "Last month another centenary was 
celebrated, Collingwood R. A. Chapter No. 2 consecrated June 2, 1858 . . . 
I was much impressed by 'A Centenary Thought' selected by the Scribe 
Ezra of the Collingwood Chapter and printed on the Installation card. 
It seemed so apt and relevant that I quote it: 'No institution can coast 
along in these difficult days living in the past however distinguished. 
It must make it clear not only to itself but to the world at large what 
exactly it is after, and it must be able to convince people that what it is 
after is relevant to the current needs of the community. If it cannot do 
this, it is unlikely to flourish much longer.' There is much food for 
thought for us in that. What indeed are we after? What are the pur- 
poses and aims of our institution?" 

(At this Quarterly Convocation of July 16, we noted that Ex. Comp. 
W. H. Sweeting, P. Pr. G. Soj.) was welcomed back after his visit to 


Canada referred to above. Ex. Sweeting informed his Companions of 
several interesting* comparisons between the customs of the Royal 
Arch in the United States and Canada and those of Victoria. He was 
thanked by the Grand Z for the interesting resume of his experience.) 

At the Third Quarter Convocation the M. Ex. Grand Z. paid tribute 
to the worthy companion, "who has been anonymously responsible over 
all those years for the beautiful writing and engraving of our patents 
of office, our charters, warrants, and all official parchments of this 
Grand Chapter. Calligraphy is Jam Brandeth's hobby, and what a beau- 
tiful exemplar of the art he is ... I can only hope that every hour will 
bring him usurious interest from the bank of happiness and I can truly 
say that the best things in life come to us without money and without 

Fourth Quarterly January 21, 1959. From the communication of 
the First Grand Principal we choose this significant excerpt: 

"Recently there has been some public criticism of Freemasonry. 
Many of you have heard me refer to this in Chapters, but I wish to set 
it down on record as my personal view that criticism, looked at in^ the 
proper perspective, is not unhelpful. Much of it, of course, is misin- 
formed and spiteful, which need cause us little concern. But where 
criticism is such that it causes Freemasons to take stock of themselves, 
and of their practice of Freemasonry, and to estimate honestly to what 
degree some of the criticism may be justified, it is likely to do good. 
All so-called Freemasons are not good exemplars of the Art, and the 
Institution inevitably has to carry the good or ill report of the conduct 
of its members. Freemasonry itself has the soundness that has stood 
the test of ages. It does not claim to be anything more than a system 
of morality founded on the purest principles of piety and virtue, and 
intended to help men of all religious beliefs to do their duty better to 
God, their neighbours and themselves. As such it should be an inspira- 
tion to all of us to cleave to that which is good. But inspiration is a 
valueless thing unless it leads to action. What have you been inspired 
to do by your Freemasonry? If it has made you a better Churchman, 
more brotherly to all men, more, kindly and more considerate in your 
relationships, and a better citizen generally than you might otherwise 
have been, then your Freemasonry has been a valuable aid to you in the 
business of living." 

M. Ex. Comp. Norman Llewellyn Brunt was elected and installed 
Grand Z for 1959-60 and R. Ex. Comp. H. 0. Thomas, P.G.H., as Grand 
Scribe E. 

The latter closes the Proceedings with a summary of statistical 
information as to membership the salient features of which we placed 
at the heading of this review. He reports "continued progress in the 
Order" every Chapter having candidates. He then gave an interesting 
detailed report of a visit in which he attended the First Grand Principal 
on a visit to New Zealand for the installation of the First Grand Princi- 
pal of that Jurisdiction. 


Proceedings of the Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons in Virginia. 
The 151st Annual Convocation October 28-29, 1958 and The Commemora- 
tive Convocation May 5-6-7, 1958. 

Chapters, 81; Membership, 18,144; Net Gain, 7. 

M. Ex. Silverius Columbus Churn, Grand High Priest 
M. Ex. James Noah Hillman, P.G.H.P., Grand Secretary 
151st Annual 

The distinguished guests were warmly welcomed and appropriate 


replies made by Most Worshipful the Grand Master of Virginia and by 
M. Ex. Jesse Schoem, G. H. P. of New Jersey. To quote from the address 
of the latter: "Here then lies the crux of our message; that the plumb- 
line held in the hand of God is perfect. It presents a phenomenon of 
God's handiwork in its true vertical position making its contacting plum- 
met a truly perfect square with that which is a truly level horizon. It 
keeps God in our mind and ourselves in His holy sight — let us therefore 
try not the patience of God, but exert every effort to make ourselves 
better examples through precept, to our everlasting salvation and the 
glory of His holy name." 

Twenty-one past Grand High Priests were presented. 

Report of the Grand High Priest of Virginia: 

He first referred to the sesquecentennial celebration held in May 
5-6-7 and expressed thanks and appreciation to the Companions and 
committees who were deserving of the highest commendation for the 
magnificent job. He added that a complete tape recording of the cele- 
bration and a moving picture film had been made. 

A statement of appointments, decisions and dispensations followed, 
as well as a lengthy list of visits within and without the jurisdiction. 

Condition of Royal Craft in Virginia 

In the case of some Chapters their location and small membership 
make their problem difficult. "I am convinced that in some instances 
these smaller chapters should consolidate with larger chapters where 
greater opportunities for carrying out the program can be more effective. 
"We continue to abide by rules which were made during the horse and 
buggy days and thus hamper and retard growth in our fraternities, by- 
adhering strictly to an antiquated rule which says that a petitioner for 
the degrees must petition a chapter where he has no friends and there- 
fore no interest." 

Appreciation: "To our Grand Secretary, M. E. James N. Hillman, I 
wish to express my personal gratitude for his wise counsel and ready 
advice when called up." (Reference will be made to this later). To 
Rt. Ex. Comp. Charles C. Helms, who on the morrow will take over the 
reins of this Grand Chapter, I extend my best wishes for a pleasant and 
harmonious year." 

Grand Secretary's Report 

Because of ill health the M. Ex. Comp. Hillman requested retirement 
to Grand Secretary Emeritus. Many and glowing tributes were paid to 
his efficiency and faithfulness during the past 14 years even in the 
face of illness. 

Grand Treasurer reported receipts of $19,473.12. 

The Grand Lecturer: "I have conducted three schools during the 
year, with a total attendance of over 700," P. M. Shirey, Grand Lecturer. 

During the second day a presentation of chair and scroll was made 
to Dr. Hillman. A pen and pencil set was given as a memento to Grand 
High Priest M. Ex. Comp. Churn. 

Officers elected and appointed were: 

M. Ex. Charles Carlisle Helms — Grand High Priest. 

R. Ex. Carl Frank Wood — Grand Secretary. 

In his inaugural address Grand High Priest Helms expressed grati- 
tude for the honours bestowed upon him and called upon the Most High 
God to guide him wisely along the difficult path beset with complexing 
responsibilities that he must travel in the coming year. 

After prayer by the Grand Chaplain the convocation was closed in 
Solemn Form. 

Sesquicentennial Convocation May 5-6-7, 1958, Masonic Temple, City 
of Norfolk. M. Ex. Silverius C. Churn, Grand High Priest presiding. 

An address of welcome by Chief of Police, Norfolk, representing the 


Mayor referred to Norfolk as "A city of beauty and of wonderful climate. 
This is the great flyway for the migrating waterfowl, and the Backbay 
is a hunter's paradise. Norfolk is a community of Church and Christian 
folk and what a blessing and a comfort to law enforcement men." 

During the course of his address the Grand Master of Virginia (M. 
Wor. Bro. Wallace) brought greetings and best wishes from "several 
thousand members of symbolic Lodges in our commonwealth." "The 
only sad thing about BIRTHDAYS is that they're reminders of the pas- 
sage of time and the mortality of man." Most Ex. Eugene P. Carver, 
Grand High Priest, Massachusetts: "I believe the best message I can 
leave is, it behooves us to try to add our little bit to Capitular Masonry 
so that 150 years from now, it may have advanced as much as it did in 
the last century and a half." 

Most Excellent Comp. Maurice A. Searle, Grand First Principal of 
Canada, in making a gift of a Union Jack on behalf of Royal Arch 
Masons of Canada as a further proof of the "firm bonds which exist 
between our two great nations" said: "In the beginning God created 
the heaven and the earth. He said let there be light and there was light. 
The red, sunlight shining over all; the white, symbolizes purity; the 
blue, universal friendship and benevolence. The Flag, ours and yours 
which is red, white and blue: red for the love we bear for our Country, 
white for the life it affords us, blue for the fidelity we hold for our 

"May our Flags long stand side by side to show that we walk in 
freedom and peace, with faith, hope and the charity, trust and freedom 
for all mankind." In reply M. Ex. Wm. Moseley Brown, speaking for 
the Grand High Priest, said: "We thank you M. Ex. Sir for your presen- 
tation; it means that we stand together for all the objectives that every 
right-thinking man in this world strives for today. It means that regard- 
less of that imaginary line that divides Canada from the United States of 
America, we are all one." 

Interesting extracts from the first recorded minutes of Norfolk 
Royal Arch Chapter No. 1 were read by M. E. Comp. Delamater Davis, 

A brief, but interesting, summary of the History of Cryptic 
Masonry in Virginia was given by M. Ex. William Moseley Brown. I 
shall be able to quote only two brief passages. "All of our Masonry 
came into Virginia through Norfolk . . . you're standing on historic 
ground." "And because of the great controversy that existed in those 
early years about the Royal and Select Masters Degrees, Virginia decided 
to combine them with the Grand Chapter — giving Chapter Masons six 
degrees instead of four." 

A very illuminating address on the Royal Arch Degree (its history) 
was given by M. Ex. James H. Hillman, Grand Secretary. He refers to 
"The versatile and accomplished Dr. John Dove, who served 58 years as 
Grand Secretary of the Royal Arch Masons of Virginia. "There were 
very few Royal Arch Masons as late as in 1800. Why did the Royal 
Arch Degree become so popular during the early days of a developing 
speculative Craft? The reason, then as now, is the religious atmosphere 
which surrounds its teachings — Reverence for God and for His Holy 
Name. The drama connected with the Degree is charged with religious 
fervor and a scriptural background. The Companions who fabricated the 
degree were religious leaders (most of them clergymen). The teaching 
of the Royal Arch Degree will live because of its sure foundation." 

Another brief summary of the history of the Grand Royal Arch 
Chapter of Virginia (by Excellent Archer Bailey Gay) referred to the 
fact that there were only 3 Grand Secretaries in 100 years, [a record]. 

The Anniversary Celebration closed as it had begun in a religious 
vein — with the singing of the hymn "Faith of Our Fathers". 



75th Annual Convocation of the M. E. Grand Chapter Royal Arch 
Masons of Washington held May 21-22, 1959, at Walla Walla. 

Chapters, 57; Membership, 9,645; Net Loss, 9. 

M. E. Comp. Duke T. Fife, Grand High Priest 
R. E. Comp. Walter H. Steffey, Grand Secretary 

There were 17 Past Grand High Priests present and 10 Deputies of 
the Grand High Priest. They were received and welcomed. 

Many Distinguished Guests were escorted to the Grand East and 
accorded the Grand Honours of Royal Arch Masonry. [Among these we 
note R.E. Comp. Ed. J. Marshall, Canada.] 

Message of Grand High Priest: 

"This has been a year filled with successes and disappointments. On 
an overall picture we have gained, yet we have shown a loss of 9. Our 
record af affiliations and N.P.D.'s has been outstanding because everyone 
has worked. We have restored to good standing 64 Companions. We 
have had 349 exaltations, but we have had 239 deaths. One Chapter lost 
20, another 22. Among those called away was M. E. Comp. Fred Bond, 
the 1938 Grand High Priest. 

"It is my opinion that Royal Arch is on the March but has some 
weak spots that should be corrected. 

"During the year, I made many visitations and attended many 
installations and meetings." 

Having fulfilled all the requirements of the Code, I recommend that 
Overlake Chapter U.D. be granted their Charter. 

I recommend that a new District be formed of Overlake Chapter No. 
67, provided they are granted their Charter, Ivanhoe Chapter No. 58, 
and Oriental Chapter No. 19, to be known as District No. 15. 

The Grand Treasurer reported a bank balance on April 30, 1959, of 
$13,624.93 and total assets of $22,076.30. 

Election of Officers: 

R. E. Comp. Ralph W. Gelbach Grand High Priest. 

M. E. Comp. Walter H. Steffey, Grand Secretary. 

Historian's Report for 1959: 

"This is a very momentous occasion, seventy-five years of Royal 
Arch Masonry in the State of Washington. On June 5th, 1884, fourteen 
representatives of the three Royal Arch Chapters, namely Walla Walla, 
Spokane and Seattle met at Spokane Falls, now known as Spokane, to 
petition and form the first Grand Chapter of the state. 

"On October 2, 1884, the first Grand Convocation was held at Walla 
Walla and now on our seventy-fifth Convocation we are meeting in the 
same place. In the Constitution adopted at the frist Convocation, one 
article states, 'fees shall be fifty dollars for the Royal Arch Degrees'. 
Please compare the economic times of our country then as to the present. 

"I am going to quote a short section of Most Excellent Companion 
Ziegler's address to this first Convocation: 'Then my Companions, one 
and all, let us try to make our first Grand Chapter what we fondly hope 
for our commonwealth, a power for the good, an influence for the right 
and just. Let us try and make Freemasonry what it should be, the watch 
word of civilization and the protector of the innocent and true. Let us 
Masonically keep pace with the growth and prosperity of our country 
and let the business of this Convocation, and of each one be conducted 
with all possible care, laying aside all selfish motives and holding to 
time honored principles. Guarding against under-mining influences, 
especially the confounding it with associations of modern growth, how- 
ever good they may be, whose organic laws are borrowed from us and 


changed to suit the masses of speculators which, with their mutual bene- 
fit clauses they succeed in swelling their ranks to over flowing. In time 
they will have lived to claim antiquity or have perished with the many 
that once existed and seemed to have lasting foundations. Yet for all 
thit, Freemasonry, with its purity and freedom, lives on and will continue 
to live until time shall be no more.' He speaks at great length of the 
gambling and drinking in our frontier cities, and to oust them from our 
ranks, as well as to be ever on guard for the so called 'Black Leg' Mason. 

"Do you know that the keystone which holds the arch in the Masonic 
Temple at Yakima, came in a rough state from Jerusalem^ and was 
fashioned by a member of Yakima Chapter? At the dedication of 
Yakima Masonic Temple on September 27, 1911, there were over one 
thousand Masons present. Another outstanding event was held on May 
22, 1903, when the Tacoma Masonic Temple was dedicated. Brother 
Theodore Roosevelt, President of the United States, made the dedication 
address and laid the cornerstone." 

[There are many other interesting facts relative to the past history 
of this Grand Chapter of Washington which I sincerely regret that space 
will not permit me to note here. Congratulations to Grand Historian 
Charles Cummings for an excellent Historical report.] 

E. Comp. Leroy Newcomer, Grand Orator, gave a stirring oration 
on our moral and spiritual obligations. [Again I regret the limitations 
of space, for I should like to quote many passages from this inspiring 

Here are a few of the challenging statements: 

"We have inherited all those benefits that have come down to us 
through the ages and that heritage is not the outgrowth of any one mind, 
but represents the cumulative efforts which are the results of many, 
many unsung heroes. But Companions, because of the lack of principles, 
the corruption, the growing delinquency among the younger generation, 
and the loose living, may we look into our lives and see the reflection of 
our souls as to whether or not we have adhered to our ancient heritage, 
practiced and promoted the principles of Free Masonry, led a good 
Christian life, or whether 'Thou art weighed in the balance and art found 

"It is our spiritual obligation to the Fraternity as Royal Arch Masons 
to teach the lessons inculcated in our degree work, so that the candidates 
may be taught to emerge from darkness to light, that they may realize 
that, 'In Him is life and the life is the light of men'. 

"It is our spiritual obligation to the Fraternity to give our candi- 
dates a better understanding of the Word, that they may know that 'In 
the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word 
was God'. 

"We, the officers and members of this Grand Chapter, ever mind- 
ful of that course which our forefathers have set forth and of that heri- 
tage which we are admonished to protect, should always bear in mind 
the wonderful philosophy of that great statesman and orator, Daniel 
Webster, when he said, and I quote: 

'If we work upon marble it will perish, 

If we work upon brass time will eface it, 

If we rear temples they will crumble into dust, 

But if we work upon mortal souls, 

If we imbue them with principles, 

With a just fear of God and love for his fellowman, 

We will engrave upon these tablets something 

That v/ill brighten all eternity'." 


West Virginia — 1958 

The 88th Annual Convocation of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch 
Masons of West Virginia was held on October 13-14, 1958, at Huntington. 

Chapters, 47; Membership, 10,798; Net Increase, 5. 

M. E. Comp. Okey S. Sheets, Grand High Priest 
R. E. Comp. Nelson S. Orkney, Grand Secretary 

Many Distinguished Visitors were present along with 11 Past Grand 
High Priests. They were received and welcomed. 

Report of the Grand High Priest: 

"During the year I have travelled more than 5,000 miles visiting 
Chapters throughout the state and another 8,000 miles with Grand Master 
Roberts, and attended 119 meetings all in W. Virginia. During the year 
I addressed the Brethren in 29 different lodges on the subject of the 
necessity and importance of the Capitular and Cryptic Degrees to the 
Ancient Craft Mason. Out of these meetings we procured 37 petitions 
for Royal Arch Masonry. 

"I made no visits out of the state. My record of achievements is 
not what I would like it to be, but I have done my best. 

"During the year we lost 233 Royal Arch Masons of the Grand 
Jurisdictions through death. We extend our sympathy to their families. 

"The annual returns of the subordinate chapters show that 23 chap- 
ters have made a gain during the year, 23 chapters have a loss and one 
chapter had no gain or loss. Admiral Chapter No. 50 is the only chapter 
in the state to show an increase of 10% or more." 

[The Grand High Priest in his address gave a clear, concise exposi- 
tion of the meaning and significance of all the York Rite Degrees begin- 
ning with the three degrees of the Symbolic lodge and continuing 
through the Capitular degrees, the Council degrees and the three Com- 
mandery degrees. This is a convincing setting forth of the progress of 
Freemasonry and should be known and understood by all Blue Lodge 

"These Degrees taken as a whole tell a complete and cohesive 
Masonic story and those in addition to the Craft Degrees are essential 
to a complete understanding of the essential Masonic lesson taught in 
the Master Mason and the Royal Arch." 

The Grand Secretary reported that 375 were exalted, 72 admitted 
and 27 restored, two hundred and thirty-three died during the year, 49 
demitted and 182 were suspended. One member was expelled. The 
suspensions were excessive. One chapter attained a net increase of 
10% or more and was entitled to the General Grand Chapter certificate. 

The Grand Treasurer reported a balance on hand, September 30, 
1958, of $12,609.29 and total assets of $29,483.29. 

Election of Officers: 

M. E. Comp. C. Lee Hamemrsla — Grand High Priest. 

R. E. Comp. Nelson S. Orkney — Grand Secretary. 
West Virginia — 1959 

89th Annual Convocation held at Wheeling, October 12 and 13, 1959. 

Chapters 47. Membership 10,772. Net loss 26. 

Most Ex. Grand High Priest — C. Lee Hammersia. 

Rt. Ex. Grand Secretary — Nelson S. Orkney. 

Distinguished visitors from this and other Grand Jurisdictions were 
introduced and received. 

Eleven Past Grand High Priests were present and received in due 

All the Representatives of other Grand Jurisdictions were found to 
be present. 

Six pages of Visitations listed attest to the very busy and active year 
spent by the Grand High Priest. 

In his Address the Grand High Priest, speaking of the condition of 


the Craft, said: "Peace and harmony continues to prevail throughout this 
Grand Jurisdiction. The total membership stands at 10,772, showing a net 
loss of 26 for the year. The Annual Returns show that 19 Chapters have 
made a gain during the year, while 24 Chapters show a loss. We have 
experienced a loss by death of 244. 

Attendance: The highest percentage of attendance at stated Con- 
vocations, based on total membership, was Davis No. 20, membership 40, 
percentage 30; while the lowest percentage of 2.1 based on membership 
of 580. 

Ritualistic Work: Four Chapters excellent, 17 listed good, 17 fair 
and two Chapters unsatisfactory. 

In spite of many losses, three Chapters had 10 per cent or more in- 
crease: Beverly Chapter 10.5 per cent, Upschar with 11.2 per cent, 
Moundsville with 17.5 per cent. 

The Grand Secretary reported disbursements of $8,604.18, leaving a 
balance on hand of $13,930.11; receipts of $22,534.29. 

The Report of the Grand Treasurer confirms the financial figures as 
reported by the Grand Secretary and a net worth of $31,213.11. 

The Grand Lecturer reports: "All of the Chapters in the various Dis- 
tricts were visited and inspected by the District Deputy Grand Lecturers 
and Inspectors. . . Although the Grand Chapter returns show an overall 
net loss in membership, a substantial portion of this result may be from 
lack of interest by Chapters. It may also be well attributed to the general 
economic conditions of the country, for the various other branches of 
Masonry seem to be experiencing the same thing . . . the amounts for 
dues charged range from $1.00 to $5.00. This might indicate a need for 
some of our Chapters to re-evaluate their financial structure." 

Election of Officers elected to serve 1959-1960— William J. Burrus, 
Jr., Most Ex. Grand High Priest; Nelson S. Orkney, Rt. Ex. Grand Secre- 

Various committee gave interesting reports which lack of space pre- 
vents me from quoting to any great extent. The Committee of Fraternal 
Correspondence reports: "We respectfully report that no matters have 
been referred to us for action at this Convocation." 

Installation of Grand Officers: The Grand Officers who were elected 
were installed into their respective offices. 

M.E. Comp. Burrus addrssed Grand Chapter in an appropriate man- 
ner, expressing appreciation for the honour conferred upon him. 

Closed in ample form at 3.30 p.m. to convene in Charleston October 
10, 1960. 


The 50th Annual Convocation of the Grand Chapter of Wyoming was 
held on September 8, 1958, at Wheatland. 

Chapters 21 (17 present). Membership 3,179. Net gain 46. 

M.E. Carl M. Morck, Jr., Grand High Priest. 

Nels P. Nelson, Acting Grand Secretary. 

A roll call of Grand Officers revealed all Grand Officers present. The 
distinguished visitors were received and welcomed; and the Grand Repre- 
sentatives were welcomed and each was asked to convey to the Grand 
Chapter he represented the best wishes of the Grand Chapter of Wyoming. 

Thirteen Past Grand High Priests were present. 

Report of Grand High Priest. 

"I wish to extend fraternal greetings to our distinguished visitors 
and guests who have honoured us with their presence. 


I have been unable to visit every Chapter during the year due to 
conditions beyond my control. 

"In our Grand Jurisdiction we have suffered a great loss in the 
death of our Grand Secretary Edward J. Treglown. The Grim Reaper has 
taken from our ranks a man of character and a real Mason. In our Grand 
Jurisdiction many of our Companions have been called to higher service. 
Our sympathy is extended to the bereaved. 

"Capitular Masonry in the State of Wyoming is going forward. The 
attendance was very good at all Chapters and the degree work was done 
in a creditable manner. 

It has been a year of pleasure to me serving as your Grand High 

The Grand Secretary reported: Exalted 152, affiliated 5, died 54, 
demitted 16; net gain 46; reinstated 6; suspended 47 N.P.D. 

The Grand Treasurer reported total receipts of $8,476.27. 

Celebration of the 50th Annual Convocation. 

A Brochure had been prepared by the Committee in the nature of a 
program of the 50th Annual Convocation. It contained a picture of the 
stagecoach as well as the style of dress of our ladies of yesteryear. Inside 
were pictures of our M.E. Grand High Priest, Carl M. Morck, Jr., Mark 
H. Bundy, Deputy Grand High Priest, and Adrian J. Parshall, first M.E. 
Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter of Wyoming. It also contained 
an interesting short history of the past 50 years. 

Companion Carl S. Gilbert stated that only three Chapters were 
represented at the first Annual Convocation held in Cheyenne on July 9, 
1909, which was a legal number at that time; also that the Chapters 
forming the Grand Chapter of Wyoming had only 747 members and that 
those same Chapters today had 1,934 members. 

Election of Officers — Mark H. Bundy, Grand High Priest; Frederick 
Sims, Grand Secretary. 

Message From the Grand Master of Canada in the Province of Ontario 

(The following paragraph was taken from the New Year's Message 
of Most Worshipful Brother C. MacL. Pitts as it appeared in The Bulletin 
January, 1960. The Past Grand First Principal of R.A. Masons, Canada, 
expresses succinctly, as he always does, the situation which today causes 
concern to many Royal Arch Masons throughout the world. This Reviewer 
is of the opinion that we all may draw some comfort from regarding this 
situation in its proper perspective as set forth in the paragraph below.) 

"Freemasonry, in its labours to diffuse a spirit of brotherhood among 
men, and to benefit those areas in which it is practised, has continued to 
advance in many jurisdictions, but with somewhat less acceleration than 
has been enjoyed in recent years. The enduring struggle for the loyalty 
and devotion of men's minds to the high principles of right-living and 
just-dealing between men ; in this present day's selfish race for comfort, 
security, position and self-gratification in social prestige, has had its 
influence on the influx of candidates for the fraternity. Masonry does not 
compete by high pressure advertising to tell of the advantages of our 
time-honoured Craft, nor by soliciting any to join our ranks. We are all 
"volunteers" who, once received, approved and enrolled, should set an 
example by our living and conduct in all the affairs of life — whether 
domestic, civil or national — such as will draw others into our fellowship 
to share our high privileges of association and service." 


(Or why some Chapters are lost) 

Our Chapter membership ( beginning- of year 1959 ) 206 

Non-resident members 28 

Number left to do the work 178 

Elderly Companions who did their work in the past and can rarely 

attend 31 

Number left to do the work 147 

Sick and shut-ins (on the average) 24 

Number left to do the work 123 

Those who have passed through the Chairs and have, somehow, lost 

interest 19 

Number left to do the work 104 

Our Chapter meets on Friday nights. Those who stay home to view 

the fights 31 

Number left to do the work 73 

Those suspended for N.P.D. (Their services lost for eternity) 25 

Number left to do the work 48 

Those who joined for curiosity (Come out on Big Special Occasion 

only) 23 

Number left to do the work 25 

Those who come mainly for the "Fourth Degree," who relax and 

snooze when there's work to see 16 

The number left is only NINE 9 

(And sometimes I think that I'll resign.) 

*[An allegory based upon a measure of truth.] 

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